76 Seconds.Com Review – is 76 Seconds a Scam?

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 How Many Seconds?


Within my 76 Seconds com Review, all I got was a spill about how this program is free and will not cost anything. After doing more research on the complaints and such I found it to have very expensive hosting requirments and at that time since Bobby B’s spoke person tell 76 Seconds is free.

To me it sounds as if not a good way to earn passive income. Especially if you are charged more than you make! The video stream below tells you lots of nothing and of course, nothing about the program or what you will be doing.  But, find out how to Get cash from My Email Mentor below.


76 seconds . com review 761 What is 76 Seconds? 


Watch the video and you will understand that you STILL do not know a thing! But I can tell you what it is about and you can decide NOT to sign up for yourself. Actually the program is no longer available. The reason being there were too many complaints and not enough satisfaction in earning real money online. Even though some members stated they indeed earned a passive income.

So why the review? To show you guys all that glitters is not Gold! However, saying that, there are programs out there and I’ve listed some below, that do pay well, and you can see them in action. One way to find out if a program is legit is to research it and ask questions. If a program has been around for 12 years like the one listed below… It cannot possibly be a scam. Right? We have to be careful online, regardless. There are very few rules that govern online advertising at this time.




Is 76 Seconds a Scam?


Not any longer… The program has been removed, so now if you try to sign up you will see a 404 error, which means the program is missing in action or MIA. No longer available means you will not be able to try it out to see if it works. But you can surely see the new program and check it out. So far it does pay, as I signed up myself to see. Free money is free money. Don’t Fail to keep trying! You can check out the #1 recommended program… Read My Wealthy Affiliate Review.


76 seconds . com review


Why Even Search For Legit Programs?


One thing about online programs: Some work and some don’t. You can not find the golden goose if you do not put forth some effort! You can take peoples word for the programs that don’t work basically, because people really have no point in telling you the program doesn’t work. So it must be true.

Now if you find someone telling you that one does work, you still have the choice of checking it out. Or, you can shut it out and be skeptical. But you might end up hearing about it later where hundreds signed up and now are worth tens of thousands of dollars! Never just take someone’s word here online. I’ve done that in the past and missed out on some great incomes streams similar to this little program here.


76 seconds com review


Conclusion to 76 Seconds:


Even though this program wasn’t what it was supposed to be and work pefectly like the founder thought it would, he did come up recently with a much better way for you to earn money doing very little work. I believe it is has always been Billy B’s., Dream to create something to help others, with little work and lots of money as the result. Also a way to help himself become wealthy as well as the members who sign up.




Forget about 76 Seconds – Trash it!


Here I have added a link to a program just swhich is just starting. And it is free to sign up. It’s a brand new program , so there are no members complaining or saying it is not working. I recently did find one person who actually sent me this link… http://goo.gl/WmrvJt. She shows over $269.00 dollars in her account in uder 2 weeks time! Only working ten minutes per week! This program is called  My Email Mentor. If you are looking for a passive income where you do not have to work… But ten minutes one time per week… Then these are the types of programs you will want to try out.


 76 seconds com review



The Alternative: My Email Mentor?


If you are a little skeptical about online opportunities, you shouldn’t be. What you will want to do from now on is only sign up for programs offering money back, and even better, no cost at all, to sign up. That way you have nothing to lose. The only way to tell if something is right for you is for you to experience it yourself. Don’t miss out on an opportunity if you’ve been wanting to be successful online.

Take for instance one program that is over 12 years running and legit as the day is long. Read my #1 recommended Program Wealthy Affiliate. If you are tired of the scams and the hype. Get in on their Free sign up and get inside and check things out for yourself.


76 seconds review
Here is ME signing up to help me review the program itself.



Join a REAL and LEGIT Online Program Today!


Are you looking to earn online and quickly quit your day job while making money each day? First you need a Plan, and a Skill. Do what I did, joined Wealthy Affiliate and built my first website in under 3 days. Oh, the site I’m talking about? You are on it! 🙂 Remember, I started researching programs when first starting out in order to find something that worked and allowed me to earn money from home. 

And for programs such as 76 Seconds. com review… And even not sure about the money making ability of My Email Mentor… 9 times out of 10 these type programs are going to be the founders themselves trying to earn money online with new gimmicks and software, telling you just how much money you can make. Many will be false hopes.


success online for wa articles
Click Image Now!



