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Make money online with Wealthy Affiliate
Make money online with Wealthy Affiliate

I call these lessons this because I’m the biggest dummy of them all, and I went through the lessons very quickly! A few times I asked for help, and I even got the answers I needed, right away.  The first of a ten step process written in plain easy to follow English even fourth grade students can understand.  And did I tell you it is free? Affiliate Marketing for dummies is as easy as learning the A,B,C’s.

It is that simple.  And, assuming you are far smarter than I am, it will allow you to breeze through the lessons and begin a new profitable business from your home once you get through the Free Easy to Learn lessons.   Do you have a little time?


Is There A Secret To Online Success?


Of course there is. And instead of having you guess, I will get right into this so you can
get on your way to making your own money and being your own boss.

The secret is called, Planning…that, and taking one step at a time.  Just like a house is built today there needs to be a plan long before you see the house erected.  And like the house, which I will refer to as your Affiliate Marketing Business, you will want to write a few things down first. 

Remember though, this is much less complicated then building a house! Could a fourth grader build a house? I think not.  But as I said, they do understand the process I am showing you here on how to build a website and learn Affiliate Marketing.  Get your pen and paper ready!


Let’s Get Started


Work from home at your computer and make money
Work from home at your computer and make money

With pen and paper write down 5 products you really have an interest in.   List five products before you continue.

Remember this can be something you use everyday and enjoy.  Quickly though and after you make the list, stop by the niche lessons and read this.  Then come back and continue.  Don’t forget, each small step you take today will put you miles ahead on the road of success.  So starting now and implementing this small step is very, very important.  Small steps lead to miles of success! Remember that.


A Product Of Interest – Or Niche


First thing is, we are going to need a product in which to share with the online world.  We will also call this our product niche. This can be a service as well.  But we will talk a little about services later.  For now we will stick with a product niche.  The reason being is that almost anyone will pay you to promote their products online.  And this is all that it takes.

The more advertising a company can get, the more products they can sell to the public, the more money they make in volume sales.  So we are actually helping promote products and getting paid for it without ever having to even touch them.


Affiliate Marketing


Let’s assume you know very little about affiliate marketing.  If you have made your list I want you to think of the top most interesting product there.  The top most interesting thing on the list will be number one.  You may already have it as number one.  Reason being is, you will need to write a few articles on this in the coming days.  This product you pick will be called your niche.

Don’t worry about knowing much about your product or niche right now because that is not that important at this time in the business.  You are going to easily learn these things as you go along.  You will want to have a product that you have an interest in because later on you will be able to write about this on your very own website.  Do you have it?

This is key to making the information (content) on your website more interesting.  Can you imagine how you would sound if you were not interested in a product you were promoting?

“I have a Nissan Frontier truck but I don’t drive it very much.” Pretty boring stuff huh? You would say instead, “My Nissan Frontier is an excellent utility vehicle and I love the way it corners!” See the difference?


Affiliate Website Example


I like Flashlights so one of my Affiliate Websites is all about Flashlights.  I list many flashlights with different companies.  The Affiliate companies allow me to do this.  Mostly I just list the specs, and talk a little about the flashlights I’ve tried or heard good things about. 

When someone comes along and they read what I’ve written they click on a photo of a particular flashlight they like…and Presto!  They are taken to the very store where the flashlight sells.  The picture of the flashlight is a link to the store.

Once at the store the person may browse around and select a flashlight or accessory that I did not even show them on the website.  But since they accessed the store through me, I will get a commission on whatever they purchase. I list Flashlights which sell now for hundreds of dollars each, as well as inexpensive ones. 

Every time I get someone wanting to find out about flashlights on my website they are directed by photos which take them to the different stores.  I get a commission when they purchase one of the products I have listed.


How many Websites Can I Have?


In the example above I talk about only one website but I have several myself.  And some have people have up to ten or more! You can create as many as you want and work as much as you want.  Some products sell better than others so you will want to build a second site after the first is up and running.



