10 Ways–Avoid Scams Online

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branding-and-marketing-strategy10 ways to avoid Scams Online 


We all have the same issues when searching for a program or business to start up online. We constantly encounter program scams. So here are 10 ways to avoid scams online. Fortunately we review programs on this site, even buying them and trying them first for the readers. So you will be notified clearly of which online programs are right for you.

Here you will be able figure out what’s real, what is best, who to trust, and what works. Feel free to comment on this article at the bottom of the page, on anything you have a question with. It is our job to help you. So if you know of a program you were thinking about trying out, again, aske us and we will try it out for you! We are here to help YOU succeed. No more worries, you are at a site where programs are marked scam or legit. Below read about 10 good ways to avoid scams online.

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guarantee1. A 60 Day Guarantee


Whenever a company constantly tells you there is a money back guarantee for trying their product. it could mean one of two things. Either they want to make you feel you have a way out…or they really do back their product. If you know it works fine. Say we Guarantee it? Of course many companies offer this and do guarantee it.  But scam companies over use this mucho!

Pushing the money back guarantee in your face, dozens of times is an old trick and a frequently used trick scammers use often to make you feel safe and secure. You can try me and I promise you won’t lose your money because if I don’t work you can get your money back. Truth is, you may not get your money back depending on how they operate. So it is not a for sure sign of whether the company or program is legit. Just something to add to your arsenal.

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support2. No way to contact their Website


A legitimate website and business url gives a customer the ability to contact them if they have a problem for any reason. This shows that they care about their customer, and want to help. If the company does not provide email or contact numbers, then it shows they are not wanting to be contacted, and it would not be in your best interest to continue with this program or business.


videos3. A video “Only” Sales Page


Have you ever been approached by a company, with a single video? They leave a link to their website, and when you click it a single video pops up to press play? This is called a “video only” sales page. This allows you to see a video of success filled stories, but no website. These are definitely on the scam lists. So walk walk away quickly. Make sure you see an actual website from the company or working phone numbers and url’s. 


no-support-4804. The Product does not offer Support


I always like to know that I can shoot a quick email to any Program when I’m having issues with a product or their service. This gives me security that I am with a trusted company. I like to know that I am being supported. If ever a company offers you little or no support, no way of helping, and no support well how great is that? 🙁 That company is not a legitimate company, it is a scam


do-you-want-fries-with-that-upsells5. Constant Upsells


Have you ever started with an online company for free then once joined you are told to buy their program they will help launch your success, putting you on the fast track to quick rewards? We all have. So you buy the first product, then more come along, and you continue to buy til you realize you’re out thousands of dollars. These are called Upsells. They are always wanting you to spend more money and make it sound legit to speed up the process to your success. This should scream SCAM! Even though many programs use level ups such as this. If you are asked to level up or spend more money. Make sure it is clear on what they are giving. 


howtolie-300x1536. Outrageous Claims of Success


If a company is offering overnight success, use this product today and be rich in days?. Its very simple to detect if it is a scam or not. If it sounds too good to be true then its most likely is.  Now if you don’t think this is true, I have a resort in Arizona I’d like you to take a look at. No success stories happen over night, ever! And this is one thing many need to learn as they get into online marketing and creating a business. It take time and hard work. So five years sounds better if you are going to add the sum of six figures with it. Not two weeks!


1e612197. Promoted by another Guru


If the product or Business is being promoted by a guru that does not own it, it is most likely a scam. The guru and company have simply just made an agreement together, stating they help each other out, they both win, and you the customer looses. Guru’s help companies to build their name, and in turn the company helps that guru get earn a good living.


140808_EM_Unsubscribe_18. Fictious or Scammy Looking Photos


If the website, or product page of a company shows off fancy cars, luxury houses, and someone just lazily working from their sofa while sipping Mai Tais.. The product and company is most definitely a something to watch out for. Many companies use luxurious settings to make their products look elaborate. They also lead you to believe this will be you in 30 days. Many scammers focus on this as they have very little real material to offer you. So it goes hand in hand.


suspicious-email9. Suspicious Emails


I know we all get those emails that just appear out of no where, suddenly, and its promising money we really want, with little to do and even a smaller amount to pay in….so we take it as a sign from God, or from a higher power, and we click the link in the email! Then all our problems begin. Stay away from emails, and hyperlinks that just come from nowhere, suddenly. It is a scam company that got your information where you’ve searched for something online before. And anyway most legit programs take years to develop and have a big following. If it appears suddenly, then do your research on it to make sure its not a fly by night.


UG00101 - Tribute Card Payment Application User Guide[1]_Page_27_Image_000410. Unknown Payment Site


Any company asking you to use an unknown payment website one that you’ve never heard of before but they claim its just like PayPal, may indeed be a scam company. You may never be able to get your money back if you have never used this type of funding program before. Stay away from companies like these that are unknown. Contact other funding companies and ask if they’ve heard of these. Other well know payment companies will have heard of them if they are legit.


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