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Mike Dillard’s List Grow Program




List Grow How to Grow Your List, Mike Dillard.

List Grow Course: $2000 


I buy into these online training programs to write the most precise reviews possible. But, sometimes like this program, List Grow, it can cost thousands of dollars. Mike Dillard is a Genius at making money online, and showing us how to do this ourselves. But the cost is through the roof! Learn how I built a 50,000 subscribers list in 16 weeks. (Click Here) Wanting to learn to grow your own list?

Mike Dillard’s List Grow takes you through step by step video lesson training that enables you to see how easy it is to create a funnel and do it for the first time ever,  building upwards of a 5000 strong subscribers list. It appears also that the List Grow Course will be his very last online training program being offered. Ever.

As he is now fully involved exclusively in his Hydroponics business. You can visit him at his website Mike And find List Grow, LFP, and Self Made Man which I’m also a part of, as well. You’ve already found my website, and how I’ve become successful online…The number one Wealthy Affiliate Review.

Creating a list is something that most online marketers seem to have the most trouble with. Not understanding the sheer importance of building a list instead of buying one, is the main failure. Of course, before you even need a list, you must have a product, service or program you are wanting to promote online.

And clearly, you want to promote it correctly and advertise it as yourself being the authority on this certain niche product or service you chose. Having something of great value is your best choice. Marketing something no one wants would be a poor choice.

Many fail to reach the conclusion that before they will earn money online they will need some training basics in online marketing products. And most go through life never getting the training they need. So, they end up failing to make money online, thinking it is easy and anyone can do this.

And later play the blame game. And can only point fingers. If you are one of these who are tired of failing to make a profit, check out a simple basic course on Affiliate Marketing in this (free to join course lesson.

listgrow1What Exactly is List Grow?

Mike Dillard List Grow starts you off in in his program course with online basics of coming up with a single niche market and instructing you to find your passion and interest, first. Because for the ones starting out fresh here online, what good is having a list if you have nothing to promote! Take a look at this lesson to learn what is proven to work.

So basically, when I’m asked what is List Grow, I say, List Grow works. Mike teaches you the how to’s in basic video lessons. The walk through lessons area big part of why List Grow is so great. Basic list building is rather easy once you have a basic funnel and see what you need to put together. But if you don’t have the concept, it is frustratingly difficult.

First module:

How to Choose Your Niche, how to make it unique.

Second Module:

How to Create a Marketing Funnel, starting with an Opt-in Page, or Squeeze Page.

Third Module:

Creating Your Capture Page, which links to your new Sales Page, including upsells.

Fourth Module:

How to Create a Great Experience, Spit Testing, How to Advertising on Facebook, and much more… and in each module there are many videos explaining step by step the process you need to take.


How to Grow a List

Mike Dillard goes into great detail with this course and as always, over delivers on his training. However, many will find $2000 dollars for the training to be a bit over the top. Quite expensive for just a List Building Course , I might add. When you can find his information on the internet for free. Or as I did, through WA. In fact I learned all the basics of building a site and making money there using the training course called Wealthy Affiliate. Read the review if you are interested in learning the skill you need to market like a pro.

Now if you are interested in growing your own list for your product, then search no further. You can take advantage of this course by visiting his website and clicking on more information under List Grow.

I for one took the course and believe it to be a great help to many who are realizing they need a subscriber list. Any list will not do.The key and success online, lies in growing your own list of subscribers that opt in for your particular service or product/program. Here lies the key to having an abundance of traffic you can communicate with and advertise your wares, too. Don’t be fooled into thinking you can buy a list such as The click agency or the email syndicate and get the same results. It just does not work that way. The sooner you learn this the better.

Of course with building any list, you want your main focus to be on giving your new subscriber, value and plenty of freebies. Because, for a list of any kind to work, you must build a relationship with them showing just how honorable you are and just how much help you will be to them each time they open your email, in their inbox. Forget about selling to them. Offering them value that will change their lives is what will make them and yourself, successful.

list grow1

Building a Funnel

Building a funnel is pretty easy to do. I use A funnel is where you start by creating a Capture page/Opt-in page/Landing page/Squeeze page, offering your traffic something of value so they will be willing to leave you their email address. Which means if they give you their address they become your subscriber and you can legitimately offer them all your products, services or programs you are affiliated with and wanting to promote. Normally speaking you will want to offer them something like a product similar to that of your free value. Do not offer a Bass Fisherman a line of lingerie.

