Is The Digital Altitude A Scam? Digital Altitude Review


Name: Digital Altitude


Type: A Multi Level Marketing Pyramid Scheme

Founder/Creator: Michael Force

Price(s): $1000’s

Founded: 2016

Works Best For: The Founders & Top 2% Members


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What Is Digital Altitude?

The short version: Empower Network On Steroids!


The long version: 

Empower Network, founded by David Sharpe & David Wood in October, 2011, was the largest MLM Pyramid Scheme ever on the Internet. By October 2014, more than 230,000 folks walked through the revolving doors of this pyramid and became members of EN.

Did they make money? Few did, most did not!

You see, in a typical pyramid scheme, there are different “product levels” you will have to buy in, in order to receive the commission for this particular level, and for those below. EN had 5 levels, and the cost ranged from $25 (Entry Level) to $3,500 for the highest level.

In theory, each so called affiliate recruits as many new members at the entry level as they can, then buy into the next higher level. They now receive partial commissions for the recruiting efforts of their recruits, AND yet another, albeit smaller commission for the efforts of the recruits of the member they recruited.

Let’s take a look at the official EN Earnings Disclosure for the period from January 2013 to October 2014. Unfortunately, they don’t disclose the actual number of ACTIVE & INACTIVE members, but you will get the drift.


is the digital altitude a scam


91% OF ALL AFFILIATES (incl. inactive members) made between $5 and $99 per MONTH, an average of $58 per year

60% OF ALL ACTIVE AFFILIATES made between $33 and $99 per MONTH, an average of $396 per year 

Another 34% OF ACTIVE Affiliates still made below MINIMUM WAGES, with only 4% making $18,000 per year.

Pretty dismal, don’t you agree? 94% af all members DID NOT make enough to get their investment back!!!


Now let’s take a look how the remaining 6% of members made out:

2% OF ALL AFFILIATES did OK, making between $2.500 and $4.999 per month

1% OF ALL AFFILIATES  made between $5,000 and $9,999 per month

LESS THAN 1% made between $10,000 and $24,999 per month

LESS THAN 1% made a whopping $25,000 PLUS per month, with a high of $456,000 per month.

It’s easy to see what kind of scam they were running.

However, by October of 2014, most of the founding members, including one of the Dave scam brothers, had long left EN, some of them, supposedly, “distancing themselves” from EN.

For example James Bonadis, one of the TOP EARNERS at EN, posting on his website, and I quote…

I got sick of shoving lies down the throats of innocent people, at the time I didn’t know they were lies, and got sick of selling the system so other people can sell the system. I call it the “revolving door to hell!” That is what it is…the revolving door to financial ruin…[end quote]

…but then promotes iPAS, the new “EN product“, in an attempt  to revive the dead EN pyramid. By the way,  this turned out to be a failure, just as similar efforts with products like

  • Big Idea Mastermind (Vitaly “Vick” Stritzheus & Mark Soto)
  • iPAS2
  • MOBE
  • Blog Beast
  • Pure Leverage (Joel Therien)

were not able to breathe new life into this dead monster scam.



Enter Digital Altitude Aspire:

what is digital altitudeThe figure head, and supposed creator of Digital Altitude, is Michael Force, retired US Marine. You may have guessed already, Michael was a TOP EARNER at EN, and the creator of another scammy product;, now defunct, received a number of scam reports, and filings with the Internet Complaint Center.

Although Digital Altitude is a pyramid scheme, it is different in TWO ways from EN or all the others out there.

For one, their product prices are totally insane, ranging from $597 (lowest level) to $28,000 (highest level), and second, they have THREE  Affiliate Levels, with differences in commission pay-outs, tier payouts and access to course materials.


You can get started by paying ONE buck (ONE dollar for non-US readers) for a 14-day trial, which requires you to give them your credit card information. You will have access to a handful videos, geared to convince you to join as an affiliate.

To become an affiliate, called an Aspire member, cost you $17, a recurring monthly expense. Then you can choose from THREE Aspire levels.


Find Out How To Make Money Online – Guaranteed FREE – Credit Card NOT Required!


Digital Altitude Aspire Levels:

Aspire Walker: $37 per month

  • 40% commission
  • 1 tier payout
  • Members Area
  • Start Up Training Videos

Aspire Hiker: $67 per month

  • Up to 50% Commission
  • 2 Tiers of Payout
  • Members Area
  • Start Up Training Videos
  • Weekly Training
  • …and more

Aspire Climber: $127 per month       

  • Up to 60% Commission
  • 3 Tiers of Payout
  • Members Area
  • Weekly Training
  • And much, much more!

Choose the level that fits your budget and begin to recruit new members. Don’t forget that the monthly cost for the Aspire membership is in top of the $17 monthly affiliate fee. Swell, right? You can figure out for yourself how many new recruits you will need sign up, to be able to purchase one of the ‘products‘, which is a requirement to qualify for commissions. And keep in mind that you get commissions ONLY for the product level you bought into.


What Are The Digital Altitude Products?

I am going to skip all the product details. If you are really interested in finding out, I would like to refer you to their official website, or to any of the fake reviews you can easily find on the Internet. I say ‘fake reviews‘ because most of them are in fact sales pages from affiliates, and you will be hard pressed to find honest reviews. Hint: add the word scam to your search term if you are looking for real reviews.


1) The Base Membership: $595 one-time payment

This is a video based, motivational training, which consists of 12 modules


2) The Rise Membership: $1997 one-time payment

Again, a video based, motivational training, which consists of 19 modules


3) The Ascend Membership: $9997 one-time payment

3-day retreat for two in Las Vegas…some video courses and inspirational hype build-up


4) The Peak Membership: $16,997 one-time payment

20 business related ‘garden variety‘ topics, supported by inspirational videos


5) The Apex Membership: $27,997 one-time payment

7-day retreat for two in Vegas…extended shoulder rubbing with some rich crooks and inspirational speakers


Is Digital Altitude A Scam?

From a strictly legal point of view, I cannot call Digital Altitude a scam. The way the law is written, they aren’t doing anything illegal, although I would contest that their ‘products’ are tangible products people would buy and use, IF found in a store.

Having said that, personally I find the whole darn thing unethical, outrageously over priced, and geared to make a lot of money for the founding members and some early bird members, who can afford to go all-in from the get go. 

Regular folks, you know the ones Michael Force is especially targeting in his Mission Statement…

“Our program was not designed for business people. It was designed for moms, dads, high school graduates, waiters and waitresses, passionate creatives, college dropouts and anyone in between”

…can’t ill afford the high cost AND taking the risk losing this kind of money.


For all the moms, dads, high school graduates, etc., there is a better way to start an online business without any risk. Check out how I got started and read My #1 Recommendation. It may be the right thing for you, and I can guarantee you that it is 100% FREE to find out. Go ahead, and leave your credit card in your wallet, you will NOT need it.


That’s it for today, folks. Thanks for stopping by, and I would love to hear your opinion about my Digital Altitude Review. So, chime in on your way out.



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