5K Formula System Review – Magic Cash Formula?

Are you looking for the details behind Matthew Neer’s recent launch? I can assure us his step by step guide to autopilot commissions of $5,000 dollars monthly could possibly be in trouble. My honest 5K Formula Funnel System Review reveals a great deal of why this might not work for newbies…

Take a look at the many details other reviewers left out of the 5K Formula System!

The creator explains that it is the only system you need to build your email list and earn $5k monthly. Matthew Neer’s 5K Formula System works on autopilot with free traffic. This article reveals answers to previously unasked questions. 

Product Summary:


Matthew Neer




Does the founder his system deliver on his promise? He says, “You could be earning 5k in commissions on complete autopilot!” Launch date January 14th, 2019. 

Our team purchases these products and pre-tests them with real traffic before presenting the facts. I’m Rick Bell and I’m out to give you the most honest reviews possible.

Thus far we have found the 5k Formula System to be a bit shaky…so hang on!

5k Formula matthew neer

What Is The 5K Formula System About?

The system is basically a list building system put together in late October, 2015 by Matthew Neer. 

The 5K Formula Funnel System appears to have been created to help new marketers make money along with building their own subscribers list. But what is the 5k Formula system really about, and does it work? 

By sending FREE and OR PAID Traffic to Mathew Neer’s ready-made web pages you can get visitors to join via a sign in page and begin to promote this very platform.

The Buy-In itself allows you to promote this very platform…Which is the front end product called the 5K Formula System…But there are plenty of OTO’s or extras you will see at check out and afterword.Question is…Do you need them?

Matthew tells us he pulls in large commission checks by using his Secret Formula System and once again he is going to let us in on the complete Done-For-You-System.

And he does, by first starting to tell us that his secret is merely a sales funnel that he created that has been making him rich.

5k formula system

His 5K System includes his sales funnel with his done-for-you-pages. The pages he shows are basic template pages he has created and set up within the funnel system.

The system works like this: Traffic is purchased. Or free traffic is sent…through the funnel system itself which works supposedly works on autopilot to collect your new sales commissions. (Basically, any visitor who signs up and buys the front end product.) You earn 75% commissions.

You earn $75% on all his products he has lined up as upsales to the new visitor. 

Basically, the 5K Formula Program is itself the main product. After purchase, you will receive the website system and start-up guide which is included inside as the training. Mathew does show you how things are set up using the Quick Start Guide Videos.

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Now, these Links are for members only! 

  • #1: New Accounts
  • #2: Upload Code
  • #3: Funnel Link
  • #4: Click Tracking
  • #5: Traffic Stream
  • How It Works
  • Video #1…

    What you see first is the quick start menu which includes in each a video of instructions. They show you how to get started with buying and setting up your autoresponder for your list building. Matthew explains why you need the PRO Acct verses the $15 dollar starter account. The $49 dollar Pro which he asks you to buy into is for at least 5000 email package. Also, the all-important ClickBank Registry needed so you can get paid your commission thru your ID. If you already have an account you will add your ID in the next Video. Your checks which come through ClickBank will be tied to this ID.

    Video #2…

    Uploading your Code: You then upload your code and sync it to your GR account and you can add this code to your Done For You Squeeze page templates.

    Video #3…

    How to upload your Funnel System Hopelink. Which is your ID at ClickBank tied to your 5K Formula System Funnel? You then can add this hotlink to any of the DFY pages below or to the main 5k Formula page…You then track your sign-ups and conversions through getting Response and Click Magic.

    Video #4…

    Click Tracking is your forth video which you will learn how to track your clicks through the software called Click Magic. Matthew shows you that if you want to understand where all the sales and signings are coming from you will want to create an account there at Click Magic. Sign up for a Free Trial. But…This software can run you $50 bucks per month.

    He basically shows you some of his traffic coming through Click Magic and how it all works.

    Video #5…

    The so-called Traffic Stream is perhaps the shadiest part of the whole process. Matthew talks about having extra leads that he has gotten from various places which he calls Spill Over Traffic. And as an ex-Solo Ads Vendor myself, I know where they come from and how they are generated. These are so-called leads that get caught up in various processes when subscribing to multiple offers. And they are good leads. But it only happens that the person who gets these sell them or move them. So he is suggesting here that he could sell them to us. Even though he generates them as part of his business. For FREE.Regardless you can buy these leads by for $20 bucks a month, from him if you want.

    How It Works:

    An important video because it kind of comes across as a CASE STUDY. 

    This video takes you through all five steps in one video to show you the blueprint of self-setup. He sets up a campaign so you can see if he earns any money.

    How Much Does the 5K Formula System Cost?

