Let me be “Frank”… The Internet is FULL of programs that just do not work. So what’s the answer? Find out here..>>Path to Wealth<< FREE access to find out how it works!

I can tell you that spending good hard money on stuff that pays you nothing is tragic! But trying to find a legitimate program that really teaches beginners how to start an online business can be a big pain in the “you know what!”

I should know because I’ve tried so many different things in the past that I lost count. You can trust me on this, I have seen a ton of crap! And I’ve spent thousands of dollars trying to even buy my way to the top. In fact, before my success I spent almost $40,000.00 dollars!



  •        I’ve tried the “Done For You Systems, three-mouse-clicks-a-day
  •        I’ve tried “super secret software offers that have everything included
  •        I’ve joined many mlm’s only to lose more money and not build my list of members I need
  •       I’ve bought into One page websites selling me massive traffic email marketing scams. You name it, I’ve been there.

Do I need to mention that I was really pissed off by these bad experiences, and angry at myself for lacking the right knowledge? I am sure you can understand how I felt; hopeless and very skeptical to even think I would ever be able to start my own, Internet Business. 

But the good news. Let me tell you what happened, that finally got me on the right track and having progress. I joined this company as a member…

>>Access Your FREE path to Wealth with your own website builder<< access here to begin

Reality Check!


Mired in my misery, I talked to my best friend, a firefighter in his 38th year on the force. He listened patiently without saying a word. When I was finished he asked me 5 questions:


  • Do you know what it takes to start an Internet Business?
  • Do you know how to build a website?
  • Do you know what this website will be about?
  • Do you know about SEO and how to get traffic?
  • Do you know how websites make money?


Of course, I didn’t have an answer to any of his questions. “Well, he continued, You suffer from IDK! Do you know what that is?” he asked. I didn’t. IDK stands for…

I Don’t Know!

This was when reality hit me, and it hit me hard. I didn’t know a thing, nada, nothing, zilch about how to make money online. or start my own unique business from home.

My friend was not done yet. You see, by that time he was preparing for life after retirement, and each day during lunch and after hours at the firehouse, he was building his own Internet Business.

In fact, he had been learning Internet Marketing part-time. So when he showed me his website and gave me a tour of his online place where he was made this all happen, I was in shock! To say the least I was super impressed and realized he had just shown me my path. I had finally made it! Sometimes it is not what you know, but WHO! 🙂 But what you know here online is everything! Most think there is not much to know. That would be very wrong. We have to actually build a system that works.

Make Extra Cash From Home? (open now)


Wealthy Affiliate – the ONLY Cure I’ve Found For the IDK Disease


photo wa exchangeNeedless to say, I signed up with Wealthy Affiliate right then and there. And, it came as a big surprise that I could do so for FREE! It didn’t cost me a single penny to join and they didn’t even ask for my credit card information or nothing!

In the next few minutes, let me show you exactly what Wealthy Affiliate is all about, what it did for me, and what it could do for you.

Before I get into details though, I need to point out that Wealthy Affiliate may not be for everyone. So let me talk first about what Wealthy Affiliate is not. So you’ll understand what I mean.


It’s Not A Work At Home Job…

If you are looking for something like Data Entry, Stuffing Envelopes or taking Online Surveys etc.., I’m sorry, but this is not that. The WA program is different. You don’t have to deal with application processes and Support folks that don’t think it necessary to ever respond to you. A place where the work is hard and the pay lousy. 


It’s Not a MLM Or A Pyramid Scheme…

Let me put your mind at ease! WA is not about recruiting thousands of folks to make the owners rich. There is no upline or downline nonsense, recruiting to get bonuses and a compensation plan nobody understands in the first place. None of that.

You don’t have to worry about sales quota, monthly standing orders people are not interested in buying in the first place. And best of all, you don’t have to harass your friends and family members with home parties, where they are left to clean up the mess behind so you can make a few bucks.

clickfunnels review

It’s Not A Product You Buy Without Knowing What You Pay For…

I told you earlier how I came to joining WA for free, and this is the truth. You can do the same with a free sign up: Expect Your Success!


They don’t even want to know your credit card info. Try to get a franchise or a college course for free. It will not happen.

At WA you can jump right in, learn, build your first website and start your online business without any investment. And do it in very little time. If, for whatever reason it does not seem to be your thing, just leave. No trouble. No questions asked and not a single cent out of pocket.


So Here Is What Wealthy Affiliate Is About? 


Finally. That’s what brought you here…… What is it? It is how you can earn income online and start your own business.

 The simple idea is to create yourself a website, add content with information people search are already searching for, and get paid when they click on the ads on your website…Pretty easy actually.


