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Founder: Bobby B.

Program: My Email                        

Program Cost: $47.00 Monthly

Sign Up Here: Don’t sign, SCAM!

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 My Email Mentor – Sign up and Get $100 Dollars Free!


This program was a big ponzi Scheme. It started out great but it ended up with lots of pissed off members. Look for this guy here on the internet, making sure you stay clear.

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my email mentor review
My First Day I earned $105.20 ! Now I earn $10 per day…


 What is My Email Mentor?                    


I basically signed up to watch and learn the process he uses, to write this review, showing you the first couple of days of earnings.My interests are in helping others find legit programs to earn form. Now if someone else signs up using your link, Bobby pays us by click and we get plenty of these clicks at .20 cents per… Meaning we earn money every minute. And this money builds up without work or effort.


Why Does Bobby Need Help?


We are all limited by regulations as to how many email addresses we can have running through an Autoresponder. My Email Mentor has figured out a system so they can beat the limit sheet by having us as partners. Thus the emails run through many accounts and not just one. So there seems to be no limit now! That being said, Aweber and a few others I’ve heard, turned him down, as he did try to get them to let him use their platforms for this.

If some how the program is legit, it could be working for a very long time! However, if he has violated any regulations here, the program will be a distant memory very soon, and be talked about as the scam of the decade! As he stands to make millions here with everyone potentially signing up for his free $100.00.


MY Email Mentor has made millions already, and all from unsuspecting members like myself. Fooling people is what Bobby B is very good at. Do not Buy into this program MEM. You would be much better off learning how to stay away from online scams and ponzi schemes

Read the about the top ranked program here: Wealthy Affiliate.


my email mentor review
The Stable Mailer


What are My Email Mentor, Clones?


We are actually the Clones. We are duplicating the work Bobby B would be doing if he were allowed to do it all himself. So instead, he pays us. So you can imagine how many millions of emails are helping move through his channels! Each of us gets 500 plus email addresses per week, so imagine him having access to millions of email addresses sent out weekly with his sales pitch. 

We may be his Clone, but it’s our job to get clones as well. Get as many others, (Clones) or members sign ups as you can! You earn way more money can can cash out sooner. Do what I do, market to clones and have them do the work for you! Like Bobby B does!



 My Email Mentor Pays Us by Clicks

We get paid 20 cents per click for ourselves, and an added $10 dollars per month for clones. So these clicks are what people normally have to pay for anyway when running paid advertisements. Many online marketers are paying anywhere from this much on up to $10 dollars per click. Meaning this is how much the business person is paying to advertise in most places throughout the internet. Called Solo Advertising.

I myself use Bing ads and pay up to $1 dollar per click when someone clicks on one of my own ads. Many business pay much more to get their ads clicked on using professional services, like Solo Ads and any Email List providers.


 The Success of My Email Mentor

Comes down to Bobby making so much money by getting these advertisements out to these emails he can easily pay us .20 cents per click, and $10 per clone. He increases his opportunity to earn massive amounts of money by sheer volumn, and this small amount here that he pays us is hardly a noticable cost for him to spend. He actually could pay us way more.

Many members wonder how he is able to afford to pay all of us. Well, it is just 20 cents per click. But remember, he only pays the 20 cents if someone clicks. He does not pay us for those that do not. So a list of 600 emails sent out may only give us 20 clicks. So, if he is selling something that is worth $97 dollars, or perhaps more, how nuch can he pay us for generating these big money sales? Probably up to a dollar a click! But that is not how he is making money.


 The Conclusion


This was a scam program that even fooled me. Stay away from stuff like this online. Only join programs that have been around for years!

However, Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam.


Go to read the #1 recommended review for Wealthy Affiliate. There is free sign up and plenty of members to talk with and get answers from about how to make money online.



Is My Email Mentor a Scam..Yes!


My Email Mentor has proven to be legit. Payments have gone out to 53 members who made their first months minimum of $400 Plus!


my email mentor



Wait and See…WE found Out it was a scam 4 months later!

You guys have a break down below to see my balance moving forward from day one.The $100 dollars of it is the free money and will be available when you cash out. Below, StableMailer sign up which you will need to proceed to work the program.

To change or cancel your agreement with Email Response Pros, log in to your PayPal account, go to your Profile, and click My money. Update your agreement in the “My preapproved payments” section.


The Above Image shows your autoresponder which is a 7 day trial for only $10 bucks. You will then pay $47 each month after the 7 day trial so as to use this autoresponder to move the addresses. You can also build a list of these addresses and market to them yourself. That is what many do to get dozens of clones paying them the extra $10 dollars monthly.



DAY 3 – 5-20-15 



memeDay 5 – 5-22-15 

As you can see (5-22-15) it has taken a week just to cover my $47 in monthly expenses.  $57.30 




desktop mem

5-24-15 – DAY  7 The day to pay $47.



DAY 9 –  5-26-15 

 The momentum is working. Each day the amounts are increasing.



July 12 Day 42 



July 14th Day 44. 



July 14  Day 44




Day 51 July 22






 I got my start Long before my Email Mentor.Why not read my #1 recommended review Wealthy Affiliate? You will be able to learn real marketing skills while you earn the passive incomes above. Did you know online advertising is a specialized skill? As a pretty good sells-man before, even I failed to make a dime without learning first how to promote a product, professionally. Join Wealthy Affiliate if you want to learn a real skill that will forever help you to earn a living.


How I earn money online

Learn how to market products and programs using the free to join, Wealthy Affiliate Training. Make sure it is tested by me first! W.A. has been TESTED! Wealthy Affiliate has been helping people build their own online businesses for 12 years. You can join for free to check it out and see if it’s a good fit.


Enjoy Your Online Success!

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528 Responses

  1. Hi Rick,
    Thanks for the review. Hate to tell you but this program is still being promoted! I saw this program being promoted on a Safelist on Feb 14th and opted in for the info and got an email back from them. Then I forgot all about them until tonight. I started searching for reviews and found you. Thank God! I have already learned the hard way- Look before you leap!

    • Yes I am sorry to say that people that cheat others will always be here on the internet. It is why I promote only legit programs. I got scammed as well, checking this one out. EVen though I made over $600 dollars, I did not continue with it once I found out so many were getting ripped off.

      I suggest anyone reading this go to Wealthy Affiliate and learning to make money online in a legit way. Wealthy Affiliate.

  2. Hey Rick, I’ll hope you still have succes with your email mentor.
    I have here a simular system , where you also get $ 100 for signing up, $0,20 per. click & $0,10 per referrels click, so why not try this one as well, and send i to your downline you have in your email mentor.

    • Email Syndicate is also a scam type program business. You will not earn the kind of money I earn. Not with the email syndicate. You get paid crap for your time. And my email mentor was a big fat ponzi scheme and they ripped off thousands of individuals who were trying to make money.


      Ps. You need a real program where you can learn to market professionally. Wealthy Affiliate is that program. Try it for free. At no cost to join!

  3. MEM seems to be long gone along with my money, total scam……

    • Exactly. It was found to be a ponzi where just enough got paid to keep the other members on board longer to get their money. I’m very sorry this took place.
      Even I was fooled into thinking it was legit as I was in contact with Kevin from support. Probably was not even a kevin, but a Sam or Bob!

      There are programs out there that are all designed to part you with your cash. Only a few places that are legit and you can learn the skills to market like a pro. Wealthy Affiliate.

  4. Hello Rick.

    I doubt, that MEM will pay my money. Yesterday I had $417,40 on my account. I asked for a payment, but didn’t get an answer, didn’t get a confirmation, didn’t get payed yet. Since this morning I can’t reach the website at all !

    • The program has went off line. They don’t exist any longer. They have closed their scam! No one is getting paid.

      Please. If you see this, go to and request a 60 day refund on your money. Go to this clickbetter and tell them
      on the phone or in a support ticket that the company MEM was a scam and you need all your money back.

      Ps. Most programs online will not supply thousands of dollars a month for you. They are designed to take peoples money. You need training, skill, and the ability to market effectively and you can make those thousands of dollars, but you will need to be trained. You need to go through a boot-camp!
      Wealthy Affiliate.

    This domain has expired. If you are the owner of this domain, please click here to renew it.

    This is a bit worrying, what is happening?

    • The MEM program has shut down and was proven to be a scam. Contact and get a refund. They will give you a 60 refund.


  6. I ve been in this system have not been paid yet got my bank info n not paid yet what do i do

    • Go to Have them refund your payments to stablemailer, or MEM. They are giving 60 day refunds. So even if you’ve paid in 3 times in the last 60 days you will get 3, $47 dollar refunds.

      Take the money and put it to good use. Join for free at Wealthy Affiliate and learn what I’ve learned… How to Make Money Online. Even though the program MEM turned out to be a big ponzi sheme, I infact made over $800 dollars and then was refunded all my payments to MEM.

      I know what it takes to make money online, and can usually earn over $30 dollars per day doing it. But I learned it all at Wealthy Affiliate. If you want to do the same. Make $3000 per month from home, join us.. or at least read the review about this 12 year company that has been helping thousands of new online marketers.

      Let me know if you are able to get in contact and get a refund.


  7. Bryan Ducote

    Greetings Rick,
    Is MyEmailMentor having some kind of a problem? They will not answer my emails that I have sent to support attention “Kevin”. I keep getting an error message stating that my E-mail was not excepted because they were getting too many E-mails. I own two accounts, one in my name and one in my wife’s name. I believe we are due a payment because we have over $500.00 in each account. I have kept my autoresponder fee current and up to date on both accounts. I have provided my banking information, and sent in my w-9 tax info.
    I have e-mailed them several times to see if they received everything they need to process our payments. I would appreciate hearing from them. I have read a lot of negative reviews about them which could make anybody who is doing business with them very nervous.
    If you know something that I do not or if I am doing something wrong, then I need to know. Making Money online is very important to us because I am disabled and it is our only hope of having a better life and to free ourselves from government dependence. But, I must be careful, because I am limited on time and money. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am willing to work at it, I just need to make sure that it is legitimate before I upgrade to platnium and start cloning other people.
    If you can help me out, I would appreciate it.
    Kind regards, Bryan Ducote

    • Do not upgrade. The MEM program has been found to be a ponzi scheme, where in fact they paid the first people in to make it over $400, and then shut it down. No one got paid their second time around.
      They took our money!

      Go to clickbetter and ask for a refund, and tell them the situation. They will refund your money, or at least the last 60 days.

      Do what I did, join Wealthy Affiliate and learn how to make money online. I’m now earning over $3000 per month and work part time from home. Wealthy Affiliate. Read the review here.

  8. I just sent this email to MEM attn: Kevin, as you always suggest Rick.
    up till now I have still not been paid, even with your last correspondence offering to help. Despite them sending an email weeks ago asking for my paypal account so they can pay me, they did not keep their promise. As I mentioned before, the people who are not being paid far outweighs those that are, the few that are being paid is to maintain a face that this is not a scam when it clearly is. Anyone who supports such despicable behaviour is just as bad as the scammers and selfish, you know this to be true because once you stop being paid you will no longer support them.

    For attention of Kevin

    After the last email I received asking me for my paypal address so you can pay me, you have failed to keep your promise.
    As you can see from the email below to Rick whom I asked to forward the email to you as you seem to remain in contact with him, I filed a query with interpol and another online watchdog organisation. It has not yet been upscaled to a full report yet as I have not yet given the name of this company to them. I will be canceling my subscription but I still expect to be paid the $852 that I am current owed.
    If this is not done in the next 7 days, I will proceed to file a full report with both companies as well as having access to send information to online marketers through facebook, twitter and many other online platforms about this company and other companies owned by the same people, so others will be prevented from the scam that I and many others have gone through.

    ID 62731
    Membership status: PAID

    • We just found out MEM closed its doors and are no longer paying anyone. I failed to get paid my second time around for over $670 dollars. So, do what I did. Go to and ask for a refund from MEM. They will give you a sixty day refund.

      Sorry it turned out to be a ponzi scheme. Very hard to tell when this happens as they pay the first people who make the $400 amount. I was paid in July 30. But even then, unsure of getting paid a second time, I stopped promoting them. And just waited to see if I would get paid this October.


      ps. Get a refund quickly!

  9. Hey Rick, I’ve followed your post here since I had signed up in June. I pulled out last month before loading any money because hearing of so many not getting paid didn’t sit well with me, even though others were getting paid. I’m very sorry they used you to keep people in by paying your and creating there illusion they were legit. But I just wanted to say I appreciate your honesty now in telling us they had you fooled too. It sucks they did, but shows that you are definitely an honest man in telling us what happened.

  10. Hi Rick, (MEM ID:72775)

    Thanks for your reply of 22nd regarding my commission $ 601.20 due on 25 October.MEM did not
    even bother to reply though I have sent more than 10 emails.I can’t think of any reason as all the requirements from my side have been fully met.On 25 September also they nether paid nor replied.
    If you can help me by doing something to get my payment I will be grateful to you.I am sorry to bother
    you .Please reply.

    Somasundaram T-

  11. Kuunal Desshmukh

    I have been with MEM since June. I reached $400 last month. I am trying to send email to the support email. But, the emails are getting bounced back and the reason is the email address is receiving more email than the quota.
    This is only happening because the emails are not being checked. Please help, I thought it is a legit business. Is there any other way to contact them and know when I will get my payment. My payment is more than $650 as of 25th oct, so I am eligible to receiving the payment.
    Please advice.

    • The support sector in MEM is now Down. Too many emails which have gone unanswered. I’ve recently moved to strike MEM from a workable program and have now labeled it a ponzi scheme. A scam.

      Stay away from it, And, get your money back from Response Pros.

      I did not get paid here in October which was my second payment.


  12. deborah mccray

    hey rick its October 26 and I haven’t been paid have you been paid since the 25th of October let me know and the bad part they didn’t even collect my membership payment for this month either I don’t understand why they would get this far to starting to conduct bad business

    • cancel your membership immediately. You are spending money for a ponzi scheme which pays a few people initially, then quits paying back everyone when they get enough on board.

      Get a refund quickly today.



    • I recently failed to get paid myself, so I no longer support the company MEM.

      Sorry that this has happened and it was obviously a ponzi scheme taking place under the table.
      I was in contact with support over dozens of times helping individuals get paid! But that is what they wanted me to help them do, make it seem like they were paying out to everyone.

      So, they fooled even me, a veteran.


      ps. get your money back for the last 60 days and move on to what works. Read the #1 recommended program where I got my start and now make thousands per month in a legit business. Wealthy Affiliate

    5:12 AM (10 hours ago)

    to itsmerickb
    i do have over 400 in my account it almost at 600 . i have paid each month for 4 month now they just took out another payment on 10-22-2015 i had my 400 in the fist part of sept. i have waited, and i still have nothing. i need this money cause i had planned to use it to help me move .in the 1st of nov. if i new this was going to happen then i would had banked my money. i fell like i been robbed. i going to give them a couple more days then i going to contact my attorney. i with prepaid legal services. i know they will help me, they have many times. they no they should contact these people.

    rick bell
    12:04 PM (3 hours ago)

    to me
    Don’t waste your energy time or money. I have not gotten paid either. So I will be changing the

    review I have to scam. Or ponzi.

    should have done it when I seen all the others not getting paid. But when they pay a few, it causes

    everyone to hang on a little longer and they make money, thousands and thousands just in a few extra months.


    No need to email any more. I cannot help anyone here.

    • Thanks for forwarding my message to everyone here. Sorry to think that you suspected me to be a part of MEM. I was just a member like you.

      I am now saying the same things as you posted. I have requested a refund and also have reported this program as a ponzi scheme.


  15. Rick, you are promoting MEM scam. WHY? Are you a phoney as well? I wrote to you some weeks back, you didn’t bother to reply. I’ve been with MEM since May and my commission went up to over $700. Bobby/Michael whoever they are, did not respond to my many emails. Several people are experiencing the same thing. FUNNY they responds to you Rick. Strange isn’t it?
    I got my monthly payment back from Clickbank.
    Come on people, wakeup……..

    • I was getting paid up until this month. So yes I was supporting MEM. No longer though. They did not pay me and will not answer my emails. This leads me to believe it is a ponzi scheme all along and they even fooled me. I actually stayed with them here to find out. So I now know. And can now tell the world that others need not apply!

      I have changed my review to ponzi and scam for MEM. Please refer to this as a lesson learn for helping others in the future.

      I never needed the money provided by MEM. the $833 dollars they paid me in July, is in the bank. Just sitting there. I have since cancelled my account and waiting for a refund for the last 60 days, from reponse pros.

      My job here is to help others make money online. I will never be a part of something that is illegal or a scam. Knowingly that is. If you need training so you can make money online, get it at Wealthy Affiliate.
      read the review, and see how it works.


  16. I have been a member of my email mentor since June and I have yet to receive any of my commissions. My commissions are showing $714.60, I have sent several emails, no response. I have sent requests through dwolla and no response. Is there anything you can do to help me get my commissions? Or do you know what I should do? I’m tired of throwing my hard earned money away on something that is more than lilkely just a huge scam. I’m having a hard time believing this is a real legitimate work from home site. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you,

    • Yes, if you are not being paid by a program you are enrolled in, quit and find a new one. We often times keep doing the same things over and over expecting different results. And our lives never change.

      You can do what I did and join Wealthy Affiliate and soon be able to promote your own business… Or just make money from selling products online by using affiliate marketing strategies.

      One thing to be sure of. Regardless you passion or interest, you need to learn how to market professionally online. Without training you will always be behind the 8 ball.

      Ask for a 60 day refund from click bank. Take the money and enroll in some type of training here online. There really is no quick and free or easy way to make money here. It is all a lie about what others say here online. 99 percent of programs are only here to make the founders money. And, no one else.


  17. Hi Rick,
    MEM ID:72775-Somasundaram Thiagarajan India-Commission payment pending.

    Please comment here of 16th on above which was marked as ‘your comment is awaiting moderation’.It is still same.I was not paid on 25 Sep and it is already 20 Oct.I have promptly done all things like my S47 payments on due dates,uploading W-8BEN ,providing my bank details,address etc by 4 Sep.itself and informed MEM many times.No response from MEM for anything.As on 30 Sep. my commission is $ 601.60.I have also replied to one ‘MEM’ mail received in my spam folder asking me to complete my subscription by clicking a link.As I have only one MEM Account 72775 I have sent a reply.Copy of the reply is mailed to you.I fully understand and appreciate you are helping me.I have totally paid $245 (1×10+5×47) without getting any commission due to me from 7 June.Still no MEM response.In any case I need to get the commission pending of $601.60 on this Oct .25.This ,I feel this
    is just and reasonable.Please help me Rick in this for which I am thankful to you.Please reply.

    Somasundaram T

    • Sorry to hear you did not get what was due you. I sent your email, and comment to support. Let’s hope they send you your money this time!


  18. Hi Rick,

    I did send you a comment yesterday evening but received no response. I joined MEM in June, and made around USD +400/- in August and has been requesting payout. Now I am upto USD 700/- but there seems to be no response to my request or email. I am an Indian working in Kuwait and we do not have any such Social Security No. Please could you respond and let me know how I could get the payout so that I can work sincerely on this.

    • Hey.

      I’ve since sent your comment here to support and you should get an answer shortly.


    AND A CHEAT SAME AS MEM AND EmailResponsePros
    All a HUGE scam to steal our money.
    UUUUUUUUUUU make it look like you are a good guy
    what a load of SHIT

    • My name is actually Charles R Bell. Born 1957 in Dallas TEXAS. Recently the plug in I used for years failed to update and it left all my posts without a signature at the bottom of posts. I had another signature
      that I use on another site which I did as Charles Bell, or Charles R Bell. and now I plugged that in so all my post now have this one attached. Doing it this way saved me hours! So yes, the name has changed to save
      me time.

      Sorry if you feel suddenly that I’m an em-poster. But no…it is only me. Rick Bell. My name Rick comes from my middle name Richard which I was named after my Grandfather. It is my nickname.

      Hope this clears that up for you.

      One thing I would advise and recommend is that you don’t focus on your life failures. WE must always focus on what is working and be positive in order to have this return to us. We cannot go around on the

      internet all day criticizing others. It is a waste of time. Just like now… You never got the information correct, but you assumed I was suddenly a scam artist? ha. I’ve built my business up here and have worked very hard to

      where it pays.

      I suggest anyone who is struggling to make money online first learn the strategies of marketing and how to do it professionally to get results. Like I do. I learned from Wealthy Affiliate, and from there I started making money and working from home.

      Hope this helps…

      Charles/Rick Bell One in the same!

  20. Hi,
    About a week ago I left 2 comments about “myemailmentor”.
    It seems you didn’t like my comments, because I was negative about it. This is not fair. You should allow all sorts of comments. Just to tell that myemailmentr is a scam. They ow me about $500. They never paid and now when I look in my account there is a ballance of $0 and they do not allow me to upload new emailadresses.
    Can you still defend this system?



    • It is not my place to play games here online. I don’t post some comments because they are disgustingly wrong. Business my friend is what we are conducting here…not a girlscout motto. As for MEM, as long as I get paid and see that thousands of other members are getting paid, I will continue to support them. The minute I fail to get paid will be the time I cancel my membership and ask for a 60 refund from clickbetter.

      So as far as I’m concerned, MEM is not a scam, but a legit business. When it stops being a legit business, I will change the review to reflect that. My honesty is all I have and I have to be honest no matter what.

      I would suggest that if you are not getting paid, maybe you should either do something about it that makes sense, or go on to learn how to make money somewhere else. But commenting here and calling me out, (a member myself) does

      you no good at all. And yes,, I will defend them based on them sending me a check each time I make it over $400. So far I’ve earned $833.00 and $789.00 and look forward to what I have coming in next! Just like if you were paying

      to do work for you. I would defend you as being reliable and someone who pays on time. AS I don’t know what all other people do as members and cannot vouch that they even paid on time or did the right things with the program.

      I have no results that they have done what was required. In fact, many times Kevin from support has let me know the members did not pay, had their account cancelled for non-payment, or they didn’t fill in the right forms…but

      always seems to be an ongoing problem with online programs. People fail to follow directions. They also fail to read the instructions, where it says MEM is not liable and you are not entitled to make the kind of money you see

      others making. Meaning not everyone will do well at this program.

      All the programs I’ve joined in the past where I was not able to make money…you will see these on my website and I tell you, that I would not recommend them. All the ones where I’m getting paid…I will tell you, yes, I’m making

      money and you could also if you joined.


      It appears if your account balance was cancelled or wiped out, then you failed to make a payment on time. Those that this has happened to, they show their payments as proof and when they do, they have been reinstated. And, they

      get paid. Those that complain and do nothing…well, it appears they do nothing for a reason.

      Learn Marketing like I have and earn from $3000 to $6000 a month in your first year of doing online business… I learned at Wealthy Affiliate and I’m still there learning! wealthy affiliate review…check it out.


    • Henry,

      It may be that you have not qualified to be paid yet. After making your $400, you will then wait one month before the money is sent to you. If you failed to make $4oo by the 25th of the month, meaning you

      cannot count the 25th through the 30th, you will not have made the $400.

      Many have had their accounts cancelled from lack of payments.

      Where you are in the scheme of things here is where you are…no one know this but you. If you care to show them proof of income, payments you sent, and all this shows you are to be paid money. I myself will send in a

      support ticket on your behalf in order to help if I can.


      send me this information to

      I will forward it to Kevin.

      There are many members that have not gotten paid, but the ones I’ve tried to help, really did screw up and they just thought that they were qualified. They weren’t.

  22. I joined end of may, it is now October and still not been paid despite sending several emails which have all been ignored. I’m sure nobody joined this to throw good money away. I have not yet stopped my payments as I do not want any excuses to continue not paying me. But this is my last month. I cannot go on losing money like this. A few may have been paid but those of us that have not been paid far out numbers the few that have. Not just on this site. It seems like they pay a few so as not to give an impression they are a ponzi scheme. I feel embarrassed to mention this to a very good friend that happens to work for Interpol that i may have got myself involved in a scam. Believe me those guys no how to find out whatever thay need to. Tomorrow I will be sending my very last letter to MEM. If I get no response in 7 days, my embarrassment will not longer concern me.

    • I will help you.

      Send the same information you have here directly to support… address email, Attention Kevin! Rick asked me to contact you for help. Put all this in subject line, then send email message stating

      what you have in your comment here.

      Send the info you have here and follow up by sending me a copy so I know you sent this to him. I will also send him a email with this comment. So between us both we will get you your money.

      Do this now… I will be looking for your copy…if you need help and want to get paid, follow my instructions, please.


  23. Hi Rick, So far I was a real fan of MEM. Unfortunately, I have my payment, which would have been paid on the Sep 25 not received until today. I have written several emails to MEM, but received no reply until today. I think MEM is at the end. You can confirm this for me Rick??
    Thank you.

    • Just send him and email with Attention Kevin, rick asked me to contact you one last time….

      Then fill out the email and what it is you are expecting or how much you are owed…
      Hi Rick, So far I was a real fan of MEM. Unfortunately, I have my payment, which would have been paid on the Sep 25 not received until today. I have written several emails to MEM, but received no reply until today. I think MEM is at the end. You can confirm this for me Rick??
      Thank you.

      If you are needing a payment still, do what I say here…send email to support attention Kevin, rick asked me to contact you…then email message, and send me a copy so I can follow up as well.

      I’m reaching out to you guys here for free. I am just a member, but I will help you guys get what you deserve. Make sure you are owed money and you are paying, otherwise you are wasting my time!!!


      Approve | Reply | Quick Edit | Edit | Sp

  24. I have a question,

    Did anyone of us get paid in September,
    Please let us know about it, So that we can save our hard earned Money
    As i am due for commission on 25th October

    Looking forward to your response


    • Everyone eligable gets paid. Just no one bothers commenting about it here when they do. They do not care about others! So, yes, we all get paid every month that we are able to pass the 400 dollar mark. Now I wasn’t able this
      last month, cause I just got paid the month before. But I will get paid same as you in October!

      Keep on top of the monthly payments and do like I do with this program. I
      ve made $1300, dollars extra since may!


      ps. Remember, people are quick to complain, yet when everything works out, they walk away and do not say a word! They don’t even thank me for helping them! And I do it out of the kindness of my hearT!

  25. Darren Ned Kelly

    Deleted my comments, as did mem deleted all my earnings yesterday You must be in bed together. Scammers one and all. Hope you all get what you deserve.Good riddance

    • All you had to do was keep going…Help would have arrived! Here is a email today from Kevin showing him answering members and working with them.

      MyEmail Mentor
      3:02 PM (1 hour ago)

      to Mike, me

      We do not show any payment information on file for you.

      Did you fill out and upload your W9 information in the commissions stats section of the members area?

      We have to have that on file with a valid physical address to be able to issue your payment.

      Thank You,

      Kevin Andrews

      And read this one where I sent info in and Kevin replied to show that he didn’t have a name….so he needs more info.”

      MyEmail Mentor
      To Today at 2:59 PM

      There is no name on this one. I can’t help them figure out the payment without a name or Member ID number.


      Show original message
      Reply, Reply All or Forward | More

      If you did not pay you will not get paid. If you seek help, I help, but I do not answer nor put up with anyone crap, or badmouthing. I don’t have to. It is my site and I am the boss here. Go post your spam remarks someplace else and see how far you get.

      But anyone needing help here is free to contact me and get the help they need.


      ps if your commissions or balance was deleted then they show you as a non payer. So you wouldn’t have made any money anyway dude. You have to pay to play!!! LOL

  26. Hi Rick
    I joined MEM on 7 June and on 31 August my total commission was $ 462 due for payment on 25 Sep.As I am from India I uploaded FORM W- 8BEN,filled my bank details,addre etc in the MEM Web and submitted on 4 September.All my four $47 payments are uptodate and current till 15 ctober.There was no default in export/import of any Email batch.I was expecting my first payment on 25 Sep.But not even a payment intimation has been received till today (1 Oct).I have sent a mail both to Kevin of Suppori and on 29th explaining the details.I do not know what is happening.I have also mentioned that DWOLLA is only in USA and has no presence/arrangement in India,MEM has to send payment to my bank in India and all details for this are already given in the
    Form submitted on 4 Sep.

