7 Figure Sales Presentation Review-How To Build A Better Mousetrap!

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Created By: Mike Dillard

Cost: Extreme

Value: Incredible

What Is The 7 Figure Sales Presentation Course About?

Clearly it is a course and has instruction on the skill set needed to use the internet strategies of webinars and video sales pages.The course came out in April 2016 and I was one of the first to buy it. Mike created this course because he knows what marketers are lacking. And since he has done very well using his own type webinar knowledge and skills for sales pages, he decided to help us fellow marketers to do the same. It does work so read this article to learn more.

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This article will help fill you in on the what the course material and the 7FSP from Mike Dillard is about. I’ve ordered all of his courses to learn and to offer insight to you on the incredible value you get from Mike and his 7 Figure Sales Presentation Program. And also the List Grow Course as well. So let’s get started.

If you are ready to market professionally and build yourself a successful online business while branding yourself like a magnet to steel, than this course is for you. Mike offers no affiliate offer to promote the 7 Figure Sales Presentation also known as 7FSP. Nor is their one for his List Grow Program. So I’m not here to get you to sign up. 

So in writing these reviews I earn no commissions from these. I seek only to help you determine if this program is for you. As he says, if you are not ready with a product to launch, you really are not ready for this course. Also the price is steep. And by ready; I mean do you have a good converting product offer on the table? If not. This course would be the proverbial Cart-Before-The-Horse scenario.


  1. A very well planned and written course material that will take you to the next level.
  2. Mike does an awesome job of covering this material and is an expert in the field as well. 
  3. If you are ready to brand yourself, website, coaching, training, or marketing legit offers this is exactly what you.
  4. The value is incredible and offers both webinar training and sales page training.
  5. When you are done with this course you are ready to start your online business and earn revenue.


1.Over the top for newbie marketers as for price.
2. Advanced material that cannot be used by everyone.
3. If you have no product or offer that has been tested you are not ready for this course.

As you can see there are more Pros than Cons here as Mike works very hard to give you exactly what he uses and has used in the past to make his millions. So if you are wanting to make millions of dollars, following Mike Dillard would be a wise choice. Learn all you can from him and it will project you to a much higher level of knowledge and skill.

One thing Mike always talks about is value. When the value is there, you have no problem earning income. However, most do not understand the concept of such value and try to earn money even though they are not willing to give anything in return.

By anything I mean them taking the time it requires to build something people would want. You see, his courses are primed and fit a hole that has nothing there to fill it at the present time. When he did list grow there were not many people understanding that yes you do need a list to make money if you are marketing offers and products to the world. Without a list it is difficult to promote yourself or your product. 

So Mike has created the List Grow course to fulfill any gap there might be. Same with the 7 Figure Sales Presentation. There are millions of people who need this very information. And yes, even though you can find this in various places. Some free, some not so free. Mike has enabled you to get it all in one place for the price.


Is The 7 Figure Sales Presentation A Scam?

Mike has been at this marketing business for over a decade and his name has never been smeared nor has he ever created any digital info or product that could ever be considered a scam. I believe that his worthiness is in fact based on his incredible value he puts into his work. So no, the 7 Figure sales Presentation Program is not a scam. Mike delivers and even more so, over delivers and he teaches that to you.


About the course:

How To Create Your Own Webinars That Work

Today Videos will put the information right into a persons lap. Mike also ads content information under each video lesson to ensure you can understand what he teaches and can implement it well. The information he teaches is about doing a webinar and promoting yourself and product offers. And he talks you through his in 4 video modules that have many videos in each.The information he gives you is exactly that in which he himself has been successful using and he quickly shows you these outstanding numbers. His own successful webinars have brought in Millions of dollars in a very short time frame. So they work.

He takes you step by step through how to set up a webinar and to break down the barriers of the skeptics. He also delivers a very important message about being professional and not allowing anyone to think his instructions are a quick and easy way to make money. He also teaches you to do a sales page. With a video inside to get much more interest than just using a plain sales page decades ago.


How To Create Your Own Sales Page

This training has been used among the top paid advertisers in the business of marketing. The best sales pages will often times do the most revenue. If you learn to create the best sales page and or webinar you to can do what Mike does. And that means making Millions for doing the work one time and getting paid for it over and over and over again.

Here is what he attributes much of his recent success and optin rates> Mike says…

“I think a big part of that success was the introduction of the “Completion Challenge” a few months ago.

Essentially, I’ve decided to reward my customers and students who take action. Anyone who goes through the entire course and actually builds out their business as instructed, gets 100% of their money back.

My primary goal is not to sell you a course, it’s to make a massively positive impact on your life, but the only way that will happen is if you actually USE and implement what you’ve purchased.

So this is my way of motivating that action. It might sound crazy to some, but I consider it a worth-while investment in my customer’s success, and it’s definitely had a positive impact on sales.”


What To Do Next:


Thanks to Mike’s Training you can now move very rapidly into being able learn these skills and put much of his training to work creating NEW INCOME. Not to copy, but definitely put forth much of this knowledge and the skill here. Over the past two years Iv’e learned a great deal from Mike and can easily attribute my success with my recent Solo Ads Business, My eCommerce 4 Profits Business, and my traffic flow to him.

Right now I have a program called “Solo Ads Business Course.” Launching soon. This course enables you to grow a massive list of subscribers which you can earn money with by only launching your own Solo Ads Vending Service. To hear more about it just send me a FB message at before the launch. www.Rick-Bell.com.

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Thanks for stopping by and please leave a comment below if you have questions. I can answer just about anything you throw at me when it comes to this material. 

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