Four simple steps to this process…


 wealthy affiliate review



Take a moment and think about how many times you have referred people to a restaurant, a movie, a car service station or to a product you’ve seen. And think about how many times these folks followed your advice and did eat there and spend some money.


Now imagine that you would have received a commission for every person you referred. There are thousands and thousands of companies that have “affiliate programs’ that pay you commissions for referrals. It’s the great thing about Affiliate Marketing. It has been around for ages and is a working formula that Wal-Mart, Home Depot and many other outlets use. Even brick and mortar business!


Companies like Amazon, Google, Best Buy, Apple, Dell and Walmart have these Affiliate Programs in place and need your help…And eager to pay you for it.


It’s called Affiliate Marketing, and the best part is, it doesn’t cost you any money to become an affiliate.  You can start here for FREE…Test drive today-click link below.

                                                                                                   Wealthy Affiliate Starter Member today. 


You will learn a few great strategies in which lead you to earning income from home. You will pick the best strategies and even automate some to help you earn even while sleeping! Each person uses different strategies because each person is different in what they promote. Learn to use them well and you will earn a good amount of income.

Here at WA we Learn the Skills we Need to Earn Online!




Wealthy Affiliate teaches these different ways to monetize (or make money from) your own website. 


Building a website is easy. Let me show you!

Below is just a small sample of what you will see when making daily commissions…

We are the same, you and I. I tried many programs before I got here. I’m sure you’ve tried many things as well. The WA method is apply what you see. So if you take action daily you end up with a positive ROI…Return On Investment!

Here is a peek at results you can obtain starting out…once you learn a few marketing skills. It all builds upon itself and grows exponentially. Why not get started today by clicking on the image stats below>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Nov 2015
FREE To Sign Up To Check This Amazing Education Tour…


Build Yourself A Website In Less Than 3 Minutes?


Many people think they need special knowledge and even years of building and scrounging for daily pennies. Not any longer. New technology takes care of all the coding. All the setting up. Let me show you what you will be able to do!


 Watch in Full Screen mode


Ready to start your online business? Join us at the Wealthy Affiliate!


Here Is What Wealthy Affiliate Offers


You GET Step-by-Step Training:

The lessons were specifically designed for beginners and are easy to follow and always up-to-date. Supported by state-of-the-art videos, the lessons cover all the important aspects of making money online. In addition, each lessons contains a discussion section in which Kyle and other members are available to answer any questions you have along the way.


Free use of cool tools:

You will get exclusive access to a website building tool that makes it quick and easy for you to get started. You don’t need any technical knowledge or programming experience. Kyle & Carson also provide a built-in Keyword Research tool for your convenience.


Weekly FREE Webinars:

These video presentations provide subject oriented training with live interactions with the members of WA. Especially the lesser technically inclined (like yours truly) will benefit greatly from these webinars.

One-on-One Coaching by Kyle & Carson:

This is something I missed with the programs I’ve tried before I joined WA, or with those I review. Some do offer personal coaching, but at a hefty price. At WA, the owners are actively involved on a daily basis in the discussion forums as well as in the ‘live chat-room’. And the great part is……it doesn’t cost you a dime.




24/7 Support by the community:

You are never alone! There will always be a time when you are stuck and need a helping hand. No problem here at WA. It’s not like trying to read a pdf file and there is nobody around to ask. You will be part of a community that is friendly and willing to help. No matter what time of day (or night) it is, you will always get responses and answers to your questions.


Will It Work For You?


Yes! It works for just about everyone. But all depends on you and how serious you take Your New Membership with Wealthy Affiliate. If you are willing to learn, work hard and be persistent, while taking daily action…This will be your ticket to financial freedom and a life of abundance. 

It is working for tens of thousands! You’re here. You’ve finally found the starting point of the path to freedom! Step up and toward learning specialized skills which will deliver you and your family to Time Freedom and Financial Freedom in 2017.

However, if you keep searching you are not taking action. If you decide to just kick back and expect handouts…might as well, stand on a street corner and beg. Don’t plan on “leaning back and waiting to become rich overnight”. Forget it….This won’t work for you or anyone else. All you would be doing is wasting your time. Sorry for being so blunt, but that’s how it is in the real world. I had to find out the hard way, as well.


It’s Working For Tens of Thousands Of Members…

Here are only a few mentioned as I just don’t have the room to add them all!