    I am a retired Senior Citizen.In the past Mem has never sent any email to me.For support this is my
    first email sent.Even though I am not in your MEM group I would appreciate if you could use your good offices and help me to get my payment quickly.NEXT $ 47 payment is due on 15 Oct.I intend to
    pay.Please advise me what should I do.My Sep.30 balance total is $601.MEM ID:72775.Please reply Thanks. Somasundaram

    • Hi, I just sent your message to Kevin at support and he said he got it. Now as long as everything is correct you will be fine. He is now sending me a copy of what he is done for members as before, no matter how many of you guys I helped…none of you contacted me to let me know that kevin reached out to you and took care of your problems! So I’m thinking he never helped you. When he takes care of this, at least do me the courtesy of email and let me know that I have helped you!
      I do not get paid, I do not promote the program, all I do is answer all the feeble cries here, and when they find that their accounts are suddenly paid, I hear nothing! And get no thanks whatsoever. Gosh, that is just how people are! They will spend all day and complain, but when something goes their way, they tell no one or mention it.

      Anyway as long as you are paying I will get you the help you need.


  27. Well lesson learned i did everything but go their house and pound on door and cannot get any response. They owe me and i cannot even load list and yes i am current on my end with payment. I been with them since june and i really thought things were going well. myemailmentor has really disappointed this old lady

    • I’m in contact with kevin this week and we are working on getting you guys taken care of. As long as you are paying, you will be paid. I now have proof of others I’ve helped getting their funds. Now. Send me your information at and name and id so I can send it to Kevin.

      If you quit paying your monthly, please, don’t bother. If you are no longer a member you will not receive money even though it was owed to you. You can only get paid if you pay your monthly fee on time every time. Many complain about not getting paid, and they are the ones that never paid in the first place or they quit paying and now scream that mem is scamming people! God have mercy on them!


  28. Hi Charles or is it Kevin hows the ploy going
    then Rick some are in the know keep up your
    $47 big hit

      no ones getting paid none of my clones nor myself
      have been paid no response from Kevin Andrews in
      support what is going on bit of a sham business no
      replies to emails and you say you were paid once
      have you been paid since.

      • Yes I helped a gal yesterday get her check for $2,440.! I also can show you proof. But that point is my friend. Here are some emails from Keving helping others:

        MyEmail Mentor
        3:02 PM (1 hour ago)

        to Mike, me

        We do not show any payment information on file for you.

        Did you fill out and upload your W9 information in the commissions stats section of the members area?

        We have to have that on file with a valid physical address to be able to issue your payment.

        Thank You,

        Kevin Andrews
        There are plenty more replies from Kevin, and if anyone needs assistance just email me, and I will be happy to help. I’ve helped dozens of members with getting answers of late. I do this out of my own caring and concern. I still get paid so I have no problem sticking around and helping others here.

        I want everyone to be paid! So if you are reading this and have not gotten paid money that was owed to you, just let me know. Send me your information so Kevin at support can look you up!


    • Did you get your questions asked? Or do you just like acting a fool? I left this comment so I could reply and just let you know that I’ve helped 13 people get paid this week! If I had your information I could have helped you.

      However, most just want to cause a stir, and have quit paying cause they are broke and have no money in the first place. MEM is a passive money stream, not one to live off of and get rich! time is money, and money is time. If you need help let me know. If you don’t, please, quit messing around and wasting your time here.

      If you need help with making money online, let me know. I have several programs that members are now making thousands of dollars from every month! I quit counting how many streams of income I have coming in and all the places it comes from! the Lord has been good to me!


  29. Where do I need to put in my INFO to get payment from MyEmailMentor to Dwolla?

  30. I joined “Myemailmentor” several months back. Each month my cc is charged $47. Now I have more than $500 in commission. He is not paying me. I sent him so many emails to pay me as I have crossed their minimum threshold of $400. He does not even reply to my emails. To me it seems a scam.
    Please send me your views and advise how to get paid.
    D ubee
    Member ID: 77177

  31. Hello Rick

    I signed up with MEM in May and at the beginning of August my commission was $508 but I didn’t get paid on 25th. Ive sent several emails to support service but had no response. I am now very concerned. Not only had I no response but I noticed that two times $45 was taken from the account on the same day.

    I dont understand why they are responding to you and not anyone else, so many people are experiencing the same as me. I am using the same email address I’ve used in the early stages of setting up the the account and they responded then.

    I would really appreciate your help

    Kind regards


    • Email support and state your issues. In fact, send an email to the support addressed in subject line to: Attention Kevin….Rick said to contact you about this…
      Then fill in your email content and send it to him. And, send me a copy of this as well with bcc/cc to Let me know if you have questions. You will need to include proof of all monthly payments.


  32. Rada Kichenin


    I have been following this blog for a while. I joined MEM and also bought the platinum pack last week. But this week when I downloaded my email list, I found only 621 emails, not 2000 email ids. I have written to support few times but there is no reply from them. Is any special process to get email Ids for the Platinum pack. I will wait for few more days and if there is no reply, then I have to cancel the platinum pack unfortunately. Please let me know if there are any other options to contact the owners other than the

    MEM ID-115237

    • Nope this is it. But…tell them you contacted me and I sent you back to them! Also, add Attention Kevin in subject line. Tell him Rick sent you. We will get this handled properly. By the way, send me an email at and let me know if you are having any luck promoting to your lists. I was thinking about signing up myself.


  33. I joined in june and haven’t been cloning myself cause I needed to be sure that this program works. I knew it is to good to be true but I tested it anyway.

    Now fore months later I’ earned $613,8 and didnt got paid on 25th as they say aldough I did all that was asked from me!

    • Contact Kevin personally and he will get you taken care of…I just asked him about you. So do this…

      Send an email to support and put Attn: Kevin in the subject line and he will answer you personally. Do it now before you forget. YOu can thank me later. LOL

  34. I have been contacted regarding my payment that was due on Aug. 25th 3 days ago and today, Kevin said they are working on it.
    I happy he responded, but I’m glad I don’t have to use the money for a first of the month mortgage payment. They are not very timely.


    • Better late than never! At least you are getting results and they are working on it! I would be grateful. They have been slow in getting people paid this time around. There are thousands of memebers now and are understaffed.


  35. Have met my commission amount and am still waiting to get paid. Have emailed again and again with no response. Beginning to think they are going to take my money and run

    • Hey, There are always a few that fall through the cracks. Most I’ve forwarded to Kevin have been already taken care of or they are in the process. What happens is they have over 10,000 members now all happy and making money. EVen signing up to the platinum membership account, those who are wanting to make thousands of dollars per month and be able to cash out each and every month. Need 20 clones minimum, so you have to know what you are doing in the way of marketing.
      So if you don’t hear back from them I will forward your message and see if that helps. Rememeber, I am just a member myself and do not have any influence with them. I do what they tell me and have had no problems. Nor have my clones had any difficulty getting paid. So email me at if you need help later. Otherwise, keep emailing them and asking your questions.

      Many of the members here have even joined me at learning more ways to market and get clones using Wealthy Affilaite
      Why sign up for WA? To learn more and be able to grab more clones! Marketing is a skill. You have to learn and and build on it with training! It is how I got my start and how I now make thosuands of dollars each week from home.
      You can do this too!


  36. I have been in MEM since the end of June and finally I have enough commissions to be paid on Aug. 25th.
    I have not received my commissions yet or a notice that they are going to pay me.
    Has another been paid August yet?
    I have sent them several emails with no reply.
    What does it take to get paid in this program?


    • Send me the copy of emails you sent. You may be sending them to the wrong place. Forward them all to me and I will then forward them to support. As long as you account is active and you are paying, then they will pay you.

      contact me at
      So send me your records and amount you need to be paid. Send all of them too me by pasting them into one email.


  37. Payment is supposed to be on the 25th of the month. I have enough in my account for a payout this month. Does anyone know how long after the 25th it takes to recieve payment?

    • It depends on how you get paid. Normally the send it directly to dwolla on the 26th of the month, then however long it takes to clear and move to your bank. I think it was 8 days from the 26th when I got mine to the bank.


      • Hi Rick, I sent an email on the 4th of September regarding payment that I did not receive on the 25h of August, which I have had no reply to. I allowed 10 days before contacting them because of the problems with the palpal payments. I have made payments every month and have filled in the payment details on the website, as well as uploaded and downloaded all the necessary forms in order to get paid. I just sent another reminder email. Is anyone else having this problem? And any suggestions?

  38. I’ve been following your blog for awhile now. I am very curious if you and your signups Got paid on August 25th. I have $418.60 in my account and am hoping to get paid on whatever my total is at the end of August By Sept 25th. Also, do you know if everything is supposed to continue on thru Dwolla> I have signed up for an account with them …. so I have already filled out the W-9 info. What Else do I have to do to make sure I get paid? I have another $47 due on Sept 4th but am worried about all the negative feedback I keep seeing.
    I never have any luck with getting any info from their email address…..Thanks….I am sure any info you could provide would be helpful to everybody!

    • Yes william everyone has been paid that is eligible to be paid. You don’t need to do anything else. Just keep your monthly fee up to date so they don’t close your account. The negative feedback is always going to be coming from those that have lost out on making money here, for whatever reason, and they try to tell the world everything is a scam. But, you don’t hear from the 10,000 members who are making money, right? There are always pissed off people that blame everyone but themselves in this world. I know, I used to be one. YOu have to ignor them, and work the programs that work for you. Forget about naysayers and those who cry wolf.

      Hope this helps.


  39. Hi Rick,

    I have been reading through the replies regarding MyEmailMentor. I have just upgraded to the Platinum but I am not sure if I have done the right thing. I have been a member for 10 weeks and have only made USD581 and am surprised others have made so much more in less time. Still I am not complaining. I now have two clones but there is so much bad press about the company it is difficult to get people to join. I have not yet been paid and wonder if I will be as they are not answering my e-mails regarding the payment of commissions. Are we supposed to remind them or is it done automatically? I live in France and hope I won’t have a problem receiving payments. I would appreciate your views on this.

    • They send payments through Dwolla now. Do you have an account or can you open one up? Yes people who have failed to keep paying or they either quit, and then they yell out that the company screwed them over. That happens all the time with online marketing.

      People fail to realize this is not a game or a lottery, but a real business we have to know what we are doing to work. And make money. It has taken me a year to learn all the things I know about marketing and make thousands per week. You mentioned others making money? I have clones making over $2000 dollars per month here. They know what they are doing. They even move other products while making money here at MEM.

      Once you are eligible to get paid you will be sent a check or payment through dwolla. Set up an account if you don’t have one. Once the payment is sent you will get a email from them saying you have received money from MEM.

      Hope this helps.
      Let me know how well you do with platinum. Email me at

      ps. Many members from MEM have joined Wealthy Affiliate to learn how to market and pick up more clones. It is paying off! I get members now who brag about having over 20 clones in a few short weeks.

      Wealthy Affiliate is where i learned my own marketing skills.

  40. Hey Rick, Did you get paid for 8/25?

    • Yes everyone has been sent payment for August. If you didn’t receive it you must contact support. There are a few that had account issues and will have to show proof of accounts, but other than that, almost 10,000 members were paid out this August!

      Many are wanting to make more. But they do not have the skills to make more as they don’t know how to promote and get clones! The key is the clones. Having a minimum of 20 will get you starting to cash out each month and every month.

      I’ve helped many members increase their paychecks to every month and way more than $400. They join Wealthy Affiliate and learn how to market professionally. After a few weeks they know what they need to do and they start making more money. If you want to join Wealthy Affiliate to increase your money making potential you can sign up here. Wealthy Affiliate.

      If you are not serious about making money then even My Email Mentor is not a good program as it requires us to now promote them to maintain clones and cash out monthly.

      Hope this helps some of you out there.


  41. Unhappy Customer

    Did you get paid for July? I have been keeping up with your review (even though I didn’t sign up under you) and I noticed that you mentioned we need to sign up for a Dwolla account….which I did. However, I didn’t see anywhere on the MEM site to put this information. I did fill out the W9 form and added my bank account info, but when I checked today, nothing deposited in bank account or Dwolla.

    BTW, I never saw an email concerning the Dwolla account….even in my Spam folder. Anyway, I was just wondering if you or anyone else have been paid since today is the 25th.

    • Yes My Email Mentor has paid all members who were due a payment so far. They have kept their promise to pay everyone entitled one. And no, I was told by one of my clones that he got an email that said for July payments we would need to set up a dwolla account or either get a checked mailed to us. So I set up a Dwolla account, even though no one told me to. And that week got paid $833! Wow.

      Of course if you don’t know how to market and get clones you might want to learn. Wealthy Affiliate can teach you how to make even more money either from My Email Mentor or any of the six other programs I now have which I earn money with.

      Wealthy Affiliate… If you need more clones are need to be able to know how to promote programs like I do…it is free to join! Wealthy Affiliate

      There have been a few who didn’t receive their payment. But I’m finding out most of them either didn’t continue to pay their monthly fee, or something else came up. I’ve turned in a few emails recently and support just tells me they have taken care of it, and they will be paid. Or they are working on getting their payment out.


  42. Sandy Malouin

    I now have my $400 and can cash out I have contacted emailmentor several times now with no reply how did you get your money as there is no way to sign the w9 form and as I live in the usa I can not get my money thru their processor I’m thinking this is a scam

    • I’m not sure what you mean you cannot sign the W9? Can you enter a SS? It is no scam. Jesus. Everyone that can’t do something here suddenly calls this a scam. There are ways to go about fixing problems, before you quit and bad mouth a program. It is usually the members fault that things have gone wrong. Like you for instance not filling out the form? I wouldn’t pay you either. LOL Just being blunt. Let’s figure out what the problem is and go from there.

      Please email me at Tell me why you are having trouble and what it is you’ve tried to do. I will help you if I can.


  43. Hi Rick,
    I am asking for your assistance since it seems Kevin responds to you and not the other members so much asking for reinstatement. I have sent proof since July 25th each day several times different subject lines etc for May and June. I donot intend to pay for July or August until they pay me for May and June. I put Clickbetter on hold(they agreed). If MEM doesn”t care to pay us JUST say so and I will move on. I do have other income sources online better than this; had several people waiting to see if this will payout before I recommended it as a passive source of income for people new to online marketing. Would like to get back what I invested in this. Hope you can help with support. Thanks in advance.

    • I just sent your comment to kevin. I will reply back when I get something. Yes it does appear that many are getting reinstated for failure to pay. But then it is not a guarantee. And those of you who quit paying will never get the results you seek by doing that! Saying you are right and they are wrong is no way to get someone to side in your favor, or to challenge a company by saying you are not going to pay until this issue is resolved is also a way for that company to never contact you again! Just saying. 🙂

      Hope I hear something on your behalf. If I do I will send it to you. One thing I tell many to do with MEM if they have had problems is just go seek other opportunites. If you have other money coming in from other places then work on those programs. Do not waste time with just one place. Internet marketing is set up to increase your sales and promote what is working. Not really set up to complain and try to change and company that appears to be refusing to work with its members. If you have a legit complaint you can file a grievance.

      But, I’ve found that chasing after water already run under a bridge is a waste of time and effort. And frustrating. If MEM didn’t answer my questions or pay me correctly as stated, I would not fight them, I would be gone! LOL


  44. I am a member for more then 10 weeks I haven’t been paid and the account I think is frozen because of no updates on my commission. I join in May 25. Support would be helpful if there is any. I have the same issue as Larry Johnson.

    • Once you fail to pay or make payment there is no going back and saying hey, can I get a second chance? I think they have stopped doing that. By not answering emails and requests. I even write on your behalf and they tell me the account was closed due to non-payment.

      If you have a grievance then contact someone to file one. I cannot help those of you who have failed to keep up payments to this company.


      • After $10 payment I did not notice how to make the $47 dollar recurring payment. Also all my commission of over $400 is reset canceled that is what it shows on my page now. Last week the commission total was more then $400.

        • Sounds to me like you never did pay the $47 and that means they cancelled your account. Don’t worry. It happens when you don’t pay for the program. It is $47 dollars per month and you have to keep making the payment or else you will never get paid. YOu have to be enrolled in the program to earn money with it. LIke all of them.


          If you do not have marketing experience of know how to promote programs and products online. Join this program for free so you can learn how. Wealthy Affiliate.

          • charles

            Hi, Can you do a review on ?

          • Yes I will check it out and see what its about. Normally my reviews are done through channeling other sources, but I will take a look at it.

            I already have seven money paying programs I help people get started with. I really don’t need any more, but I am always hopeful I find easier programs to list so as to help others. Those that cannot market, or do not know how, should never join just any program. As marketing takes skill and if you don’t have it, you will not make money off most programs. At least not until you discover the secrets within Wealthy Affiliate!
            My #1 program that helped me reach the big leaugue! I now can promote any program from anywhere in the world, and make a living. I work from home now because I’m comfortable here, but could be working out of Alaska, or anywhere in the world. I love that I found Wealthy Affiliate!

            Will get back to you on Grabthat dollar.


  45. I am a member of myemailmentor, they stop sending me subscribers to
    download about a week ago and they haven’t returned any of my emails
    asking what the problem is, and i was not informed that they have left pay
    pal, i haven been totally left in the dark, and i dont know what else to do to
    get in contact with them, anything you could would be greatly appreciate,just
    for them to answer one of my emails


    • It appears many members have. What they do now is send in proof of payment and show this to support. In order to get your email answered you will have to do like I’ve told others here. Send in a ticket every 4 hours. If you are working, just copy and paste an email support ticket with info and proof inside the email, then set it to send. Each time save and duplicate yet again and again if you are at work.

      What I do Is direct mine to Kevin and each of my emails say something different. Not the same thing over and over, but new subject line, new content, and of course you would have to send in proof of payments and ask to be reinstated.

      Sorry to hear buddy, but it has happened a lot. Now I’ve had no problems or issues with my clones. Your email they sent could have easily ended up in spam or trash! You have to deliberatly mark emails you want to make sure you get from people these days. White list them in other words.

      I’m just a member myself here buddy. And, very vew will reply to your comment as I’ve seen no one really offering any help other than me. And like I said, I’m just a member like you. I have no way to make things happen and this review I wrote here is of course not a complaint center. No one reads these but me my friend, and those I answer.

      Hope this helps you somehow.


  46. Hi Rick,

    I joined MEM in Mid May and paid Auto responder through Paypal, when it was time to renew it did not happen it kept changing dates till I got an email from paypal that ERP had suspended my account in early July when I tried to contact ERP them twice my emails were closed with no response.
    So August 25th my account in MEM goes FREE have tried contacting Kevin twice about requesting how I can get my $ 47 back to which he has ignored completely. How do I know he is ignoring me
    because when I needed to get ads to Promote MEM through DTL he sent in my email.
    Yes my account is FREE suspended not for lack of payment but because payment option was changed and NOT all members got the update.

    • All of the members who show proof of payment continue to have their accounts set up and running. If you had an issue though an through no fault of your own, contact support and keep contacting them til it is resovled. Complaining to me does you no good as I’m just a member like you. Good luck.



  47. Hey Rick,
    If you just got paid why are so many people on the MEM review page crying scam just don’t get it. Also if were getting paid Dwolla do we have to put our bank account info in the commission area? thanks and great page!

    • Here is an example of what happens when I send an email to Kevin from someone else who complains to me about their account being cancelled! Read below.

      Good afternoon Rick,

      No problem on answering any inquiries you receive as you know we do try very hard to answer them all within 24 hours.

      First, Catherine Guyan is not a paid member and does not have any account with Email Response Pros. She joined when the program just began and never set up her autoresponder account.

      If she is being billed it is from another company or service that is definitely not anything related to MyEmailMentor

      Second, I searched our entire email account for support and there is not one email request from her since April 28th when she first joined.
      If she has been sending support requests she has not sent them here to us.

      Thanks Rick,


      You see guys I get the story like this, and then later when confronted the members confess that they only thought they were signed up, or something else! But here is what happens in most cases. People are not taking care of business and take this internet as some form of lottery you sign up for!!! LOL

      You set up Dwolla with your bank account info there, and only there. Not MEM. Okay? Also, those people crying scam have failed to even learn about online marketing. They have failed to even remember their passwords! I cannot help these type of poeple make money! Internet Marketing is a real business that you need to take real time and learn. There are no free hand outs here.

  48. Hi,

    I have been in the program for almost 3 months, only have 3 clones, one of them has never even started, all good friends. I have not been able to cash out yet as when they changed the .10 cents/ clone to $10.00 / month – I do not see that reflected on my commission payout . I should be at $400.00/ by mid August but I assume according to what I read I will not be able to get paid until Sept 25. That is 3 months with no payments, but paying in $47/ month. I can’t promote this to my lists until I have proof. How do you make more each month without clones, you can’t. It is all tied into “his” list. I also heard from one friend that says the Bobby B is an actor on the video. So what is real. ? Only 12-15 min a week/ but researching and finding forums like this can take hours. I liked the concept, but if it takes months to get paid a net profit of $259.00 – ($47/3 months=$141) – $400.00 payout – not including the fees to get your money. Is it worth it? The fast start bonus is nice, but it is not monthly, so it takes longer to make money. Where do other programs request $400 threshold. I have seen $100.00 in most. I am waiting and will let you know if this works. So far I can see him get richer. By the way what is he selling to people, what are people opting into? Can we opt in? -Hope this helps

    • You guys fail to understand the very concept of marketing. You join someone else’s program you are meant to work and promote it. Sorry for all you who want free money for doing nothing. Internet Marketing is not designed that way.

      Everyone can bad mouth and complain, but it is only those that have failed to work programs correctly that do this. Everyone else making money, myself included have nothing bad to say. We are making thousands of dollars each month for very little work. Follow complainers or join the successful….it is up to you!

      And, you are not going to change what is happening by complaining. Either with MEM or any other program. Better to stave your energy and walk away then to waste it here. Now if you have a better system, then Kevin will listen as they are willing to listen. However, those of have failed to get their money it is due to many reasons, mostly of not paying, or not showingn payment proof. When you do that they will even reinstate you.

      The opportunities they sell and promote are classified. It could be that you’ve seen some, but who cares what they promote.

      I promote six other programs that I earn money from and even show 3 of them here in this video, Crushing it with WA. yet no one is interested in working for their money…right? LOL But if you want more opportunities to make even more money then let me know.

      Hey guys I’m just a member with clones that have been paid as well. I don’t have all the answers, and this is no forum group to complain about in. I help who I can. But if you guys who are listening to everyone tell you that Bobby B is an actor, then you are following the wrong people! Bobby B if he were an actor is a piss poor one. He comes across with no excitement or no enthusiasm. If you think he’s an actor then you must be nuts!

      Okay enough. I have hundreds of members under me in one of six programs. Those of you wanting to follow and earn $3000 per month part time need to first understand you need a skill and some basic training. Wealthy Affiliate.

      This place is where I got my start and if you sign under me there you will get access to all of my programs, which generally advertise for $25 each. Or one per week.

      Remember, people that fail at something have nothing good to stay about it other than complaints. Now you can follow and listen to those poeple, or you can listen to those of us that are successful here online.


  49. I became an affiliate three months ago. I tried to set up my website without luck. I wrote to: as directed for assistance and got no reply. Every month money has been deducted from my bank account in respect to my membership. I have been trying for three months to get the attention of My E-mail Mentor. I was given a personal web site. It cannot be opened: Your search – – did not match any documents.
    • Make sure that all words are spelled correctly.
    • Try different keywords.
    • Try more general keywords.

    If I do not get a reply from someone by Wednesday August 5 I will instruct my bank to stop all payments. My E-mail is: If you include a US phone number in the reply to this e-mail I will speak to an authorised person , personally. I have been paying for a website service and I have not been able to set up my site.
    Thank you
    Catherine Guyan

    • Those of you that quit lose out. Now I’ve talked to many and have helped them get reinstated. Somehow they do not show members payments in their system and they cancel them. It is up to the member to show proof of payment. Not them. All who show proof of payment for the months before are reinstated. Its that simple.

      All you have to do is email support addressed to Kevin and send an email with proof of payment, and you will be resinstated and your money will again show once more. Now if you do not email him once every 4 hours it means to me you are not willing to do even this for your money. And if that be the case, no sense in complaining here. Only new members stop by here and so your comment is only seen by me! LOL

      CAtherine I believe I’ve already told you what you need to do. It is up to you now.


    • Good afternoon Rick,

      No problem on answering any inquiries you receive as you know we do try very hard to answer them all within 24 hours.

      First, Catherine Guyan is not a paid member and does not have any account with Email Response Pros. She joined when the program just began and never set up her autoresponder account.

      If she is being billed it is from another company or service that is definitely not anything related to MyEmailMentor

      Second, I searched our entire email account for support and there is not one email request from her since April 28th when she first joined.
      If she has been sending support requests she has not sent them here to us.

      Thanks Rick,


  50. hello Rick, all the people i know here in Nigeria are finding it difficult to join MEM, as all effort toward signing up have proven abortive, is it that we are restricted or there are issues with signing up in Africa, please help us find out.
    Kind Regards

    • Sorry it is not my program. If you cannot sign up for it you will need to find another program to join. I am just a member here and I have no problems but I live in the states. It will be up to you to use your own diligents in finding a program available for you over there. I am not turning my back but just letting you know I have no pull or authority with what MEM does or how it works. Sorry.


      PS/. I would try Commission Miner as it has been paying out much more money and in less time. Only 30 days til payday! TAke a look at it here at the link. Commission Miner.

  51. I joined MEM in May 2015. Just before July 25 I was scheduled to be paid $600.30 in commissions for the work done by June 30, 2015 including the fast start. I did submit my w9 and all my bank information on the MEM members area. All my commission data was reset to 0 after July 25 and I didn’t get any direct payment so far.
    I emailed proof of my uploads to the autoresponder to MEM asking when I will get paid.

    Please let me know how to get my commission. I see you got yours on time. How do I get mine?

    • I fear they are backed up with emails and they are taking care of those as quickly as they can. It seems many are not keeping up with their payments and having to resend in proof and such. You are on the right track. Send in an email showing proof each day never missing a day! That has worked for many of the members.

      Let me know when you hear from them. Keep up the faith and expect good things to happen, and they will!


      • I have been sending regular emails to them about 2-4 times daily since the beginning of August 2015. Still no response. Been changing the subject lines and slightly changing the text of the emails. Always I have been attaching the proof of autoresponder payments of the period in question. Should I continue doing this? Do I have a chance to get paid? If no payment should I cancel the autoresponder? I don’t trust a company that doesn’t pay commissions.

        • Your email reply came back and it showed they were in contact with you on this and you were all working together to resolve this issue..Glad to help you here. But MEM has always been talking to you about this, so why did you contact me and say they were not responding? Gosh. Cry wolf again! LOL They pay commissons, been paying them, but you have to make sure you are paying the monthly fees. When something happens and suddenly your account goes to zero you need to find out if they are getting your payments! This is not kindecare fellows! This is the internet. You have to take care of YOU> My Email Mentor is a legit program and if you hold up your part of the bargin than you can make money just like me!


          • MEM did NOT contact me to get my commissions. Dwolla apparently sent me messages to get my commissions but I didn’t know that the messages were coming from them. MEM should have told me that this is how we were getting paid.

            The amount of my payment was only $112.60 though. This was only $12.60 over the fast start. I was scheduled to get paid $600.30 from my and my clones’ clicks for May and June. We all paid our autoresponder charges for this period so we did our end of the bargain.

            I didn’t get a payment yesterday from Dwolla. I checked my email and there was no notification from them? What is up with this? Am I going to get my commissions?

          • I sent Kevin at support your questions so lets see what he says about it. I will keep you informed of the verdict.


  52. Tell me ,if you get paid out$ 400 do you have to earn another $400 dollars the next month before you get paid out again ,or is it only you first $400 you have to wait for before they pay you out again.
    Thank You.
    Please let me know

    • Check out the $833 dollars I earned from My Email Mentor here: Remember guys it is a balance of $400 before cashing out the next month. If at the end of the money you do not have $400 you will need to build it more on the next month. But, whatever you have during that month you will be paid, like if you have managed to have $500 or $600. That is what you get paid the following.

      So now, everyone has shown proof, and the company is paying well for doing very little work! 12 minutes per month! Even making $20 bucks for 12 minutes work is good but MEM is paying us several hundred dollars per month for this!

      Hope this helps you guys figure out if the program is right for you. The only way to know is join, and check it out. Those joining under me at one of my links at the review here will get my expert clone conditioner. It’s like having clones coming out of your airconditioner at home!!! LOL ASk me how if you are my clone!


      ps. Go to the review and look at the payment proof!!!