But then, you may be able to earn quite a bit, depending on their following, of course. Now, I gave up on these years ago and now I earn money online, but I do it legitimately using well known and legit programs. It’s not a way to get rich over night… But a definite way to get rich over time!

I hope you have enjoyed the review of three programs here. If you have any questions or would like to comment about any of them, leave one below. I’d like to hear from you about My Email Mentor, Wealthy Affiliate, or even 76 Seconds to Failure! 🙂


To Our Online Success!



8 Responses

  1. Paul

    Hey Rick, thanks for the article. I joined Wealthy affiliate a few months back, but I must admit, I’ve not really done anything with it, might have to check it out again. That’s not why I’m leaving this comment though. I joined my email mentor this morning. Everything seems to be as suggested, but it just seems too good to be true, and researching a little more found out about 76 seconds. I’m just a little concerned about this Bobby B, and will I be paying him for my mailer, only to find that I never receive my commissions. S I guess my question is, have you received any payment from my email mentor yet? Or have you heard of anyone who has?

    • Rick


      As long as you chase easy and fast money that never appears you will always be searching for something. Stop. Go back to WA and learn a skill online. Without a skill you will suffer like I did for two years trying to make something work.

      If we ever get paid it will be on the 25th and you must first have $400 dollars to cash out. So, we may get paid, then again the program may just stop and everyone disappear. Bobby B says he only needs 100 members but at this time I’ve heard there are over 300 members, so red flag.

      Good Luck,


      ps, keep checking back to my review here, I will report the first persons to cash out, including my own account if this works. I don’t need the $500 to $1000 dollars monthly. I make that daily. I signed up to write a review and help people understand these programs never work. And to try and point them to a real program that does. If My Email Mentor does for some reason work, it may never work the next month, or the next… We will never know, and that is why we need to stay away from them, take the money you pay for this risky endeavor called MEM and put it toward gaining real knowledge!


      • Paul

        Thanks for your reply Rick. I agree, there are so many red flags with this program, really doesn’t seem legit. I find it so sad, that there are so many scammers and bad programs out there, it’s no wonder that this industry gets such a bad rep.


        • Rick

          Well it is because the internet came at us so quickly that they didn’t create rules governing it. I guess those may come later. Sadly though as you said, the internet is a big scam for many, at least til they find out how to earn money online and do it legit. Of course, the generation you and I see swarming to the internet these days has failed to even want to work for a living. Everyone wants hand outs. Trouble is, nothing has ever been free in life, even in our generation.

          They blame it on us for giving our kids so much. We were taught the only way to make it was to work for it. And we grew up that way. Our children didn’t. They have too many choices and too many options. Speaking of options. Did you find the 5 day online course I created to help these newbies? It’s FREE! Just click on my site and wait 12 seconds and it pops up. Then just sign up and you are on your way! http://www.downhillmoney.com

          Thanks for the feedback and comments!


  2. Rufat

    Hi Rick. Great article and I really like the way you realistically explain how some programs work and how some do not. As for 76 seconds it’s absolutely clear that it’s not worth the time, even 76 seconds. As for Wealthy Affiliate, I agree that the program is legit and if it has been online for over 12 years now that means it does really work and I highly recommend it. The best part of it is that you can try it for free and the price is very affordable. As for email mentor, it does look appealing and I’m going to sign up to see how it works.

    • Rick

      You are so right. We are right! And yes, Wealthy Affiliate has changed my way of thinking. IN fact, I’ve made some great money here over the last months that I didn’t even expect to come in.
      I am thankful for them as well!


  3. Randy

    Ey there Rick,

    I just signed under you for My Email Mentor. Sounds great making a passive income without working! Keep letting me know how much you now have in your account balance. I remember you said $216.00 already in just two weeks? Awesome!

    I will start watching the commission board and see what I get each day. First time in a long time I have earned money for doing nothing! Well, just sending them the email addresses the import us… I can do that in five minutes per week!

    Thanks for telling me about it. I will start getting myself some clones as well!

    Have a good day sir!


    • Rick

      Thanks Randy.

      Good to have you aboard. It is really cool when we do happen across progams that do work for us and we can earn money in a different income stream altogether from one we were doing before! I will keep you posted each week, and let you know how much I have on my books!

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