To put my experience here at Wealthy Affiliate in a nutshell, they provided me with a free website, tools to build that website, step by step training on how to build the website and then how to incorporate Affiliate Marketing into the website. All that needs to be said now is that it is functioning consistently as promised and all I need to do is write fresh posts, maintain the website and duplicate what I have done to this point. I have worked with Rick very closely on many occasions at W.A. where he has helped me tremendously and one thing I know about Rick is that he knows the process of duplication… inside and out. Thank ya’ Rick for all of your outstanding help but most of all for your friendship!




Wealthy Affiliate MemberHi Rick, in July 2014 I was searching the internet for an opportunity to make some money online. After being scammed a few times, I got real sharp-eyed. And I promised myself, I am not going to pay a dime anymore, before I am certain of the truthfulness of the company I do business with. I Googled everything on “is …..a scam?” And so I came across a scam report on a website, and there was also an offer I couldn’t refuse. A free account, with 2 free websites and a premium trial period. With the promise I could also stay on as a free member. It wouldn’t cost me a dime. No creditcard needed!

Now, when I write this, we are almost a year further, I call Wealthy Affiliate “Home” and it is the best thing ever happened to me!





Wa MemberRick, WOW what a journey! I started Wealthy affiliate with reservations. I have been involved in several programs that promised the world and delivered nothing. So why try another program? When I looked at the wealthy affiliate program it promised training on several areas of marketing. I needed help in some of these areas, so I thought why not give it a try. I joined not expecting too much, dug my heels in and went to work. So what did I find?

1: The training is here

2: Results equal to my efforts

3: I was permitted to do things my way, not just follow a cookie cutter recipe for failure

4: A community that is interested in my success.

Not too bad for the low cost of Premium membership. It feels good to finally get some return on my investment.Wealthy Affiliate lives up to the hype.




Are WA Members Making Money?


Seeing is believing. Just look at these happy WA members below who are announcing their first successes and judge for yourself! Everyone is happy they made the switch! Why not be happy with them? Start your road to wealth by accessing a proven system. Go now before you get side tracked again..Rick, Get me In-With your help I know I can succeed!

There are tens of thousands more success stories like these. And you’ll be able to connect with these members once you arrive on “the other side”. What do you suppose is the main reason for their success? Taking action daily and communicating with like minded members within the great community at WA.

Not too long ago, these folks did what you are doing right this very moment; browsing the web looking for an opportunity to make some extra cash. And like you, they came across this page, or one like it, and then made a very important decision. They drew a line in the sand and took that one step!


If you are serious about Internet Marketing and making money from the comfort of your own home. Let me help you and hold you accountable! You can start now and be working on your business today! Access the links below to get started…


Wealthy Affiliate –“Test Drive” Their System For Free


Okay… I’ve laid it all out for you on what all you can expect from WA and there is no reason for you not to take advantage of their free offer. So, go ahead and check it out now.

Get the first 10 lessons of the Affiliate Training, build your first website and start learning how internet marketing can make you a full-time income from home.

If you like what you get and are sure this is what you were looking for, then you will be able to upgrade to their Premium level and enjoy the full power and training of this remarkable program. Launch yourself into real-world success with 5 easy steps.


Five Easy Steps To Your Success


Step 1) Click the button below, enter your name & email address

Step 2) Choose a Username and Password (on the next page)

Step 3) Create Your FREE account first! (short form) – Join the “Getting Started Training

Step 4) Take Action – Build your website and your online business

Step 5) Decide if this is right for you


 Are you ready to make that change today?

Wealthy Affiliate is unlike any other program I earn money from today.  That’s the reason why I recommend you test drive what works. 

Join for Free & get these FREE Bonuses Worth $1,807 >>ACCESS HERE<<

Upon arrival on “the other side”, you will receive a welcome email from me plus bonuses. Do me a favor and hit the reply button when there to let me know that you made it across alright. I will be there to get you started right away.




One last thing. I would like to hear your opinion about my review of Wealthy Affiliate. Have you had any experience with this program or similar ones? Please, chime in and let me know what’s on your mind after joining this remarkable program.




   click on this image and go to FREE Sign Up…Hurry!


Are you perhaps interested in BUILDING a HUGE List of Subscribers? Take a Look at How I have created a list of 400,000 Leave a comment below if interested in free coaching and action steps by me! You will get these when you sign up. 

Learn how to start a fast online business today...Open Your Business Today


I’m Rick Bell and I’ve made my living from the internet for the last 5 years, and I help others to do the same. Have any questions??? Find me here on Facebook 


Start with first 10 Steps to becoming an Affiliate Genius!



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66 Responses

  1. Thomas Dickensheets

    I get SSDI.

    Working 2 days a week.

    I’m on low income.

    Looking for a job, not MLM or work at home.