  53. hello, Rick can those in Nigeria join the commission miner?

    • I’m not sure. I can ask, but the best thing to do is try to sign up. If it goes through then you are in! Did you really mean Commission Miner? Or MEM?


      ps. You will have to try and see. either way you will get paid!

  54. Hi Rick, I’m extremely suspicious about this program, I signed up the other day and I notice you get the same amount of clicks at the same time of day, This is just not natural for email marketing, Which leads me to think the clicks are fake, Also What about this, How do they turn $140 commissions in the first month into $450, As it states below
    1st Month: List Clicks/day Days Com Total Fee

    4 wk 2,000 100 ” ” $140

    Total For Month 1 $450 (first month gross commission)
    Perhaps you can clarify on this as I’m about to pull the plug on it before $47 of my money goes begging.

    • What you are reading is their first promotiong based on getting 10cent clicks from our clones. All that has changed. problem being is they do not go back and relaunch or revise their capture pages or videos. So everyone coming in now are under a different system. Growing pains are actually problems even here online.

      I have a member who has crushed this by marketing like they tell you to do and has received $2000 for July. Even made $500 in June. Now is about to cash out with $3000 in August. You guys have misunderstood marketing and promoting products here online.

      There is no free money guys. You have to work for it. When those of you sit around and do nothing, then complain you are not making money…it is messed up! LOL If you don’t know how to market, go here and learn, Wealthy Affiliate!
      Its free to join.

      I have several programs I use to earn my living and they are even easier than MEM to market to.

      Commission Miner Is just one of them I earn way more than MEM form and Bryan Winters the founder even replies himself to any questions you have. They have a forum as well, and are bringing in 50 to 100 members per day! If anyone signs under me I show you what I do to make $800 per week, by working 13 minutes per day. Copy and paste swipes. And I will tell you the secret why this works and proof of income so just email me at

      Anyway, don’t go by what you read. Go by what is being paid out and what other members are able to do. We sometimes set excusses into place for ourselves and we fail to believe we can achieve these same results and we give up. If you follow me I will teach you to not give up….to believe in yourself and abilities of earning online simply and easily! I’m living proof!

      Also remember this review comment area is not connected to support or MEM. You are basically sending me a regular member your complaints. Not everyone’s payouts are going to be the same! Everyone not working the program or does not know how will not make money here. Those of you with experience will crush this system and be able to make thousands per month! But, only if you know what you are doing. All programs are not created equal either. Some are easier for some and others are easier for others.

      One thing I’ve been doing for the last 3 years is researching and writing reviews on these type programs. I only promote the ones I get paid from. I did not change my review until I saw members getting payment with proof of this.
      And this is what seperates me from others. I work the programs I recommend! I make sure the programs pay off before telling anyone about them. I am a unique individual here in a bunch of hacks and scammers! It is why I do so well. As honesty I’ve found is a money maker! So be honest. Follow me. Make money like I do. Work the programs I work. Learn internet marketing skills so you can demand thousands of dollars each week!


  55. Hello Rick,

    I was absolutely right about 3 payments being made to emailresponsepros. To verify everything I phoned and they sent a copy for the initial order in June and a copy of my recurring payment in July. The first payment was made through paypal, before emailresponsepros moved over to clickbetter. I immediately forwarded the information sent to me by clickbetter to Kevin at myemailmentor

    • You can leave replies here Lynda, but support does not get them. I have to listen to you guys. So if you want to get the word out or have someone listen to your issues, I would suggest you send support tickets in every few hours. This is just my website review on MEM. I have nothing to do with them personally.

      You in fact sound like you are knowing how to market and would be doing much better in a program that pays on time every day, you make a sale! That program I’ve researched since June16 launch has earned me over 900 dollars in under 2 weeks! I had to wait 30 days for their 30 day trial though and everyone to get through it that I’ve marketed too.

      But I send a swipe or two every day and spend about 3 mintues per day. I know many of you are disatisfied with MEM. But there are other programs that are paying even more with less work!

      Commission Miner
      This program also has all the training in their back office. And it is proof you need contact me and I will show you my money comming in each day at PayPal.

      Hope this helps some of you reading these.

  56. Well guys,since I got my commissions reinstated on Saturday 25th July my clicks have dropped dramatically.
    I joined in 12th May and I have 7369 subsribers.
    I have gone from an average of 40 clicks per day to about 14 clicks for Sunday, Monday and today Tuesday.
    I know they are conrolling the clicks as Monday to Wednesday the clicks used to stop about 11-11.45am GMT and Thursday to Sunday they would stop about 4-5pm GMT so I have went from an average $8 a day to $3.60.
    After paying the $47 subscription that would leave me about $60 for the MONTH WOW!! hardly worth the effort.
    Another MAJOR problem is that I have not been paid my commissions for the 25th July, I have sent THREE emails about both problems and I have had NO reply.
    Has anybody else not been paid or noticed a major drop in their clicks since their account was reinstated?

    • Okay do this. Send in a support ticket every 4 hours. Changing it from subject line to content each time. Make them short and to the point.

      Many members have not paid and have had their accounts cancelled. We have to babysit ourselves, as MEM doesn’t.

      As far as clicks. These all come in on a seperate server and then they compile them once per day. Their system does not free flow clicks any more. So that is why sometimes at certain times you will see them uploaded to your account.

      You are not here to make hundreds of dollars sitting around on your back side! LOL Marketing is YOU getting the word out and getting clones. The system is set up for you to make money as long as you advertise for MEM. If you are not advertising and have no clones then no, you will not make money. Rememeber reading the part about no amount of money here is guaranteed? The member I talked to today had $2000 paid in July, $500 in June, and will probably have $3000 paid out in August! She has 40 clones and advertised for them.

      Everyones clicks dropped off because of the system changed due to fraud. But, it is like I said to you. This is not free money buddy! Please understand this. There is no free handouts online. Not sure who told you this but they are wrong.

      Listen guys. I’m just a member. When you comment here you are complaining to me, not MEM. If you want to complain to MEM then don’t complain to me here! They do not get these.

      Those of you who are wanting to make real money online and not settle for working your butt off for a maybe pay day, you should follow me and do what I have been doing since 2013. I earn several full time incomes and work only part time, 4 days per week at home.

      Contact me if you want to be a part of that! 🙂

      I will direct you on the steps and get you going for free.

      My number one recommended program that teaches the very skills you need online is Wealthy Affiliate!
      In 2013 it changed my life and I realized I had been trying like you guys to make money off programs such as this one without the skills to market them properly. The lady I spoke of earlier, that has made $2000 dollars for July, has those skills.


  57. Rick,
    I had a good feeling when I first came across MyEmailMentor. Then even a better feeling when the first commissions rolled out on June 25th when $586.00 was sent to my Dwolla Account. Now, for the month of June, my commission account shows an amount of $2015.70. I should have been paid on July 25th, however, I was not. I would work with most anyone if they were up front with me. Give me a plausible explanation and I would work with them. This has not been the case and most of my emails now go unanswered.

    Another problem is that I am supposed to receive a downloadable csv file every 7 days so that I can upload this file to the autoresponder (payment due and payable today) that I went ahead and paid. My list was due on Sunday and still no list.

    If the company is having some growing pain problems, which a good many companies experience, I can accept this. Since this business is all about building trust I would think that any program owner would go out of their way to do just that.

    • Lynda,

      I will forward your complaint to support.

      Sorry you are not getting your money.

      We will work on this.


      I get a commission right? LOL

  58. John Aiken

    Thanks Rick ,I took your advice , emailed every few hours , Account status back to paid , commissions are back , opened a Dwolla account , now I’m waiting to be paid .

  59. hello, rick does it mean that i can join emailmentor too because its been a while that we have been trying to join and when we put our account detail it will tell us that transaction declined, consult your bank and try again
    some days letter we got some information online that we can get the UBA Visa africard, so we got it today and tried it was referring us to paypal account, must i have a paypal account before i can become a member, i hope those in Nigerial are not restricted from becoming a member.
    kind Regards

    • PayPal is not in the picture. The Dwolla people are paying out now. You will have to determine that on your own as far as what countries are accepted. I can not help you there.



      There are other programs like CMC or WA that perhaps would be better suited for you. Let me know if you cannot get into MEM.

  60. Kevin Andrews

    Good morning and thank you for your email.

    Let’s talk a second about the commissions and why the amounts have been reduced.

    There are usually 2 reasons for the reduction in commissions.

    1. First is because of fraudulent clicks. Not on your part, but as a part of the overall Email Marketing community, fraudulent clicks are something that happen every day, and cannot be avoided. That being said, in accordance with number 8 of the Terms and Conditions agreed to when becoming a member, and shown at the bottom of every page, which states: “8. Every month, before commissions are paid, MyEmailMentor runs a rigorous click cleaning system that identifies all fraudulent clicks. Fraudulent clicks include but are not limited to those coming from unacceptable countries, clicks coming from blacklisted IP Address, Automated Click Systems, Automated BOTs, clicks associated with known spam traps and multiple clicks coming from the same IP Address. These clicks are removed before commissions are paid and may have an impact on the total commission numbers.”

    2. The second is because some of the members that were on a members second level were not in compliance with the Affiliate Terms and Conditions, which are at the bottom of every page of the website. Namely, the members were not in compliance with numbers 7 of the terms and conditions, because they were not members in good standing with Email Response Pros or an approved Email Sending Company. If a member did not pay for their Email Response Pros account in June, then they are not a member in good standing and thus are in violation of number 7 of the terms.

    In the end, we are looking for, and working with long term partners. We do everything we can to protect ourselves all from potential fraud that could hurt not only our members, but the company as a whole.

    In the past we’ve had people sign up themselves, a friend or an entire group of people, for the free trial period, let their their clicks build up for a week, then never pay, and do it over and over again, which builds the second level clicks of the main person, all of which are fraudulent. The way we combat this and protect all of our members is that if someone joins the trial period and then does not pay for the Email Sending company, then the user is made inactive and all of their clicks are reversed. This keeps the incentive to commit fraud away and is one of the reasons why we are so successful.

    We work hard to make all of our partners successful. Once set up, I think you’ll agree that there is no simpler system anywhere, and thus there is no reason for any one to quit, once they join. So if they decide to leave, during the trial period, then we have no choice but to protect ourselves and our successful members by taking action.

    Hope this helps explain not only what happened but illustrates why it happens and why it has to happen.

    Thanks for your email,

    Kevin Andrews
    Chief Operations Officer

    • Thank you Kevin.

      And thank you for the $800.86 dollars you sent me today to my Dwolla account. Still Pending there, but it takes a day or two.


      • good evening Rick, i tried signing up with wealthy affiliate, the response i got was that ‘We’re sorry but we are not able to create your account at this time because your country is not supported’, please what should i do to get registered because i need this badly.

        • Yes I’m sorry to hear that. I wish it were working to where you could join Wealthy Affiliate. That is my number one step to making money online. Maybe you could join CMC or MMA?


      • Lennise Johnson

        I paid for the autoresponder since May and they still took all my commissions(about 700) and made me a free member.
        Nice piece of work here. No response from support yet.

        • I would suggest sending them a support email every two to four hours. Change the email subject title as well. This is marketing! Use it. And most, after all, about 9 out of every 10 have failed to keep their account active. So MEM has cancelled thousands of accounts where members did not pay, or are not paying.
          I’m sorry, but I’ve had no such trouble on my end. I made sure my payment went through each time. Many are getting their accounts reactivated. But you will have to be a squeeky wheel to get attention. Commenting here does nothing as this is my website and I’m only a member of CMC, not an official! 🙂

          ps. I don’t have all the answers. I don’t even work this program, I just let the money build up.

        • Catherine

          Hi, can I ask about autoresponder? Thanks

          • Sure what do you want to know?


          • I cannot help you Catherine. They say you did not even set up an account nor are you apart of My Email Mentor.


    • Starting to look like this is a bust.

      I have taken the same attitude as Rick and was doing everything correctly with the idea that this was legitimate and any profit is good profit.

      I even imagined a lead generation arbitrage business model where you bought leads for 20-30 cents and sold them to MLMers for 75 cents and up, laying off the email expenses to the ‘clones’. (I think I could build this once the bad blood with MEM goes away.

      I had accumulated a little over $1000 in May and June and was expecting to be paid on July 25.

      After July 25. I stopped accumulating profits, I no longer get address updates to add to my list, my balance for July went to 0 for a couple of days then back to what it was July 24 and I received no payment.

      Starting to feel stupid for submitting W-9 and bank account information for payment.

      Just wanted to share.

      • Like many you have probably fell victom to the change over and different accounts needed to post payments and get them to MEM. Many have had their accounts reinstated by showing proof. In fact, all members I’ve talked to are reinsitated. I even had a clone of mine who showed proof after having his account cancelled and $400 removed form it, and they reinstated him, gave him an extra $50 dollars for his trouble.

        You guys that just want to complain and then do nothing to remedy the situation sort of piss me off. There are always going to be obstacles when it comes to making money. Those of us that are determined, continue and press on, through, around, over or under the obstacles. And we persevere.

        Instead of feeling stupid send a support ticket with proof of payment and get reinstated. Then instead of just waiting for money to build up, join another program to make even more. When one program only makes $500 a month after everything is said and done, start a new one that makes that much or more!

        Most times multiple incomes streams are needed online starting out until you learn to properly rinse and repeat. You sound like you have the skills to promote. Well, one program that paid me already 5 times more than MEM is commission miner!

        Work on your support tickets and proof to reinstate, and join a program that pays every day, instant payments!~ Bryan Winters the owner even talks with you and answers any questions you have. they have a forum as well.

        You guys cannot give up on making a living online. Once you do you have failed! Remember, I research and write reviews. I find programs that work for me, then promote them to you. All the programs I offer you I have proof of them making money for me.

        So, don’t every feel stupid, or feel you’ve been set up here online. Making money here is based on skill and persistance. If you have no tenacity you will definitely find it hard to succeed here. But if you follow me I will tach you this and get you making more money than you’ve every beleived you could make.

        Hope this helps someone out there.


  61. deborah mccray

    they accept my $47 monthly fee from my bank account wouldn’t they pay me to my bank account

    • Their accounting firm has to be able to pay out all payments. Not just part. It means you are going to get paid like everyone else. If you don’t like it, then move on. Sorry. It is set in stone. I just got paid from Dwolla today, $800 dollars to my new Dwolla account. I will have to transfer it back to my account. But basically it is free money except for the $47 I paid in twice.

      You guys who are complaining about getting free money should be doing what I did two years ago. Working online for much less, 8 hours per day! 🙂 Then you would appreciate getting paid, period!


      • Hi Rick , by your comment I take it to mean that we all must have a Dwolla account ?, If so it sure would have been nice for MEM to share that info with everyone , instead of causing confusion by asking for banking account info on the commissions page . How long does it take to get a Dwolla Account ? ,thanks in advance .

        • They either pay by check which could take 5 weeks. Or you can open a Dwolla account. it is free and takes about 5 minutes! I think they did send out a email. I missed it as well. A friend of mine told me of the changes.

          You see, when any program comes along and suddenly pays out hundreds of thousands, people like paypal and many others get scared. They are not use to moving that kind of money suddenly from someone they do not know. So MEM had to find someone, anyone who would work with them.

          its not confusing, either. The program started off and did what they thought they could do. Hit some road blocks and made some changes. Thats it.
          Many of my programs I am still with have had issues like these. It is not uncommon for them to run into payment issues, fraud and other things happening. A new company always suffers many growing pains.

          Hope this helps. Oh, if you don’t have an account, come pay day they will email you and ask how you want to be paid.

          • oh wow i didn’t get the email either about this change and none of my emails haven’t been answered either *scratches head* not really complaining just a bit frustrated with no response

          • Sheri,

            Sorry to hear that. It appears they are seriously backed up of late….Here is the message from Kevin from a ticket I sent him day before about a member.

            Good Evening Rick,

            Yes we have been inundated with many emails and confusion as well. All of it seems to center around members who believed they were due a payment that were not.

            Many of these did not have paid accounts with Email Response Pros in June which caused their commission payments to not be triggered. We are responding to all of them and letting them know why.

            As for Mrs. McArthur I have been in contact with her since Monday and she is retrieving her paid membership June receipt so we can get her commission payment sent to her.

            Thank You,


  62. deborah mccray

    hello rick b have anybody got paid yet its payday if so what time do you get paid because it is the weekend on the 25th of july

    • Yes I have been paid. Send me a personal email and I will show you my account info. I got paid $800 to my new Dwolla account.


      • Hi Rick, what’s your email address please? Thanks


          Anyone wanting payment proof of July let me know. I was paid $833 dollars through Dwolla


          I also recommend a recent program which I have serious cash from and are paid daily for my sign ups. Have also had over 100 members signes up in the last 4 weeks. I make $15 each and it is recurring as long as they stay.

          Commission Miner

          If you are wanting a sure payment and easier money, and even more of it…you can email me.


  63. I have just logged in to my emailmentor account and ALL my commissions are showing ZERO.
    My commissions to date for July have gone and my clicks have just started showing 40 cents for today July instead of the $193.40 that was there yesterday.

    I joined My Email Mentor on the 12th May and I was due about $413 from both May and June which would put me over the $400 qualifying amount to be paid.

    As you can imagine this is of great concern to me as I have paid out for 3 months subscription and was due to be paid today 25th July and I find that I have a row of zeros in my commission stats.

    Does anybody else have this problem?

    • There has been one or two, but they come back on again. It is the system checking for fraudulent clicks I imagine. Everyone that has complained about this has been returned properly to their account and everything becomes available again.


      ps. Give it 24 hours, and if it doesn’t what I do, contact support.

    • Yes Ray , I have that problem also , another problem I discovered was my account is saying Current membership status FREE, which is wrong as I’m paid up until next month . I think that problem is caused by Email Response Pro’s (stable mailer ) not showing any order history for me ,doe’s anyone else have that problem ? I addressed that issue via a support ticket last month and the reply was ,the information gets updated automatically ,and there was nothing more I needed to do .
      However when July’s payment was made I checked and there is no updated order History , I sent MEM support an email with proof of payment 7-25-15 , I have not heard back from them yet .

      • Mem I believe changed their system to recurring payments only. If you are using a card that is a prepaid or something, they will cancel you out.

        Another member got cancelled out as they ERP did not approve his payment and they said that it went in. So he has proof, yet the payment was cancelled later, I guess it didn’t comply with MEM’s new requirements.

        So you an have proof and it still not be enough if you do not set up a recurring payout to MEM.

        That said, the best thing I can tell you is to send in a email to support every few hours until you get an answer! I mean do just that, every 4 hours at least. Remember they are covered up with complaints and issues from having to make various changes in the last few months.


        • John Aiken

          Thanks Rick for your advice , as far as payment to ERP, they have not been cancelled , and they are recurring payments , charged to a regular credit card .
          So I will do as you suggested and email support every few hours ,I hope this gets straightened out as I have no clicks for today and I do not have a new subscribers list ,that I should have received for today . Right now I’m dead in the water ,so to speak ,yet I’m all paid up until next month ,the loss of a few day’s worth of clicks at $3-$6 a day can cause one to have to wait an additional month before they can cash out .

          • Yep I get it John. But why wait for money here online to trickle in? Are you different and only need an extra 50 or 100 dollars per month? Or is you have no time to work on a program? Most are wanting free money and I don’t disrespect that. But MEM is built on promoting it and getting clones and working the program to make thousands per month. Not a measly 50 to 100 dollars that you have to wait 4 months for! 🙂 I don’t get you guys.

            Sure I got paid $800 from MEM on the 25th but I get that coming in weekly from other programs of mine and just send a email out every now and then. I do what Bobby does! I’m just so worn out from hearing so much crap here on this program about “Oh, I’m not making money…Oh, I have to wait another month. Damn you guys its free fn money! You can only get so much of that, right? If you want to make money you are going to need to work for it here online, there are no get rich quick tanks here.

            Some of you are just not go getters. And I’m not pointing at you John. I’m talking to the members this fits. Wanting to sit on the couch and watch MEM money come in and then complain about it somewhow. LOL Anyway,if this is all you guys want to do then so be it. This year is my first year I make $60,000 working part time here online. Everyone wants the money but are unwilling to make an effort to get any of it!

            Yep keep emailing them. They will probably reinstate your account. I’m sure part of it is their fault and they could be just blaming you guys. But all the cases I’ve heard that have canceled were due to non payment only.


  64. hi rick phill here
    like i said im now in cyprus and am in a place were i can now and have sined up to email mentor im not looking to get rich just a bit of play cash to help fund a volkswagen beetle i have if you have got 5 mins to show me how to get the 20 clons cool thanks iv sent you my email address so ya can contact me all the best phill

    • You can easily make some extra cash with My Email Mentor. Once you sign up under me you will be given the strateties of getting more clones many top affiliates are using. I’m sorry but I do not spend time helping those that are not my members. I do not have that much time nor do I want to sit here all day explaining and trying to convence others to join any program of mine.

      In fact, if you are not serious about working here online you may as well keep your regular job working for others. Only serious people should apply here online. I earn a full time living from home by promoting several programs, and I teach this to everyone who follows. I answer hundreds of emails everyday helping as many members as I have. So join and lets get you some income coming in.


      My Email Mentor

  65. I am a member of MyEmailMentor. The change that was made in July, eliminating the 50% commission on all level 2 members was done to stop the massive fraud, which is great, however, it is really hurting those of us that are playing fair. $10 per month for each referral that is active is not fair because we can, and do earn more with the 50% commissions. This has virtually insured us that no member will come close to the $400 cashout minimum, and at the rate clicks are coming in, I estimated that it will take approx 4 months to reach the $400 minimum. Clicks are averaging about 20 per day, sometimes less than 20. The other unknown are the emails being sent automatically, what is the subject?, what is the content?, how many are being sent daily?. These things are kept a secret, what are these emails promoting?. Don’t like being in the dark. Getting back to the change, since it is going to take us much longer to reach the $400 needed to cashout, I would like to see that amount lowered to about $200. I would also like to see the 50% level 2 commission re-instated but with some sort of anti-fraud mechanism installed.

    • Okay William. You are not going to change the system unless you come up with something to make them more money with! LOL And who likes being in the dark? We are getting paid for clicks and we don’t need to see what is being sold. For the simple reason it is private. I don’t tell you what products I’m promoting, yet I could be buying clicks from you! This is internet marketing 101 buddy. Not a group lottery.

      Look, enough complaints. I’m not answering any more. I make good money here for the 3 minutes each week I work. If you guys cannot see or understand that then me talking to you want matter, either. But listen. You have to work online to make money. The harder and smarter you work the more you get paid. There is no free hand outs like you saw before. They had the system set up wrong. WHen they realized it they made the changes.

      I went and trained for six months to do what I do now online and I make thousands monthly and work 3 hours per day and 4 days per week. Before I learned marketing skills though I made nothing and I used to go around and complain to all the programs I was working cause it just wasn’t fair. I failed to earn a dime for over a year because I didn’t know what I was doing.

      Once I got skills I even went back and made money from many of the programs I failed with before. I changed my mind set to stop complaining all the time and start thinking positive! I now have found 12 programs I could use to make money with. I only use the best 6. Sure it took me a couple of years, but I did it. I wrote hundreds of reviews on them, most being scams. I even started a website for these reviews. And now I have thousands of people knocking down my door wanting to know which programs they should join.

      If you are talking about MEM not paying… Figure out what 3 minutes for four weeks is worth. How much would you pay someone for clicks? 12 minutes per month right? How much are you making for working these 12 minutes???? You see, it pays very well when you look at it as work for dollars. For you to sit around on the couch all day watching the money trickle in…well buddy that aint internet marketing! I don’t know what you call that other than just lazy.

      Fellas! There is no free money here so stop looking for it.

      Do what I did and join a training program like Wealthy Affiliate. You can read the review here at my #1 Money Making Program! To gain the skills I have you need about 90 days of training there. Otherwise you are going to be joining the wrong programs and failing to make the kind of money you want to make online.

      If you continue to complain about MEM you might as well quit or cancel. They do not listen to complaints. Never did. Or be grateful for the money you make like I am. More money never comes to an ungrateful soul!

      Get out there and learn how to market online and create your own program. Following the masses results in very little money coming your way. It is why I do what I do. I don’t follow anymore. I lead.


      ps. I get paid what I make here at MEM, and grateful for it. To me it is like free money! Doesn’t matter to me as long as the money rolls in and I’m not having to do a thing. This frees my time up to work on and research other programs. This is basically one income stream and you need to all think about it as such. To earn good money online you need a dozen of these programs all working 24/7 with you running them!That is how its done fellas! Just one program is never going to make you wealthy or allow you to quit your day job. Unless it is Wealthy Affiliate and you learn to create your own business like I have.

      It may have said you were going to get rich, but no one will if they don’t start marketing and bringing in clones. You now need 20 to start off good with. Get 20 clones and your money situation will change a great deal!Its called marketing….not complaining! 🙂

      • Today is July 19,2015.

        The websites for both MyEmailMentor and EmailResponsePros are down and non-functional.

        Do you have a plausible explanation and are you still sending potential subscribers to these sites?

        • At various times MEM has been known to go down for service or some type of repairs. Many programs do this, but most give you warning if they can. Bing was just offline for 5 hours this weekend! But they had a warning up. I am still with the program.


  66. Hello

    I am member of My email mentor from 15 of May
    I earned $991 in May , But they have reduced my income ( ? ) from $991 to $ 475

    25 of June I got email : they promised me that all money will be paid until 25 June
    I did not get any money until this day. I did not get any answer in my emails .

    I earned $1379 in June.

    But they change everything: I got this email:

    “Due to massive amounts of fraud on the second level of the compensation plan, effective immediately we are removing the 10 cents per click earned by personal referrals. We are replacing the 10c second level commission with a flat $10 monthly referral
    commission, which will be added to your second level commissions when your referral pays the $47 to Email Response Pros each month. This completely removes all of the incentive from the fraudsters to try and run up fake clicks on their second level.”

    I think that I will not get my money ….never…



    • Yes they did have their system open and it did get violated. There bad. But to make it right, they had to remove much of the funds created by fraud. Anyway, they’ve changed their system and now everyone is complaining that their easy money flow has stopped.

      It is the way of the internet. Some how many people believe that being here online they are going to make thousands for doing nothing. WRong! WE are here and here to work for what we deserve. Do we deserve to make free money and just sit back and watch it roll in like month one and two of MEM? No. Not really. In order to make money here we need to give more value to others. Ask who we are helping and how much help do we give them?

      We get what we work for. If you work one hour per day you will earn one hour of wages, nothing more. And thats the bottom line. Don’t know who you guys are listening to, but making money online is work. I’ve been working here for years and I make very good money. But I made no money at all for my first 15 months! I had to go and get training!
      Until I learned a skill and how to market, I failed a dozens of programs! Those of you at MEM need to get 20 clones now in order to make money. Simple truth! If you don’t, you might as well quit.If you don’t want to work, then go get a job outside of the internet and find out how far you get without working. 🙂

      YOU can go here to Wealthy Affiliate and learn the very skills I help others with to get more clones. If you have less than ten clones you are going to fail to make good money here at MEM. Enough said.

      There is nothing called free money here online, and for all you who expect it, I’m sorry someone told you wrong. This is not a get rich quick system of riches!

      Learn real skills here online so you can earn thousands per month. Complain about a program and you are wasting my time and yours. We earn based on our value to others here. Change your mindset and be grateful for any bit of money that trickles in for from our efforts and we will show gratitude and be able to earn even more! Those that are not grateful fail to earn more. Get the education you need to learn how to promote and use the dozen of strategies here.

      Hope this helps explain making money with programs. Oh, tired of depending on others? Create your own programs and be your own boss! It is what I have done.


  67. Christene

    Hi Rick,

    I just received the strangest email from My Email Mentor. I’d been trying to get their attention about my clicks falling to single digits, in 24 hours, weeks ago. Then this email. I don’t know what the guy was thinking. According to your posts you seem to have a good relationship with management there. I think they should read this email.

    • Thanks for the heads up. I do get the system has lacked force going forward. It is now set to make us work. Where as before people were basically earning lots of easier money. The programs I make money from here online require us to promote them. If you do not know how to promote these programs(any of you reading this comment) Then I suggest you learn the skills and fast! Making money online is like working for someone else at a regular job. Not anything different.

