30 Minute Money Methods-Is The 30 Minute Money Methods Legit?

Name: 30 Minute Money Methods
Website: 30minutemoneymethods.com
Owner: Shelly West 
Price: $37 plus multiple Upsell
Rating: Crazy up sells and huge costs






Truly not Recommended: In fact if you go to the site you will be redirected to another page asking for your email. Shelly explains this in her closing and does say that your email is given to third party markets. Really? Who wants their name on a list?

Holy Cow Batman! Here’s another full blown Secret Training Program. The problem with this is here on the internet there are really no secrets! That’s right. Making money online means hard work and plenty of challenges. There is no secret key or door way

So why did I not jump on this program like I sometimes do others to make money.

One thing is I hate getting sold to and that is exactly what you will be getting. The sign up allows you to be called in order to be up sold a higher costing program. This is where I decide to stop messing with programs such as these. I don’t want to be talking to any sales people who’s only job is to get money out of my pockets!

What is the issue? 30 Minute Money Methods continues to show nothing but fake testimonials and no one actually making money with it. Well, I found one person who says he does and he is now trying to get me to join for $6k. Wow. But wait. Let me show you some red flags and what you can look for when you see them again in your search for fame and fortune.

What is the 30 Minute Money Method About?

Shelly requires you to have a website. But then she sells you her hosting for that website. It is not included in the money you pay her. So you are double sold at the very start. Just imagine how much more selling you are going to be getting when you start sending them your money? 

Stop chasing products that tell you you will get rich! It does not work like that. Life does not work like that. Unless you win the LOTTO.

It seems it is less than meets the eye of course. So let’s go. What is the 30 minute money methods about? Easily it is a training and marketing program you can easily earn $500 per half hour by following Shelly’s magic method.

The method is secrete. not explained of course because I think if we heard it first we would say, “No way-That’s foolishness!” That’s why it is kept out. Even the fake testimonial people do not know what it is. Which means we’ve ran up against yet another program that is not legit. At least from our point of view on making money. 


Fiverr Guy Who Is Doing 30 Minute Money Methods Testimonial. And you can hire him too!

Here you can take a look at the similarities. 

But what about Kyle Brauch, Kelly Rauch also from fiverr who are telling lies about a program they’ve never joined? How credible is that really? Is it okay you think? I don’t like it and I don’t think it is okay.

Well some marketers are told to create fake testimonials so when you do your launch you will certainly take off better. And then after word you can get real testimonials from your real members who are making money and then swap them out by doing a second launch with real people? 

Too much trouble. And especially for a program that does not work that well if at all. In fact you won’t be able to pay members to do testimonials if they are not making money!

What About Shelly West? Is she around to talk with all the review people to let them know that it is a great program and ask us to not put up bad reviews until we’ve tried it? 


The reason is simple. She is no where to be found for one reason. And that is credibility. She has none, She will be here for none. And she does not want to be sued when members end up spending the required join in “Get Started Requirement.”







Is 30 Minute Money Methods A Scam?

If you google search Shelly West you will find that whoever created the program liked the idea of their being a real Shelly West’ name. Yet Shelly West is a singer.

Well you can ask yourself this but if you have to…maybe you are the kind of folk they are wanting to target! Why not go with a company that make sense and start where you need to start. For free.

If you are looking to make money, I can tell you I’ve been here for the last 5 years earning income online and it is not that difficult. But first you have to be part of real training and something tangible. And if you are still looking why not read the review I did on the company that has paid me tens of thousands to date just in 50% commissions from bringing in real people that want to make a difference and a business on the internet.

READ: My #1 Review for Wealthy Affiliate. I’ve coached many members to date and I don’t mind helping out honest people. 

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