The capture page, or Opt-in Page use to be exhausting to create, now with Leadpages you can create this in less then 7 minutes! designed to grab email address. In exchange for the subscribers email you can give them a free ebook, free training, or even offer a $1 dollar trial to your membership course like I do. As long as you are making it worth their time, they will be happy to leave you their address.

And from then on, it is Rinse and Repeat!  As who doesn’t want free training, free information, free opt-ins to try a program out for a 7 days for a buck? Free training, or perhaps you have the very solution to a problem which many are searching for online. We exchange the value for an address. 

list grow2

The Sales Page

Next comes the sales page which will be sent to your subscriber who signed in to your capture page. Now that you can send them an email, we do so with the intent to offer our product or online service to them. After the Opt-in page comes the Sales Page. Video sliders work really well like Mike uses in List Grow. If they are interested in our headline and your subject, very often they will be interested in your product or service and even agree to purchase right there on the spot. 

Regardless of whether they choose to buy the product offered or not, they become a subscriber which will be added to your list of subscribers. Always offer the subscriber an upsell in case they do decide to join, they then have a chance to proceed with a benefit of possibly getting a discounted rate by an offer of going yearly, or a product that works well with the product you are offering.

Amazon does this all the time. Once you purchase a product they will show you what others were also buying at the time of purchase, or were interested in. Same as an upsell in your funnel. Need to have one, period.

Autoreponders to Build a List

Of course no funnel will work properly without linking it first to an autoresponder. I started out years ago using Aweber and GetResponse as my choice due to the fact they they were referred and less expensive than others, easy to afford when you are starting out. I now use Get Response (autoresponder) exclusively for several other lists I now have. And I love their instant chat area for when I have questions.

You see, what you will do is integrate your autoreponder with your LeadPages account, or whatever landing page service you choose. it’s very hard time consuming to create your own, and the problem with not using a service like LeadPages is that you may be doing this all wrong!

Mike uses so I joined as well, to create a new list for my membership site  MailChimp and Leadpages work together in unison to keep track of everything that is happening. They integrate, so to speak.

And they are easy to integrate and join. The combined group will be of great value specifically to help you create future funnels, more campaigns, and reach more subscribers than you ever imagined.

Get the Right Tools to Build Many Lists

We generally get what we pay for. Once we get past the basic training, we will often need tools to make the process faster, which we can utilize as affiliate sites, as well. Meaning, we can earn a small commission that will help you pay for these tools you are needing along the way. Without the proper tools and services here Like JvZoo, Stripe, and Jaxxy, my favorite keyword tools, and many others, online marketing can become challenging.

If you are unwilling to invest in the right tools and training, it will take you forever to start making money. Investing in the right tools is essential. However, as long as you understand that Time itself is a huge debt that cannot be made up, at least understand we can make more money as we go along, so buying into the right tools and services will promote us much faster and we become successful much sooner. Trying to get by for free will cost you even more time and frustration.


At Home Working Online

Is List Grow a Scam?

No, Mike is not the type to scam anyone, or leave them feeling cheated. List Grow is so far from being a scam it seems a little silly mentioning it. Yet people ask this question all the time. One thing though, even though List Grow is not a scam, it is surely way higher priced than comfortable for most. Everything Mike does delivers a great value, and maybe, he figures this is what his course is justifiably worth.

If you cannot afford the $2000 out of pocket, do the next best thing. Read how at the #1 review,  Wealthy Affiliate Program. You can build a website get it hosted, learn to pick up traffic and much more, all for a free sign up. Once you start making some money, you can always come back to programs such as List Grow.

Conclusion to Growing a List

In becoming an online marketer I tried to do everything for free when first starting out. Ibought into list building programs spending thousands. I still have over 20,000 subscribers who do not answer their emails!I was trying to save time…

I basically wasted a year of time trying to take shortcuts. Things turned around though as soon as I found the training at Wealthy Affiliate. Everything I needed under one roof. I’m still with them today for that one reason. I needed to learn marketing skills.

If you like the review leave a comment below. If you have questions about building a list, let me know. I have built many list, along the way and most of my earnings reflect that the lists I now build are the right ones.


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