      Failure to make money online happens to 97 percent here who try. They fail due to lack of knowledge and the skill in how Affiliate Marketing really works. You must promote and help others to make money online. Or give value you in some way. The internet is not a place to join and get free money handed to us for doing little of nothing, but to sit down and read our emails and connect with others on social networks! LOL

      My hopes are for those that want to make a living here online they take my words as truth. Join free by reading the review of my #1 Wealthy Affiliate Program where I got my skills! either that or do not expect to earn much money til you do! 🙁


      PS. thanks for the heads up and the info you sent me Christine. I appreciate it.

  68. Hi Rick
    Sorry to bother you again but the reason why I contacted you again is that you gave me sound advice in the past. I joined the MyEmailmentor program on the 13th of June 2015 and averaging 25 clicks per day. Presently I am on well over 2000 names but my clicks are steadily decreasing and I am now on an average with the more names of between 16 and 20 clicks per day. My clone is in the same office as me and we experiencing the same tendency. I contacted the Myemailmentor support team twice with this problem to find out if I did something wrong with the upload of names to only one list, every time it reported the upload as successful and I can see the increase in names, up till now no response from the support team. I am grateful for the money that I make with the system. But If I tried to get more clones and I show them the claimed statistics from the Myemailmentor website, they said I am tot being truthful to them as I should be on plus minis 100 clicks per day with 2000 names and I am averaging still under 30 clicks. (I am on list 1 is that correct or must I make more than 1 list).
    Please notify if you think that I did something wrong or what is your advice.


    • Martin.

      I’ve got several comments sent in from members waiting for answers. The system has change from day one when we were paid clicks for clones. Not sure what happened exactly but we are all receiving far less revenue on this program then they stated initially. Yes you are doing it right by importing your new list right where your first list went. That is how it is set up. So you are correct. We get more clicks by some not opening their mail for weeks at a time, yet, we do not get that much more, really. People that open their mail will click on it, or trash it without looking at it. Very few will be that delayed in opening an email such as this, however there will always be a few.

      I know how it is explained. But life is not like this. Not really. It is a projected thought of what the founder believed would work.

      Also remember it is basically money for nothing. Sure we pay $47 per month but we get that covered by the clicks right? So the rest is ours to keep for doing 4, 3 minute imports per month. How much would you pay someone to do this for you? $10 bucks, $20 bucks per month? We are making hundreds of dollars per hour here! There is really nothing to complain about.

      You have legit questions, all of you here. Yet you are not understanding how internet marketing works. We get what we give in value to others. If we work hard for 8 hours doing something for someone we are going to get paid much more. If however we work 12 minutes per month, we get the equivalent of that value we’ve given. Got it?

      It is why I tell everyone take advantage of the time not worked, by filling it with other jobs to create income streams online. You now are earning money and your time is still free to do this yet again with another program. Its called multiple income streams!

      I have six programs I spend about an hour or two on each day yet I earn a full time living here by using this same concept!

      Again, I understand that what was said initially about My EMail Mentor has changed substantially. I’m sorry but there is nothing I can do about these changes. So do what I do. Roll on to another income source online. My Email Mentor is what it is. And that is all it ever will be. We have no ability to change what they are doing now.

      Hope this helps.


      Ps. I will forward your message to Kevin.

      • Michael Healey

        Hey Rick
        Just a short note to respond to your latest comments and confirm what the last person had to say.
        I joined in May 13. Am now up over 5000 names. My clicks have not once gotten me over $5/day. It never seems to
        improve. Can’t figure this out? Maybe you know the answer!
        Michael G

        • I get it fellows. It is not what we were expecting. But answer this. How hard are you working to make $150 to $300 dollars per month? HUH? Any free money here is free money anywhere! If you are willing to work harder you can promote one of six of my other programs that hundreds are earning thousands of dollars monthly from. If you are wanting to sit back and do nothing then you get what you have coming. Thats all there is to it. Online marketing takes effort. There is no free money anywhere. In fact I have yet to find a program that pays this well for 3 minutes work per week. Show me one that does and I will join it too! 🙂

          It is not my program guys but as long as I’m making money without ever even doing a thing, then it is easy money to me! And I for one am sticking with easy money! I work way harder for this much on many of my programs for the little I earn. But it adds up if you do enough of them.

          Now you can learn to get more clones and build it up that way if you wish. 20 clones is $200 added per month to your $150. Then two months and you cash out after the one month being held back. This is not a get rich program for you guys that are wanting to sit around doing nothing! Whats it going to be fellas? Quit or stay…but complaining will not help. Find a way into another program such as Commission Miner or even go to Wealthy Affiliate Or, learn what I have learned. I make several thousand per month just with working three hours a day. You can do it also. But you have to quit complaining and go on to the next program! Complaining is worthless! It changes nothing!

          Be positive minded as well. Before I earned a dime I worked several years online and had a negative attitude and was promoting programs just to show people they didn’t work. When I changed my mindset this all changed! That money started rolling in from the least likely places.

          Those of you content to complain need to add up the 3 minutes you work, and muliply it by 4. That is 12 minutes per month. You are making hundreds of dollars per hour worked! Hell, if anything you need to have your mother or brother set up another account and do it all over again! Rinse and Repeat! You don’t have to be here to take the free money given to you for doing 3 minutes per week.

          Many of you are directing your negative energy toward me. If you are not making the kind of money you want to make, then by Golly go find a place where you can! Hope this is not seen as being mean, as I’m the nicest guy on the block, but I’ve listened to nothing but complainst for 2.5 months and I’m not the guy to complain to here. I’m a member just like you. I’m cashing out $700 on July 25th and for what I’ve done in the way of work, I’ve been well paid and then some!



          ps. I wish I could make the program pay more, but they have decided that what we do for work here is hardly able to merit paying more money then they are paying out. So if you have an issue with this, contact them like I do. If you worked more programs you could make even more money. It appears the few that are not willing to work and earn a legit living online are the very few that are complaining about not getting hand outs here. I wish you guys the most success of all. You are like I was 4 years ago! I failed because all I did was complain. When I decided to search out programs that did work, I started earning more money than I could count. You can do this too. You guys who are wanting more money.

          To make legit money here you will also need to learn a skill of marketing. The internet is not meant to jump on here one day and start making money. You have to learn a skill!~ There is no easy money here that is going to be handed to you guys! We learn to work for what we get. And by that I mean we get paid equally for what value we give for others. The harder we work, the more money we make. For those that are not working, they make nothing here. Sorry for that you guys!


          • Michael

            Hey Rick
            Sorry to hear that my post to your blog managed to get your dander up, by asking a question
            that folks don’t seem to understand the reasoning. I suppose that folks also believe that you have an “IN” with support. Sorry to have bothered you! and in closing, don’t think for a second that everyone just sits around waiting for the money to roll in. Personnally, I spend many hours every day trying to generate “clones” in every way possible. Sad to say not everyone has the finances to dish out hard earned cash at someone elses whims, in particular monthly payments to generate enough funds to warrant carrying on.
            What starts out as a great opportunity, is soon watered down, so that what was promised is not what you get.
            P.S. Glad you’re doing well!

          • I thought about trashing your comment, yet I wanted others to see it. As you must understand I don’t have an ‘IN’ so to speak. They answer me at support because I get hundreds of traffic coming to my review and ppc ads. They know I can influence their program. I am only a member as you guys are. But I have marketing skills. I figure if I’m making money I don’t complain, regardless of what was said initially. They did go through some crap and have to make spur of the moment changes. It happens. So most the time programs do not go back and redo all the training or the videos from day one. That is the way it is. Get over it because it cannot be changed.

            Most of the people online expect to come here and just join a program and start making money for doing absolutely nothing. I get complaints by the dozens every day. Part of the job I suppose. I do not spend any money that I haven’t made here online. I do ppc ads and it is from my profits here. So I do not spend money I don’t make here online and reinvest it. Hope that clears that up.

            If you have one clone you are failing to promote the program properly. With 20 clones you could be earning $200 per month and make the rest up to have a huge profit every few months. But like I said, You either stay or go, it is up to you. I’ve helped all my clones learn how to get clones themselves and they appreciate me being here for them. They all have at least 5 or more and are doing well. The only members who complain about MEM are the ones whos accounts have been cancelled for whatever…or they have no clones yet! The name of the game is promotion fellas! Not, I’m not making money!

            Sure it took me a while to start making money online, I failed like many do. To make money online one has to stop and find out why? Was is it I’m doing wrong program? Is it my skill? Knowledge? Is it my work habits? Come to find out I didn’t have a skill to promote any of the programs I tried. And I tried Amazon, eBay and many others that are well know. I failed because I lacked the skills I needed here online. Promoting skills and learned strategies.

            I stopped, and almost quit, many times. But I decided to work each day and learn the things I knew nothing about. I learned these things (skills) at Wealthy Affiliate. A training program that taught me why I had failed for over two years online. I joined and started learning my first week in and never have stopped. So you can do this too. Anyone can make money online as I do, and by promoting other peoples products. Or so called Affiliate Marketing.

            I talk myself blue in the face trying to help people, not criticize or undermine them, but to make a difference. To instill the very problem in them they are having. There are good days ahead and we all need to be positive minded and believe that we can do this! I help hundreds of online marketers make their first money here online, each week! The ones that follow me and my advice do well. Those of you who think you know it all, do not. As I said, I was like that myself before I learned the skills to generate income online.

            Hope this helps.


  69. Unhappy Customer

    I was wondering the same thing about the commissions. ALL my commissions were erased, it should show the commissions for June….it does not. It should show the commissions for July….it does not. No total commissions, even the $100 fast start bonus is gone….AND my membership status now says “free” instead of “member”. This is why I hesitate to join these kind of programs, it always seems to mess up one way or the other once I pay my fees! And by the way, I still haven’t heard boo from customer service. Which should have been a clue….how many so called “big companies” use a gmail address?

    • Kevin comfirmed this at support. Those of you who are missing commissions did not get your payment through and completed. They do not even respond to you as your accounts have been cancelled for non payment.

      If you do in fact show that you have paid I will bring it to the attention of Kevin but I’m no longer able to help each and everyone with an issue here. My Email Mentor is not my program. I am only a member like you.

      So, show me information or show support that you are current in your payments and they will help you resolve any issues. They cannot help you if you went delinquent on payments however.

      Hope this helps.


      • Unhappy Customer

        Stable Mailer had me listed as a non-paying member. After I showed proof that I had paid the $47, my commissions were restored. So now I am back on track at $356….should have no problem hitting $400 this month.

        • I am so glad you got that resolved. Remember going forward we are going to need lots of clones to help us get paid sooner and with more revenue monthly. Do you know the best way to get clones? I learned how through this program called Wealthy Affiliate. They show you the marketing skills to promote any type of buiness you want.

          Beofre I ever started making money online I finally joined Wealthy Affiliate to learn why I failed for two years to earn any decent money online. I learned why within two weeks! No Marketing Skills!

          Hope this helps!


          Check out this review, all who are heavy and laden. 🙂

  70. Vaibhav Vinayak

    Thanks for the info. I would send u a FB request so that we can connect.

    Just one last thing before i join…. We would place a withdrawl request on 25th of every month once our acct. bal. hits $400+. How will i come to know that the money has been transferred to my acct. Will i get a conformation e-mail from MEM to my e-mail i.d?

    And u also replied that without clones it would take a year to make $500/month…whereas in its presentation it shows that one can make around $400-$500 without cloning…. thats just by doing the business.

    Please advise…how much $$$ one can make approx. if one has no clones?

    • They system is going through some changes, and at first it was easy to make money. They have since made it a little more difficult is all. You need more clones now then before. You will get paid automatically and they will send you a email when the time comes. They will send you a confirmation.

      No clones you will pay in as much as you get back. So it could take you a year. You see, the whole internet works on the facts that you give someone value, or you do work for them, or you promote them, and they pay you. If you do not promote a program they will not give you free money! Please understand that here online you grow your business. You don’t just sign up and start making money!

      I learned what I know from Wealthy Affiliate. It sounds to me that you need to learn why we get paid. What we have to do in order to get paid. And understand that the value you we give others is an exchange for that payemnt.

      Read the review of my #1 recommended training program that will help you make more money than anyone else that hasn’t been through it. Wealthy Affiliate. I went through it in 2013 and learned what I needed. I’m still there today cause the internet is always changing. You pay for training to do what I do and you will make more money sooner!

      Hope this helps.


      • Vaibhav Vinayak

        Ok… So now if a person has no clones then it may take him 3-4 months to earn $400 in the MEM and then another 1 month to cash it out. I am a newbie to this whole internet world. So, we pay $141(3 months fees) to get to $400 and then some transaction fees. So, basically without any clones we will get a profit of approx. $220 .

        Will you guide me in getting clones as without clones this business will take an year to reach upto $500/month.

        I checked Wealthy Affiliate and also signed up for the same but gota message that it is not available for my country.

        • Yes I help all who are under me in any program they choose. I’m able to do this because I learned these skills starting out. No one will earn money not matter what program they join just cause they join! 🙂 You must know what you are doing. You must want to learn and not just be here to make money for doing nothing.

          Hope this helps.


          ps. those of you who are serious about earning money online and working part time from home while earning more than you’ve every earned before? Sign up and Join free at Wealthy Affiliate Program! I help mentor you for free while you are there!

  71. Did anyone else have their entire commission erased or is it just me?

    • We are checking. I have a email into support. Now one thing the system does is not show the month before. Once it switches to a new month there is only room for them to list two months, So May falls off from view. But you will see it in stats under all time stats. May is listed there.

      Let me know if this is what you are talking about or not. Okay?


      • Thanks Rick. Yeah I checked my all time stats and it went back to $0. Didn’t have a serious amount but I was right at $300 since May. I woke up one morning and it had all been erased

        • Kevin comfirmed this at support. Those of you who are missing commissions did not get your payment through and completed. They do not even respond to you as your accounts have been cancelled for non payment.

          If you do in fact show that you have paid I will bring it to the attention of Kevin but I’m no longer able to help each and everyone with an issue here. My Email Mentor is not my program. I am only a member like you.

          So, show me information or show support that you are current in your payments and they will help you resolve any issues. They cannot help you if you went delinquent on payments however.

          Hope this helps.


          • Daniel

            Thanks for the help Rick. Yeah my credit card was billed the $47 automatically as usual. I’ll try to email them again with the information but I know they’re busy so it’s hard to get thru.

          • Okay cool. There are thousands emailing, and they do get over whelmed. I have waited three days for return response, and they have always returned mine due to I think being able to influence so many members coming in. I have a ppc ad for MEM and several videos, along with this review. They know me well as they asked me politely to remove my first video which basically ripped them with red flags and a prediction they were scamming and a ponzi.

            They can easily miss emails, so keep sending one each day, or duplicate it and maybe change the subject line. The squeeky wheel gets noticed.


  72. Vaibhav Vinayak

    Hi Rick

    I am from India and came to know about Myemail Mentor. Just wanted to know can anyone from India join this program and get paid as we don’t have a W-8BEN fprm in, was wondering how would i get paid.
    I also had send this query to their customer support 3 days ago but no reply since then.

    • Joining any program from a different country can have many factors causing it not to work. Many places here do not except certain credit cards because of security being so tight. And on other occasions, some cards are excepted and the program itself may have an exemption. What I tell everyone is try the credit card and join if you can. But in this case let me check with suppoort. My Email Mentor does except payments, but not sure about India. And, they paid their over-seas members with a different payment system.

      I will forward your message here to support and we will find out.

      Hope this helps.


    • The support has the answer. You can and they will pay you through xoom?
      Here is the answer…. On the India, we will work with her directly to make sure she is paid. Xoom is the best answer for India.

      So you can now join and they will make sure you get paid somehow when the time comes. They are honest about paying you. If they were not able to do this they would tell us so.

      Go join now and lets get you going! My Email Mentor:

      • Vaibhav Vinayak

        Thanks for reply.. So i can start with my Credit Card and when i have $400 in my account….. They will pay me via XOOM… Do i have to give them My Bank Details for transfer? and why the support doesn’t reply to my queries?

        • They are covered up with questions from thousands. They try to take the time, but most go unanswered as they are having to answer the same questions over and over. It appears they are understaffed and cannot personally speak to each individual that has a problem. They answer my emails because they know I am one of few individuals who can influence many hundreds of potential members to either join or not…because of my websites and vidoes I have reviewing their company. You could do what I do and earn money this way as well. But you have to learn how first.

          So back to YOU> Yes you can pay and when you are able to cash out, they have been more than willing to make sure you and everyone else here, are paid. All security, meaning credit card information is kept private. Just like if you were to leave your card number with a money forwarding company like PayPal. They could not let this information out and still remain online for years! They would be shut down. I do not know of Xoom, but I would believe that My Email Mentor would not use them if they were not legit.

          So now back to you. Online marketers are risk takers. We do this to get away from the traditional ways of working for others. People who do not risk even a little here online never learn to earn money. They will always be working for someone else the rest of their lives. In most cases. 🙂

          One more thing. People are so quick to try and get online to earn money right away, they fail to understand they first need a skill of marketing in order to generate huge incomes like myself. You can work some programs but without experience you will never get rich. The only way those of us get wealthy online is learning a skill. That skill can be learned in a very short time if you will only stop long enough to give it some thought. How else could you learn a techincal trade such as online marketing? Can you become a doctor by watching someone operate? No! You have to go to school and learn this skill. Marketing is the same way.

          I went to Wealthy Affiliate for my basic marketing skill. A step by step course to help you earn money online. It took me 30 days to learn a internet marketing/affiliate marketing skill in basics 101. You can too. It means if you take the time to go their and learn, you will never need to work for anyone else whether here online or anyplace else. Wealthy Affiliate trained me in 2013 and showed me how to build my first website and how to promote anything I wished…as I was having trouble earning money online in 2011 and 2012. Once I joined their group I started making money for the very first time, and now can work just about any program out there and earn a revenue from them. The same programs people call scams later on, because they do not know how to market! I will be earning money every day.

          In order to make money here at My Email Mentor you must now have about 20 clones now. You get paid $10 per clone, each month, so as long as they stay, you make money. But without clones you will fail here. So, that said, do you know how to get clones? You get them by promoting MY Email Mentor. And so…do you know how to do this? Probably not. These programs online do not pay you money for doing nothing! It is affiliate marketing. You help them promote their business and they pay you for doing this.

          It is why I recommend the #1 online training program which is free to join. Called Wealthy Affiliate. Those of you who think you do not need training in online marketing will never earn money online. At least not enough to live on. Go there and check this out whether you join My EMail Marketing or not. You will thank me later. Or at least read the #1 recommended review on Wealthy Affiliate first!

          I can give you some tips and tricks, but they can teach you all you will ever need to know.

          Hope this helps.


          • Vaibhav Vinayak

            That was very helpful Rick. I will join it with your link today itself. I am already doing My Advertisng Pays from last 1.4 years and earning good from it.

            You are correct Internet Marketing is a Skill.. I went to Wealthy Affiliate.. seems its not available for my Country(India). I want to learn how to work in this niche as i want to get rid of my Job and be a Full-time Online Marketer.

            Can u send me your Facebook I.D so that we can be friends and i can chat with you to know how to advertise MEM and get more Clones?

          • Sure. Remember they have made some changes here so without promoting My Email Mentor to get more clones it will take about a year to make $500 dollars! Unless they change the system pretty soon, I am thinking we may loose many of the members.

            And yes I will add you to my account to keep in touch. you can contact me at for now if you need anything.


            ps. Remember everyone. If you are not making money where you are at, learn to! I started making a living from home shortly after I joined Wealthy Affiliate! REad the review if you want to make more than a few hundred dollars here and there. #1 recommended review wealthy affiliate

          • Vaibhav Vinayak

            Thanks for the info. I would send u a FB request so that we can connect.

            Just one last thing before i join…. We would place a withdrawl request on 25th of every month once our acct. bal. hits $400+. How will i come to know that the money has been transferred to my acct. Will i get a conformation e-mail from MEM to my e-mail i.d?

            And u also replied that without clones it would take a year to make $500/month…whereas in its presentation it shows that one can make around $400-$500 without cloning…. thats just by doing the business.
            Please advise…

          • Sure. Remember they have made some changes here so without promoting My Email Mentor to get more clones it will take about a year to make $500 dollars! Unless they change the system pretty soon, I am thinking we may loose many of the members.

            And yes I will add you to my account to keep in touch. you can contact me at for now if you need anything.


            ps. Remember everyone. If you are not making money where you are at, learn to! I started making a living from home shortly after I joined for now if you need anything. Rick ps. Remember everyone. If you are not making money where you are at, learn to! I started making a living from home shortly after I joined Wealthy Affiliate! REad the review if you want to make more than a few hundred dollars here and there. #1 recommended review wealthy affiliate” target=”_blank”>Wealthy Affiliate!

  73. I recently signed up and I am now being asked to join the premium desktop lighting .. I am wondering have you signed up and does it make a difference in the $$ ..

    Thanks, Morgan

    • I was never offered this opportunity nor do I know about it. If I were you and wanted to make more money you can give it a try. If you do, please let us know. I have yet to find anyone here that has signed up for it. Many suspected it to be fraud! But the support contacted me about some questions recently and did say they were offering an advance porgram course.

      Hope this helps.

      If you are just looking to make a few bucks more a month without any effort, you could join the CMC. They do have a rotater going there that you pay $97 dollars one time and get automatic commissions from all members signing up. For the life of program this revolves and pays out $48.50 each time! And right now there are a lot of them as it was just launched on the 15th of June. I joined and you can see I’ve made over $850 which pays out after your 30 day free trial. You can also promote them if you wish and get 50 perent commissions recurring! I only promote progams I am working myself, and I now work 6 different ones, while earning a full time income. Up to you and what you need though. Read the Review Commission Miner Co-Op/Bryan WintersHope this helps.

      I show a recent Zaxxa payout form. We now get paid by Paypal with instant referral payouts. And they went from the two tier system to us getting paid more for the first tier. But, there are 3 funnels we can promote from if you wish.


      ps. Are you a member of Wealthy Affiliate? If you are looking to work from home this is my #1 recommendation since 2012. Rick

  74. I’m into my 3rd week and, even though I have over 1800 leads, I’m still averaging fewer than 25 clicks per day. Support doesn’t seem concerned about it. In fact, they guy said that it’s working for me the way it is supposed to work. I feel like I’m doing something wrong and would like to get it fixed, but I have gone through all the instructions and can’t figure out what could be wrong. Am I the only one experiencing this?

    • Do not be alarmed! I just checked and my four clones all have, 22, 24, 25, 26 clicks showing for their stats today. Why have you decided that these amounts of clicks are low? Everyone gets this amount. They add up over time. Now you need more clones maybe. If you are concerned about not earning enough. The program is set up so you will get more clones. To do the work for you and actually make the money. Online Marketing is set up and works on this premise… That we get others to work for us. Clones! Plus as you go along you will get more clicks as people start checking their emails. Many wait weeks to open them! So more and more time goes by and you have more and more addresses out there… Eventually you will have more clicks. My personal clicks today are 34. Yes it is more but guess what. I’ve been enrolled here since May 15th!!! 🙂 See? It does work this way, so be patient!

      Now remember, the clones now are only going to give us $10 dollars per month. So regardless of their clicks in this, we are going to make $10 dollars each month from them. You see, you in fact get 20 cents for your clicks and that is really good compared to receiving only $10 per month! Nothing to complain about.

      So, get more clones if you are wanting to make money here, and also allow more time to go by. In fact, instead of waiting, go to WA below and find out how others are getting dozens of clones! This program is not designed to pass out free money to you guys for doing nothing! I get it, some people are expecting the world handed to them on a platter. (free). I used to be that way myself so I can relate. Only when those type people stop believing the world owes them and they start working and learning an online skill, then they will be successful here. Not until. 🙂

      Have you guys even understood the principle of the internet? It is all based on advertising. Sales. You can make money here like me but you have to learn marketing/sales. Advertising. Those who learn this skill will be able to work from home part time and make as much money as they wish! I do!

      What I did when I first started online was fail.. Why? Because nothing worked. I complained about everything. No matter what I tired nothing worked for me and I didn’t make any money. So why has my life changed now? I learned the SKILL of MARKETING/ADVERTISING. Yes. I went to school here online and took a quick course to learn to advertise. The program called Wealthy Affiliate is even free to join! You can read my review here as it is my #1 recommended course to help people who are failinig to earn money online. 30 days will change your life! Did I say it is free to join. Many are joining this program so they can learn to get up to 100 clones and be able to cashout each month with one thousand dollars and more!

      Go to: #1 Recommended Wealthy Affliliate and read the review of what you will learn there. I built my first free website in just 20 minutes and in 3 weeks started to get commissions coming in from two sources. I recommend it to anyone wanting to work from home like I do and earn money. I even quit a perfectly good job as a trucker making $55k per year!

      I hope you understand that life is a learning process. Knowledge is power. The more we know the more we are able to earn here online. So get to learning a skill and you will not have to depend on programs such as this.

      Hope I have not sounded to gruff here. I get complaints all day long here online and these are not even my own programs! I would hate to be a support person! I’d shoot myself. 🙂

  75. 2 questions, You claim on the June 28 update that you will cashout for $1,000 on july 25 even though your total 2 month balance is only $769.10. How is that possible with only 2 days left in the commissions cycle? Also you made a jump of $41 in one day claiming only 3 clones when I have 5 clones and have never cleared $30. I suppose this is irrelevant considering the new commissions plan but it seems like some major discrepencies to me and I just wanted to clear them up. Thanks

    • WEll the money we get paid revolves from month to month in totals, but.. As far as what I leaned we cash out the balance we have each time we make it to the month after we reach $400. So I would be amassing more money by cash out time july 25th. I’m unsure so far as to whether we cash out what we have up until that date, or if it really does stop paying us at the end of the money before? I don’t have anyone that has asked or made this point. I was just assuming.
      It also looks to me as the ones cashing out even in June had way more than they could have possibly earned with in the first month. Have you seen these balances? They did not cash out just $400 but around 5 to $600. Doesn’t that mean that the trail of cash they had possibly was made up until the 25th? Maybe not. Let me know if I’m wrong. But show me where it says that if you will. That will help. But hey, only $769? I would be okay with half that!!!

      Also on the clones. I didn’t know I have had 4 recently. Since I haven’t promoted the progam up til now, I didn’t even know there were four! I had just assumed I still had the three from further back. Sorry for that. I’m not really promoting MEM. I just did this for the review and the closing paragraph to get members to join Wealthy Affiliate. I saw the jump in clicks there too. I supposed they were from the fraud aleart thing. Not at all sure how or even why that took place. But no I don’t check on clones or even look at stats. sorry.

      But look guys, I’m human. I don’t have a degree here to do online marketing. And I’m not an authority here on MEM! I haven’t even been writing reviews that long. I make mistakes. I ask you guys to help me and right any wrongs. And so far you’ve all done a good job.

      To me this is just another program is all. It is not a life line for me. My bread and butter comes from WA. I’m a review writer there, and normally the programs are not worthy anyone signing up or joining. I even promoted this as being a scamm when first starting out. It just so happens this one was kind of ongoing. Because of the delayed pay out. I will quit leaving balances probably when the traffic slows down. Depending on what I cash out I may decide to promote it and help the clones under me get more clones, or… I just don’t know yet. I haven’t been paid! LOL

      Sorry to sound short. I’ve gotten swamped of late and answering about 150 emails per day. Many having to do with this one program. And I didn’t bother reading about MEM but once back when I wrote the review! So I’m not as in tune with it as perhaps you are. I kept it going cause of the delay is all. Normally I write a reveiew and never see it again! And I’m definitely not an authority on these. The reviews are our opinions only. I just write reviews and give my opinion on whether it is legit or not, and whether I would recommend it. The data inside may or may not be completely solid as we generally write these type of reviews to promote something else! 🙂 Wealthy Affiliate!

      Hope this helps you John.


      • July payday amount will be what is in your account at the end of June.

        • Okay I got it. Thanks. Say, tell me how long it will take yourself to cash out now that the changes are in effect? How many clones do you have and what is your current increase each month? If you don’t want to stay here you can contact me at


  76. What is with the email I just got. Saying something about instead of getting paid 10c per click on my clones because of people committing fraud. I now am only going to be making $10 fixed per month on each of my clones?? Right now I making almost double that off my clones per week. This does not sit well with me.