    Back in 2015, it was very inexpensive and you could purchase the main product and a quick start training guide for about $5 $8 bucks. But this time the main product you buy is a Whopping $39.99!On the check out pages, you can opt for extra traffic if you like…But I would not go for it. He talks a lot about using free traffic and where to find it. Yet he offers you options to buy traffic from him, also.EXTRA COSTS:You will need to Get Response as your autoresponder service. You will need ClickBank. You will want to track clicks using Click Magic. You will need to buy traffic.GR is $49.00 per monthClick Magic is $12 to $33 per monthTraffic to Funnel: As much as You Can Afford

    How to use free traffic with 5K Formula

    Free Traffic 5K Formula Funnel System?

    Free traffic is not cheap! Matthew Neer talks in length about all the things you can do to get free traffic to your funnel. The biggest issues I’ve seen is that you are replacing buying traffic with YOUR TIME.The time it takes to find free traffic and sign up to all the platforms he mentions will take lots of time. As Time Is Money here in the marketing world free is not really free.

    However, if you have no money. You would get a great deal of help here inside the program once you learn all the ways to get free traffic. Its under where he talks about a free traffic budget.Wait: Trust me when I say free traffic is still costing you in more ways then you know. You are also reaching into a realm of very Low-Quality Traffic. Understand that you will need hundreds if not thousands of these type subscribers to ever make even one sale.

    The Upsells/Upgrades

    The first upsell is Profit Pumping Traffic Stream… $19.95 at check out. This is where you pay him to buy traffic for you. Not sure if it is his list of subscribers or he is getting them from a third party Solo Ads provider. And another added part of this upsells at check out is: Boost my Profit Potential by adding me to your fastest server. $14.95

    Upsell No.2: $39 Dollars. Done For You Campaigns. Or DFY. These are 60 email scripts that have been pre-written for you to use and set up within your GR account. These are sent at two a day for you to the new visitors you get. The price is a one time cost of $39 Dollars.Upsell No.3: $19.00 dollars each month. He offers a 100 clicks sent to your funnel for a recurring $19.00 dollars each month. Which is a good price if the traffic is worth anything.Normally he says this extra traffic he gets is called spillover traffic and that means he will be promoting your link to this traffic. Sometimes it is pretty good leads from spillover traffic.

    Upsell No.4: $39.00. Webinar access is $39.00 as well and you will need to purchase this if you want to learn more about targeting the traffic and using the 5K Formula System as your special money maker. Matthew says you really need these to help you understand about conversions, list building and much, much more.

    Upsell No.5: $495.00. Now the big chunk of money is the license rights. $495.00 one time payment. Which you can purchase from Matthew and its the most expensive upsell. The reason you might want this is you can brand the system under your own name and use it as your own product offer.The rights give you permission to use it as if it were your product instead of Matthew Neer’s. Below is what you earn as an affiliate and how the sales take shape.Altogether there is over $500 dollars worth of added upsells he recommends in order to be able to make $300 to $500 per day using this system.

    The only way to be able to earn 100% commissions, however, is to go all in and then brand your own 5K formula System as your own. Otherwise, you get 75% commissions from his products.

    5K Formula System Compensation

    You only earn commissions after you make sales. So it means paying out of pocket for traffic that is sent on your behalf thru this funnel system.

    So you will need lots of money up front to begin this program. 

    You will need at least $39.99 dollars just to get the main product. With all the products you will earn a 75 percent commission when others buy.The reason why he perhaps he pays so much is that you are the one spending your money in order to make these sales. He now can sit back and collect 25 percent from all his affiliate workers.

    licensing rights to 5K formula system

    If you did buy the full licensing rights you can then earn 100% commissions when promoting the platform site.However, you can use a dozen different sales pages inside the program.

    You don’t have to promote the page you probably have seen to get here. The one with Matthew Neer driving around picking up cash from the bank.

    How Much Money Can You Make with 5K Formula System?

    You are going to need lots of traffic. And when you are buying leads at about a $1 per subscriber, it can leave you broke pretty darn fast. It is only when each visitor to your site sees your marketing to them daily through emails as well and sending them the value that they may agree to buy this product.List building is a necessary evil of marketing. It costs money. But from the list, if it is a good quality list, you can make sales.Normally when you promote a complete system which includes becoming an affiliate to the very system of which you are promoting, it is difficult to earn much. As long as you have extra cash to spend. Perhaps it is possible to make some sales. But difficult to earn income at the same rate as spending hard earned cash on Subscribers. You lose any credibility by being only an affiliate. Meaning it is not even your product or program. It someone else. Your traffic will see that you are not the founder, and the urls will show you are someone who is merely an affiliate. Promoting other people is much more difficult than promoting a physical product. It always has been. You will likely fail to earn any income from this unless you did go all in and you did get help from Matthew neer or his so-called support team.

    What Are The Concerns About The 5K Formula System?

    My biggest red flag here is I didn’t uncover any testimonials from his previous launch. No members saying how much they made. Sure Matthew shows how much he is making.

    But it appears he is showing stats from many programs he promotes as a warrior Plus Member or JvZoo member. The stats do not appear to show any coming from ClickBank.

    Very few people know who Matthew Neer is. And that will make it difficult to find anyone who trusts him. And if you are starting out. You need to earn trust in order to earn money from others.

