A Discussion and Review of Commission Commando

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Commission Commando Review

In these days when it is easier then ever before to run an online business, the competition involved in doing so successfully is tighter then ever before. As a result, many programs have come about advertising that they can help one get a step up. Herein we review one such program, Commission Commando.


What is Commission Commando?

While this website was once fairly well known, it has spent some time out of the spotlight, and therefore, a brief recap of it’s goals may be necessary. We start with the obvious question, what is Commission Commando? Commission Commando is a program that advertises the ability to teach one to create successful websites for the purpose of online business. While many such programs revolve around search engines, this one focuses on social media.


Commission Commando Review

commission Cammando reviewNow that we know what the program is designed to do, it’s time for my review. Research on this review of Commission Commando reveals several incriminating facts about the program.

Some of the most notable pieces of include several integral parts of the site, including material such as links that either have gone years without an update, or may have never worked at all.

This is sincerely important, because the site offers what were probably once very effective means of improving Internet business, which are now woefully out of date. The copyright seems to have not been updated in three years. Furthermore, the information in the program does not seem to have actually been useful for the creation of a long-term credible business so much as for temporary Internet advertisements.


Is Commission Commando Legit?

Commission Commando LegitThe product may not be a scam in and of itself, but that it may have outlived it’s usefulness. However, if one really looks into things, is Commission Commando legit?

The creator, who claims to be a largely self-taught Internet businessman, is highly criticized by other more credible members of the online business community who say that it is largely plausible that many of the credentials that Sean mentions in order to sell his product may be misleading creations.

Also, as mentioned above, the program is (was) more useful for short-term business ventures, so even if the credentials that he sites were true, it’s highly improbable that tactics like those included in the program helped him to achieve them.

Another important note is that while the program is still available from the site, if you try to find it through the Clickbank page, it turns you away because the program has in some way violated the terms of service.


Why I Wouldn’t Use Commission Commando

Commission Commando scamNow that we’ve talked about the effectiveness of the product, and the credibility of the creator, I have to conclude this paper with why I wouldn’t use Commission Commando.

The product may have once contained worthwhile information, but it seems likely that the creator did not really use the information in the package for his success. It’s possible he just looked the information up somewhere and used his own trumped up biography to sell it.

While this is not very ethical, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the product is bad. What it does mean is that all of the information in the product is very likely easy to find for free by doing a bit of research. That’s not the end though.

If the product hasn’t been updated more recently than the page on which it is sold, the software that it talks about manipulating has changed so much that if they aren’t entirely worthless by now, they’re certainly not worth the price.

The end result is that if you don’t have the time to actually learn how to market your website, your money would be better spent consulting a marketing firm than trying to do everything yourself through questionable programs like this.

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