    • This is what you are referring to below. Yes it appears they are semi closing the doors to members who are not doing anything in the way of promoting and getting clones for them. The poor get the shaft and the rich get richer! Life is seemingly set up that way, huh? 🙁 Sorry to hear but this is no longer a free money program as it was initially. You will now have to promote and get at least 20 clones to me able to help you cash out every two months.

      Effective July 1, 2015 the following changes in the MyEmailMentor Program are taking effect.
      1. Compensation Plan Change: Due to massive amounts of fraud on the second level of the
      compensation plan, effective immediately we are removing the 10 cents per click earned by personal
      referrals. We are replacing the 10c second level commission with a flat $10 monthly referral commission,
      which will be added to your second level commissions when your referral pays the $47 to Email Response
      Pros each month. This completely removes all of the incentive from the fraudsters to try and run up fake
      clicks on their second level.
      The reason why the change had to be made.
      When we first started, the idea was to let members bring in other people and to pay a second level
      commission of 10c per click. The system worked fine until the fraudsters found about it, and as they
      always do, a few bad apples can completely ruin the program for everyone else.

      These fraudsters were taking their Click Link and running tens of thousands of fraudulent clicks every
      day, to new accounts that they set up on their second level. They would run up the clicks for 7 days,
      earn all of the commissions from the clicks on their 2nd level, and then cancel the account. All of these
      clicks were generated outside of our system, and thus have zero value. The bigger problem is that to
      mask their fraud, they would add clicks to everyone’s second level, which makes it nearly impossible
      to see the real clicks we generated from the fake clicks the fraudsters generated.

      Unfortunately the fraudsters have done this hundreds and hundreds of times, which is why
      the change to the compensation plan has to be made.
      Our goal is the same as it has always been, which is to have a place where anyone, regardless of their
      background or experience, could come and join the system and be successful. We have literally hundreds
      of people that tell us all the time that MyEmailMentor is the only place that they have ever made money
      online, and for that we are immensely proud.
      Please know that we are not taking these changes lightly, but to keep the integrity of the program and to
      keep the program strong, these changes have to be made.
      2. Import Process Being Simplified: Over the next few weeks we will be making adjustments to the
      Import process with EmailResponsePros to help make it easier for all of you guys to import your list each
      week. When the changes are complete, you will receive another email from me detailing the changes.
      3. $3,000 New Clone Contest Starting RIGHT NOW.
      I never like to end on a down note, so, we’re going to have a $3000 NEW Clone contest!
      Starting today, July 1, 2015 and ending on July 15th, 2015, the top 3 Members that
      bring in the most New Clones will win $1,000 each!

      Looking forward to a successful future with you.
      Bobby B

      • My concern is based on the information shared in step 4. According to that information, I should be getting between 75 and 100 clicks.

        • I would submit this to support. But, now that the changes have gone into effect, none of this matters by the way. He did contact me and also said you read this wrong, as meaning you have misread it. But, guess what? It is now water under the bridge. So, you can complain to support if you want. Or just go on down the road and take what free money comes in. What I do is work 6 other programs so I don’t care if I lose one or not. Or if one quits paying as much. I also have 3 back up programs I’ve already researched and can join and start making more money at any time.:)

          As you know I research and write reviews and then join the programs that work. You can follow me into CMC where I just made $850 in auto commissions within 14 days. Or, you can just take what you get here at MEM. Here this is all free money for me as it is not one of my programs I was promoting. However, I now have 6 clones, but as you know it only pays $60 per month, yet it pays for my auto responder right? So that is cool with me! No work, no pay, and I enjoy the free money! CMC is paying out even more right now as it was just launched. Check out the review.

          Keep positive and you will start making more and more money!I’m as busy hee as I want to work, and earn a full time living. I now have hundreds of affiliates and members who are doing the same.


  77. You have done a great job with your blog Rick and have taken the time and effort to respond to all the comments so I thought it only fair to post here that YES… I HAVE BEEN PAID. I received the May commission via Paypal and have now withdrawn this into my own personal bank account so I can categorically state that payment has been received. This is NOT a scam. My Email Mentor IS paying. Best wishes with your future success

  78. schmuli

    Their is a lot of talk about this program ,but the bottom line is. Has anyone been paid ,no hear say but actual proof.
    Can we actually see some proof.
    Thank You

    • There are plenty of members showing their proof. You have just not looked. If it is proof you need, join and make yours! 🙂 Look here:

      Go to Facebook and search under My Email Mentor Proof. You will see several posted payouts!

      You guys that haven’t joined because you were too skeptical, should join under me. I show you how I get my clones and will be cashing out over $1000 dollars on July 25th!. Join here. Join now before they close the doors! It may be in a short time they will shut this program down to new members. This is often what happens when they get more members then they need.

      Hope this helps you guys!


      • Michael Healey

        Hey Rick
        I see that effectively today there will no longer be a $350/mos potential
        for referrals. It has been reduced to $10 mos
        What’s with that? Reduces the incentive to promote, doesn’t it!
        Michael G

        • Actually Michael yes in a way, depending on how you look at it. They do not want to pay couch potatoes any longer it appears. So you will have to work for the money now as it is not comming in so freely as before. Those that work and promote and are active will eventually build up 20 clones which will help them get to their pay out sooner. I know some of us may never get 20 clones. Especially me as I’m not promoting this program actaully. Just the review on it. I have 4 clones, and compared to the promoters of this program who have 20 plus…we are small fish.

          Keep your chin up. Any money coming in is better than a kick in the ass! 🙂


          ps: sorry for those folk that need the money for food and water though. They do not have much of a chance.

      • Michael Healey

        Hey Rick
        Just a short P.S. to my last post. At least 5 referrals would pay for the $47/mos fee
        if nothing else. ha ha
        My 4100 subscribers are only giving me about $3/day, so I’m disappointed at the new regs
        Michael G

        • Yes it makes sense in a business like way. Nothing personal Kevin said, just a way to promote the members with the most clones… the members who are working! Those of us, (including me) who are not doing much are not not able to expect free money from the program. Thus the real reality of this. Many will now call it a scam and say they cannot make money here. And the word will get out and many members will quit and move on to try other ways to earn online.

          The program is still legit. So that is a good point to make about it. Remember when we first thought it was a scam? Free money was actually a good way to promote it. They in fact could have had this idea long ago at the launch!


    • Screenshot of the May commission payment is available on my G+ profile:

      • So great of you to share this proof. Finally someone who has been paid!


  79. my account

    My name is Craig Calder and on this day June 29th 2015 i checked my bank account and there was $47 taken out for what? You told me that you would never ask for any money , also at the rate that i am earning it will take me 3 or 4 months to reach $400 bucks i want this to work like you said it was but come on. So if i was to buy the clicks as i understand 100 for $107 is that going to guarantee (like you said) to increase sales thats alot of money for a guy on Social Security. I have plenty of time to work on this but i feel something isn’t right so please contact me asap by phone or i guess email i would rather talk to a live agent as yourself Thanks Talk soon.

    • Actually Craig, I am not the program, but merely a member of it. To ask them would be the right thing to do. Contact support! And to do this just send your same message to them you asked me. For one thing, the payment to Stable mailer is the way we are able to receive money from My Email Mentor and how this whole thing works. We have to use an autorespnder if we want to be able to do this. So we had to put this in place for it to work, and the autoresponder themselves are charging for this. Bobby does not charge us anything himself. Nor does My Email mentor charge us. This money we pay goes directly to Stable mailer for their service. My Email mentor gets none of this money.

      So once you understand this you will see how the system works. My Email Mentor is not asking us for money, ever. Stablemailer does! You do not have to be here to collect this free money coming in if you wish not to. Just cancel.

      I’ve never in my life heard so much complaining about how much money we are making (for free basically) and how long it takes for us to get this (free money)! 🙂 Enjoy the ride! Oh man. We pay each month but yes, as long as you make more than you pay out, doing no work really. That is online marketing at its finest!:)

      If I pay you $1000 dollars each month but you cash me out each month for $1050 would you not think it a great deal for me? Yes! I make an extra $50 dollars per month in a passive stream of income. Thereby only needing to find 100 more of these type programs before getting wealthy! Or making about $5000 per month! Meaning then I would have money coming in for free! And not have to work for it. I could then if I wanted more money, do it all over again with more programs! This is how we earn online, a little bit from a lot of places. This is the very key of internet marketing.

      This is what I do here. I buy into programs and keep the ones that work. When I get paid, I then promote them to share with everyone else. I earn more money as people join these programs, and I now do nothing more but rake in the money while sitting back. The new members make me my money. I can now free up my time to do this process again and again until I decide that $10,000 dollars per month is enough…or maybe I decide I need $100,000 per month.

      You can do this same thing by getting paid from My Email Mentor. You do not have to spend all day to make the money coming in, in fact, juste 3 minutes per week. So how much do you expect to make for 3 minutes work? If you made $5 dollars every 3 minutes that is about $60 dollars per hour when you add it up. Are you making more than this somewhere else? Is this not excellent money? Would you not be glad to make it? At $60 per hour you could easily afford the autoresponder payment each month of $47!

      Ask yourself. All of you who are making this free money, correct? I may cash out over $1000 dollars in July because I have managed to acquire three clones along the way without even trying. So I started May 17th and on July 25th I will have made more than $14 dollars per day the $2 dollars a day for auto responder. So I’m making and extra passive income of about $12 dollars each day for free! Awesome! Or $360 per month. Is this not Awesome free money?

      Hope this helps.


      You can now make this much and more with the freshly launched program called Commission Miner. Read the review here: Even better than MY Email Mentor it is free for 30 days!

      • Michael Healey

        Hey Rick
        Enjoy your blog Thx Excellent reply to Craig . It’s a profit in any case.
        Now ,changing the subject completely ha ha. I have folks who seem to
        have signed up BUT don;t activate the program. Is their any email that I
        could send them to give them a nudge, or would that be a bad idea. If it were a good idea
        what would be an appropriate thing to say, would you think. Please advise
        Maybe an example email Thx again

        • Thanks. Yes I have actaully emailed the ones on my list who are not signed up and working clones…and told them a little about myself. To get people to join us in any program we have to come across as real and personable people. I group email the bunch once per week and I’ve had two actually rejoin and become clones because of this. These two had clicked on the link for MEM but had not signed up.

          You need to communicate with them. Ask what they do to make money online. Show them the proof of people already getting paid. Let them know that you will help them get clones when they join. At least this is what I do. Giving them a nudge is a good idea. So yes nudeg away!

          Did you know it takes up to seven times before someone actually gets the message? You have to build trust. You have to be engaging. So ask yourself, what does it take for you to get excited about a product? A long article, or just a bunch of the same type broadcasts over and over again? Or do you want a more personal approach? 🙂

          Use your imagination. One way to learn to promote to people which is really a skill you can learn the basics of and even learn dozens of the right strategies I use… is to Join the Wealthy Affiliate University. There you will see they teach you how to market. And by marketing I mean just what you are asking here… How to get people to sign up. You have their email address so do it just like we do for Commission Miner. Send a sales letter. You can even contact me and I will show you the type of letter I’m talking about.

          Hope this helps!


  80. Hi Rick,

    I am supposed to be paid on 25th Jun but have yet to receive my commissions. They asked me to provide my paypal acct as I am one of them not able to paid thru western union but sad to say I have still not paid for my commission.

    • Here is what support had to say.

      Good afternoon Rick,

      Actually, there were 53 members paid. Jessica was paid today, because it was international which turned into a mess because
      Western Union rejected half of the payments, especially the ones to Singapore etc. So, those were re sent today via Paypal.

      There were only 11 of them left.

      53 Payments were sent, but like I told you before, we cannot send you, or anyone, private information of someone who got paid
      because of Privacy laws. When you get paid next month the last thing you would want us to do is to send your information to
      everyone who asks so they can contact you and see if you “really” got paid.

      I know there are guys on Facebook that got paid, so maybe look there. Other than that, there is nothing that we can do to “prove”
      to anyone that yes, we did pay 53 people on June 25th, exactly as we said we would.

      Thanks Rick,

      Kevin Andrews

      Let me know what is up. Rick

  81. have you been paid now? its 26th of june!

    • Yes payment has been sent through wire transfers… as the message from this person below has stated.
      Debbie Hezlewood 2 hours ago
      +Lighted Beam I have received an email stating that the commission has been paid via Western Union and that WU will contact me regarding collection but not heard anything further yet. I have sent MyEmailMentor support and message requesting their tracking code for WU so that I can chase it up at this end (UK)

      Go back to review and check it out:

  82. have you been paid? its on the 26th of june today! watching closely!

    • Yes payment has been sent through wire transfers… as the message from this person below has stated.
      Debbie Hezlewood 2 hours ago
      +Lighted Beam I have received an email stating that the commission has been paid via Western Union and that WU will contact me regarding collection but not heard anything further yet. I have sent MyEmailMentor support and message requesting their tracking code for WU so that I can chase it up at this end (UK)

  83. did any one get paid rick ?

    • Go to my review and read the Big Words I’ve left there! Yes the payments have gone out and should be varified today. They were in pending status yesterday evening. It looks like My Email Mentor is legit and whoever is wanting to join and make a grand extra per month like I am earning here, join me and I will give you my unique strategies for grabbing the clones you will need to create this kind of income. Clic on the link here: My Email

      Thanks for the comment Phil!

      Good luck on earning big cash with this program!

  84. I have more of an understanding from the email received by Bobby today on how things actually work in relation to the commissions. Based on not signing anybody up, which is the situation that i’m in, as I was waiting like everybody else to see if there was a payout before inviting people. It is a well thought out plan that has been cleverly structured to favour the owners in terms of the length of time you have to wait for a payout. I knew that I would not get a payout on the 25th of June, but based on how it has been structured, if like me you decide not to invite anyone until you get a payout, you will have to wait till 25th of August to get a pay out, if your commissions is less than $400 at the end of June. Its still a good deal if a payment is received in the end, because we would have paid $47 x 4 for the monthly payment which is still much less than the minimum of $400 we will receive if we get paid. As it says in the email, those that are expecting a payout will be contacted personally because of the paypal situation, so whoever has been paid, or gets paid this month, i’m sure you will let us all know.

    • Members have been sent their money through wire transfer and their accounts show pending! I’ve got pending accounts showing up on YouTube from people who are eligible to cash out! Yes they paid us! So next stop…get some clones! Who wants free marketing strategies from me to get your clones going? Anyone who hasn’t joined read the review My Email Mentor and if you want to join click a link there inside the review. Or join here and now:

      In one week I will be sending you strategies that I’ve used for 3 years now to earn my living online from home.


      • Hi! I joined under you two weeks ago…are you able to send me your strategies? pretty please?

        • You can contact me at However, at this time I do not see you on my clone list. Perhaps you used a different name and email? REmember, I do help out my own members in any program they join. Most of these members, 67 now, have gone on to make as much as I am making using my strategies of over 3 years in the development.



      • I would be grateful if you shared your marketing strategies to get clones with me.

        • I cannot spend time with everyone here that is enrolled in the program. I do have time to help my own clones though. It doesn’t appear you are one of them. If you are you can contact me and show me the username and email, but it appears I don’t have a scbiz on my list at this time.


  85. i left wa for a bit rick as moving to Cyprus and my own web site was pants in the end if ya can help make me 3k a month i would love it so much but will contact you when in Cyprus if ok with you thanks

  86. HI started to give this i Rick
    Today is the 25th of June and payday for the first 39 member, I started the 13th of June and presently have only one clone, I kept it at one clone to see if the people are going to get paid before getting more clones. Now the cracks of the matter did you and the other 38 members received their payment.
    Thanks for keeping us posted and please keep up the good work for a newbee this is like gold nuggets


    • Nothing so far. As the payments are scheduled to go out today to 39 qualified members, it is possible they do not get paid til this afternoon or even later up til midnight. So it may be tomorrow before any news of payouts have been announced.


      ps: Hey guys, don’t wait all month to find out if just one program works! Join legit programs that you know are working and people are making money. Wealthy Affiliate is one of those that has been around for 12 years creating work from home members daily! In other words don’t put all your income streams in one place! Learn the skills to work more than one program creating multiple income streams like me. I can help you earn up to $3000 per month within a short time. Contact me at my personal email address:

  87. did it work mate hope it did let us know, phil

    • Phil.

      Glad you asked. Yes I believe it is going to pay out. Yet it is scheduled today so the news could come at any time. And, it very possibly it will be tomorrow. So check back here then and read the message I put down at my daily cash balance.


  88. Bojan Skerjanc

    So, if I understand correctly, MyEmailMentor is a scam and no one got the payment?

    • Ii think maybe you are being negative? 🙂 The payment goes out today, but it could be midnight! So check back tomorrow and see if we’ve heard anything. My Email Mentor is still up in the air as whether or not it is a real and legit program that pays FREE money.

      You guys who are online and not making money, you need to do things that will enable you to make it. I can show you how I make my money here. So if you are wanting to earn $3000 per month start following me and listen to what programs I tell you are working for me. All you need to do is quit messing around with stuff that is unkown, and start working the programs I work that pay me money every single day!
      Like: Wealthy AffiliateCommission Miner – and 5 other programs I will not even mention here.

      • Bojan Skerjanc

        I’m sorry if I sound like I’m negative, because I think I am not . I discovered My Email Mentor just a few days ago and today I wanted to sign up and pay. At the last moment, I discovered your blog and it seemed stupid to me that I pay up, if you have all the “bad” experience. So I decided to ask this question. Certainly not just that I’m not a negative, I even hope very much that all payments will be paid.

        Unfortunately, I do not know English so well that I can write a blog and write about something interesting. Of course I can write in my own language, but than the market is too small.


        Rick, thank you for your previous answer and certainly I will follow your writing

        • I am not promoting the program but that doesn’t mean others don’t. It has not been varified that we are getting paid from this program! The payments are pending but they have been sent through!

          Hey everyone My Email Mentor is legit! They have paid the 39 members who were eligible to get cashed out.


        • Bojan.

          Sir you can do anything online you want to do just by setting your mind to it. Your english is fine and it will even improve the more you write! You need to get into WA where I showed you to take the lessons to learn to market! That is the only thing holding you back now. You have no skill level. I can help you make money, but you will have to believe you can as well.
          Contact me at and we can talk more about this.


  89. I have noticed that my daily hit count is going steadily downward, even after downloading the new list. Even with over 1000 leads I only got 19 hits yesterday. Is anyone else observing a similar pattern?

    • Depending on the day of week and how many are opening their opportunities from bobby, yes it does move back and forth. Sometimes we have many, sometimes hardly any. That is the way it works. Please don’t complain about free money! You are having to do nothing for it, right? I know you are not complaining. 🙂 Just remember, this is going to vary. It does for everyone. So good questions coming in and these will help all the new members.


    • Michael Healey

      Hey Don
      Noticed mine has been doing the same. At this rate it will take me 3 mos to
      collect the minimum payout haha

      • You can get clones easy enough if you promote the program. I had two join up under me this week without adverising. Of course I’m not trying to. But if you believe the program is legit why not get you some?
        Contact me if you wish I can give you some ways.

        One way I have had several members of MEM go to my #1 recommendation program review, The Wealthy Affiliate Training Platform. They teach you many different ways to promote programs and products. Free to sign up and go through the first lessons. Many are doing this to get extra clones. So what do you have to gain? Doubling up on the time frame! They key to marketing online is this very system where Bobby shows us he is making huge headway by using our abilities to move these emails! So do what he is doing. Get more clones! You can do this… Some have up to fifty clones already. And are wanting more! They are going to be cashing out $4000 per month instead of talking about, oh, i guess this will take me 4 months to ever cash out, then I will only make $200 dollars…bah humdrum. 🙁

        Come on guys! I can help you get clones if you just ask. Or go over to WA and register for free and go through the lessons. You can get as many clones as you want!


  90. are we building our own personal list of subscribers with these leads, meaning can I market to them?

    • The email addresses we get and are importing for Bobby we cannot use these. They are not ours to use. These email addresses were purchased by them and are soley theirs. In fact I ask that many members delete these files once they upload the addresses into stablemailer.

      The few who have used them have had their autoresponders shut down from addresses being uploaded in bulk with no reason as to where these came. Then when they blast out a sales letter to these it raises huge red flags. Your accounts will be closed each time this happens, and you will have to get another autoresponder. Do not think you can use StableMailer. You cannot, it is only set to import Bobby’s addresses he sends us.

      If you want to build a list get in on Commission Miner! You get leads every day coming in from this new launch that you can market your own products to as well, as earn money at the same time. So in fact, you are getting paid to create your list here. Commission Miner There is a review done on them here at this link:
      If you want to learn how to market this program Or perhaps any of the programs that I earn from, then you will want to check out this training program Wealthy Affiliate. They teach you the skills of marketing and promoting anything you want online.


    • No you are not supposed to market to their list. We need to build our own are buy one to market to. In commission miner we build a list each day and the referrals actaully pay us to do so. Check out the review I just put up on my site.


  91. A scam artist does not change his stripes. I’m not waiting to see if My Email Mentor a scam or not so I sent a refund request to support.

    • We can relate to that, Ernest. Check back anytime to see if we cash out. Support gave me 39 members that were cashing out in June so I am just going waiting until July. At least I will be hanging in there for the other members to see if it pays or not. I myself earn my money from Wealthy Affiliate as you know. A real program where you can earn real money and eventually quit your day job!

      They will get you a refund immediately, as they hate bad press so to speak. Be sure to let us know that you got your refund and everything to keep us informed. As they would say, sorry to see you go.


  92. Rick,
    Have you had or heard anyone say anything about getting a phone call from MyEmailMentor wanting to set up a profile and assigning someone to you to help you earn more money by giving advice or direction?
    I don’t know that I should trust someone wanting more info about me by them calling me like that.

    • Ray,

      Do not every give credit card information out to anyone that asks! It is always a scam! This is not them I am pretty sure. But we have support tickets in right now waiting for their answers. Do not trust anyone doing this!


  93. Michael G

    Hey Rick
    Just a small note to say I have imported 3500 to my account. I get average $3/day.
    $3/day x 30 days = approx. $90/mos. I would get a payday every 4 1/2 mos ha ha
    Clones are the key.
    P.S. Payoneer doesn’t have to many good reviews. Would like to hear your review of them!
    Thx MichaelG

    • Thanks for the comment. Yes clones in this case, are the very difference of making money and not really making that much money. Waiting 4 to 5 months to cash out and paying in 47 dollars a month? Just not worth it. So when we see members getting paid, then you can get some clones. YOu can learn how to do this here at Wealthy Affiliate. Several My Email Mentors have joined and signed up for free to learn how to get clones there. It is a place where you learn how to market and you can use the information to build you a clone list! So check it out.


  94. Hi! I just signed up yesterday and was surprised to see an extra $11 on top of the “free” $100. Not bad for signing up yesterday afternoon. Now I just have to get some clones! 🙂 I’ll keep checking back here. Thank you for writing this review!

    • Glad to help. I’m not sure if you know this or not, but since I write reviews on progams each day, I find the ones that pay off the biggest and best! If you are wanting to be sent these progams weekly you can sign up for my free 5 day course on how to earn $3000 per month on my website in the right hand side sign up form there. Oh if you want to learn how to earn using my marketing skill, you will need to read the WA review.
      Good luck to you and I hope this program pays off for you.


  95. Did anyone else receive phone calls from “My Email Mentor” asking for information on the program and then asking for their credit card information?

    Me and one of my clones did. I’m not sure if they were hacked or if it was them. It sounds very suspicious and of course I hung up and didn’t give my CC. I fired off an email to support this morning.

    • I’ve recently sent a reaquest to support. Thanks for making this known to us. It seems everyone tries to make money using some type of illegal system online. We can tell it is illegal by them asking for credit card information.

      Please, never give that information out to anyone. Support has already told me those who have not switched their payment accounts to the new system will be wired their funds on June 25th. They are not asking people for credit card information. I will confirm this as soon as I hear from them and I will leave the reply here under your comment, Okay?


      • Have you heard anything from support concerning these phone calls???
        I received one yesterday from WA. and one today from AZ. Both claim they represented or were from MyMailMentor.
        Have they been hacked or are they selling our infromation??


        • Okay I did hear from support and they said they were asking for people to upgrade, but, they said no one on their team is asking for credit card information. At least that is what was told to me in an email.

          I guess if they sell you on an upgrade however, they might ask you for a way to pay for it, not sure. But it seems like you would be allowed to pay for it here online to be safe. So the word is, yes they are calling members and asking them if they want to do an advanced course of some sort. I don’t know though because they haven’t contacted me about this.


          ps but never give information out over the phone. You don’t know who is listening in!

  96. Hi Rick. I signed up with my email mentor on 5/23 and today I received a call from their office saying they needed to update my profile and asked me all kinds of questions ranging from personal goals to finanical position. My favorite was “how much money do you have set aside for retirement” my response “none of your business” anyway, just curious if you have heard of this from other email mentor members. Is this really from their office? If so, why?

    • I believe this to be a fruadulent request. My Email Mentor is not going to do this as they appear to be legit. I have also contacted support about it and waiting to here back. Never give out your information such as bank card or any credit card info to anyone! Never! I think most of us know this. Glad you didn’t give out this information. But if you did, please cancel that card!

      I will reply back to you or email you with their response. The ones getting payouts for June will be wire transfer I imagine because of the switch they had to do. PayPal would not allow them to send this much money all at once so they had to find another way.

      Please be aware this is a new program and all programs launched will experience these kind of problems.



  97. Rick;

    I just spent some time reading the terms and conditions. It seems Bobby may have misspoken when he gave me permission to clone myself by enrolling my wife. The terms clearly state, “3. A maximum of ONE MyEmailMentor Affiliate per household is allowed. In addition, each MyEmailMentor Affiliate should have his or her own access to the Internet via his or her own computer, tablet, or other mobile device. Managing your MyEmailMentor business using another affiliate’s computer, tablet, or mobile device is NOT permitted.”

    Good thing I didn’t enroll her.

    • Yes I’m sure even support does not know everything there is to know here. You will need someone to sign up under a different IP address as My Email mentor is tracking these. I know this by signing up from a different computer in the same house. And it gave me the same id as I already had.

      So no, you cannot sign in someone else or create another account, unless it is with a different server on a different IP.

      But let me question you here. Why the rush of trying to duplicate what we have not succeeded at so far? Are you that anxious to pay out another $150 dollars and put it up for risk? Why not wait til you get paid and then create a second account? Actually it would be smarter to use just one account and spend money on paid advertisement to get more clones. You save the hassle of having to deal with two accounts, and can spend that time creating a monster list of clones! You can even have someone split the cost of your payments each month and work with you side by side on the one account.

      Hope this helps. Enroll her as your partner under the one account! 🙂


      • Rick;
        My wife frequently likes to follow me into these things. She is as anxious to get a little extra money as I am. I asked the question on her behalf mostly because I didn’t want to offer her an opportunity only to get both of us kicked out for not following the TOS. It also seemed a safe enough question to test the email support at the time.

        • Okay well just be sure to have her follow you on programs that work! Wait to find out if this one ever pays anyone first. It won’t hurt to wait. And it will keep her from looking at you crazy like… if it don’t! 🙂
          If you want to test support you can do that. But like I say, if you are skeptical and testing support, it means you have unanswered questions. It is why I don’t have clones nor do I try to get clones here. I will not put someone into harms way or it end up costing them money if they follow me. I don’t work that way. I only promote programs that pay real money, and have and are legit. These I tell my friends first, they make money, and then I promote them.

          If you are interested in making money from legit progams become a subscriber to my list on the front page of this site. The course is a 5 day course to enable people to earn $3000 per month. Once you get through the course, each week I send you a program that I myself have earned money with. I have so far, never, sent anyone to a program that I did not make money for. I will be spending $22,000.00 dollars this year on creating the ‘One Week Program Millionaire’. You will sign up to this program for a monthly fee, but, you get a legit program with little investements every week, and if you don’t make money from one of the programs, I give you back the fee you paid for that month, and give you anther progam along with the money you used to sign up for the one that failed you in some way, as a guarantee. So all of you that sign up to this list will get this opportunity later on this year. No more scams! No more illegitimate programs to get screwed on.

          I started making a full time living online in 2013, but before this I was online makiong money even before 2009.

          To Your Success!