    And when trying to sell a $40 buck front end, very few will take you up on this offer. More than likely it is too high for cold traffic…Your new visitors will likely turn and run.

    There is really no credibility or reason for them to buy unless you yourself can show how you have made money first with this product. 

    Which leads to a cart before the horse situation. If you could show stats of how you are making good money, then perhaps they would buy into this as well.

    But without results, it will be just as difficult for even Matthew to make money with it seeing how he is not even showing any testimonials from members who are doing well from back in 2015!

    Building a list using products like this is difficult. You can do it but your list may never know who you are.

    To build a successful subscribers list you must let your subs get to know who you are and always be delivering value to them.

    5K Formula System: False Earning Guarantee?

    It is obvious that the stats here shown in 5K Formula are stats from many different offers. Not just the 5K Formula. It stands to reason starting out you will not be able to earn $5000 per month. No way!

    Since it has just launched there would be no stats as yet. Yet he shows all this money? 

    When we get paid through ClickBank we will see a different type page listing payments received from the program you are promoting as an affiliate. He does not show a page of stats with the 5K Formula printed on it. 

    And in this case, he should at least have tons of these dating back all the way to 2015. But I think he does not show these as the front end product back then was just $5 to $8 bucks. Think of how much more you are having to pay today!

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    Hi, I am Rick! I am the creator of Down Hill Money. Thanks for taking the time to read this review.

    Check out my #1 Recommended product which will teach you how to build an honest online business, CLICK HERE

    5K Formula System Testimonials

    Maybe the testimonials were real in fact, with real people. Yet, after much researching, we find they are close friends of Matthew Neer.

    We see them in groups on his Facebook Page. But the issue I have with these is the persons talking have not mentioned they earn money the 5K Formula System, EVER.

    They are talking about how Matthew Neer has helped them to get more sales, and earn more after meeting with him. But wait…

    They do have their own businesses which they talk about. Not a single testimonial ever discusses or shows proof that the 5K Formula System is working for them.

    Nor do they ever mention signing up and joining him as an affiliate in his business.

    5k Formula bonus material

    5K Formula System Bonuses:

    Once you get inside under the home tab you will see your bonuses you get when you purchase. These bonuses are videos from Matthew Neer where he takes you along some training he has done in the past for his members.

    And underneath that are 7 more training videos: Watch The Unreleased Prolific Profit Course For FREE. 

    So 8 videos which are all about 20 to 30 minutes long covering many different marketing strategies he himself teaches. 

    • Video #1 Framing the Flawless Customer,
    • Video #2 How To Engineer The Perfect Ad
    • Video #3 Squeeze Page Secrets 
    • Video#4 Being Prolific With Technological Leverage
    • Video #5 Mandatory Checklist For Red Hot Offers
    • Video #6 Core Frequency
    • Video #7 Powerful Secrets Of List Leverage

    Along with about ten books he recommends reading, Which includes subjects like: “4 Hour Work Week and How To Win Friends And Influence People In A Digital World.”

    5k formula a scam or legit

    Is 5K Formula System A Scam?

    The lack of legit testimonials showing money stats from his previous members was perhaps not possible. Due to the price being so low back in 2015 for this same program.

    However the testimonials he does use seem to be more character references than anything to do with his 5K Formula. So is 5K Formula system a Scam? 

    It does not appear an outright scam. But it does show if you purchase you are going to be promoting his product. And for that, you get 75% commissions. 

    However, you are having to buy traffic. He sits back and collects 25% commission on what you bring in.

    To me, that is a partnership as everything is tied to him. Yet, perhaps an unequal partnership. And not fair to YOU. 

    The system is correct and works as funnels should.  check it out to see what you think.  Definitely for beginners who want to start learning about marketing and also wanting to try and earn income as well. click on the link below to check out the video of Matthew Neer in his Mustang.

    However, he does not mention how difficult it is to promote someone else’s system. Or how much Paid Traffic you will need to make any money with it. 

    5k formula pop up

    If a program has been out for 3 years and you have to create new testimonials that never talk about even buying the program, then you are perhaps being a bit deceptive in my opinion.

    Also, it appears his cash stats are coming from many other programs of his from Warrior Plus. Since this is just now launching it does not feel right that he is earning $1000 dollar paydays. But very possible. 

    The difference is we will not make what he is making since it is not our own program. BUYER BEWARE!

    What’s The Alternative To The 5K Formula System?

    Hi, I am Rick! I am the creator of Down Hill Money. Many people think they can get rich online without doing anything, or working at all.

    I’ve found that to be a big fat lie in all cases. Making money online takes an education in marketing!

    Thanks for taking the time to read this review. If you are wanting to earn money from home, using a computer.

    I do not recommend promoting someone else. Or tying everything you do to someone else’s system or server. I do not recommend the 5K Formula Funnel System.

    Check out my #1 Recommended product which will teach you how to build an honest online business, CLICK HERE

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