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rick-sofa-8-25-16How are you doing?

It’s very good to meet you. Again I’m Rick and I’m a professional SEO, Social Media, PPC And Solo Ads Marketer.

In the beginning I quit a perfectly good truck driving job. However the hours did suck a bit anyway. 14 a day to be exact.

My beginning took me from excitement to frustration and back again. For one there was so much false advertising and scamming going that I often wondered if people could really make a decent wage using the internet. I was frustrated, a bit saddened and also disappointed at what I saw.

In a short period of time I realized it was a matter of finding something I was passionate about and getting the help I needed. And like many I wanted to earn income so badly that I declared I would share for free, anything that paid well!

But before I could help others I had to help myself and gain my my marketing skills. 

I Knew It Would Work

I finally set a goal of earning $13,000 per month. Why $`13k? Thought about it and since I already made decent money as a truck driver it would be a good step up and a great challenge to go for.

Also loved the thought of making a million dollars per year. So, I got back down to basics and fundamentals of psychology and sought after better coaching as well. As well as joining programs that had better Return On Investment.

Things slowly started to swing more to the profits side of the margin. Finally!

A Secret Short Cut

What I can tell you is that marketing is something different than most of us have ever done in the past or will ever do. And it takes a little bit of learning and understanding about what all is involved. But it’s relatively simple really…

A serious marketing skill-set is essential of course. What marketing really is and how it works behind the scene is really pretty quite easy to follow.

You can join me here if you wish to earn income online…

Did you know that many fail when trying to create a business online? Because Most people fail because we do have to follow certain rules and steps. Tons of information will have to be read and digested, then followed and implemented.  It wasn’t until I got the complete understanding of Marketing that my work really started to actually begin “Working & Paying Off”. I had finally put in enough time to get the foundation and fundamentals down. 

There are plenty that want to skip right to the making money part. That was my mistake as well. But I can tell you this does not work. Marketing is actually just giving great value in exchange for money. Most people don’t understand. Doing any of this the wrong way can result in terrible results. And most give up before ever getting to the profit part. 

Selling is the name of the game…

Selling does not work on the internet. Not the way we think. What we have to learn to do is give great VALUE TO OTHERS and help others with a solution to their problem. We don’t really sell anything.

Here on the internet we learn to offer visitors information that can help them to make the best buying decisions ever. We are servants to the people. But in being so, if we come across right, they will thank us, and even become long time paying customers and be a part of our social groups forever.

So without a bunch of hype about internet marketing. I hope you will at least begin your own journey by getting proper instruction and have a map of your destination before starting. To do that grab and open the link below for Wealthy Affiliate. It helped me so much.

As you would not travel to the Yucatan without first making sure you have a way to your destination, money in your pocket, and know the steps it will take to get you there. Same with an online business!start button

Why not begin your journey today and hook
up with me to get the right kind of help? 

Start Here: Success-Wealthy Affiliate


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9 Responses

    • Rick

      Possibly you are only looking for fault in others and maybe you are upset for not making money online. What I do here on my site is my business and does not require you to police it. Sorry if you have your feathers ruffled.
      Why don’t you go police somewhere else. I’m not here to baby sit and be nice to people who make it a point to harass me here online. I get enough of these people.

      Thank you for your support. LOL


      ps. I will just send him the letter you wrote me that was nothing but harrassing criticism. So you may want to threaten someone else. Everything you said to me in the personal email and phone call will be brought up. so think about what you are stirring here and see if you want to move on or keep stirring!

  1. Margaret

    Far as I can tell, Wealthy Affiliate is not a recognized university so, wouldn’t you say that is false advertising? Unless people are issued diplomas, this is just not true. Thanks.

    • Rick

      Wealthy Affiliate is a training program that helps people learn how to market online. No its not a registered university. But it should be! Colleges do not even teach marketing or advertising online so students are getting out of
      College after spending thousands at a university and not getting the training they need here! Sorry I seemed to offend one person over the last year and a half I’ve been advertising it. LOL

      Who cares…it is just a name. You can take it up with the owners. But why even make the remark? I guess for some they just want to waste time and try to criticize others. You must be frustrated doing this. Sorry for that.

      If you would like to report it fine. You will have to report every one calling it a university! 🙂 Who the heck cares its a name.

      Thanks for the input Officer Maggie!


  2. Lill

    Hi Rick,
    Thank you so much for your Down Hill Money site and your reviews of on-line businesses. I got to your site because I wanted to know if Quick Clone Cash (QCC)was legitimate. Usually learn the hard way by buying 1st and being scammed later.
    But, this time I decided to do due diligence first because making $20K per day for doing nothing sounded to good to be true even for me. I could feel the handcuffs closing around my wrist for being an accessory to bilking legitimate business out of billions. You, though not the only one, confirmed my worst suspicions. QCC does have a lot of top ranking google sites which look like blogs recommending them, but are really just google ads. So it takes a bit of research to find sites that are giving an honest unbiased opinion. Hope others will see that when they do their research.

    • Rick

      let us hope everyone eventually becomes aware of scam programs and stops getting ripped off!

  3. Karen

    Rick, thanks for the honest and thorough walk through of getting started in affiliate marketing. I too have tried numerous ways to learn this stuff. I kept saying “there’s so much information out there.” I really thought I could piece it all together and make a go of it.

    Your recommendation to get started with Wealthy Affiliate makes total sense. What you’re saying about getting the tools, training and community all in one place makes total sense. Once the foundation is laid I can take my new site in whatever direction I want.

    I appreciate knowledge and honesty about this.

    PS: that Wealthy Affiliate try before you buy offer is a real clincher. I’m putting my toe in the water and am ready to roll.

  4. Burnzy

    Hey Rick. Great site. You have a lot of information here on your site. I love it!! I’m new to affiliate marketing and your site helped me to understand quite a bit. I will be back for sure. Thanks for taking your time and giving us all this free info!!
    Have a great day!!

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