    • Rick

      Hey Thomas. WA is not mlm. Sorry. It is how to learn basics of marketing and then take those skills and promote offers, or create your own. WA is how I got my start and now after 5 years I command a yearly income of $130k per.
      Not trying to boast. But if you are new to online marketing there are skills and strategies you need to know. You can get lots of these for free AT WA. But it is better if you spend the monthly membership fee just until you can learn everything. EVen if you have to record lessons and then save them…then cancel would be better than never learning these. They saved my life and got me off to a real good start on making serious income.
      Give me a shout at itsmerickb@gmail.com and I will help you on this. You can set up a one-time coaching call for free and I will do my best to help you here. Go Here to set up time slot.

  2. librymo

    Hello sir,I’m from Nigeria am interesting in your blog please I went you to help me I try to sign up but system told me that he didn’t support my country thanks for giving me the opportunity.

  3. melvin owens


    • Rick

      You will need the training on how to market, and yes WA will help you set up any type account you wish.

  4. Russell Goodman

    Hi Rick,
    I came across this website as I am currently a member of the SFM (I read your review).
    OK. $47 p/month. That’s fine and it’s $50 cheaper p/month than the SFM’s $97

    What I’d like to understand is are there are further WA fees/products to purchase in order to be making reasonable $2k, 3k, 4k p/month?
    I will sign up for free because I NEED to understand more. What about your marketing budget?

    I don’t mind if this isn’t published and you email me directly! 😉



    • Rick

      You can earn income from both. But selling high ticket items is much more difficult than people let on. Always have to think about keeping your expenses down no matter what. Whether with software, or tools you use.
      Sure, sign up for the free program and learn what you can. Talk with others to see what they are successful at.

      You can also contact me there once you sign up. I use to be a member of Six Figure Mentors and spent about $4000 dollars and $97 per month for six months with no sales. I had to bail. And I went with WA. AS the source and training to earn income there is just as good and much cheaper.

    • Rick

      If you are from a different country, all you have to do is sign up through paypal. If it goes through, the program is available. If it does not accept payment, then the program is not available. Hope this makes sense.

  5. christian

    i want to join this program but i cant sign up
    everytime i signed up, it said i already have an account but actually i just know this program from your article
    any solution ?

    • Rick

      Hi Christian,

      I can help you. Follow these instructions.

      Very good. I will be able to help you with this.

      First of all you will need a different ip to sign in under.
      You can make this happen by visiting a library or coffee shop while using your laptop. If you have one.
      If not you can borrow a friends or have your friend help you in this case. Even can use one at a library.

      You will want to clear your cache and cookies as well.

      You will sign in with a new username or at least change one letter or two.
      And a different password as well.

      Then you will access my site. DownhillMoney and click on a link there at top of review page. Which will take you to log in at WA.

      Just sign up and leave a reply or comment when you do so I will know it is you.

      Then we will go to work and I will help you make money online.


      you can call me at 817-726-8855 if you have any questions. I hope this helps and you understand.

      PS. WA leaves a one year cookie in your computer. So you are probably going back to whoever you signed in with before. And it is
      going to a default account that was created. By following the above instructions you will be able to bypass this prior setting.

    • Rick

      So glad you signed up for this great program. Many believe they do not need a training platform or program that instructs them on the art of marketing. Even though they know nothing about it! But yes. We all need a place to start and Wealthy Affiliate is the best place I’ve found so far and I’ve been online now for years! If you are reading this comment. Sign up for free at Wealthy Affiliate and see for yourself. Take action. Go there now.

  6. Jen Langley

    Hi, Rick.

    About how long did it take you to start earning with Wealthy Affiliate? Did you put in 40 hours or more or week? I am just curious as I learn a lot from how different people use WA. I know you have to put in a lot of hours and practice if you want to succeed at anything.

    I love that WA takes most of the technical headaches out of it and lets you focus on your online business.

    Thanks for writing this article. I loved reading about the success stories!

    • Rick

      WA has been very good to me. I first earned a commission for the first time after my first 30 days. But I was going through the course mainly and not promoting. I then learned to promote it and made my first 10 sales the 3rd month. And that was recurring money each month…So I quickly started promoting it 2 hours per day. Every day.

      Making money has lots to do with how much you are willing to work. It is not a free way to get paid for doing nothing. But it is easy to learn and become an affiliate of dozens of places, which you then can make thousands from. Each month the thousands of dollars roll in as I now have many more products and programs I earn from. Not just one.

      Most will only make so much money from one place. It is why you need to learn this at Wealthy Affiliate.

