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rick-w-laptop-in-kitchenWelcome Friends,

Thank you again for signing up to undergo a very important change in your life. Earning without Cost! You are on your way to being paid a great Income from the comfort of “Anywhere Your home. (Or Yacht, Europe, Hawaii, Outer Space!)

Earning income online starts with taking action just like you did in order to get here today. Unfortunately, about 90 percent of newbies online fail to go any further than satisfying their curiosity. Then wonder later why they are not are not lucky. Luck by the way is real people working hard daily. That is how luck works.

If you don’t know me, my name is Rick Bell. You may see me called Sir Charles, but it is only for Taxes! Anyway, I’m a Mentor and coach to many students. You are in the right place, so let’s get you hooked up.

Let’s go build your fortune.


Would You Like To Earn $13,000.00 per month?

Since January 2014, I’ve helped tons of others get to the promise land. But time is of the essence. Probably by the time you see this, thousands of members have already began their new life of wealth and prosperity by following a leader or mentor or coach. But don’t let that bother you. We are all here on different levels in life. So you must ask yourself. What are you willing to do for your wealth?

What Price Are You Willing To Pay?

Well it varies for many. For some it might be 30 minutes or perhaps 2 hours per day. For me it was ten hour days. For others it might be 6 minutes per day and they may not even invest $10 per week in coaching fees. But that last scenario is a for sure, no win situation and would not be profitable for perhaps hundreds of years. At least not for decades. So, earning income online depends on you…How much you invest in time and money. Not your coach or your mentor or your program will get you to the fast lane. You are the one that has to do the work.

There are many different ways of making money online – social media marketing, MLM systems, freelance work, generating leads for a real-world business through SEO, marketing through jvzoo, warrior plus and many other programs, and last but not least, Email Marketing. 

One of the success secrets to online wealth is to get started by building just one skill and blast through that, learning it better than even the person teaching it. Get that strategy learned and become an expert at it, then move on to the next strategy. Hopping around lengthens the time table of earning any money to incredible lengths…And we don’t want that.. Please. Stay focused.

Several Years Ago 

I discovered a niche that truly did what it said it would do. Help me make money. It’s called Affiliate Marketing. As long as you learn how this works, you will be able to market and provide products that others are wanting to buy. Someone else’s products even. Later on I teach you to create and market your own products so you earn even more!

But slow down…You’ve probably heard all the hype about earning riches online before and up until now you’ve failed miserably…Everyone you know is still poor, and there’s no one you do know that is making money online? Forget about others. We are here for you.

So, stop listening to everyone who tells you that you can make thousand bucks online by tomorrow evening. It happens. And stop listening to naysayers who say you cannot do it. Or you will fail or get scammed. Without certain risks in life we would not even be able to walk across a busy street!

Will you be lucky and fortunate enough to earn a lot of money for doing very little work? Probably not. At least not at first. Most online newbies don’t have a plan or know what to do when starting out. So here you are now a huge step above the others. You are now in the top 3 percent of those who succeed. By following a plan of action, scheduled steps, and having a coach who is mentoring you.

You Are Going To Learn Big Time!

Learn how things work and you will be successful. Learn how they work better than your coach and you become super wealthy. Work behind the scenes to create a system using funnels, ads, pages, and offers…and you start earning income from home. That’s it. That’s all it takes. But, you have to know what you are doing. So lets get you into the “KNOW.”


What To Expect In Just 5 Days…


When it comes to making real money on the Internet, there is so much information, that it boggles the mind. And if you have done much searching on “making money online” or “affiliate marketing”, then you’ll know exactly what I mean. Tons of information that has you bouncing from one offer to the next. So stop doing this immediately, and learn how to create you own offer that people will bounce to and pay you for! We explain how below…

Let’s begin your journey…


What’s Covered…

This is actually a 5-day course, so you’ll receive an email from me with the subject line “Ricks 5 Day Training – Day 2 To Success” is the next subject line in your inbox. And the next day, you’ll get the subject line “Ricks 5 Day Training – Day 3 To Success” And so on.

