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I’m Rick and I started out here online without a clue. I began searching for something that would eventually earn me 10k per month. I figure that is a bit more than I made as a trucker. Many times through my searches here online ended up costing me much more than I was willing to keep spending. I had had enough!

I got sidetracked many times into things that just cost me more and more money. If you’ll keep on reading I WILL  help you save YOUR money and GET you a FAIR at earning income quick! Seriously. Follow me, okay?

Don’t Allow Yourself To Fall Into Cracks!

Here on the internet its easy to fall short. Call it falling in the cracks. Whoops! Careful now! You can fall into one of many cracks here on the web! They’re endless! Count up the False advertisements and scams make and you’ll find its 95 percent of all the content! Crap Products and Programs make up a huge portion of the internet today. 

And, many times during my frustration I often wondered if anyone was making money! Hard not to say that I did become frustrated, a bit saddened and also disappointed at the start.

If You’ve Been Laid Off Or Unemployed…You may be in trouble!

When I was laid off back in 2006 I needed a job and I wanted to do something different than be a maintenance worker for large companies. So I started thinking about what type of jobs would allow me to earn more income.

I did have a friend who drove a truck for the oil companies here in TEXAS and he had mentioned he would help get me own once they were hiring.


Learn To Solved Whatever Road Blocks Try And Stop You!

Instead of telling myself I’d never be able to drive a truck…first off I didn’t have a commercial drivers license. Secondly, I didn’t have a truck in order to pass one!

Then and there I decided to become a driver. Because if I could succeed, I could work where my buddy worked, and I would be making $60k in my first year. (Believe it or not, I did it!)

I Became a trucker…Earning extraordinary pay.



The phrase “How Do You Eat An Elephant, came to mind.

But the journey is sometimes where you are supposed to find enjoyment. Not the end result. So, My first thought was, how do I eat an elephant? Meaning, it’s a huge undertaking to suddenly say you are going to be a trucker, and then become one! When you find yourself taking on something completely new and strange…Think ONE step at a time. What is the first step? What is next? 

It’s the same with Internet Marketing. One Step. Then One More…And so on.

What’s Your End Result LOOK Like?

How much money do you want to earn?

How long will it take or should it take?

And then think all the way to the end result and imagine your RESULTS. Where are you? How did you get there? What does Success Look Like To YOU?

Picture Success in your mind. How does it feel? How does it really feel!?!

Truck Driver Earning $60k Per Year. I did imagine making this money. And I saw myself with not one Corvette, but Two. And yes I own 2 Corvettes. This one below and a red 1980 which is in storage right now.

This Corvette is one of two I own. You can be successful with Affiliate Marketing!

What I Did To Find My Success…

There is no need to go into the full story of becoming a truck driver as its a bit ordinary. But I did become a driver within a few months time and I did work as one for 5 full years, earning lots of money.

The only thing I was not prepared for and what I didn’t want, was the very long hours of being on the road. I knew this to be one of the facts of the trade-off so I thought I could handle it. At the time. But it piled on as a burden on my backside!

But really the hours did add up to earning more, but I was giving up my TIME for money.

Precious Time!

So after 5 years on the road, I did finally start thinking of where I saw myself in the next five years.  And it wasn’t sitting in a Truck!

So What If

What if I could earn this kind of income from working at home on the computer?

Maybe even work part-time from home in order to earn a good living and not spend 40 hours per week working. But only working the hours I wanted to work…Like around 10 hours per week!


I later researched affiliate marketing and quickly figured out that I needed the marketing skills to work online. first.

To earn good money online one needs an education and a marketing skill. Of which I had zero…

So I started my educational journey of learning all about Affiliate Marketing.

A few months later, I was on my way and already making money here on the Internet. And I had been able to quit a perfectly good Trucking job. And even had a retirement party!

I had learned something through it all.

It Only Takes The Right Plan!

That it no matter what you want to do in life, or have, it only takes a plan and then determination.

Get An Education No Matter What You Are Thinking About Doing In LIFE…

What I can tell you is that Internet Marketing is something different than most of us have ever done in the past or will ever do. And it takes a little bit of learning and understanding and skill building first of all. After that, it is pretty darn easy. And if it sounds like something you want to try…Read the review I wrote for the company I got my start with. Wealthy Affiliate


Are you serious about earning income using the Internet?