  7. Terry

    Hi Rick;

    As you know, I am a new fellow Wealthy Affiliate member, and I can definitely vouch for the GREAT benefits of joining.
    Your own personal example alone sets a wonderfully generous tone of sharing all the expertise I find there:)
    THANK YOU so much for helping so many folks out, and especially sorting out for us the ‘good guys’ from the ‘bad guys’ in the Internet Marketing minefield!

    • Rick

      Your so welcome Terry. Thank you for stopping by and letting me hear how you feel about Wealthy Affiliate. Yes. I promote them and help hundreds of online newbies start their business here. It means a lot to me to hear others are making money, thanks to the program, and me. Mostly the program though.

      If you are someone new to online marketing and you want to make money. Sign up here for free and take a look at the incredible free lessons inside WA. Wealthy Affiliate. FREE Membership/Getting Started.

    • Rick

      Hey Gerard,

      Thanks for replying to Wealthy Affiliate REview page! Good to have you stop by. Yes, WA does work and I earned my first commissions there as a online marketer. You will be able to do the same, and I will help you get started. See you when you get on the inside.

  8. Julie

    Hey Rick, just got your information about your new Niche Site Mentors Program you created.
    It means that Wealthy Affiliate paid off for you! Congratulations!

    My turn will be next. I joined WA, too!

    See you around the web!

    • Rick

      Hey Julie,

      Thanks for the heads up and the congrats! Living it Large as they say. I learned how to earn money from Wealthy Affiliate and Kyle, mostly! But anyone can do this if I can. I assure you. I will see you around the grounds…I’m sure of it.


  9. Asghar Ali Khan

    Thanks for sharing the article on the very best way to earn online. Great to be at wealthy affiliate, I know it is the best place to learn online marketing at home. This one is place where i learned lots of marketing tricks and tips. So thank you for posting!


    • Rick

      Yes Wealthy Affiliate is great at helping newbies online. At least starting out it can be beneficial also if you have no extra money to spend. So good for many newbies.

  10. Rick

    If you were making money on the internet you would not be leaving comments like this one on someone else’s website! 🙂 Ashley

  11. Amanda

    Hello, I signed about at wealthy affiliate and I am confused on how it makes you money. I have created a website and am ready to work hard on this. Just need some direction. Help.

    • Rick

      I’m sure I can help you Amanda. Who is your sponsor? What is your WA profile name? Let me contact you through the WA group and we can chat. Or you can leave a comment on my profile page at Wealthy Affiliate Profile

        • Rick

          Thanks Amanda!

          Welcome to WA. Here is where you will find the training you need to be a part of the internet and work from home, successfully. Let me know if you have any questions. I will talk to you soon.


    • Rick


      My Email Mentor was found to be a big scam. Everyone paid in but very few were paid out. If you are looking to make money online, read the number one recommended way to do so…Wealthy Affiliate.

  12. imgur

    I am happy to have joined Wa. It now makes me understand that marketing is something I needed to learn.
    Now I am on my way to making the kind of money I always dreamed of.

    Thank you rick for your help and pointing me in the right direction.


    • Rick

      You are more than welcome. I try to get people to at least read the review on this 12 year old company to help them understand that it is hard to make money online until you learn how.

      Glad to see you starting to earn your income through WA.


      ps: If you are reading this and you want to make money online. check out the recommended program where I got my training. Wealthy Affiliate

  13. Emmy

    rick, whats the difference between the wealthy place and the downhill money.com
    i got to know u from email mentor.

    • Rick

      My site is me offering 6 programs that I follow and make money from working part time at home. I make a full time income now. But I started with WA. The Wealthy Affiliate program. Without the training it is very hard to make money when you don’t know what you are doing. So it is why I have my site. To help people follow in my footsteps.

      If you want to make money Commission Miner has training in their back office and I’ve made voer $1500 dollars so far with them, and then just launched on june 16th. But I recommend Wealthy Affiliate to get started with and learn marketing first.

      Hope this helps/


  14. Arvind Singh

    Hello Folks
    I recently started with MyEmailMentor after three days i have seen in my account that grow daily and now at $110.40.
    Its sound good. I am very happy to see this grow daily. let pay some time to see the results… I have passion for this.
    Regards all Friends

    • Rick

      Wait!~ Don’t wait! In other words don’t just sit around waiting for months to get a possibly pay check for doing nothing! Join up with one or two of my paying programs below! You can earn money with instant payouts in some of these programs to better gauge how you are progressing! My Email Mentor is a free money system basically and these tend not to stick around that long. So don’t put all your eggs in one basket! And never promote programs that will one day up and be gone. People will hate you for signing them up!