Services Work Well Too


Start Your Own Business
Start Your Own Business

Many build websites which surround a service.  For instance, Blogging is a service.  You are offering up information for people to read and enjoy. There are all kinds of topics, issues and worldly interests.

There is information in the first course on this as well.  Showing someone how to loose weight by giving them the same information you used to drop ten pounds would be a service as well.

You can offer up what you know on losing weight and when someone joins a health club which is an affiliate you get the commission when they sign up. 

 You can offer products within this service website too.  You can read much more about services later on if interested.  Let’s keep going.


The World Is Your Oyster


There are so many things you can write about, sell online, offer as advice or informational subjects of interest to the rest of the world.  The opportunities are endless.  How to do something is a very popular search term.  Everyone is on the computer searching these days and this is where you will be found with your product niche website.

When someone searches the web they are asking How To….? Do you know the answer to what people are searching for? You can.  And easily make huge profits from this once you get a website up and running.


Ready To Build Your Website?


If I you have already became interested with what I’ve said so far about affiliate marketing you can skip to the program lessons contained in the short cut below.  Once you get to the universities program page you will sign up, create a profile, (tell a little about yourself) watch a short video and then start your free lessons.  And you get two free websites along with all the support you need.  Create a website in less then 5 minutes!

Once signed up you are well on your way to making a successful website and creating revenue for yourself.  One thing before you go. Good luck! Not that you will need it….I didn’t.  Click here to the shortcut and you will arrive at your destination…Wealthy Affiliate University. Where your lessons begin and your life changes.


I Want To Increase My Income


make commissions without sales
Make money with commissions.

Or if you are still interested in hearing more about the course lessons, you can go to my review which explains the Wealthy Affiliate  in a different aspect.

Either way, drop me a line with any questions you may have and I will be more then happy to answer them.

Remember, we can succeed with many ways to make revenue online these days.  Just by taking one small step at a time. I sell on eBay as well so if that is of interest to you, click on Tips For Selling On Ebay.

I also have an E-store and several Affiliate Marketing Websites.  So if interested in selling on Amazon or creating an eCommerce Site…you can leave me a message! Or browse the rest of Downhill Money site.  You can read more about me, or just get started creating your own business.


Rick Bell..founder of Downhill Money


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  1. Dawn Brotherton

    I’m really enjoying reading your website and getting the information. Thanks for taking the time to post all of this for those of us just getting on the bandwagon.

    • Rick

      You are welcome… this is my job!:) To help others find success without falling victim to fraud and scam programs.
      Glad you enjoyed the website. See you next time. Hope to see you on Wealthy Affiliate soon!

  2. catherine

    If you are serious about making an online business Rick is always within the coomunity asking any questiosn you may have, as well as over a hundred thousand people all prepared to give you a helping hand.

  3. Neil

    Hello, Rick

    This is a great insight in to affiliate marketing and I love the way how it’s all broken down 🙂

    Affiliate marketing is really simple when people learn the ropes and it’s pretty much like riding a bike when they get the hang of things. Affiliate marketing has always been my favorite method of earning an online income and it still will be for many years to come.

    I wish you every success with your own affiliate marketing journey.


    • Rick

      Thank you for your comment. I appreciate the approach as well.
      Good luck to you and your success!

  4. Candi Moon

    Thank you Rick, there is a lot of useful information here. I’m just getting started in affiliate marketing so this is a great resource for me.

  5. Latoya

    Wow! I am surprised just how easy this was to follow along. I have always wanted to try doing a business online, but admittedly, I was always intimidated. Thanks for this article. Very helpful!

    • Rick

      Sure. A great program starts off with great stuff…not leaving one wondering what happened!

  6. Steve

    Thanks A LOT Rick! Since finding your site,(a week or so ago) – I’ve learnt SO much already about starting an online business… and your site has also helped me to very quickly ‘unlearn’ bits and pieces of… well, quite frankly, ‘RUBBISH’ I’d picked up from so called ‘gurus’… I hope more people who want to learn online business find your site because you obviously operate with integrity and honesty :).. Keep up the good work and great service you are providing to the online community… Respect!

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