31 Ways to Fail Online-Don’t Try These!

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how to make money online or from home review

The whole internet is using advertisement online these days that read just like the first line here.There are absolutely a thousand ways to fail online today. All you have to do is do what the masses are doing. You can then fail just like them. I know thousands of online marketers and only a handful making money like me. Why? Because you have to first get away from doing the same thing everyone else is not having luck with.

What people don’t realize is there are far too many penny-ante type ways to make money. From surveys, to marketing someone else’s affiliate membership to being a pawn in someone else’s launch. But unless you are good with making $186 dollars per month and working 100 hours monthly to do it…STop WRite THere! Honest and Best way to earn money is to create your own digital products. And if you don’t have one yet, go here and learn how to create one, then learn how we market it to millions!

The Answer: #1 Recommended Program That teaches you Why, How, and Where to Promote Your Own Digital Products!

How to Make Money Online or From Home Review

There is a super advanced way THAT WORKS to earn money online called, LEARNING VALUE & SKILL. If you have never made money online before and are looking to, first you will be shocked to know that you need a skill. This how to make money online or from home review will show you what not to do so you can bypass all the crap! Do you know how to market products online?

Know how to use direct mail, autoresponders, create a website, landing page, squeeze page, funnel or any of these how to make money online or from home, marketing techniques that are required to build targeted traffic and get results? NO?

I’m shocked! I’m shocked that you don’t know any of these things yet you think you can hop online and start earning money? You are kidding right? YOU MUST BE ABSOLUTELY INSANE!

31 ways to fail at making money online or from homeHow Much do You Want to Earn?

If you are wanting to earn $3000 to $6000 monthly you are going to need training. Go here and read the review to learn how to market professionally and make this kind of money. Wealthy Affiliate Money Making Course. How much do you want to earn from home or online?

If you are wanting to make $5.00 to $50 dollars monthly, then sign up for all the surveys online until you find ones where you can actually make a few bucks instead of a bunch of credits. Surveys suck!

If you are wanting to make $50.00 to $100.00 per monthly, join several programs advertised on JvZoo.com, where you market someone else’s program or product they are selling and you promote them as an affiliate.

If you are wanting to make $6000.00 to $12,000.00 dollars per month you will need to stay away from any thing to do with affiliate marketing. Develop your own product and then pay someone to market it online for you. That is correct. Building an online business for any reason, especially in order to make money is one time consuming venture. It is a journey of 3 to 5 years depending on how much time you have to work at it.

Making Money From Home

You can use eBay to make money like I did from 2004 to 2009. I purchased items wholesale and then listed them on eBay. I had one kite kit that I bought for $3.00 in bulk, and sold it for $10.50 all day long. You don’t need many products, you just need a way to get good deals, and then by finding what people are searching for, list! Making money from home is still going to need the computer to do the business part. I couldn’t imagine not using a computer today for anything in the making money area.

make money online or from homeConclusion to Making Money Online or From Home

Don’t do what everyone else is doing and expecting to make more than they make. Read the list again from above. Affiliate Marketing takes time. You need more than just one Affiliate. You need ten! Marketing other peoples products seldom ever pay enough to justify making someone else rich while you sit on the sidelines getting a commission from their best selling bottle of pills!

If you do not have money to start out with but you want to learn how to navigate the computer and possibly list some items or set your website up to market using others products, go here and learn! Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp.

I write reviews and help others stay away from scams and fraudulent ways people are promoting themselves online, pretending to be wealthy so they can sell you training or some sort that doesn’t work. Or an software trick of some kind saying you will now get all the targeted traffic you want! None of these things work fellows. What works is you working your own business and learning what works.

  1. Marketing someone else’s training program
  2. Joining someone else’s program to promote them
  3. Survey Sites
  4. Adwords
  5. Reward Programs
  6. Fiverr
  7. Swagbucks
  8. Inbox Dollars
  9. Project Payday
  10. Pro Opinion
  11. User Testing
  12. Selling Photos
  13. Selling Your Crap
  14. Empower Network
  15. Coffee Shop Millionaire
  16. MemberSpring
  17. MCA (motor club of America)
  18. My Lead System PRO (MLSP)
  19. SiteBuildIt
  20. Affilorama
  21. DotComSecrets Coaching Program
  22. Product Launch Formula
  23. SurveyHead
  24. Experts Academy
  25. Niche Profit Classroom
  26. Founder Fly
  27. ProfitClicking
  28. Be the Boss Network
  29. TooDamnEasy.com
  30. The Six Figure Mentors
  31. Lead System Pro

There are thousands of these type programs that millions fall for and waste years trying to find a way to make money online. I should know I’ve researched over 350 programs such as these above and even tried most of them! I didn’t even break even! Stay away from EVERYTHING. Normally if someone is asking you to try something they are making money from it and that is why they market it.

I list Wealthy Affiliate as a way to get you the knowledge you need so you can avoid all these other ways to making money online. If you are not signed up to a mentor, or training center of some kind… You can bet your buttons you will fail at making money just by jumping online and signing up for some free program!

Do what I did and learn to deliver real value to others and use a professional skill of marketing the right way. Read the review about the place that has the answers you’re looking for, Wealthy Affiliate Review.

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