      Read the reviews… Wealthy Affiliate and Commission Miner are my #1 and #2 picks for generating real income over the long haul. But, they require you to promote these programs or build your own business and not just sit on your duffs, making someone else rich! Shame on you, those of you just wanting free hand outs. Be someone special and give value to others by joining one of these programs! Both are free to join today!

      I help train and give up 3 years worth of my own marketing strategies, helping my affiliates build their dream of online success and wealth. Dozens of my partners have gone on to create 5 figure incomes within one year from home. Partner with me if you want real results where you can stay at home and be your own boss!

      Hope I have helped you make the decision to accelerate your growth this year.

  15. Walter

    Hey, Rick….I discovered MyEmailMentor on FB and then read your blurb on YouTube about it. I did sign up under someone else, but didn’t finish the process. The guy kept saying FREE, FREE, FREE, then found out it was $10 to start, $47 monthly after that. I’m going to wait – since payday on the 25th is only a few days away – and see if everyone gets paid. I’ll try to email you back & ask.

    But, you still think WA is one of the best biz opps? I was a member of that for a while, then dropped out. Will email you in a week or so about MyEmailMentor. Talk to you later.


    • Rick

      Okay Walter. Thanks for stopping by. My Email Mentor might pay and it might not. You can check back on the 26th, I should have some info here for you. So are you just going to wait and see, like everyone else? Please don’t. People. Please do not stop or put a hold on learning to make money online or at least joining something and making a go of it. You will never get anywhere and the years will go by regardless. Start now to learn real marketing skills with Wealthy Affiliate for no other reason then to learn the different ways to get clones for My Email Mentor! You have to have some skill in order to make money online. These programs do not work themselves!Even here without clones you will take 3 to 4 months to get paid and you will have paid about $200 out of pocket before even getting a check, if it comes. Then you will have $200 yes, but 4 months later, and that is $50 bucks! I’ve earned $125 this week from one program! Commission Miner. In five days earned $225 dollars the first five days I joined! YOu can join this program for free for 30 days to check it out.

      My Email Mentor actually does hand out free money, but how long it does, or how much is all up in the air, and has been for two months now. JEEZE Guys! If you are wanting to earn online, you first have to follow and do what others are doing who are earning money online? Whether it be Wealthy Affiliate or Commission Miner or some other program. You have to find one that works and pays out each day. Sorry, I’ve been hearing everyone here waiting and waiting…where I have been making money each day, you guys are sitting around waiting for free money! Money that may never come. Stop it! 🙂

      My personal email is itsmerickb@yahoo.com Anyone wanting to earn money starting today, let me know.



  16. mary

    Hi rick.I must say its a great review you have there.well WA sounds interesting.I ve got a lot of questions and would like you to be part of my success story.here is my mail addy:joepebble9@gmail.com.I would appreciate if u could drop a contact address in my mailbox I could use to get in touch with you directly.tanks and God bless

  17. phil

    Thanks . i still cant find you there rick i have a pro pic of a volkswagen bug if that helps

    • Rick

      You probably ended up signing in under someone you have clicked on in the past. If you want I can mention it to Kyle if you want to be under me. The cookie remains for a year. I offer free one hour sessions to go over all your work and advise you in the best ways to earn money there. What is your sign in name and I will look it up to see who you are under. If you paid you can find my profile at rickbell57.

      It is up to you if you wish. I only offer the help to my own member sign ups.


  18. phil

    hi rick yea i did join WA and am loving it lerning more than i did ever before i found you through this email mentor revue just by chance tbh
    i have done my profile and found my neach and am going through the traning ill keep an eye out for you thanks

    • Rick

      You Have taken the step many fear the most. The step that enables us to separate ourselves from the rest of the pack. Joining a program that will take you to earning online in 6 to 8 weeks. Wealthy Affiliate!

      Welcome Aboard!


  19. phil

    hi rick i joined LAST NIGHT AM VERY NEW TO ALL OV IT BUT HAVE FAILED LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS ALLREADY IM INTO STAGE 2 AND LEARNING MORE THAN I EVER DID WITH ANYTHING else lol no idea why i was shouting this at you sorry he he he he any way im trying to find you to follow in wa all the best if you find me first say hi
    thanks once more and all the best

    • Rick

      Phil. Thanks for the comment. And thanks for joining. Did you join WA? If so then we can get you started on the road to success…finally. Be sure to fill out your profile information and also connect with me and tell me how you found me. Here or someplace else. This knowledge will help me help others as well.

      Learning to earn online is not a quick overnight vacation. It is anything but. So I will be your mentor, coach and friend and help you learn what you need to earn money here. See you on the inside of Wealthy Affiliate.