  98. Rick, do you realize your payday will be July 25th. To be paid June 25 you would have to have $400 at the end of May.


    • Thanks, I get you. It could be that no one is getting paid peried, also! 🙂 Thankfully I’m here as a review writer and not waiting to be paid! I sent your comment to support so that we will have it show up here as the correct answer. No matter what I say or think, members do not trust me nor believe me. So here of late I’ve been submitting questions or statements such as yours to their office. That way we can hear it from the horses mouth so to speak.

      Thanks for the comment. I will reply a second time to your comment when I get the answer.


    • Here is the answer to confirm your statement RAy.


      That is absolutely correct and it has been that way since day 1. If your commissions were over $400 at the end of May, then the commissions
      are paid on June 25th. If the commissions at the end of May were less than $400, then that amount is rolled into the June Commissions. If by
      the end of June you are over $400 total (including May comms,) then you would be paid on July 25th.

      It’s clear on the site and again in the FAQ’s, and has not changed at all since day 1.


  99. Noticed today that PayPal no longer is the method of payout. Under ‘Commission Stats’ they are requesting bank account info as well as an uploading of a W-9 tax form….without a working method to do the uploading. Hmmm…..

    • Thanks Bruce, I will send this in to get the confirmation you’ve listed here. Yes they asked for Social as soon as I signed up. Not sure about the pay out or how they have changed it all without notifying people of this.

      I will submit your statement and see what they say. And I will reply again to your comment here so you can see it. Of course I can always email you too. I’m glad you got involved with Wealthy Affiliate. It’s the only real weay to earn money for sure these days.


    • Bruce here is a message from Kevin about pay outs. I think you might find it interesting.


      All of this is explained in the FAQ of the Members Area. We ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT MISS A PAYMENT TO A MEMBER at any time. That
      being said, Bruce was not over $400 in May, so he is not set to be paid on June 25th anyway.

      Reagrding the payment change. Through no fault of our own Paypal determined that because we were a new site that they did not want to process so many commissions
      for us for now. Unfortunately, they did not tell us that until Friday of last week so we had to make a change.

      We are switching to Payoneer, but that takes time and will not be completed by June 25th.

      So, for the month of June ONLY, we can either do a Wire Transfer or issue a check? Either way works with us. Also
      we are working with people who cannot do either of those to make sure they are paid on time. There are 39 people
      set to be paid on June 25th and every single one of them will be paid on time.

      Thanks Rick,


      • Thanks Rick,
        Yes, interesting….turned down by PayPal, messing around with payment processors…could be a bad sig. Sensing some annoyance and sarcasm in their responses (but at least they are responding!); I was quite aware I do not have $400 for payment on June 25th….it was just an observance I noticed on the ‘Stats’ section on the site. Guess I better first go to the FAQ section in the future…haha! Like yourself, I expect nothing from this….more for the intrigue factor…

        • Bruce they get annoyed because hundreds are asking the same questions over and over,instead of coming here and finding the answers! 🙂 Like you said, don’t be worried about anything. This either works or it doens’t, and in the case it does, cool, and if it doesn’t cool too! Anyway, I thought you were going to sign up for WA and crush out a website that you can retire from later? No risk that way. Care to comment on this just email me.

          We go on to the next program and earn money. The payment options were changed for My Email Mentor is all and they have run into paypal not wanting to send out all that money at once. So yes, hicups. But they are bound and determined to pay the 39 members due cash in june 25th by wire or whatever means possible to make sure they get their money. Yes 39 are cashing out on the 25th.


  100. Hi Rick, how are you doing with this thing?

    • Looks like we are getting close to cashing out on the 25th. Thanks for joining us! As you know I offer other ways to make money online and help many newbies get their start. Have you been to my #1 review for Wealthy Affiliate? GEt there as soon as you can, sign up and get inside, you will then see why everyone is joining the program.

      See ya on the ohter side.


  101. As an experienced online marketer, I too have joined this program 2 days back and seeing the money grow as the number of clicks increasing. But whether this is a scam or not, we have to wait and see our up line friends who have crossed $400 , will be really get paid in their Paypal or not. What you need to be successful online is a well organized, easy to understand sales funnel which you can create in few easy steps . You can see these basics at my website for free.I will be happy if you leave your comments there.

    • I’m so sorry Dr. Ravindranath. Leaving your website information here is a no-no. It is called spamming and really makes you look bad by doing it. This in fact shows us you are trying just about everything to get the world out about your website and whatever the hell you are marketing. Means you are struggling. It means you are not a professional, but a bottom feeder. Go peddle your wares on your own site or facebook.



  102. Ok sites seem to be back up now.


  103. I joined in May and so far I have a few clones. My earnings keep going up. I hesitated at first, of course, because it really seems to good to be true, but decided to stick with it. So far everything is working, so we will see.

    • Rosie, you mean everything is working well other than getting paid, right? Contact me at and I will tell you a little secret I found out about My Email Mentor. Are you looking to earn money for doing nothing? Or are you willing to work for it like the rest of us?

      Contact me so I can help you earn legit money online!


  104. Hi Rick,

    I have just tried to log into the site and it just keeps coming up with the message.

    The connection has timed out

    The server at is taking too long to respond.

    I then tried to log into and it just keeps coming up with the message

    The connection has timed out

    The server at is taking too long to respond.

    Both sites have been down since 11.35am GMT Monday 15th June.

    Anybody else having the same problem?


  105. Rick asked: “Day 25 6-11

    Getting close to the 25th… You guys ready to make some money?”

    Rick do you really want to know the answer?
    My answer is a resounding “YES”.

    My May earnings are: $468
    My June earnings to date: $279.90
    At this rate I will make more than $1000 before June 25th.
    I am going to have a big pay day come June 25th.

    • Yes you are! We all are. Don’t get me wrong. As a review writer I see this kind of thing happening many times each year. Most never get paid. But, I won’t put an unlucky cross over you guys heads! 🙂 If you get paid great. If you don’t. Just learn what I do and how I make money online. You can even sign up for my free 5 day course! I asked that you sign up so I can keep in touch and always be able to send you ways I make money. The sign up for is on the website on the right side of the page. So really. Whether you earn some money from My Email mentor or not…. Take a look at my free 5 day course.


  106. Hi Rick
    Logged in to my emailmentor today. I see that the deal is now
    $10 bucks and 10 day free trial
    Michael G.

    • Thanks Michael, I will definitely check into it.


      Ps. Not that any of it really matters if we are unable to cash out come June, right? 🙂 Thanks!

    • Yes you are correct. That is the only change I see, so all is still good. We got to try it for a buck! Ten dollars makes it better for StableMailer as they have to set up accounts. I guess they got tired of getting paid one dollar just go give money back to members who quit! HA!


      • Michael G

        Hey Rick
        I did mention before that the site has been upgraded to $10 instead of $1.
        Do you suppose it was meant to entice folks to hang on a while longer before opting out?
        Losing $1– No big deal but $10 might be cause to carry on and see how it goes.
        Just a thought ha ha
        Michael G

        • I’m sure the money difference is to make people commit more. And I’m sure StableMailer was tired of doing all the sign ups and cancellatins for one dollar! People believe if they pay more they get more value. Psychology.
          So I’m also sure Bobby B cares not if someone hangs on or not. They probably have 500 members by now and that is plenty to send out the email addresses! Remember, he is not doing this for us, but as a way of getting the addresses through. Just like I would pay you to wash my car. Same thing.


  107. Mauritz

    Hi Rick,
    Am I right in saying that you will not be paid on the 25th of June as you only reach the amount of $400 in June ?
    I am asking because I am sitting here in cold sweat working out when I will be paid. I joined 0n the 13th of May and made the first payment on 20th May. My next payment will be on the 2oth of June ( 5 days before payday !) I worked out that with the slow rate of clicks so far, I will probably not reach $400 in June which will have the affect that I will make 4 payments of $47 before receiving a payment.
    Everything revolves now on the 25th of June on which date I will have made 2 payments but will have the opportunity to ask for a refund as Clickbetter has a refund policy of 60 days.
    The question is how many persons are absolutely sure that they will be paid on 25th June ? Do you know of such persons ? If so, I will wait and see !
    Thanks for your reviews !!!

    • Hey Mauritz. No one is sure of anything with this program. Why would you say that? 🙂 It could very well be a scam. I do not get support now, so maybe they have already left the building. You could very well pay all this money and not earn any at all! Now am I sure I will cash out on the 25th? NO. I have enough to cash out, but will they pay? I have no idea. Stick around if you wish, and read my review come the 25th, and you will either see all my money still there, or you will see an empty account with it all starting over. Are you worried about paying $47 dollars per month? If you don’t have it I wouldn’t pay it! You are taking a huge risk. Why didn’t you wait to see when someone cashes out first???

      That is what I tell everyone I talk to. Wait! I’m sure they will give you a refund, as they only need the emails to go out. And you’ve done that for them. They don’t need your money from the autoresponder buddy. They don’t even get that. It is for the autoresponder service we pay them, not MEM. We will all just have to wait and see.

      Are you wanting to make money online for real? What is it you do for a living? Contact me if you want and I can show you what we do to earn thousands each month.


  108. Hi Rick:
    Even though your account balance is $418 (above the $400 minimum withdrawal amount) you will not be able to cash out on June 25 because you reached that goal in June. You are eligible to be paid on July 25 because your prior months earnings are paid on the 25th of the following month. I hope I am interpreting the rules correctly.

    • I’ve talked to Kevin on this and his reply is we will be able to cash out on June 25th. Not sure but for some reason I too missunderstood this fact. I was under the impression since we didn’t have the balance the month before, we wouldn’t be able to cash out. But he told me in an email support that if I make $400 at any time before the monthly withdrawel on the 25th, I would certainly be able to cash out. So, I’m not sure why I thought we had to have the $400 the month before. Which when you think about it really doesn’t make sense either.

      I think it has to do with them holding back the first month is all. And everyone suspected that each month was being held back like this. Kevin said just the first month is held, every month after is not. Does that make sense?

      We will see, regardless of all the speculation and wondering here…All this may be for nothing. We all may be wrong about even cashing out! We will just have to wait and see. Thank you for your comment and if you need to see the comment from support on this just email me at I will send it. That way you can let me know what you think as well.


  109. The reply I received from My Email Mentor support was this:
    My Email Mentor
    10:11 AM (1 hour ago)
    to me
    All the first payouts will be June 25th and yes they will be on time.

    MyEmailMentor Support

  110. Hey Rick, I have noticed a slow down dramatically since uploading my second batch, aslo I have tried emailing support to ask a couple of questions but not received a reply?
    I notice other people have had response particularly when itinvolved trying to pay money in for fees?
    Any thoughts?

    • Contact me at my email and give me numbers of clicks averages and such.

      Im sure they are getting lots of requests do to the system maybe being over taxed now. But will of course answer money questions first case. I’d give them 48 hours on questions about clicks and such.


  111. Rick, I understand your comments about free money and all that……….
    But I would like to point out the fact that MyMailMentor has pull people in by not exactly being truthful.
    Just look at their illustration, it shows each week the email list growing and the clicks growing each week by 25 clicks.
    (25 clicks per day 1st week, 50 clicks per day 2nd week, 75 clicks per day 3rd week and so on ……..).
    In the videos they give pie in the sky. Yes, I joined and promote full well knowing it will not work out the way they say, but why do they seemed to have the need to feed us BS. When I ask support about the clicks slowing down they basically said the each list would slow down after a week or so. But that is not what they illustrated or promoted.
    As far as doing nothing, sure a lot of people out there probably are not doing anything. But I am not one of those, I work a full time JOB and find time to promote this and a couple of other programs am in.
    I see here you as well promote this in a round about way by your reviews. You most certainly promote Wealth Affiliate.
    Anyway that is just my two cents.

    • I thank you for the comment. Yes pie in the sky. And usually these programs fail to do what they say. Many being scams and they are set to hook people in and get what they want, and then discard them later. MY Email Mentor could possibly do this and so each one of you buy into the program at his own risk. I myself have one clone, a friend of mine of which I paid his monthly, so as to test the system and be able to answer questions. I in no way promote the program other than feeding you guys the information I see. If you want to join, they will do it regardless of what I have to say here, or anywhere else. Right? But I don’t ask people to join like everyone else does. It is an unproven program and I would not stoop to that level of dragging someone down with me. To you, you may see it as but what if it works? Like you said, They over sold the program to get sign ups, and normally there’s a reason for this. I planned on joining this program so as to find out if anyone gets paid on the 25th. Only then will I really be able to determine if the program is legit or not. I myself don’t see it as being legit. Programs offering free month seldom are. But, I’ve been fooled before and missed out on the start up of some very cash worthy programs in the past. Thinking they were scams as well. Just because I do see hundreds and write and research hundreds, does not mean that sometimes one will come along and actually pay out.

      Hope this helps


      ps. Yes I promote WA because it has been there 12 years and I know the owners. I only recommend these type of programs strongly, ones with integrity and which work honorably.

      • Also the list they are using may have many overlapping email addresses as they are mailing out thousands per day. The company selling these lists to Bobby, could very well be exhausting their supplies! Could be a number of things also. You guys pay to play right? So we kind of have to take what is working and subtract it with what was advertised to us, then the result is the difference. 🙂


  112. Thanks Rick, but its just an observation based on what they say in the videos and website info, not a complaint.

  113. In my case the payment was not taken automatically after 7 days as it was set up to do. I contacted them as I had no clicks for over 24 hours and informed them of this. They then sent me a link to pay straight away using click better, now I am back up and running, I uploaded my second list today, but noticed that the clicks have slowed down and the commission has remained the same for the last 5 hours or so. Very interesting to be able to watch the changes and observe what others are experiencing too.

    • From what I gather the amount that shows up comes from clicks between certain hours. They do not accumulate all day long. So when you are not getting any…you don’t. But then during those times you do, you will see them adding up. What is the window of this happening>? I don’t know. I don’t really care as long as each morning I see they have uploaded. If you want to know the software and how it is set up you could contact support and ask them for us. Find out why the clicks only generate during a certain time frame.

      It’s free money isn’t it? Why do people get so upset with the detials! I don’t get it! Geez. You are given free money and you complain about how much? Unbelievable~!

      I earn my money online by working. I don’t expect something for free. I’ve never been paid for free or gotten money at any time. I’ve earned what I make and now earn money without having to do the work, just like you are doing here, yet I get paid. So far we know the program has not paid anyone. Let’s not get our panties in a wad about a program that may not even pay off. Okay? Sit back and wait. And if you are tired of watching it, go and learn how to make real money online like I did. Read the review on Wealthy Affiliate. It’s my #1 recommended program on this particular site. All you guys that want to work from home you can do this by learning a skill. Without a skill though you will be chasing dreams all your life. So, up to you.

      Hope this helps someone out there! 🙂


  114. Hi Rick, this is a new one on me, in a way. It kind of seems too good to be true, so is it? The daily updates you posted do look intriguing, but have you been paid yet? I can’t help but wonder if this is just another pyramid scheme. But maybe I’m wrong. Please keep me updated with your progress. I would love to find out how this works out for you.

    • Thanks Marcus. It is not that I’m here working the program myself. I am doing a live updated review to show people if it is a way to earn a passive income online, or merely another of the many scams out there. So I’m not needing money here. I have my own thanks! And I learned how to get it from being trained at Wealthy Affiliate. You can read my review here on the website as well. Many who join start earning real money within six to eight weeks! But remember, its a real online service and training. Not a get rich quick way to earn money. Speaking of getting rich quick. There is no way to do that online today.

      You can join for free and and learn how to earn money using different strategies, creating different income streams. In 2013 I joined this program and I’m still learning today, yet I make thousands of dollars monthly due to learning how to market online there. At least check the review out and see if this might be something you’ve been missing out on in the internet world.


  115. Hi, Rick. What a great review! This does sound legit, but I really like your #1 recommendation, Wealthy Affiliate. I will be checking back to see how you are getting along. Thanks for sharing this information!

    • Thanks Peggy. Yes we are still out on the verdict here. And while people sit around and wait, I seriously recommend they check into a legit way of earning online like I did back in 2013. I was skeptical of the program WA, but was able to sign up with no cost and learn what was inside and what I would be doing. Did you read my #1 recommended(free sign up) review for Wealthy Affiliate?

  116. This is very useful information, I can see this be a very handy tool for anyone interest in affiliate marketing to help get the message out about the product and services. Especially the clicks per penny showing how much it could add up in a few days.

    • Thanks for stopping by. So far My Email Mentor has not paid out and wont until June 25th. You can stick around or follow what I do and where I learned to earn online at. Check out the #1 recommended review called Wealthy Affiliate.


  117. I think the issue right now is that you aren’t getting any clicks for your own emails as the email sending site isn’t sending anything. I signed up on May 24th but after exactly 1 week I wasn’t charged the $47. My paypal says I will be charged on June 5th. I’d assume that I will start getting clicks again for my own emails as the site will start to send out emails again.

    • The members who have stopped getting clicks did not pay, or their payment did not go through. Always contact support guys when you see something wrong or inaccurate. I have been referring many of your comments to support and so far have not heard one reason that was not legit or didn’t sound like it was a correct one.


      • To further comment on what Rick said… I emailed support and they replied directing me to a site called “” to pay (instead of paypal).

        I think I should start getting clicks again tomorrow (I hope). I needed to make a new account on stablemailer and added the new info to my myemailmentor account.

        • Yes if we don’t pay we cannot play! Thanks for the comment and I hope you start getting clicks again. It is never too late to sign in to this program. Support says it will probably be around next year.


        • Steve, I also paid thru clickbetter but I did not have to set up a new account. I just sent a support ticket to make sure they had the payment info.

  118. Hi Friend,

    Do you heard anyone getting paid so far?

    • The first pay out is June $25. The program started out slowly and no one even knew about it going into the middle of May. I joined about then and it was too late to be able to cash out as we needed $400.00. No one had it so it has rolled over to June 25th as the first pay day we see. Then you will know if you should join or not. When the cash starts rolling in I will be the first to show you screen shots of this from varies members. So stay tuned!


  119. Is anyone else not seeing any addition to their click rates despite importing the lists each week and growing their mailing list? I have imported 3 additional lists now and have over two thousand members but still average about 30-40 clicks a day which is what I was seeing two weeks ago

    • You get 30 to 40 clicks and making money for doing nothing, yet you complain? John, upport says we get our money from list one and list two. All other mail outs don’t increase the traffic that much is what I am understanding. It’s not set up that way. If it were in month 6 people would be generating tens of thousands of dollars per month for doing the import export thing which takes 3 minutes per week? What they hell are you guys wanting!? A free ride through life? The internet is set up to where you are required to learn, to work,and to build a business, not get free candy each day for opening a browser window! Geeez you guys just flat out amaze me. Most of you shiny object chasers which will fail somewhere down the road, and I must add, time and time again before you learn that free money never pays off. When something sounds too good to be true, it most always is. Especially here!

      What did I do back in 2013 when I spent thousands chasing shiny objects called programs similar to this one? Which 99.5 percent were scams. I lost thousands! Or gave it away! Now in 2013 I caught myself and also ran out of money and finally joned a legit program called Wealthy Affiliate where they said I could sign up for free. Check them out, and learn to earn real money online using over one hundred different strategies to market with. So I joined, started earning income, and quit my job as a truck driver withing 8 weeks. The rest is me here working part time earning a full time. I get online cause I enjoy being here each day. And if I want to take a week or two off I do.

      I still pay for progams each week to write reviews on them. This is one thing thats easy and pays really well. The WA training program taught me to research programs and find out if they were scams before proceeding. Not join them pay for them, and then suddenly expect money from them. I do join them now, to create reviews, but I easily make more than enough to sign up and pay in order to learn and get information for my research. LOL Read the #1 recommended WA review while you wait at My Email Mentor to see if anyone gets paid.


  120. Sjaantje

    The payment is changed it’s now $10 for a trail of 10 days.
    Does anybody knows why?

  121. My first payment is due to go out tomorrow but i’ve had no clicks today. I’m in the Netherland and the time is now 22.50

    • Don’t worry. You can ask for a refund and you will get it. If you are not wanting to work the program or if it is not working as agreed. So don’t worry. Just keep going and contact support when you have or see a problem. If you are not getting clicks then contact support please.


  122. Michael

    Hey Rick
    Joined May/13/2015 Seems to be doing OK. Not to sure about reaching the $400 mark tho.
    I’m rather reluctant to stick my friends with something that may not work. Don’t want to alienate anyone till
    I see if anyone gets paid. Can U suggest some ways to drum up some clones without bugging family and friends just yet. Any tips would be most helpful to us beginners.
    Thx MichaelG

    • Michael,

      You guys are way too impatient! Slow down and wait til you see someone getting paid. Just today I’ve found other members who are ready to cash out on June 25th, some with $600 plus dollars right now. But they did miss the boat in May due to not quite having the $400. First of all, never try talking anyone into anything that is unproven! Never! Please, remember that. You can surely tell people what you are doing. That’s up to you. Remember, none of us know if this is going to pay or not. Now I also know that most of you just want to make money for doing nothing online. But to be honest with you, that never pays off. Not that I’ve seen here in the last 3.5 years. And if it does, it is short lived before the hammer comes down on someone, and shit hits the fan and people lose thousands of dollars!

      If you are impatient and want to learn about online marketing and how to build a quick website and start generating an income you can join Wealthy Affiliate. There you will learn how to build your own website, get the clones, like you are talking about getting, and start making money,too. You guys are too impatient to want to learn something, I get that. I didn’t want to either when I started out in 2013. In fact I spent thousands on programs just like this email mentor and failed in all of them not making a dime! I then found the Wealthy Affiliate program and decided I needed some quick training on how to avoid scams and learn how to make money for myself. I’m 57 so I got tired of working for others, and got tired of scams. As long as you follow someone from program to program, shiny object to shiny object, you too will limit your success.

      I know you guys are just wanting to earn some extra money online. I get that. I know where you are coming from. Many of you are pissed that you haven’t earned any money and may have even been scammed before, already. Sitting around waiting for this program to pay off, may be the longest month you’ve ever waited online. But I’m here to show you that you could be learning something while you wait. Sign up for Wealthy Affiliate like everyone else is doing and check them out. It’s FREE! Learn how to get clones by day two! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I got my start there, and the only reason I’m still there is I’m still learning stuff after two years. The internet changes monthly now. And to stay on top of what’s going on you need a few free lessons from time to time. The solution to your very problem is there inside Wealthy affiliate. You can even talk to the owner in live chat as he’s been helping people there for 13 years now.

      Michael. Go through the lessons there when you sign up and you will find out how to get your clones! And get others to sign for My Email Mentor, and not have to bug your family and friends. But listen, do you see me advertising.. My Email Mentor? No. I’m telling everyone to hold off. How would you feel if you talked 10 people into signing and they ended up losing money every month, $47 dollars each month? Terrible! Me too! So wait til someone gets paid and the program proves to be legit!

      In the mean time… you will find ways to get clones by going through the first few lessons there at WA. Trust me on this, the program is helping hundreds of new members every month. We never will learn it all, but we do need to learn as much as we can to play on the internet these days and be successful. Hope this helps you. Wealthy Affiliate.

      Or go back to website and click on the #1 recommended program link at top. Or just click the review link here: My Wealthy Affiliate Review it tells all about them.

  123. I’m on my 8th day and I haven’t been charged the $47 yet. I paid on PayPal. Anyone have the same problem?

    • No worries, sometimes it doesn’t go through and you will just need to contact support at their link. Tell them you signed but it wasn’t picked up by Get Response. They will then either have you do it again or reset it for you. Now if you don’t pay and they don’t show you have, later, eventually they will remove your account clicks like they did 1000 members last weekend.



  124. Sjaantje

    Hi there

    I read a lot about that the site is/was out
    From somebody else I’ve heard that my email mentor was out of order,because there wore problems with the clone link.
    Not it’s working again 🙂

    Greetings from the Netherlands 🙂

  125. Hi Rick

    I see that you are getting good response from a certain Kevin

    Can you please assist or point me to Kevin.

    I joined the program 30 May but for some reason my click stopped today. I also submitted support ticket

    My username is

    • No problem, I just sent the comment to him with your information. I will reply back to you when I hear from them.


      • Thanks!!!

        • Support just contacted me and they show you are getting clicks every day. Do you know how to find these? Normally they run for a certain time each day and then stop. You can go to commissions tab and scroll down to bottom,
          there you have two choices, to see commissions and to see clicks. In each box you will see two choices, daily and all time stats. Just find your daily stats and click on that to see today’s. All time to see the totals.

          Hope this helps.


        • Thnaks Rick

          Yes, I know whereto find them on Commission stat. this was the first day that they stopped.

          Maybe I must be more patient.

          Thanks for help

          Have nice day and I love your blog

          Cheers from South Africa

          • Glad to help. Remember the clicks do not run all the time. Only certain hours, depending on what part of the world you are in.


  126. Hello Rick,

    A new fan of yours….appreciate everything you do for us! I am early in EmailMentor; so far everything is smooth and plan to pay the $47 in a few days and move on to determine if we actually get paid….for me, that would be July 25th…If so, my next goal would be to begin adding clones. I don’t have a personal list of prospects, but my thoughts are to use “The Click Agency” that is advertised in Step 5 to automate promotion of the program itself….I would use the profits from the program to fund this endeavor. Do you have any review on The Click Agency? I am patient, positive, just having fun trying to supplement retirement income….Thanks Rice

    • Hey Rice.

      I’m retired as well and don’t need the money I make, but do figure out ways to spend it here and there. I beleive you shouldn’t have problems getting clones if the program ever pays. But I haven’t used the solo guy(click Agency) nor have a review on it. I know that a lot of the emails he gets from them have cancelled and unsubscribed, or bounced when I tested 100 of them on a broadcast campaign through aweber. Low click through rate as well. However, I have a friend of mine that uses this guy here. And has said he has had really good luck when not having any before using others. I could always change the links and update this review for you and when someone signs up they’d be signing under you instead of me. Well, I would have to charge you a nickle or two for the service I provide, right? :)click on link. We will cross that bridge if we see it down the road!


      Keep in touch if you like.

  127. Hi Rick,

    Ok, the site seems to be back up.


    • To rick bell Today at 3:48 PM
      The members area had an error on the login page that was completely out of our control. It was the server company’s mistake and it only affected some of the members and most of them were in another country.

      It’s completely fixed now. If anyone gets the error now, the simply need to refresh the page and it will load just fine.

      If you will convey that, I would appreciate it.


  128. Its working again now.

  129. Thank you.

  130. I also can’t get the site to open. Also my one week stable mailer trial ended yesterday. I so far have not been charged the $47.00 Is this the situation for anyone else?

    • Just heard from support…Kevin said to try and refresh, or turn computer off and back on. Here is his message.

      To rick bell Today at 3:48 PM
      The members area had an error on the login page that was completely out of our control. It was the server company’s mistake and it only affected some of the members and most of them were in another country.

      It’s completely fixed now. If anyone gets the error now, the simply need to refresh the page and it will load just fine.

      If you will convey that, I would appreciate it.


  131. Hi Rick. This has been fascinating to read all of the posts on here. I signed up on 5-18-15 for the $1.00 trial & then sort of forgot about it (busy with my JOB)! Then I got an email stating my credit card was charged $47.00! So, I thought I will give it a try since the card was already charged. Soooo a week after getting fully signed up, I am almost exactly where you were at during your first week. About 5-6 dollars/day..I am glad to hear that when I get to import the 2nd list tomorrow, the amounts will increase. Rick you REALLY are AWESOME at what you do! THANK YOU!!!

    • I’ve been glad to step in and help you guys. Normally these programs are not on going like this one has been so not much needed to be said. Even though I’m neutral in this case (I don’t need the money) from My Email Mentor, I do hope that everyone is able to make something from it. At first I thought it a big scam until I started talking to support and getting answers. Not getting answers from a support system is usually a red flag for the program being a scam.

      Still we will all be waiting for the $25th of June to see who gets paid. So welcome aboard and good luck. Remember, if you are looking to start an online website or business, for free, you can do so by going to the review of my #1 recommendation…Wealthy Affiliate.

  132. I have rebooted and still have not been able to sign in for almost 2 hours. This is what I get when I try to log into my account. error message.

    You don’t have permission to access /members/index.php on this server.

    Apache/2.2.3 (CentOS) Server at Port 80

    • I sent in your request to support and will get back to you asap.


