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Thank you again for signing up to undergo a very important change in your life. YOUR NEW JOURNEY TO; EducatioN, Inspiration, and Skill Building!

Earning income online starts with having SKILLS AND KNOWLEDGE in Internet Marketing. Unfortunately, about 90 percent of online newbies fail to go any further than satisfying their curiosity. AND, When they see it takes lots of work to make money using the internet...they look for something easier. 

Like working for others...:(

If you don't know me, my name is Rick Bell. I'm a mentor and coach and a family man. You are here in the right place, so let's get you going...

Let's Begin YOUR JOURNEY>>>

How much would you like to earn each month?

Since January 2014, I’ve helped hundreds (perhaps even thousands by now), of people find the right information that led them to earn income using the internet and a few new skills.  

All you really need is a bit of desire!

How much time do you have to devote to your Online Success?

Some students have all day...Some have only 30 minutes per week. So tell me, which of these two students would earn money the fastest?

There are many different ways of making money online – social media marketing, MLM systems, freelance work, generating leads for a real-world business through SEO, marketing through jvzoo, warrior plus and many other programs, and last but not least, Email Marketing. 

Even though it takes a bit of time and effort to build up a list of subscribers...Your list is now your best marketing and selling tool. 

Several Years Ago 

I discovered a niche that truly did what it said it would do. Help me make money. It’s called Affiliate Marketing. As long as you learn how Affiliate Marketing works, you will be able tto make money online. 

 Your Education Is Key!

Learn how things work here online and you will be successful in life too, in just about any type work. And...

When you have learned everything there is to learn,  and can market as well as your coach, What Out World!!!

What To Expect In the next few Days...

When it comes to making real money on the Internet, there is so much information, that it can literally boggle the mind. And if you have done much searching on “making money online” or “affiliate marketing”, then you’ll know exactly what I mean. Where do I start!?!

Let's begin your journey...

 What's Covered...

This is the starting gate. You will get each lesson through an email. So remember to whitelist and to check spam just in case.

Be sure you look for the emails. But, if you miss one, you can often go back from the one you just saved, and access the next lesson. If you have any issues contact me at itsmerickb@gmail.com.


Here's the course break down...


Day 1: How To Earn $5,000 Per Month Online

• Affiliate Marketing – Here’s How We’ll Do It
• So What Is Affiliate Marketing?
• Wealthy Affiliate
• Getting Started


Day 2: Affiliate Marketing In Depth

• Making Money With Affiliate Marketing
• Example of Affiliate Marketing Website

Day 3: It’s All About The Niche

• So What’s a Niche SiteAnyway?
• Finding A Good Niche

Day 4: Setting Up Your Website

• It All Starts With A Good Domain Name
• Using Wealthy Affiliate To Generate $3,000 Per Month

Day 5: Step Lively-$1k to $10k - Mentorships & Coaching Platforms

• Mentoring
• Best Affiliate Marketing Training in the World


Now Let’s Get Started

Affiliate Marketing 101


Remember this: If you do not have a product to promote online, that is okay... The beginning is learning to market other peoples products. Because you can literally make way more for the time involved. 

First, let that line sink in.

That’s right, the best and most consistent way to earn money online and make money each month is Marketing Existing Products starting out.

What Is Affiliate Marketing - (Please Pay Attention!)

1You get paid commissions for referrals that result in product purchases. It is as old as the internet itself. The concept of Affiliate Marketing on the Internet has been around since 1989, pioneered by William J. Tobin (PC Flowers & Gifts).

Not too many people knew about Affiliate Marketing until 1996, when Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, who played a key role in the growth of e-commerce, announced the Amazon Affiliate Program.

Back then in 1996, Amazon was selling books online, and books only. Mr. Bezoz realized that he could reach an immense number of potential book buyers, if he can place Amazon ads on as many independent websites as possible.

He offered to pay commissions on every sale facilitated through 'affiliate websites', and the rest is history. Amazon became the largest online Affiliate Marketing Retailer in the world.

The system developed by Jeff Bezos and his team was patented in the late 1990 and enables to track the connection between Affiliate (promoter of the products), Customer and Merchant. Affiliate Marketing is, in reality, a pretty simple process:


Do I Need A Website?


Yes! If you’ve ever thought about building a website, it probably sounds intimidating. It was not easy and very costly and time-consuming to do 15 years ago. But today, there are so many turn-key tools and plugins for building great looking websites within 30 minutes it is now a piece of cake!

How Your Site Will Make Money

I’ve already covered the fact that Affiliate Marketing is the best way to start out and make a good and consistent income online. But let me now be more specific.

When you build your website, you’ll have a place to drive traffic to your pages and posts, or reviews, and the affiliate links will be clicked on by the traffic. You make money when they buy. This is why you need a website. It does help.

However, as you can imagine, there is a lot more involved than throwing together a website. I was totally new to this just a few years ago, so I needed help as well.

And I found that help at Wealthy Affiliate. It is hands down the best resource for learning affiliate marketing that there is. And the training there continues to improve over time.

I show you how to set up a website quickly with their free hosted website builder. This is your big step.

 Here is Where The Rubber Meets The Road...

Let's get you signed up For A Completely Free Membership Account.
By completing the 3 simple steps as outlined below: 

 Step 1: Fill out the short account creation form (credit card not needed) first.

Step 2: Fill out the “About Me” section next. Tell everyone about yourself. Just a quick intro of who you are (you can let us know more about you later) if you wish.

Step 3: Upload a profile picture. Don't worry if you don't have one ready to upload, you can do that later as well. But it's proven that an image helps people in the Wealthy Affiliate community visually connect with you. And it is important to show others who you are to build trust in the online marketing world.

 Go Now by clicking on this link and follow steps 1-3...


Insights on Affiliate Marketing

Let me be straight. Affiliate Marketing can be confusing. And it’s not the concepts of Affiliate Marketing itself, but all the misinformation out there. So, I want to give you some insights I have learned from my own experience.

Be Patient And Take It Slow – Affiliate Marketing is not all that complicated. But there are things you need to learn, well. So be patient, follow these lessons carefully, and you will do just fine. If you’ve ever assembled a kid’s bicycle or present, you know that reading instructions can slow you down. But the process is worth the price when you see the joy on a child’s face.

Understand This Is Not A Get-Rich-Quick Scheme –There is no such thing on the internet today, and you will waste all your time trying to find such. Don’t believe the people out there who will tell you this is an overnight road to riches way to success. They are just trying their hardest to get you to buy what they offer. Whatever that is, it will not lead to success. You can make good money at Affiliate Marketing, but don’t buy into programs or people that try to sell you on the fantasy of yachts and mansions, overnight. That is all called spamming. Stay away!

It Takes A Little Bit of Time – I’ve already said that you need to be patient. Apply the techniques you learn here, be patient and you will be successful.


Day 1 Tasks To Complete Now:

1) Sign Up For A Free Wealthy Affiliate Account 

2) Complete Your Profile, Upload Picture & Write Bio

3) Visit my Wealthy Affiliate Profile!  Let me show you more about who I am and how I've found my own success online by helping others do the same.

4) Complete Lesson 1 of the Get Started Course at Wealthy Affiliate. Click on the GREEN "Get Started" menu tab on the WA page

That concludes today's lesson. I am looking forward to lesson two, tomorrow. Make sure you whitelisted my email address so it does not end up in your spam folder. And remember, by staying connected to a mentor (Me) you will learn your skills faster and make money much quicker than learning everything on your own.

Note. If you do not receive day two, three, four and so on. Reply back here below to get the links.


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