  20. JM

    Thanks for the great review. I am thinking of joining WA and I have a couple of questions. If you know the answers to them please share- that is if it’s not asking too much.

    1. Domain
    I have my own domain for an unused website of mine. When I sign up for premium membership would I be able to build a wordpress website for that domain? Which would mean I’d have to discard my old website, probably, but that can’t be helped.

    2. Hosting
    I also signed up for hosting of the said website, so would I have to wait for the hosting to expire? I prob have a month or two left of that hosting I signed up for.

    3. Language
    I am bilingual and am thinking of using just one blog in the language other than English, to help people who speak that language to join WA. It may help if I put up condensed artIcles that explains the content of the classes and tools offered to free membership. Would this be breaching or conflicting with any insider rules? I mean to disclose info that free membership entails, so that anyone can read it as long as they speak that language.

    I had this idea because people from my country would not understand the English contents thoroughly, though most of them will be able to understand enough to sign up and build a blog. And they are prob the best wired groups of people ever. Though, in turn, they will be blogging in their language and not English.

    Thanks for reading!

    • Rick

      The domain you can bring into the WA fold. No problem there. And the hosting you have with the other company you can just cancel to avoid continued payment. Yes you can connect with people using whatever language you wish. They now have software that translates as well. So I see no problems in joining. WA is set up to help you do all these things and much more.

      Congratulations! You will now be able to grow your own business soon earn your living by working from home like we do.


      ps: You can sign in here for free and check out the lessons. Inside the platform you will be able to ask questions and get immediate answers as well. Wealthy Affiliate.

  21. Gina Gonzalez

    Hi Rick, I am a new member of Wealthy Affiliate. I joined mid-March 2015. I am so glad I did. I could not believe all that was available during my 7-day free premium trial. I soaked it in. Within 24-48 hours, I knew I wanted to join. I have looked at other programs for affiliate marketing training and even joined another one. There is just not another program comparable to Wealthy Affiliate. It is outstanding. I eagerly work on my website every day and am amazed at what I have learned and accomplished in such a short time. Your review is extremely thorough. Anyone landing here is fortunate to have found your expertise. Gina

    • Rick

      Well thank you Gina. I do reviews of course and am a satisfied member of Wealthy Affiliate as well. I have helped dozens of members their earn their first $1.00 to $1000.00 dollars online. Many are skeptical at first just like with any program, but once you sign up like you said, you can tell the difference with the programs community and the lessons there. I’m glad you stopped by and hope to talk with you soon.


  22. Leo Emery

    Hey Rick it’s Leo,

    Great review you absolutely covered everything.

    But as a member the thing neither you or I can do is convey what it is like to experience the wealthy affiliate. We can talk about it all day long but you have to really experience the WA to understand what a great place it is, and what it has to offer.

    And the cool thing is the WA allows people to dip their toe in the water and give the WA a spin for free. No commitment, no pressure not even payment information.

    Of course the WA is not for everyone, there are still people thinking that you can make money overnight with some goofy scam push button automated system.

    And for these people there is nothing you can do at this moment. They have to figure out on their own that these overnight push button systems are just scams. Unfortunately this usually happens after they’ve been scammed more than once and lost a ton of money.

    Well I can say been there done that. And I know you have too.

    All you can do is keep shining a light on the wealthy affiliate and show people that this is the place to be if they truly want to build their own thriving online business doing what they love to do, away from all the lies, scams and BS.

    And worst case scenario if someone tries the WA and still find it’s not a fit, they end up with 2 free websites, free hosting and a great foundation for building out their business with the free training. Not a bad trade if you ask me.

    Keep up the great work

    I believe in you

    • Rick

      Thank you Leo. I’ve had very few join WA from under me even when I’ve offered to help them start making money! But that is okay. I am earning huge commissions on three different websites, so even though I like helping others, I can enjoy working on my websites by myself just as well!

      I do appreciate the comment you left. Like you say, we can bring a horse to water but we won’t make them drink!


  23. Randy

    Ey there Rick, I can relate to you on so many levels. My biggest ‘issue’… UPSELLS! When ya’ think about it, upsells are one of the major things that you just have to expect in MLMs and I can totally relate to you on the MLM level. One of the most crazy things about your Wealthy Affiliate opportunity is that you can actually build a website and have it up and running, including some great SEO capabilities applied and still be doing it all for free. I remember when I build my first website thru WA that I had it up and running for several months before I decided that I wanted to go ahead and pay for all the incredible ‘Premium’ extras. It’s still up and running and now producing a monthly income.