Be sure you look for the emails. But, if you miss one, you can often go back from the one you just saved, and access the next lesson. If you have any issues contact me at itsmerickb@gmail.com.


Here is the course outline so you will know what to expect…


Today:  Day 1 – How You Can Earn $5,000 Per Month Online!

• Affiliate Marketing – Here’s How We’ll Do It
• So What Is Affiliate Marketing?
• Wealthy Affiliate
• Getting Started

Day 2: Affiliate Marketing In Depth

• Making Money With Affiliate Marketing
• Example of Affiliate Marketing Website

Day 3: It’s All About The Niche

• So What’s a Niche SiteAnyway?
• Finding A Good Niche

Day 4: Setting Up Your Website

• It All Starts With A Good Domain Name
• Using Wealthy Affiliate To Generate $3,000 Per Month

Day 5: Step 3 to $3,000: Mentor & Training

• Mentoring
• Best Affiliate Marketing Training in the World


Now Let’s Get Started With Day 1 Training

The top and most proven way to make money online is Affiliate Marketing…

Remember this: If you do not have a product to promote online, okay.. The beginning is learning to market other peoples products. Because if you can promote Amazon, you can promote YOURSELF and your own developed products later on. I promote many.


First, let that line sink in.

That’s right, the best and most consistent way to earn money online and make money each month is Marketing Existing Products starting out. And that’s why after trying many other ways of making a living online, I spend the vast majority of my time teaching on this simple and true method. It’s where 95 percent of my income comes from, and will always come from.



What Is Affiliate Marketing – Please Pay Attention

You get paid commissions for referrals that result in product purchases. It is as old as the internet itself. The concept of Affiliate Marketing on the Internet has been around since 1989, pioneered by William J. Tobin (PC Flowers & Gifts).

Not too many people knew about Affiliate Marketing until 1996, when Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, who played a key role in the growth of e-commerce, announced the Amazon Affiliate Program.

Back then in 1996, Amazon was selling books online, and books only. Mr. Bezoz realized that he could reach an immense number of potential book buyers, if he can place Amazon ads on as many independent websites as possible.

He offered to pay commissions on every sale facilitated through ‘affiliate websites’, and the rest is history. Amazon became the largest online Affiliate Marketing Retailer in the world.

The system developed by Jeff Bezos and his team was patented in the late 1990 and enables to track the connection between Affiliate (promoter of the products), Customer and Merchant. Affiliate Marketing is in reality a pretty simple process:

The diagram below demonstrates the process.







So, do I Need A Website?

Yes and No. If you’ve ever thought about building a website, it probably sounds intimidating. It was not easy and time consuming to do 15 years ago! But today, there are so many turn-key tools for building great looking websites within 30 minutes! Let me show how easy it has become to create the frame work of a website:



How Your Site Will Make Money

I’ve already covered the fact that Affiliate Marketing is the best way to make good and consistent money online. But let me now be more specific. When you build your website, you’ll have a place to drive traffic to your pages and posts, or reviews, and the affiliate links will be clicked on by the traffic. You make money when they buy. This is why you need a website. It does help.

However, as you can imagine, there is a lot more involved than throwing together a website. I was totally new to this just a few years ago, so I needed help as well. And I found that help at Wealthy Affiliate. It is hands down the best resource for learning affiliate marketing that there is.

You can try it out, set up a website quickly with the provided site builder, and learn everything else you need to know. This is what you need to do next.


You can sign up For A Completely Free Account …..and complete the 3 simple steps as outlined below: 


Step 1: Fill out the short account creation form (credit card not needed)

Step 2: Fill out the “About Me” section. Tell everyone about yourself. Just a quick intro of who you are (you can let us know more about you later)

Step 3: Upload a profile picture. Don’t worry if you don’t have one ready to upload, you can do that later as well. An image helps people in the Wealthy Affiliate community visually connect with you. And it is important to show others who you are to build trust in online marketing.