  133. Hi Rick,
    Yeah, I have just tried turning off my computer and rebooting, the site just keeps coming up with the message

    You don’t have permission to access /members/ on this server.
    Apache/2.2.3 (CentOS) Server at Port 80

    It has been down since 11.35am GMT today Monday 1st June.


    • I have sent your message to support and will receive an answer shortly.


  134. I rebooted my computer and its still and the page is still down.. This is what its saying


    You don’t have permission to access /members/logon.php on this server.

    Apache/2.2.3 (CentOS) Server at Port 80

    • I sent them your comments from here and they should contact me shortly and let me know what is going on.


  135. I am experiencing the same issue, I am receiving the error message, “Forbidden
    You don’t have permission to access /s/54578 on this server.
    Apache/2.2.3 (CentOS) Server at Port 80”. The same message for Log in page and Landing page.

  136. Yes, the website is down. I could access it this morning and imported my weekly subscribers to stable mail. What happened? Got no email or something that the site is under construction.

    • I sent all your messages to them so we will see what they say.


  137. Right now the login page for MyEmailMentor is down. Anyone know anything about this?

    • It worked for me, try turning off your computer and reboot. Then try it. No one so far is having any trouble that I know of.


  138. Hi Rick,

    Thank you for the updates… FYI I wanted to see how real the email list was so I entered the names into an email sender program I have used in the past and sent them out. I just did a random hello email. Out of the 557 addresses I received 57 undeliverable, 47 remove requests and 4 actual clicks to google.

    I am thinking the emails are not actually getting sent out and the way he makes money is through people signing up for the email sender program at $47 a month.

    Either way it does sound to good to be true to me…

    Thanks for the updates.

    • Not too sure your email sender program is working very well. I’ve sent out dozens of these email addresses we receive and have varified real people and very few come back as invalid. But that happens when you buy lists from solo ad artists, like many do. A large percentage of them are either faked, not real, moved on, closed accounts, etc..

      The way he makes money is getting people to click on these emails and his opportunities. Not from StableMailer. That money is really going to StableMailer for their service. My Email Mentor is not charging us anything to participate in the program itself. Bobby makes millions by advertising using email marketing. I myself use it and have thousands of email addresses I broadcast to through aweber, and also others. You will learn as you go if you are new to online marketing. But as for now you are speculating as if you know what is going on here. And you are incorrect in that you do not know. I’ve been marketing and earning money online since 2013 and have several websites creating money for me much faster than My Email Mentor. Actually as you may know, I did not sign with MEMentor to make money. I do this for reviews I write. I’ve spent over ten thousand dollars signing up to review these programs. It is one way I make money. If you want to work the internet and earn money each day in a real way, sign up for Wealthy Affiliate it’s where I got my start. Use the program there to learn a skill and learn how others make their online money. It works. Just remember, when a program sounds too good to be true it probably is. The only way I’ve found to make real cash-ola on the net is to put in mu time and work for it like the rest of us. But for you to come in here and say this and that with no founded reason to even back up what you say…well, let’s just say I’ve been there and done that as well. I was wrong, just like you are. Limited knowledge was my problem! LOL I didn’t know what I was talking about so I finally shut up enough to learn something!

      Many addresses are not good because people move, they also sign up with false ones, so not all are good. Its a numbers game, email marketing. And I have to send out thousands of emails to get someone to buy my products or join a program. That’s just the way it is.

      You can learn how this works and do it as well, if you want to. I started my first website and earned $22.50 in less than a week. My first commission that I still get monthly over two years later!Learn to get recurring commissions and you do the work once and it’s done. You get paid each day for work you quit doing years ago!


      Hope this helps you guy.

      You can send me a personal email as well.

  139. SCAM VARNING on this program. Yesterday I had $386 on the earning counter. This morning when I logged in it show $6. The money is gone and they have start over from zero. I have email the admin but do not expect an answer. With no money from MEM to cover up for the emailresponse fee ( $47/month ) this will be a loss participation and I have soon to decide to quit, $47/month is a hight fee for an autoresponder. I get pissed of of this kind of SCAM programs.

    • Yes my account set back to zero as well, and support said this was going to happen to those that are not signed up properly or using a source of payment that is unathorized. Now let’s say you are legit and you paid using the correct way. I’m sure that Kevin in support is getting lots of emails suddenly and will get to them as he has done each day in the past. At least we should get an answer very soon about it.

      Remember Tord, when a program such as these comes along you have the option to stay away. But if you get sucked in you cannot complain about the program itself, as you are the one that signed up already knowing the risk, right? I signed because I write reviews, and since this one is ongoing, meaning no one has gotten paid, it is still pending an outcome. Otherwise I would be long gone myself as I have work to perform with other programs.

      When the program says you will get paid thousands monthly for doing hardly anything? What part of that makes any sense here online? Any of it? NO! There has never been a program do this, and probably never will. Why people keep signing up to them is why they keep posting these. The founders of these make millions because you guys keep signing up to them wanting free money! I remember back when I signed up for a few of these in 2013. It is why I became a review writer to excercise and to further understand what they use to sucker..I mean get you guys to sign up. The main hook in this one is the FREE $100.00. That and nothing to do really other than move a group of email addresses from him to you and then back to him! Sounds too easy to even get paid ten dollars per week! Right? Right? I’ve sent a support email to Kevin and I will let you all know what he says.


    • Here is the message I just got back from support.

      My Email Mentor
      To rick bell Today at 8:16 AM
      All of your commissions are still in your account.

      The flashing amount is only displaying for June since the new month began.

      If you go to the commissions stats section of the members area and click on All Time Stats you will see all of your earnings.

      MyEmailMentor Support

      On Mon, Jun 1, 2015 at 7:43 AM, wrote:
      Many members accounts are resetting back to zero. Mine as well. Let me know what you wish me to tell us about this.


      Sent from Windows Mail

      Reply, Reply All or Forward | More

  140. Rick, Do you need office for excel or spread sheet to import to CSV files I don’t have office, Thanks, Stephen

    • No I did not use it. However you can import the file to excel, but all you have to do is copy it to saved…anywhere, I use desk top. Keep it as the csv file it is..and then import it into the StableMailer dashboard area under the csv tab there.

      Here is what I do….

  141. Has anyone got a call from a rep from MEM? Someone called and left me a message saying is my start up specialist to help me he started. I haven’t talk to him to comfirm this.

    • Do not believe it. That is someone who has found people probably and looking to sale something to them they do not need. Contact support about it first. I will send in a support ticket for you as well.

      Thanks for bringing this up.


  142. Also signed up for paypal and when I click bank of doesnt allow it to go through to link with my bank. ..

    • You will have to contact support to find that out. I am not sure about what banks do or do not work.


  143. Im having trouble importing email..its saying something about csv?? This is day 3 and cant import my first batch of emails..what do I need to do?

  144. I am at the end of my second day of the program and will be starting my third day in a few hours. I earned $7.40 periodically my first day but nothing on my second day. Has anyone else encountered this? I noticed my credit card may have declined the $1 charge as well from This may have something to do with it.

    • You will have to varify that you are still signed up. But just starting out there is always delays. The amounts to not start increasing well into the second list. But it helps to have more clones! Be sure to check back and also contact support with any questions. I’ve heard they are answering every questions now each day before they go home. So many are easing up on the questions and watching their balances. If you want to contact me personally you can at

      Daniel, where did you hear about the program. Are you from Wealthy Affiliate?

  145. I’m receiving clicks only in a narrow window of time – that’s getting narrower daily. Between 9:00 PM and about 3:00 AM is the only time I get clicks. I’ve been receiving a click about every 15 minutes during those hours. The rest of the day 0 clicks. When I imported the second list, making a list2, at about 11:30 today all clicks stopped right then. I’ve been earning $5-$6 daily – no clones. Still covers the $47 fee and makes money.

    Does the narrow window of receiving clicks seem like a software glitch to you?
    Should I say something to MEM now?

    I thought they may be protecting themselves from people who join to get the $100 and then leave with a Benjamin, and a full refund, taking advantage and not giving it a real chance. And that’s why it will take past the refund deadline to receive the first payout.


    • The window seems okay to me, I know when I watch it during the day it does not move, so at night it does something, cause the next day it’s gone up. So not to worry. You earning 5 or 6 dollars without clones is probably about right. You should increase this though with the second and third list, and more time. More time allows many that have not yet clicked on their emails, to do so. Increasing your clicks over time.

      The $100 dollars is nothing more than a sign up hook. The hook is to grab interest to check out the program. They obviously make tons of money and can afford it, so why not? Its a good hook as well. Even better than using the word FREE!

      The delay on payment is the same reason many companies delay payments. Takes time for all the paper work to get done and everything to be accounted for. Would you pay some one right away if you were still waiting for their money to come in? The $400 is probably just as much a break even point as anything else. Why pay someone if you cannot make at least that much, right? But Bobby explains this in a pdf file I have which has a couple of questions he answers inside. If you would like me to send it email me at


  146. Baruk Azoulay

    Hi Rick,
    How come you where able to talk to Kevin from suport but we can’t?
    I have sign up with Emailmentor on april 23 I have 5 clones,I imported the last 3 weeks of subscribers but no clicks. Contacted suport 3 times no answer.
    Baruk Azoulay

    • I’m not sure, I just got a message from him today thanking me for bringing the questions to their attention. They found my review here and the videos I did. Kevin has asked me to tell him if any of you are having any problems or hav questions.

      So once I started sending in support tickets he has been answering them. I think they get lots of the same ones over and over and have asked that you come up with a question that hasn’t been covered if you can. And he has asked that I post this q and a from him also. As he appears to want to help us.

      Send me a comment exactly with the questions you wish to ask him and I will forward it to him for you. Email me at

      The people that click on your website or url that goes to My Email Mentor will not give you clicks unless they pay the one dollar and sign up. It appears that many sign up and never pay, that is why you show so many clones without clicks. I have them also. You say you imported the last three weeks of subscribers? You mean email addresses? And you say you are not getting clicks from your addresses that are going out?
      email me and be spacific so I can understand what you are saying. And I will send it to Kevin for you. Okay?


      • Baruk Azoulay

        Hi Rick,
        I have imported subscribers from Myemailmentor program,to Emailresponsepros Autoresponder,1800 subscribers.
        But did Not get any clicks! That is 0 clicks since May 15/2015.
        Am I doing something wrong?
        Please help.
        Baruk Azoulay

        • I’ve asked that you send me an email on this….I would need to see your screen to help you with it. I sent your comment here to support and will let you know when I hear from them to see what they say.
          I would have to see your screen shots or a short video of your process on this to be of help. Maybe they will get back to us quickly and help determine what is up.


        • Support says you have multiple accounts and are logging into the wrong one! Please acknowledge this. They say they have tried to contact you. did you check your spam folder or trash?


          • Baruk Azoulay

            Suport contacted me today and told me that I’m using the wrong account.

            I have joined myemailmentor on April/23/2015 when they use Aweber
            Autoresponder. My aweber was canceled and they told to use Stable maler.

            My Email Mentor
            To Baruk Azoulay May 13
            Your account with Email Response Pros has been set up and completed.

            Your list has been imported for you.

            Your messages will start going out automatically.

            Once a week you can add your new list of subscribers to your account.

            New instructions on how to do this are being added now.

            You can log into your members area at any time here


            Thank You,

            MyEmailMentor Support

  147. Hi, I’ve read the reviews and the experiment to try this out. I’m not ready to commit to just yet. I’ve found that you can earn faster with Binary Options. How fast? In just 1-3 minutes, you can earn up to 90% profit. True. There’s no need to fiddle around with mailers and autoresponders, clones, etc. I’ve found that there is no faster way to earn than with Binary Options. Thanks, this is just my 2 cents’ worth.

    • Sorry buddy, you are not allowed to be on my website and offer your way of earning online. Binary options has been reviewed by me dozens of times as being the scams they are. You are now banned from being here. If you were really earning money online form this you would not be here looking into My Email Mentor! ha! Seriously dude, get a life! LOL

    • deborah mccray

      what is the name of the software you are using because I have been through a bunch of them also

      • Software? I’m not sure what you are asking. Please give me more detail.


  148. Hi Rick,
    I have signed up for this program and am into my 3rd day and already showing $121.30 with one clone added. The system seems to be working fine for me so far.

    I have been reading all the comments on your blog and would like to address the question of where they get their emails from.
    It clearly states on the Clone Yourself page that they purchase email lists from and then distibute the email contacts out to their clones (members) and also suggest (not mandatory) that we buy more emails from the same company to help clone ourselves faster and in turn earn a higher revenue.

    I have done some more research and have found Bobby B’s other website that promotes the same program. Although there is a different actor in the video, it has the same review videos at the bottom of the page:

    Have you any information with regards to

    I also am a member of Wealthy Affiliate and would like to say, it is a fantastic community to be involved with…everyone is so helpful and this is where I really began my proper affiliate marketing training.

    Thanks for your review, I will continue to stay tuned to see the outcome at ‘payday’


    • Yes My Email Mentor being a brand new program, bobby got some video’s from his old program cause he didn’t have any to start off this program with. They are a needed part of selling anything online. Regardless, many marketers use faked ones to help promote a product at first if they don’t have any yet. Later on they exchanged these faked ones with real ones.

      I mentioned to support that I’ve seen reviews about 76 seconds as being a scam. And they said yes, some failed to make money with them, but many more were successfull. People that do fail tend to write very bad reviews once they have determined it was not working for them, they suggest it didn’t work for anyone!

      Thank you for the information about click agency. Us marketers know we need lists to email to in order to promote products online. Anyone joining My Email Mentor should understand, you may make money here doing nothing, but you have a chance to make a whole lot more if you learn about how to market yourself and your products. Like Dee says, you need clones to do this with. Marketing requires time and investments. Depending on how much effort you put into something will determin how much success you get out!


  149. My$47 payment was taken on 05/26 with no problem and my my emails apparently go out every day….the only thing not as promised is number of clicks are not going up as the number of leads are added as shown in the members area….regardless of number of clones….that promise is made in the section on how we make money….my rate of clicks will never get me to $400 in any 30 day period as they are right now…..

    • Hold on Bobby! Wait a second. That very same thing happened to me! When I joined I was only making $5 dollars per day! But it goes up. And I will tell you why. More and more people will be clicking on the emails you send out each day. More and more of them have failed to have the time to do this now, and so they put it off. As time goes by they finally get to these emails and click on them to see what it is. After all, the email has been in their inbox for days! So this happens time and time again as we advance through the month.

      Remember the talk about getting clones? Even without clones you will eventually make the $400 dollars. But tell me, is that not enough money for you for doing NOTHING!!!??? LOL Greedy are we? 🙂 Damn, even if I had an extra $400 coming in less $47 i pay each month would be worth importing and exporting email addresses for 3 minutes per week! Are you being crazy!! 🙂 It’s excellent money.

      Now if you want more just hang in there and more will come. Stop being negative! We have to be positive to get what we want in life. By saying you will never get to $400 per month you instill this in your mind. But, you are going to reach $400 and lots more! It’s guaranteed to work as said. And for the reasons I’ve given you here.

      Now earning money online is not free! If you want to earn the $20 dollars per day I am earning now, you must get at least 2 or 3 clones like me. Many members are getting ten and even twenty and now earning $30 to $50 dollars per day. Bobby. Please, just tell me right now, are you here just for someone to hand you money each month? If so don’t complain about making even $20 bucks per month! Okay. Got it? Good!

      Hope this helps you understand. If you need to speak with me privately just email me at You are not even signed up under me, but I’m trying to help everyone I can here. Making money online generally requires work. This system of MEM may not ever pay off. But as for right now just trust me your cash will increase with time. And, by the time you import your second list he gives you, you will see I am right. Did you even look at the review and how it started out for me? Look at the screen shots of my balance. Now when I started I got three of my friends to join to start getting more clicks from day one. If you do that your cash amounts will be the same as mine! Okay.

      I hope this has helped. Contact me if you have any more questions.


  150. Sjaantje

    Hi everybody
    I was just reading all the comments.
    Today I almost started at my email mentor,but I didn’t because I first want to see proof that people are really getting paid. And are the commissions the same when you are getting paid? So 400 commissions =$400.

    Already sorry if it’s hard to read I’m from the Netherlands 🙂

    • Yes the commissions are the same as the amounts shown, real dollars. What many are doing is signing up and then later they have a 60 guarantee by signing up to Stablemailer. If for any reason you choose it is not for you you can cancel and get your $47 dollars back.

      Again if you wait, that is okay as well. Many are waiting as they have signed up under me but not yet started the program by applying with the one dollar. Did you read the support message I got from Kevin? He is saying they have been overwhelmed of late and have almost 200 member sign ups. So it’s putting a load on their system and they have people working on this now to resolve any issues. Did you know that scam programs never answer your emails or requests? Did you also know they contacted me and asked me politely to remove a youtube video I put up initially saying the program was a scam? No scammer would have ever gone to the trouble of that!

      So regardless what you do, or when you start, or even if you don’t start. You are online here seeking opportunities. Did you read about what I do on my site? Many are joining (free) the program I suggest in my #1 recommended review. WA has been online 12 years and has paid out millions in commissions and taught thousands how to earn online in a legit fashion! From home! Are you wanting to become successful and work from home, part time while earning a full time income?

      Your comment was easy to read. Regardless of where you are from. Welcome to online adventure. Take the steps to learn a skill here and you will be able to make money like the rest of us!


  151. Jessica

    Hi Rick,
    Thank you for your help on this. I too signed up because I was curious as to what this was and figured it would either be the greatest scam in history or the greatest program. I signed up on Monday, May 18th, and things seemed to be working well until Monday May 25th came around and I had to pay my $47 to Stable Mailer. I got my 2nd list and imported it but nothing happened. I got my confirmation email that my order for $47 had been paid, but nothing happened. As of today, May 28th, My Email Mentor account is frozen, I hope not closed, and Paypal is refusing to allow my $47 to go through to Stable Mailer saying there is a problem with their Paypal account. Why I can’t pay them is a mystery to me. I tried contacting Stable Mailer twice since Monday and got no response. I did contact support at My Email Mentor last week and got a prompt response from them. I did see where Stable Mailer was sold on May 21, so I am wondering now if because they were sold they are no longer accepting payments for this program and that either the scam has run its course or the greatest program in history has just imploded. I would like to continue with My Email Mentor and feed my curiosity, but if Paypal is preventing payments from going through for memberships, I don’t see how I can.

    • These could very well be the first signs of what you said, an imploding program. Not sure if they have a way to use just any credit card as I signed up from PayPal myself. I have only heard of a few cases where people were haivng a hard time signing up.

      Stable mailer being sold has little to do with this program. In fact if you will contact me personally I can send you a pdf file that has some questions asked and answered in this regard.


    • Baruk Azoulay

      Hi Jessica,
      Where did you learn that Stable mailer was sold?
      I have sign up with Email mentor april 23, I have 5 clones but I do not get any clicks from my 1800 subscribers.
      Baruk Azoulay

      • Contact me and let’s see if we can get a message to Kevin. Are you sure you have paid the $47 dollars? They recently shut down everyone that was no paying in the money. And as of Monday they will cancel any accounts that have not paid the $47 dollars. Please make sure it has gone through and your account is active. My Email Mentor leaves things running to entice people to eventually pay, but they are changing that come Monday.


  152. I got in this morning do problem and just down loaded my second batch of subscribers they gave me…. Do you have to create a new list in Stable Mailer every time we import a new list of subscribers. I did I have list 1 and list 2 But I’m not sure whether this is necessary

    • I believe it is clicking on the same list area each time, and it repeats. So no, you do not need too create a new list. The guy in the video makes a remark about it and says no need to, just use the one that we created first.


  153. Lorraine

    Yeah if it was legit it would be a fantastic business model. But since others aren’t already doing this, I doubt its a viable business.
    One thing I wanted to know is WHO”S email does it show the emails are from and WHO’s Name?
    Probably mine…so I changed it in the mailer to protect my reputation!

    • The emails are sent out by Bobby and they have his name or his affiliates on them. They do not use our name I can almost promise you. Now one thing that was a red flag to me, sense we do send these out through our responder, is we should be able to see what opportunities we are helping with. Not that our names are tied to them, but just what are we contributing to the pormotions of?

  154. Hi Rick, thanks for such interesting and helpful info, keep it coming please.

    • No problem Dave,

      This is my job actually. And even though I don’t do live day by day in most cases, this one is pending. I had initially signed up for the seven day trial, as that is how I gather information on programs to relay the information to consumers on what to buy and what not to buy. Then I realized on day seven in order to find out for sure if the program is legit or not, I would stay and play. Bringing the information to thousands by doing a live, ongoing review. Now remember, as the verdict has not been hammered home as yet. I’m not asking people to sign up under me. My job isn’t to make money from this program, it is to bring it out in the open and save others from falling for programs that are not legit.

      However, that said, if I were going to do a scam program myself, as I have plenty of knowledge on doing one, I would set it up exactly like Bobby has this one. Meaning a delayed pay out, which would give me two months to advertise to thousands for free. As I would not pay anyone at the end of the two months, and thus make millions through using members as temporary partners. I’m not saying Bobby is doing this…I’m merely saying this could happen.

      And so we wait, and hundreds of members sign up and gladly pay the $47 dollars for this once in a life time money making opportunity. I just keep going back to being a review writer no matter what happens. But others will forever be bitten and perhaps a little bloody from the experience here. Remember, Everything in the online world that sounds too good to be true, most assuredly, normally, most likely, more so than not, very well could be, is!

      ps. For this last reason I mention I started learning a skill of how I myself could market using the top strategies millionaires use today. I’ve learned these marketing skills at Wealthy Affiliate, Wealthy Affiliate and now I never fall for a single scam, ever. But I first had to learn how to spot them, and I learned that very important skill as well. Myself, I would never have signed up for My Email Mentor in order to try and make money for doing no work. Life is not created like this, so the program goes against every thing I’ve ever learned online. In the past I have signed up for programs that have removed my hard earned money from my wallet!

      Hope this helps.

  155. I can’t seem to log in to This is what I get when trying to log in…….. File not found…. Its 12:04 am PCT

    • Yes did you try click on forgot password. Go back to your email you got from them and see if you are typing in the correct password. Let me know.

  156. I did sign up for this program, I am in my PayPal account and can not find where the auto pay is set up. I have a feeling they will sneak it in on the 7th day and bill it.
    This program smells like that penny site a few years ago called Zeek’s Rewards. Things just click to smooth. Where do all the emails addresses come from …. this is to good to be true. And my site hasn’t made any money in a day ….

    • Yes, many of you out there are expecting to be paid for doing no work? REally? I don’t get that mentality really. Contact me at my email address and show me with screen shots and messages what you are seeing now. I will try to help.


  157. Lorraine

    Update: Support finally wrote back from StableMailer, asking me what is my question, when it was posted with my original ticket.
    Strike 2 for how unprofessional and shady they seem. I can see my question. Why can’t they?

    • Yes I’ve been online going on three years now and have only just heard of them. So yes, we may be in for a serious scam as we go forward. I had already decided it was when signing up, but I had a review to write. We will have to wait and see and it will cost us two payments of $47 dollars. If it is too much for you guys to risk, then cancel, and sit on the side lines and watch! 🙂 That’s what I’m doing. Remember, I already make my money online each day, and not expecting this to pay me anything. To be honest, I hope through it all I can get some of you to stop chasing shiny objects and start learning a skill of marketing yourself online. That is if you want to sell something and make money. It doesn’t have to be your own products either. Affiliate Marketing. If you want to know more about what I do, you can send me a message. I take people who have fallen and I help them up with a new start and a new way of thinking.


      • Stephanie

        Another review stated that stablemailer was for sale on flippa and had a link which took me to their online posting on flippa. The company, when I read this about 2 months ago, was listed on flippa and was only about 6 months old. It had gone through 1 three month listing cycle. It was difficult to tell if they relisted it for another cycle. I am in, for now, but that is a concern I have.


        • That sale has nothing to do with MEM or the program here at MEM. Trust me. Kevin explained it to me and it is a totally differnet thing going on over there. Regardless. The domain name was all that was sold, not the company. Why does everyone worry about things by going sniffing around even when they have no idea of what is going on…then bring all this shit to me? LOL I have nothing to do about it or with it. You guys need to just focus on making money here by promoting this program or the one you are signed up for. That is how we earn revenue….not from getting into everything else.

          Focus people! Stay on track! You can not be successful marketing online if you mind is concerned and struggling with other issues! Come on….lets make some money here! Those of you who want more money should try the CMC program.
          it has paid me thousands of dollars in July and August! Need Proof? Just take a look inside the review… Commission Miner

  158. Lorraine

    I just got billed for the $47 via paypal. I noticed in the details it has as the customer service URL and as their email on the receipt.
    Bet that’s not legit!

    • I noticed that the first time, and tried to contact them through it. The email address went no where. Huge RED FLAG~! Many people would not even click on this to varify. But those of us that did, and want to know what the deal is should contact support and ask!


  159. he he he he nice one then rick i might just jump in and hope one more time it works catch ya soon

    • Well, I probably woundn’t be here myself if it weren’t that I review programs and buy into them regardless whether or not they work. I’ve found many of these type things that sound too good to be true, usually are.
      The program actaully came across as a big scam to me, personally at first, until I had them ask me to remove one of my videos about them. When they were willing to talk to me and tell me so much more from support, I have sense changed my thoughts. It very well could be legit. Regardless I was going to pay for it anyway so I could do the review. I found out this is what I really like to do online and I have signed up for so many programs, that many people will become under me no matter what the programs are! So I earn in different ways by doing this, and I’m able to help people at the same time.

      The two programs I have learned to do this from are WA and SFM. I don’t have to try to talk you into joining (or anyone else) I advertise these programs as being helpful, so people can join if they want to learn, or not. 🙂

      Send me an email if you have any questions.


  160. Hi Rick you are doing a good job.
    The irony is that everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die.

    • Well, yes, and no. I’m not wanting to die! But actually taking a chance on buying into a program is not anywhere close to dieing! Thankfully! Now if someone doesn’t have $47 they can invest, and do it anyway, they may feel like they are dieing! 🙂 Me not so much. I’ve paid out thousands of dollars buying into programs over the last two years and have made tens of thousands because of it! Actually when I see a program I WANT to join as fast as I can! The opportunity is not there if you don’t.

      We get what we reach out for. Not what we shy away from, right? As we lean into things we fear we become stronger and we build ourselves up with knowledge and skill along the way! Do I like scamming? Or progams that do nothing but relieve others of their money? No. And that is why I’m here. I buy them and research them so you don’t have to take the chance. You will know by reading one if it is for you or not. Generally. Unlike this program, it is pending.

      • I did not mean to imply that people should literally jump off the cliff to their deaths. I meant to say people should learn to take calculated risks. Anyone who wants to win the lottery/lotto should at least pay for the ticket. Anybody who can not afford to lose $47 or gain $700 should stay away from this program.

        • Yes true. Anyone who cannot afford to lose $47 dollars should not even be looking for opportunities online. Most things here like training and legit programs will cost you at least that per month to get started. Even Wealthy Affiliate the program I got started with in 2013 costs you $47 unless you pay yearly. Then it goes to being $39.00 per month actual money paid.

          But yes risks are here in life regardless if you are online or not. Remember guys. You pay to play just like Martin says. If you aren’t willing to pay, then you can forget about playing! LOL

          • Hi Rick you seem to be a true disciple of Wealthy Affiliate. Since I want to be “Wealthy” I will check them out on Sunday evening when I get back home. If I find them to be what you claim they are, I might “Affiliate” myself with them so as to acquire some wealth.

          • Thanks for the comment. I hope you read the review. Wealthy Affiliate is a place to learn a skill so you can earn money online, more than anything. They do offer a way to promote them as well, but they do not recommend it. Too competitive. They teach you to find a niche product and promote it. And they teach this the first week.
            The program WA is a place where you can learn to build a website and have one up and going in one day’s time! You can start learning, what you need to know to get traffic to that website. People think making a website and all is hard but its not. The technology today has made it super easy. You go through the program like it is a college course, okay? And they help you learn about your passion, what you like to do, and then they tell you how you can take that passion and turn it into money. To monetize it in other words.

