What is the Secret to Online Success – Find Out Now!

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There are many Secrets to Online Success, starting with some tips and tricks, here. Let’s get started with the most common. And yes, there really are secrets that people should know, but do not. So, what is the Secret to Online Success? Let’s find out right now.

Actually, just messing with you a little here. And, do not mean to fool you, actually. Just wanting to make a point is all. There are NO real secrets to online success. Merely a bunch of things people do not know yet. But, if you are not aware of these things, or you do not know what they are, they might as well be, ‘Top Secret!’

what is the secret to online success

The Keys to Online Success

Skill. Yes, you heard it right. Most do not even know that online marketing or achieving any success online requires, skill. It might as well be called a secret if you don’t realize the importance of having an online marketing skill. Marketing skills are the very keys to online success. You can get your skill here by reading and taking action on this super training program I used called Wealthy Affiiliate.

Thousands of advertisers will catch your attention with phrases like the Secret Formula, The Secret Behind Marketing, etc… Yet marketing strategies are not secrets at all. These are all well known, and even though not really secrets, they are the keys to online success. So, they should be realized by everyone wanting to create their own success. Not just secrets or keys to success.

The word, ‘Secret’ is often used as a way to attract and make it appear the advertiser has the answer, when they really only have knowledge. The truth of it is, all you need do is to first learn the skill to online marketing, first and foremost. Having the knowledge, you will know the secrets! And then learn it even better than the guru, mentor or program teaching it to you. 


the keys to online success
Marketing Skills…


Learn the Skills of Marketing and Know the Secret!

Marketing skill implies you know what you are doing in the area you are working. If you are reading this post you perhaps wanted to know the secret to online success. The Secret? You need a marketing skill if you want to earn money and be successful online. Knowledge is power!

Your success online will depend forever on your acquired skill levels. Beginner, not much money. Intermediate, making some money online. Professional, perhaps making a six figure income from your laptop! Which one do you suppose has the most skill?

I recommend you get the training you need either through a proper training course, or someone who knows his stuff about online marketing such as a Mentor.

You can join a superb training program which many have joined for free and went on to develop all of the marketing skills they needed. I’m one of these for example.  Read my #1 recommended review on how I created my first $3000 Dollar Monthly Income and went on to create even more Success!

what is the secret to online successGoal Setting-Secret to Success!

Most fail at ever setting goals, and many never do. I wonder why I’m even listing it here. Most will never learn the importance of this! It might as well be a secret, as many don’t know about it. Statistics show that all successful entrepreneurs, past and present made their way to the front of the line using goal setting to reach their success. Goal setting is one of the least used formulas of any out there. And, a secret indeed!

Though, it is definitely not a real secret, few people attempt to ever use it. I would imagine it is the very key to any online business becoming successful. If you make a point to set goals and then take steps to move through each of these goals, (steps) you will have honestly found the ultimate secret to online success. Because you will be using the very thing most people fail to ever utilize.


Taking Action

Taking action is definitely not a real secret to gain success, but I would imagine the meaning of the words have played a huge part for those who have obtained it. I’ve often seen just how one might think of this as a secret. It works like a secret and might as well be secret.  People don’t realize the importance of Taking Action. Because if they did, they would suddenly start in on everything they wished to achieve.

Whether or not  a real secret you might want to call it one. Because, taking action has to happen long before anyone becomes successful, anywhere. Without taking action there is no success in the first place. In fact your very first step is to take action. You can even start now, right here! Just join the programs you see which are of interest. Meet new people and ask questions! Join certain groups online, so you will gain knowledge and skills!

taking action...the secret to success


Wait! This requires taking action! Are you an Action Taker? Maybe you are, maybe you aren’t. You may not be a leader, but you can definitely follow the crowd and become part of a bigger more knowledgeable group who are on their way to having success!

The more skeptical you find yourself to be, the less action you will take, and the less successful you are. Less successful? How about calling it what it is really is… Being a Failure. So,’Taking Action! It’s really not a secret, after all. People just don’t realize its importance and never start a single project! You can change this by starting one today! Read about Wealthy Affiliate to see if it might be a good fit for you starting out online.

If you find your are somewhat a skeptic, let me show you the mindset you really need to have by reading some posts that are anything but….

Read my Profile at where I trained to be skillful.

Summing up The Secrets to Online Success

If you are interested in starting an online business,and making money from the internet I would say the secret to doing this would be to find something of interest and Take Action. You will not be able to suddenly create a full time income online without first, starting. So start first and foremost…To me, taking action would be a huge so called secret to online success…Even though its not really a secret.


Take Action Today…

1.Starting out you will need to discover what is of interest to you. Research it.

2.You will need to know what you are passionate about and what you love and would like to do, first.

3.You will need to build a website and populate it with content. Without a website you will not have a business…Period.

4.Understand how marketing works and work on building your skills each day. Marketing skill is a must!

5. Develope the end result you want to accomplish before ever starting online. LIke in setting goals? Remember?

6. Then invest as much time as you can. Also, remember most businesses require smart finacial investing, as well.

Everything may be free here on the internet, but finding all the bits and pieces you need to create your own business could take a long, long time.



My Recommendation:

Get started with an awesome Affiliate Marketing Course. Affiliate Marketing is the easiest way to market online starting out. Take Action! You can learn about this from the #1 training course called Wealthy Affiliate, where many get their start. Learn a skill.

It is the only program I recommend that teaches you everything you need to know. Whether new to online marketing, or semi skilled…the course teaches you all strategies known to man which will open doors and much success… Become successful.

How did you find this Secret post? Because I use Jaxxy the Top Keyword Tool Everyone Wants!


To Your Online Marketing Success!

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6 Responses

  1. Hi there! This post could not be written any better! And I agree with you 100 percent.


    • Hi Frank,

      Yes and of course the secret is exactly what I say in the content! I found it and you can too. If you need to know how I earn money, contact me here at itsmerickb@yahoo.com. Better yet, join the pop up sign in form and make
      $3000 dollars a month!


      I will help you as well

  2. Hindy Pearson

    Hi Rick, great post, great content. I really like that you call attention to the “buzz” words used to suck people in – “Secret Formula” “Secret Behind Marketing”… In my experience, no legitimate help sounds like such a sales pitch. They should be truthful, as you are, when you say it’s not a secret but a skill. Your take action today section clearly spells out the steps needed to succeed – something you’ll never find without signing up and dropping a significant amount of money in the process. All this information can be found, in bits and pieces all over the internet, but how in the world do you figure out what to do when? Who can answer your questions? I joined WA recently, and this is the place where you’ll find step by step guidance, exactly what to do when. No sales pitch is needed because the free program speaks for itself. For the first time, you have nothing to lose.

    • I used to fall for all these terms and obviously I ended up spending money I did not even have to spend at the time, believing they new something I did not know. Which most did as I was just starting out back in 2013. But I soon realized these were not secrets really. Just knowledge I did not have. So I actually signed up for everything that was a secret to see if I knew that information and if it made sense to me. That is how I learned online marketing and make thousands of dollars online now.

      I even help others do the same. I have dozens of programs that I’ve proven to work, and I make money from these. I then get others to join them with me and it makes me even more money. Knowledge is the secret! LOL Knowing what to do and how to do it. Online marketing requires all of these: passion, persistance, investing, boldness, risk taking, Action!


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