    I’m hoping that a lot of folks are reading this review because you are totally on the money here and you are offering folks something that actually works… but, we human beings can be a bit fickle. Even when something is so obvious, we’ve been burned so many times that it’s hard to put our butts on the block one more time. I sure am glad that I read a review just like this one and said YES!!!

    Thank you for giving folks a great opportunity and all the information that they need to make an informed decision. The ball is in their court! Glad you and I took a shot at it!


    • Rick

      Most people are wanting something for nothing here online. They’ve heard it time and time again, with ads saying they can make millions here! Or ten thousand dollars in a week or two just by signing up! Of course it is all bullshit. The only people making money here online are the people like you said, who have started out learning how. Create a website, and promote a product, and get paid. Anything else is a pie in the sky result.

      So How do you get the point across that to earn money online you have to learn a skill? You don’t. People are not wanting to work for money anymore. They want cash handed to them for doing a survey or clicking on emails where someone else is making a fortune. They want quick and easy money, but they are merely living in a dream world. Until they stop dreaming and do something different today then they did yesterday, their life will remain as is, possibly poor, unfulfilled, and miserable. The only way I’ve found to earn money online, I found by researching programs back in 2013. Wealthy Affiliate
      Thanks for you comment Randy.


  24. Katerina Markakis

    Hello Rick!
    I love your posts. Always full of great information, clean and thorough. Making money online with affiliate marketing is definitely something that everyone can achieve as long as they dedicate the time, effort and be patient. Wealthy affiliate greatly helped me with building my website and I keep learning on daily basis more and more things. I see my work paying off and I love it.
    People just have to keep in mind that you can’t get money overnight. Everything needs their time so they should be patient and work hard!
    Thank you for sharing Rick! Keep up the good work!

    • Rick

      Thank you Katerina,

      People have to decide that for themselves. I’m sure when they get tired of getting scammed they will start looking for another way to earn money. Or they may quit being online altogether. Did you know that whoever diecides to quit right now will never earn any money online? Earning money in life period takes time, takes conscious thought, and takes will power. Many give up after ten minutes, and they wonder later on in life why they are broke, or poor, or living the life they live. They never change anything about their day to day life and they expect things to start changing? ha! WE know We are the ones that have to change! So what are you all going to do to earn money online? Start by learning a skill, or basically learning How To Make Money Online!

  25. Harold Masters

    If a person has any interest at all in learning to have a home based business I can’t imagine them not wanting to give this offer a try. The information is thorough, interesting, well outlined and convincing. It is very thorough and well thought out and very well presented.

  26. Bill

    Yeah Man… You’ve covered it all right here. Wealthy Affiliate should be the starting place for anyone wanting to learn how to make money online. So much value in the training and the community of like minded people. Thanks

    • Rick

      Thanks Bill.

      I’ve spent my last 3 years here earning my living from home. If that doesn’t tell people that its a good idea to check out Wealthy Affiliate, I don’t know what is. Thank you for the comment and God Bless!


  27. John

    Hi Rick, great review. I have a few of questions, if you don’t mind. 1) How long can I stay as Starter Member? 2) After upgrading to premium membership, are there a lot of upsells like with all the other programs? I am interested in trying it out. Let me know please.

    • Rick

      John, Glad you asked. As a free member you can stay as long as you like. I must tell you that the learning experience there at free level is limited. As would anything here online be. EVeryone sees the real value in WA and do go premium as they start learning and earning as they go along through the course. There are no upsales or any other costs associated with Wealthy Affiliate. Now I use a keyword tool called Jaxxy. But other than that, I pay yearly and have been for the last three years. I love WA and only hope others get the chance to train there and start earning their own income online and from home as well.

      Thank you for stopping by. If you need anything just let me know. I’m here to help as many as I can!


  28. Nicole

    Hey Rick!

    This is a great review with a lot of information! All questions answered!
    I have seen so many different products and spent a lot of money on different programs, but Wealthy Affiliate is indeed the best I’ve ever seen.
    And of course it’s international :-))


    • Rick

      Thank you Nicole.

      I think I’ve seen you online before. I appreciate you stopping by to check out the review on WA. Many people struggle with finding ways to earn online, and essentially I cover this in the review to help many learn that WA is a great starting point.


  29. Nigel

    I’ve heard about these guys and am toying with the idea of signing up. I like the idea that I can try it without having to pay. Can you answer something for me? Can I keep my website if I stay as a free member? Cheers

    • Rick


      You will not be disappointed. I myself earn a great living and I have only them to thank for it. I was trying everything for a long time and failing every day online before I came to WA. I hope that by creating this review others will join and start learning the things they need to know in order to earn money here as well.


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