            I’ve helped dozens of people sign up and start earning money in a variety of different ways, there. Some have websites on health and wellness, some with products from Amazon. You can learn affiliate marketing there which means you can sell other peoples products and never have to touch them, nor deal with the customer, none of those things. You get a commission when someone buys something you show on your websites. They teach how you can have several smaller websites which promote products and have different income streams. You will learn hundreds of ways to make money from the information they teach. And you can finally stop chasing progams that may pay and may not. Like MEM.

            Hope this helps.


  161. thanks rick im so tempted but been bit so many times might just wait and see if it pays out
    all so do you know if it will work in cyprus as im moving out there soon thanks for ya time

    • It works from anywhere. Keep in touch with me… to see the coming cash out in June 25th. And possibly… here me scream if it does pay off! You can then sign up under me and I will be paying members first months $47 dollar costs! Yep. I already make enough money for me, but if I can help somone else get started that my friend, makes my day!!! 🙂 So, just keep reviewing the review! I’m here to help anyone who needs it. Or, if you are wanting to do what I did starting out back in 2013, I joined under a free program called Wealthy Affiliate and I started making money just as soon as I had my website up and getting traffic! About 3 weeks part time. You can see me here inside that program now. Read some of my blogs on my profile page. I think you have to sign up to see them: You can tell my life changed when I signed up there. Like I said, I help others find a way to earn online, risk free! So keep in touch.

    • Oh. One thing and a great piece of advice! Sure you may be skeptical. But without risk, without taking chances, you will never succeed! We have to first decide we are willing to keep trying. Then an only then will be able to fail forward long enough to reach our success and goals that have been out of reach before! Read: The Success Principles by Jack Canfield. Great Book! If you want success in life you first have to reach for the stars! Even if you come up short on making it to a star, you have at least been able to build your first rocket ship! Then sell it on eBay for Millions! 🙂

  162. I uploaded my 2nd batch of leads yesterday when they showed up…number of clicks went down over night even though my list grew by 650……thought they should have at least doubled….oh well…..

    • Its going to depend on how many clones you have. What happens is it does increase over time. The more clones you have the more chances are people are just getting to their emails and clicking! So the more emails go out, the better the chance of getting your clones to generate more leads and the more time goes by the more late clicks you will have. Your money grows each day because of this. So keep a positive and open mind.

  163. hi has anybody got paid yet thanks be so good to earn some cash fast ish

    • We will get paid on the second month from when you start. The first payouts go out on June 25th. We get paid once per month after that. Did you sign up yet? Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with. You guys feel free to ask me questions here and I will help you if I can. It does not matter who you signed up under either.

  164. Vittoria

    Hi Rick ! Thanks for posting this. The thing I cant get my head around is how they can so strongly say its all free but then when you go into register you are then told you have to pay $1 and then $47 per month. Thats not free ! is it !?! Why cant they be truthful. I’m having second doubts about completing my registration because of this fact. How do I know in 2 months if I will make any money at all. And what if I want to make more money then just what they are going to give me. I have plenty of time up my sleeve.

    Thoughts please 🙂

    • ACtually they are being honest. They meaning Email Mentor is not charging anything. The responder Stablemailer is. Support says, we do not make money from the stable mailer. And in order to make this work for Bobby, is to give us $100 up front to help pay for that responder cost of $47 dollars. Why do you think he gives us money? To join, yes. But we can use this to pay for the autoresponder for two months! So when e cash out… at that point of cashing out we have had no money out of pocket! GEt it? The $47 has been replaced, twice! Hope this helps.


  165. Brahima

    This the email i received when i tried to do forgot password
    subject: Your Login Details

    Dear Brahima, Your login access details are: Username: Password: ######## If you have any questions please email our support department at- Kind regards ====================================================
    Support still did not contacted me sent several emails

    • Hang in there. I see you finally clicked on lost password and they sent you another one, or it appeared at the top of your page. So let me know if there is anything you need.

  166. This is not looking good my sponsor downloaded the 2nd batch of emails it was the same list with
    with 30 more emails What do you make of that another red flag

    • I’ve heard of that happening and support did take care of it and sent them another list. So did you contact them?

  167. Why the 100 limit when cloning will make it go exponential anyway….?

    • I’m not sure about your question. CAn you be more spacific. It is hard to know what everyone is talking about or where they are in their program. Just let me know if I can help.
      You can reach me at

  168. Great review Rick, it’s looks like Bobby maybe making money off of referring everyone to the Email Response system. I’m going to hold off on this until you post an actual payment.

    • Yes, if you don’t have the money and it is too much to spend on a program you are unsure of, I get that. Better to wait. If it is legit it will still be here six months from now. Hey, one thing is you can learn about marketing and be learning how to promote My Email mentors by going to Wealthy Affiliate. Read my review here on them. Sign up for free and start learning how to earn online. Not all programs will pay out, but you can at least learn a skill to market online and be able to promote others products, programs or services and earn money in the mean time.

  169. Brahima

    I am trying to log in my account since this morning but it kept on telling me “Login Failed. Please try again!” sent an email to support still the email does not go through. Anyone having the same issue

    • The software did that to me once. And I found out there was a glitch. I contacted support as well and they sent a new password. Do you have a message saying “lost password?” Make sure you are putting in the right
      characters and do not have the caps locked. Contact me if you need to at And, anyone needing help please show me a screen shot of your page you are having trouble with.

      • Brahima

        Thank you for your reply Ricky I did copied and save my first message when i register on Sunday i was using the same password to check my account was at $106.60. The problem still the same i have asked the Lady who introduced me to contact support but still not come back to me. I did sent an email to support again at and but no reply since.

  170. Thank you Rick for your reviews. I do appreciate them my friend 🙂

    • Glad to help anyone here online. It is what I do mainly! Glad you are asking questions as well and sending updates here to others. Your comments are helpful to all.


  171. Looks good so far. I have only been in for a couple days and am happy with
    what I have already in my account.

    • Well, good for you. Welcome. Guess what I heard. Already 100 memebers have signed up as of 5-22-15. So, you made it in just in case the limit the group later.


  172. Hi rick
    I signed up on May 19th my balance is $147.70 i have 1 referral i am a little leery about
    this program but time will tell, the support seams to be none existent kinda red flag

    • I thought I already commented to this one. Maybe not. But just read the last remarks I’ve made to everyone and you will learn quite a bit! Anytime you need personal help or advise you can contact me on my website under contact!


  173. Hi Rick

    By second batch, Martin is referring to the leads that you upload to stablemailer each week. I started off with around 1700 leads then each subsequent week there have been around 500-700 leads to download (then upload to stablemailer). My commission is at $800 in just over 2 weeks with around 13 clones. I agree there do seem to be some red flags but also, we can’t jump the gun and assume that everything that is good is a scam. Lets see what happens on 25th June (1st pay day)!!

    • Oh I got it, the email adresses! Ha! Sorry, I have my mind on my online work and not this program! Yes I submitted my second batch yesterday and jumped up to makeing $20 dollars per day now with my four clones.
      thank you so much Debbie for clearing this up!


      • That is the question that I was asking in my earlier post but you just ignored me.

        • Sorry Frank. I’ve been overly busy of late helping you guys here, on top of what I do as my regular work. Here is the comment I made just now about it: ACtually they are being honest. They meaning Email Mentor is not charging anything. The responder Stablemailer is. Support says, we do not make money from the stable mailer. And in order to make this work for Bobby, is to give us $100 up front to help pay for that responder cost of $47 dollars. Why do you think he gives us money? To join, yes. But we can use this to pay for the autoresponder for two months! So when e cash out… at that point of cashing out we have had no money out of pocket! GEt it? The $47 has been replaced, twice! Hope this helps. Let me know if you have further questions and if this answered yours.


    • I got my email addressed… I have previously canceled my recurring $47 because of negative reviews… However I have re-joined again because I am not afraid of losing $47 if that happens… I was impressed by the nice email I got back stating that they have been extremely busy with emails and that they were very sorry for not replying to my email in 24 hours… However I asked them that I already canceled my $47 in my PayPal account and they sent me a link to re-schedule my recurring $47 and I did not loose anyone under me… I have 6 people under me and one person who is active as a clone and I have already received $132.10 in 4 days… I am going to let this speak for itself and see what happens I like Debbie’s comment.

      • Good for you. Nothing ventured nothing gained. Glad to hear $47 dollars isn’t going to break you as well! 🙂 Carry on and we will keep in touch. I just talked to Kevin yet again today and we covered some more information I can share with the people about the program.


  174. “Please note your account will be cancelled if caught adding to the list by even one url address!” <~ What does this mean and where did you get this information?

    Also, where did you get the info that payouts won't be until July?

    I just watched a YouTube video and the guy said someone already has $1000 and should be able to cash out today (still waiting for that proof).

    Saw another review saying that his 2nd list was 99% invalid (but he got that fixed by support). Do you know how he checked to see if his list was valid? Because I uploaded my new list and my commissions are the same average (but I see yours actually did double).

    Just curious as to where you're getting your information and how to check the emails to make sure they are valid.

    Thank you


    • Okay I have the information you are needing in a pdf file. Contact me at I will then send this to you. I got it from support. They hold us back 30 days just like its a payrol check basically. And, the email addresses he gives us for us to download and them import or export back out, can be manipulated. We could ad our own addresses so to speak and I guess try marketing our own products. Not sure, but he mentiones this to one guy who asked if we could ad email addresses to the list. Which we are able to. So email me if you want this extra information.

      Now I’ve had good fortune in talking to Kevin a dozen or so times so far. I am after all listing a review of their program and its in first position of google search under My Email Mentor. So I’ve had some issues of them letting me know what I’ve written and asking me to leave out words like Scam and illigitament. That tells me it is less of a scam then it is a real live program where he is just kicking ass online and is needing help to market!


      • michael

        Does anyone have good ad/post to use to get referrals for this program? I am in my first week…



        • If you want to get someone to join under you send out an email with a test link. That is the best way to advertise or promote programs. Promoting them is the hardest work you will ever do. Creating a post or a landing page will over sell the program. The best way to do an ad is to write a review like I did. Many are just sending out ten emails a day and saying in them to check out this program giving away $100.00 Money does talk. You can also do a review on YouTube and get extra traffic.
          What do you do online to earn income? You can comment at to chat.


        • Hi Michael email me and I will send you the ad I am using. It is converting very well. I have 47 signups and 11 of them have set up their accounts (clones).
          Here is my email:

          • I’ve approved this so it is now public. I myself would like to see your advertising strategy, myself. May use it if the program ends up being legit. You do realize of course if the program is not legit you have asked many people to sign up and throw their money away. Right? 🙂 As long as you are good with that. I’ve witnessed hundreds of similar programs online over the two and a half years online here, which did end up being scams. Not saying this one is…
            But since it is still pending… someone cashing out on June $25th, I have not asked anyone on my site here or my review, to sign up for it. If they want to, fine. But they take the risk is all I’m saying. The three clones I have now did sign up under me because I paid their $47 dollars. And I will be paying their second monthly $47 dollars as well. Mainly to see how much the balance changes and increases with even two or three extra members.

          • Barnabe Martins

            I would appreciate any help i can get to get clones. If U can help

          • I’m very sorry. As I cannot help everyone. There is not enough hours in each day for that. I am only able to help the members I have signed up under me at this time. The clones are easy to get though. During the last two months I have not even tried to get any. I may get some clones later, as I have four clones who signed up just from reading the review here. But it appears for us to really make some good money here we need about 20 clones. Since they only pay us $10 dollars per month for them now! 🙁

            One way I’ve helped many to learn to get a quick marketing skill so as to create a list of clones is to join the FREE program training called Wealthy Affiliate. By joining this program you are able to learn marketing strategies and find out exactly how everyone is making money online, and getting clones! Join, take a week or two inside the course and you will be able to get as many clones as you want, once you know the different ways to market. Also, you will learn how to earn more money online, like me! 🙂

            Go read My #1 Recommended Wealthy Affiliate Course REview Already many of the members here who have signed up with WA have started getting more clones!

            Hope this helps.


  175. Rick I commend what you are doing because you provide a valuable service. My post was not meant to disparage your work.
    Myemailmentor says you can earn up to $700 in a month not in a week. You have not even uploaded your second batch of leads yet, so you can’t say that goal cannot be accomplished in a month with 1500 to 2000 subscribers. Plus the program is not even a month old. Everything has a beginning. Everything starts from zero. If you go here you will find people who have already made more than $400 in a week.

    • Thanks for the feedback,not sure what you mean by second batch. Do you mean clones? How many is in batch and how are you getting more than on list, or batch? Hope to explain this in my review as well going forward.



  176. Hi Rick,

    Here’s something scary…I just went into my PayPal account to cancel the subscription and it’s nowhere to be found!

    • Maybe you didn’t find the right place. You can find my phone number inside on contacts or I can call you and help you with this..Just email me at


  177. I signed up on 05/21/2015 and as of this morning my account balance is $196.80.
    I have 38 referrals but only 9 of them are clones.
    I believe the program will work as described or planned (just my believe).
    There is some degree of risk involved in everything we do or with which we get involved.
    Simply learn to take calculated risks. If you cannot afford to lose $47 or gain $700 then
    don’t get involved with the program. It does no one any good speculating and spreading
    unfounded rumors.
    The $47 EmailResponsePros autoresponder has a 60 day money back guarantee. If after 58 days
    you are not satisfied with the service you can always file a dispute with Paypal and get your money back.

    • Thanks, I signed up on the 17th as you know and my balance is not what yours is. But, everyone is going to be different. If people want to sign up they can do so. I’m not trying to stop anyone. But I’ve seen so many programs that are scams and I write about them and have been for two years… and I try to help steer people to ones that are legit. The whole business of doing this review is my livelyhood and I earn plenty from it not to have to worry about whether this is a scam or not. Okay.

      Whether or not it is, I’ve asked that people do not sign up because it may be a scam. We don’t know yet. Right? To me it’s not about the money. I make plenty! I also spend thousands buying into programs just to let others know if they are real and legit and if there is a way for them to make money.

      You have to admit, they say you can make 700 your first month and no one was even able to cash out, so that means they never did make even 400 like they were told would be easy to make. When I hear things like this, and in previous 300 articles I’ve written on 3 websites, it usually means something is not right. That is all I’m trying to say here.

      Good luck to you and please keep in me informed on going forward and hopefully your feelings about this being a legit program are correct and founded.


  178. I signed up today and uploaded my mail list and got 534 addresses all but one of the address were invalid. So I too will be reviewing this site on my own website. I will give it some time to see if I get any response from the support system they have. And by the way I got my start at Wealthy Affiliate lol. I am no longer there but doing real good without them.

    • Hey Jim,

      Glad to hear you are doing well. What promted you to sign up for a risky untried program like this if you are doing well? I don’t get that part and if you’d like to share with me you can do so privately at my email

      Thanks for stopping by!

  179. eric peoples

    Hi Rick, I would like to know the other legit programs you are working in order to make money online…Thanks

    • I joined in 2013 to Wealthy Affiliate. It is where you can go in and build a website for free and start marketing a product of others. Easy to do. You can join at: don’t be stuck as a free member there. the training is worth the premium upgrade, and soon you will have it being paid for by your members or the products you sell. And you continue the training until you’ve learned what you need to earn online. You can then quit paying them…but no one ever does. Because it is a never ending learning experience that we need as things change online so fast.

      In about six weeks I was earning a decent wage. Later on that year I joined SFM another program I marketed and started earning even larger commission checks. It costs to level up there but you have a chance of earning up to $8000 in a single commission check. I have yet to earn one, but could any day now!

      I hope this helps….

  180. Thank you for this review. I was gungho until I saw this review which makes a lot of sense. What do you feel about getting the extra 500-900 leads per week, which is in turn supposed to get you more clicks? If you and your four clones received on average 500 new leads per week, (2000 a piece in a month) that should make the clicks and the commissions go up according to Bobby B. If this is the case then you should make quite more than you are projecting from just the first batch of leads loaded in the system. Your thoughts?…

  181. What are the other two programs that Bobby was involved in?

    I signed up last night and will give it at least a couple of months.

  182. This is what I got after 3 email attempts in 4 days…. We do apologize for the delay. We have been extremely busy and try to get to all inquiries within 24 hours.

    Sorry to see you go but hopefully you will reconsider.

    MyEmailMentor Support

    • I’m going to hang in for one month to see if anyone cashes out. Plus I’m letting others here know when they read the article what to do and at what risk. So sure its costing me $47 a month, but maybe they will realize to make money you need first to be a a legitimate program and learn a marketing skill like Bobby B uses.


  183. Hi Rick, I canceled my account at PayPal for no more recurring payments. I paid $1 but now I wont be billed for my first payment of $47 USD… I am going to wait it out and see what happens first.

    • I hear ya brother. I would wait myself if I were you! I can afford it though, I make good money online. Been doing it for years now. If you are looking for a program to learn to do what we do, then let me know. Or just contact me on my contact page on the website. You can call me and discuss what you are wanting to dig into. Fast paying programs offering you money up front usually have a false bottom, or kick to them, like a mule later on!

  184. Hi Rick… Great honest review. I will also stay posted with your review here because I am also wandering about this business as well. I singed up May 21 /2015 I got $111 so far and 4 clones who have done nothing yet. I am a little sceptical But I’m sure I’m not the only one. If this is a scam and they prolong payments because no one is getting close to cashing out the first month, and they are charging $47 a month for the autoresponder with many thousands of people, than you are right it will be one of the biggest online scams, and its people like that who mess it up for legitimate online marketers. Apparently If you do not make the $400 the first month, they roll it over to the next month which should reach the quota than… But we will have to wait and see… Thank you for your review.

    • You are correct. Now I’ve found out they are putting a hold on even when you make the cash out. So even if you make it in June you are going to pay another $47 and only be able to cash out in July. By that time you should have some decent money though. Doubtful if Bobby even pays anyone though.

  185. I think it’s a good idea that you show real statistics of your progress with the program because it can allow people to know exactly if it works or not and by doing so you save their money and time. I trust your honest opinion and will be watching your progress. Thank you

    • Hey Rufat, I’m going to stick with it for the next month and keep posting for people. I can afford the $47 so at least I can get the word out to let everyone know whether or not its a scam. And who knows, if for some Reason it isn’t then you can join in and play too!


  186. Good review keep me posted

    • Yep going to stay with it one more month to see where it leads. And possibly get others to hold off on signing up. You can watch and wait, it will still be here when someone cashes out, if the program is not a scam. And you will still have time to get in then.


  187. tabarno

    Hi Ricky, I also signed up on Thursday last week, my earnings are $139 already, but the sad thing is that a week after sign up, of which I paid $1, someone tried to do a transaction on my visa card for $47 dollar transaction.I have never used this card online but only for myemailmentor.
    I don’t know what to think but I truly hope it wasn’t them.

    • Holly Cow Man! I’m sorry to hear that. It is the first I’ve heard about that happening for this program, oh my! I can report it on and around YouTube but don’t know what else to tell you other than cancel the card and file a complaint on it. Sorry to hear this man! I’ve been lucky so far, I’m all over the net with credit cards signed up for everything imaginable. I buy into programs just about once a week, sometimes twice, to get the inside scoop on what’s going on. And then I can relay the information in a review and save plenty the heartache of signing up for a scam program! Sure I recommend good programs and sometimes get a small commission, but that is better having someone buy into one this is a scam for sure!

    • Hi Tabarno, yes it will have been My Email Mentor as when you sign up for the $1 trial, unless you cancel your subscription, you will be charged $47 after the 7 day trial has expired

  188. Hey Rick,

    On your screen shot from 5/21 you said your profits weren’t good. But, from what I’ve calculated you’ll have $400 by the end of the next week. You’ll probably be one of the 1st to cash out. You’ll make another approx 45 in the next 3 days (15 x 3). If you & your referrals get another list, your commissions are going to double (supposedly, because your clicks will double). So, if that’s the case, you should make approx $30 a day next week x 7 = 210. 210 + 45 (next 3 days) + 145 (your approx commissions now) = $400 by the end of week 2. Don’t forget, your clicks are suppose to double every week. Thanks for your blog.

    • Keep in mind please. Just because someone says our payouts will double, doesn’t mean they will. And anyway, Bobby says starting out we will make $700.00 dollars per month, and so far no one has reached even half that with clones. Please keep looking at the payout I show each day and at this point it is with 4 clones fixing to drop out in their 7 day period. They are mostly my friends who I got to sign up for seven days only to see the stats they help create. So hang in their and watch for 30 more days. If the program is still in existence!


  189. Christina

    Hi Rick,

    I’m glad I found your review because I’m starting to turn skeptical. I signed up earlier this week, imported my list, emailed him to activate the list. I missed a step and had to go back, fixed what I missed, and sent him an email to activate the list. Anyway, I haven’t heard from him and every time I send out my campaign it gets paused on its own. At first I thought it was my tablet, so I got on my computer and the same thing. My campaign is not sending and he’s non responsive to emails. Still sitting at $100 and my campaign refusing to be sent out, needless to say I won’t be paying the $47 when it’s due.

    • I quite understand. No one should buy into this just yet as it will cost them now…$141 to stick in there til cash out! So keep coming back to look at the balance and the information I’m leaving each day.

  190. Rick, thank you, great review as always. I am participating in this free trial, although doubt I will pay anything out of pocket. In your review, and my own common thought process when participating in opportunities such as email mentors, all the red flags are waving, the one biggest one, should have done what it usually does, gets my attention; it’s to good to be true….. someone is taking advantage of others, this is my opinion of course…
    Thanks again Rick
    Sincerely Jerry

    • Yep, you are correct. As a review writer I have learned years ago if it sound too good to be true it normally is…Always! And many of you keep jumping from one shiny object to the next. Never sticking with anything, like I have, to become wealthy online, and to have business earning revenue each day! You will learn sooner or later. In fact, you can learn at Wealthy Affiliate like we did! Up to you. Thanks for stopping by and be sure to keep up with the hype coming up!

  191. I joined today (mei 20 2015) and I am also curious how honest Mr. B. is.


    BTW can I use your URL for the Facebook Group????

    • Sure. I care not what others actually do here online. As long as I can keep them from losing their hard earned money on program scams!
      I imagine Before we start a private Facebook Group, we should see if anyone cashes out their $400 first.


      • Kimberly Ochwangi, Facebook and youtube user. Shes also a new member of MyEmailMentor and shes made $400 in earnings but cant cash out until the $25th of next month.

        • Also check out Maverick Searcy on facebook. Facebook user. He’s made up to $544.60 he has proof, a screenshot. Hasnt been paid i dont think but thats how much hes made so far with MyEmailMentor.

  192. Hi Rick,

    Thanks for the heads up. I am skeptical about this program, however, signed up yesterday and will watch along with you to see what happens. Great review!

    • Good to hear from you. I am leaving a screen shot of my earnings here each day. So check back frequently. Right now I have a few members to help the numbers increase. They will probably bail during at the end of the 7 day trial. However, I see that I can earn money, its just a matter of how much is enough. The work is easy and so even making an extra 100 per month would be excellent pay. Probably even $50 dollars per month for this amount of work would be almost like someone giving us a $50 dollar gift card each month!

      I will keep you all posted so whether you sign up, or just watch…let’s learn how to make the most money from the best places online. Wealthy Affiliate is where I got my start marketing online. I trained there for two weeks for free and built my first website in 20 minutes! I went on to earn my first $22.50 recurring commission within 3 weeks! I get these commission each month as long as the members stay and learn marketing! It is a great opportunity to begin building your business today. Just click here to join….Wealthy Affiliate Program FREE.

      • Deb watts

        Hi has anyone had a payment from this guy yet? Just wondering if he is gonna pay ? Thanks

        • Hey Debwatts! Sorry the article was written long before anyone knew what day was the payday! The first payouts will be on June 25th. Everyone having at least $400 dollars will have their account balances cashed out and sent to their PayPal accounts. Did you join? Or are you looking to earn online even?


          • Hi Rick,

            I have around +600USD and have been making several request of withdrawal for the past couple of months but there has been no response. Just wondering what’s up. Is it real or scam, because only on receiving payments will we know it is real and can recommend others.

          • All the members I know are getting paid. It appears a few have not, due to either being in a far away country or not taking care of promoting MEM properly, or perhaps not sticking with payments required. Also many did not’
            send in the right information.

            I have recently sent your request to support.


      • did you know that myemailmentor , changed the pay out , from sending your money to paypal, tp you have to fill out a tax form, and send it to them, before you get paid, and they only pay direct deposit, or wire tranxfer?

        • Yes I talked to Kevin yesterday and he let me know they will be paying the 39 members who are able to cash out this month with a wire transfer. But they are seeking to make sure they get paid one way or another since the pay out system has changed.

          Anyone not knowing if they are on the right system contact support and ask! Very important.

          Also yes, we are always going to need a way to report extra income, and some companies will allow you to use your social security number as your tax id. That is if you don’t have one. So don’t be alarmed about this. In order to get paid online you they will need to report that these funds went to you and thus the SS number or tax id they report to.


          • Thanks rick, for being on top of things!!!!!
            I’m one of those members that will be able to cash out on 06/25/2015, thus making me one lucky member!!!, i would also like to know another thing, i have a member that paid the ten dollars for the ten day trail, but after words he did’nt pay the 47.00 dollars standard fee , for emails pr. he has told me he is still receiveing his down load leads, i was wondering since he did’nt pay his fee , can he still pay his 47.00 dollars after the 25, and still be apart of the system?

          • The members that do not keep up with their accounts are cancelled out. At least all the ones I’ve seen and heard of. They are running behind is all..and of course, they will love for you to continue uploading the list, but you are not going to get paid for it.

            He will need to contact support and let them know the situation, and ask if he can keep his account going if he pays. That is what I’ve heard others doing. At least give it a shot. Even if he starts over it’s better to start now then to not ever start at all.

            One other thing. Since you will be cashing out on June 25, will you contact me here with a comment to varify this? I’m sure others will be chomping at the bit to know as well if the program is paying you guys?



          • I’m glad to see that there are people being paid because I’ve seen some pretty miserable reviews from people who claim to have been scammed. I was at the point of kicking myself for joining!
            How did you get the number to call Kevin – in fact how did you find out there even is a kevin, lol!

          • I’m getting plenty of help to others because I am set up to promote mem better than most. They know I bring in members. Well, out of thousands of members there will always be those that cannot follow directions and blame everything on everyone else but themselves. And of course the company themselves are at fault as well for changing things around so much. But the wrinkles are being ironed out and Kevin has asked that those who contact me, to send their information to him personally and he will take care of them.


          • Virginia Hatch

            would like to know where myemailmentor went — clicked onto it today 11/18/2015 and it says domain is up for sale?? here is my link–

          • Please contact and ask for a refund. MEM was a scam and is now closed.


      • I have been trying to pay my 47.00 dollars for my subscription to, but paypal, will not except money from that merchant, and i put a support ticket in , and i checked ,and it says closed without any information regarding how to pay, this is really giving me pause to think that there is something wrong with this system….
        Can you inquire into this matter and get back to me with an explanation?

        • I have copied your information and have sent it to support. When I hear back I will double back here and respond to your question.


      • Jason Wilkins

        Hey I have went through all of the requirements to be paid and I was supposed to be paid on Sept25th and never did. I was never told about this dwolla, is this the reason I wasn’t paid? Anyways can someone help me with this case I’m about to quit. Message me

        • I can help in this matter. Contact support again. Attention Kevin, Rick asked me to contact you about this…

          Then send him your info you need help with. All of it.

          Then send me a copy….

          Then I will send a follow up letter to Kevin in regard to this.

          Be sure to email me a copy of what you send him…so I know you are following instructions.


    • Deb watts

      Does anyone know about the trouble some people are having. My partner signed up under me and his account yesterday went down to 60 cents from over $300 therefore making my balance less than $400 .. Stable mailer is paid .. Also I have submitted everything they said to be able to receive payment. I am in the UK so Dwolla cannot be used. I’ve emailed them several times but with no response so if anyone at all knows what the problem is please let me know as I have people within my group who have had the same thing happen. Thanks in advance..

      • Not sure what is going on. Unless something glitched and the payment wasn’t sent somehow. You need to send in proof. And by that I mean get the receipt you need to send in, and then copy it to email. They should reinstate you. Just email support about every 4 hours until they answer. Will do you go to change up the content and subject lines as well each time. That is marketing 101!

        Sorry I cannot help here at the comment box as I’m just a member as well and am not associated with MEM other than this.


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