You can stay a free member and learn from the group, or you can later advance and become a premium member who will get the complete training curriculum. You, are your only limitations here online.


Create Your Free Membership Now And Come Right Back When You Are Done. click here



Insights on Affiliate Marketing

Let me be straight. Affiliate Marketing can be confusing. And it’s not the concepts of Affiliate Marketing itself, but all the misinformation out there. So, I want to give you some insights I have learned from my own experience.

Be Patient And Take It Slow – Affiliate Marketing is not all that complicated. But there are things you need to learn, well. So be patient, follow these lessons carefully, and you will do just fine. If you’ve ever assembled a kid’s bicycle or  present, you know that reading instructions can slow you down. But the process is worth the price when you see the joy on a child’s face.

Understand This Is Not A Get-Rich-Quick Scheme –There is no such thing on the internet today, and you will waste all your time trying to find such. Don’t believe the people out there who will tell you this is an overnight road to riches way to success. They are just trying their hardest to get you to buy what they offer. Whatever that is, it will not lead to success.You can make good money at Affiliate Marketing, but don’t buy into programs or people that try to sell you on the fantasy of yachts and mansions, overnight. That is all called spamming. Stay away!

It Takes A Little Bit of Time – I’ve already said that you need to be patient. Apply the techniques you learn here, be patient and you will be successful.


Day 1 Recap

Well that’s it for Day 1. Look for the email tomorrow with links to Day 2 training. Tomorrow we’ll take a look at a real-world, successful Affiliate Marketing site and start to dissect its success.

In the meantime, be sure to complete the tasks for Day 1.


Day 1 Tasks:

1) Sign Up For A Free Wealthy Affiliate Account 

2) Complete Your Profile, Upload Picture & Write Bio

3) Visit my Wealthy Affiliate Profile!  Let me show you more about who I am and how I’ve found my own success online by helping others do the same.

4) Complete Lesson 1 of the Get Started Course at Wealthy Affiliate. Click on the GREEN “Get Started” menu tab on the WA page

That concludes today’s lesson. I am looking forward to lesson two, tomorrow. Make sure you white listed my email address so it does not end up in your spam folder. And remember, by staying connected to a mentor (Me) you will learn your skills faster and make money much quicker than learning everything on your own.

Good Job!

See you tomorrow.

Note. If you do not receive day two, three, four and so on. Reply back here below to get the links.



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14 Responses

  1. Victor Nabiong

    I am interested to earn income out of internet thru my laptop and I am taking this opportunity now.

    • Rick

      Of course. Here is your opportunity! Congrats on getting started. I will see you on the other side my friend!

  2. Therese Roth

    Sorry, Rick, just tried testing your green link, kind of suspected it would lead me to the only platform that has made economic sense to me…..

    I’ve a site on my profile there, and I was wondering about making it a meeting place for students to find stay-overs and temporary jobs, couch surfing members, study helping gigs, in their travel time or gap years…….
    Not sure exactly how to go about it, but if I do manage to get a source- or link catalogue together on my site, and continue to follow the certification courses carefully, I’ll be able to draw regular visitors.
    ( With my daily attention and additions, I know).
    Be glad to hear you on this, if you’ve the time…..☺
    So sorry again, a blessing met a blessing……..you’re sending people in the right direction!


    • Rick

      Thanks. I don’t have much time as I’m working myself away from the computer and spending less time on it. I know that direct promotions is working best for me. Where I can get up after an hour and then do other things. That is what I want to be doing. You can contact me at my personal email. itsmerickb@yahoo.com if you have questions.


    Hi! Rick.i do appreciate for the 1st day trainee in journey for making money.Hope I will live to be one of the successful person in the word.God bless.

    • Rick

      We will help you become a online success. We’ve helped over 50,000 members make money here at Wealthy Affiliate. You can go to my recommended page on my website and sign up for free.