What marketing really is and how it works behind the scene is really quite easy to pick up and then master that skill set.

And you will be on your way to working from home and earning a great income. You can get started with just about any education here online that shows Affiliate Marketing.

But not all courses or programs or friendly. Nor do they have a great community of people that are like-minded and helpful. 

The Training Course Where I Got MY START

The image below is of a sign in form. It is where you will be able to sign up for a free course and enter a membership area which has great people who are all building financial success.

It is where you can register for FREE at Wealthy Affiliate and learn to build your skill level. As I did. 


Are You Geared For Success?


Did you know that most everyone fails a little bit each day? It is part of learning a skill. Education is the big key to success, online or off.

The secret that lies in online marketing is; become a specialist. It doesn’t matter what you specialize in as long as you have MAD-skills at whatever it is you are doing. 

Forget about trying to make money first, and focus on learning the game.
Get geared for success by building a skill level that very few others have. To specialize is to be an expert. And experts make money!

Are You Ready To Begin Down Your Road To Success? 

But if you are anything like me you are far from being a robust sales person! You don’t have to be these days as many things can be done behind the scenes and money can still be made in bunches.

The very first thing to becoming a financial success here or anywhere is to learn to be the best at what you do.

Regarding such skill, it is important to understand that being very skillful will allow you to earn more than someone just kind of knowing the material.




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9 Responses

    • Rick

      Possibly you are only looking for fault in others and maybe you are upset for not making money online. What I do here on my site is my business and does not require you to police it. Sorry if you have your feathers ruffled.
      Why don’t you go police somewhere else. I’m not here to baby sit and be nice to people who make it a point to harass me here online. I get enough of these people.

      Thank you for your support. LOL


      ps. I will just send him the letter you wrote me that was nothing but harrassing criticism. So you may want to threaten someone else. Everything you said to me in the personal email and phone call will be brought up. so think about what you are stirring here and see if you want to move on or keep stirring!

  1. Margaret

    Far as I can tell, Wealthy Affiliate is not a recognized university so, wouldn’t you say that is false advertising? Unless people are issued diplomas, this is just not true. Thanks.

    • Rick

      Wealthy Affiliate is a training program that helps people learn how to market online. No its not a registered university. But it should be! Colleges do not even teach marketing or advertising online so students are getting out of
      College after spending thousands at a university and not getting the training they need here! Sorry I seemed to offend one person over the last year and a half I’ve been advertising it. LOL

      Who cares…it is just a name. You can take it up with the owners. But why even make the remark? I guess for some they just want to waste time and try to criticize others. You must be frustrated doing this. Sorry for that.

      If you would like to report it fine. You will have to report every one calling it a university! 🙂 Who the heck cares its a name.

      Thanks for the input Officer Maggie!


  2. Lill

    Hi Rick,
    Thank you so much for your Down Hill Money site and your reviews of on-line businesses. I got to your site because I wanted to know if Quick Clone Cash (QCC)was legitimate. Usually learn the hard way by buying 1st and being scammed later.
    But, this time I decided to do due diligence first because making $20K per day for doing nothing sounded to good to be true even for me. I could feel the handcuffs closing around my wrist for being an accessory to bilking legitimate business out of billions. You, though not the only one, confirmed my worst suspicions. QCC does have a lot of top ranking google sites which look like blogs recommending them, but are really just google ads. So it takes a bit of research to find sites that are giving an honest unbiased opinion. Hope others will see that when they do their research.

    • Rick

      let us hope everyone eventually becomes aware of scam programs and stops getting ripped off!

  3. Karen

    Rick, thanks for the honest and thorough walk through of getting started in affiliate marketing. I too have tried numerous ways to learn this stuff. I kept saying “there’s so much information out there.” I really thought I could piece it all together and make a go of it.

    Your recommendation to get started with Wealthy Affiliate makes total sense. What you’re saying about getting the tools, training and community all in one place makes total sense. Once the foundation is laid I can take my new site in whatever direction I want.

    I appreciate knowledge and honesty about this.

    PS: that Wealthy Affiliate try before you buy offer is a real clincher. I’m putting my toe in the water and am ready to roll.

  4. Burnzy

    Hey Rick. Great site. You have a lot of information here on your site. I love it!! I’m new to affiliate marketing and your site helped me to understand quite a bit. I will be back for sure. Thanks for taking your time and giving us all this free info!!
    Have a great day!!

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