  4. Jen Langley

    Hey Rick, I just signed up for the 5 day course. This is so Awesome to have.
    I appreciate you leading us through and getting us the help we really need.

    Most don’t realize they need real world training. This is a wealth of information
    to get my online business started.

    Do you help us as we move forward? Not that I need someone to hold my hand, but
    maybe questions later on?


    • Rick

      This is the best way to learn how to earn online and do it without wasting time or money. If you are someone wanting to step it up a notch and grab the bull by the horns, so to speak. We have one on one coaching for that individual. It covers starting out and the steps you need to take. But those of you who are willing to work for your money at first, will learn that you can earn way more exponentially here online than at a regular job.

      Affiliate Marketing is where you start if you have no product. But, you learn how to promote, not sell, other products and that teaches you to sell your own. So yes, I’ve been helping hundreds of members to start making money online when they have failed before. And yes we answer anyone’s questions they might have.

      Just get started and go through the course and learn as much as you can here. Then we will get you in our advanced marketing group and talking to dozens of experts and you get all that interaction and knowledge for a very small price.

      My one on one coaching is 997.00 For a one week side by side over the shoulder knowledge intensive. I give you everything you need to start making money using seo, niches, website branding, ppc, solo ads, social networks, whatever it is you are needing expert advise and first hand experience on. Contact me personally for this coaching offer at itsmerickb@yahoo.com

  5. natasha

    i just have to ask does it really work. i been looking for a stay at home job. I have three kids i have to feed. i am very sketchy on it and thats because i have tryed a stay at home job before and the riped me off i payed 95.00 for the start up kick. when i got it in the mail it gave a number i could call for help well i called it everything was going good and i need help again so i called the number and it told me it was no longer in service anymore. i called the credit card company and report it as a scam it took months before i could get my money back from them.

    • Rick


      Many programs are just set up to take your money. Without knowing how to market and create your own business, you will always be in line to fall victim to the next programmer out there. Wealthy Affiliate is not a get rich quick money making system. It is a place where we learn to market and build our own business. It takes time, effort and to get the knowledge, training. Which is $47 dollars per month. Then it is up to you on how much you work on this.

      Some make money right away. Some take months to make an income. Depends on what you know now and how skilled you are. Do you know that working online is basically giving value to others in exchange for their money. What do you have that you can offer someone in exchange for a payment each month? You learn all these things here inside the program.

      It is what I did starting in 2013. I now work from home part time and earn a decent income. But it took me time. I had to get two members to join just to pay for my monthly fee. After that I worked on building a website and writing reviews. Now the money comes in even though I can take a week or two off, and do nothing. That is the great success story of the internet. We do the work one time, and we continue to get paid for that work every day.

      You have to decide if Wealthy Affiliate is the start you need to changing things around. I recommend this program to hundreds, and hundreds sign up and join. They then build their own business and start making money.


      ps/ But, if you are looking for a quick way to make money…you can forget wealthy affiliate or any other program. There is no such thing here online. There is no get rich way to earn money. Not here, nor anyplace else. We all build our own success. One thing about WA though is the community there is going to help you learn to make money! Thousands of members are now taking each day to learn internet marketing so they can earn income from home, like me.

  6. Pat Alexander

    Rick – I’m interested in this but won’t be able to do anything until end of Sept. I’ll be back then when I have
    more time.

    • Rick

      Whatever you decide make sure you do something! The only people that fail to make money on the internet are those that never join a training program or do anything. And once you join, never quit! LOL


  7. Kaushik

    Rick ,
    I am already wealthy affiliate member . I have followed you in your profile. Please send me 5 day training. I am new to online marketing. Is trafic academy program good ?

    • Rick

      The free five day training is on the right side in a sign in form on my website. Or you can click this link: http://itsmerickb_1.subscribemenow.com/

      Let me know if you get signed up. Once you click on the link you will see lesson one link to click on. Then automatically you will receive the next 4 days!

      Congrats! You are now on your way to making $3000 to $100,000 per month!

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