Affiliate Millionaire Club Review – For Newbies Only!

The Affiliate Millionaire Club Is Off-Limits to Experienced Internet Marketers


I am not kidding you! I just heard it from the horse’s mouth. But let me start from the beginning.

A couple of weeks ago I received two emails in my Spam folder promoting a program that will make me over $1,000 dollars every single day. You know, I buy and review many products and programs; particularly those in the “how to make money online” market.

I am sure you have received similar emails. They are full of hype with a bunch of highlighted catch phrases and several links to a ‘FREE” video.

So, I settled in and watched the video.


affiliate millionaire club reviewProduct Name: Affiliate Millionaire Club

Product Owner(s): Mo & Ahmed

Price: $67.00


My Rating: 40/100 points – 2 stars


What is Affiliate Millionaire Club


A software that creates a website with content and affiliate links automatically. It is designed to “run on autopilot” so you don’t have to work more than five minutes a day and make over $20,000 bucks a month.


The Video Sales Pitch


Fake Testimonials:

The first red warning flags went up as soon as the video starts out with four testimonials that should make you believe that the people are users of Mo’s software and making several hundred days a day. The testimonials are staged and fake.

Take my word for it. I have seen three of these people giving testimonials for similar products on more than one occasion.

They are listed on and advertising their services for as little as $5.00 for a short video.


affiliate millionaire club review - is affiliate millionaire club a scam


Meet (from left to right): banjoman15 (Top Rated Seller), oldmansteve (Featured) & chaduk (from the UK) and you can find them on in the “Buy Video Testimonials” department.

We all know that many companies are using actors for their advertisements. However, in cases where the “acting” could be misleading, these companies let us know with a disclaimer.

This is not done here though, and the reason is obvious. Mo and his partner are misleading us on purpose with the presentation of these fake testimonials.


Exaggerated Earnings Promises

affiliate millionaire club review
Can you stay awake for 5 minutes a day?

Are YOU finally ready to make over $1,200 per day as I did” Mo says, as soon as banjoman15 was finished telling his tale. Mo then is doing the math for you, which came out to a whopping $436.00 per year.

Which raised the second red flag. I make money online and know from experience that it can be difficult at times; especially when starting out.

There is no easy way and it will not happen over night. It will take a lot of effort, hard work and determination to overcome failure before you achieve success.

Mo then asks “if you can set aside 5 minutes of uninterrupted time, No TV, No Phone, No Distractions“. If you are willing to promise and set aside JUST 5 minutes of your time every day, “Mo guarantees you AT LEAST $1,200 a day“.

How can he guarantee such thing, you ask. With a “sob story” of course. You see, all creators of crappy and/or scammy online products need a good sob story to tell. I have heard hundreds of those and I am surprised about the imagination this folks have.


The Sob Story

Mo is no exception to the rule. Here is the short version……..

Mo has been in your shoes, struggling to make ends meet and support his family. He was “tricked” into buying dozens of systems and software…..but they were crap……….never did what they promised………and ALL his money went down the drain.

At least he had the dignity keeping is wife, kids and relatives out of the story. Unlike others who had them seriously ill, run over by a tank or almost eaten alive by some ogre.

I was into his story now, seriously, and couldn’t wait to find out what miracle, and/or stranger he met, saved his poor behind.

Mo: “After spending SEVEN years trying to make money online, I stumbled upon a MAJOR loophole“‘

affiliate millionaire club scam review
Can you see the “loophole?

Hallelujah! Thanks for loopholes. I just wonder how he survived 7 years after ALL his money went somewhere. And I cannot believe that somebody could be so dumb spending 7 years trying the same thing over and over.

My rule: You make an error and fail; learn from the error and try again NOT making the same error. Oh well, had to say that. Onward with Mr. Mo and his sob story.

One day he realized he made a little over $10.00, then over $40.00 a couple days later , then $80.00. He could not believe it and thought it was pure luck.

But the money came rolling in and “he knew that he stumbled over something big“. He didn’t know what it was (a loophole, you moron!) and a month later he was making $500.00 a day.

Then he realized that it was the loophole, but not just an ordinary loophole. It was a MASSIVE loophole. He kept his new found fortune a secret and bla bla bla.

Finally, here comes the part I knew was coming, and I was waiting anxiously how good ol’ MO is going to spin this tale.

Enter Tom, one of Mo’s best friend, and Mo was ready to let him in on his secret. Tom was the popular linebacker in college (HAH? a popular linebacker? I always thought it’s the Quarterbacks), tons of talent on the field but with ABSOLUTELY no knowledge of computers, websites or anything “technical”.

This is Mo talking now: “This is the ULTIMATE test. If I can get Tom to follow my SIMPLE steps and MAKE MONEY, then ANYONE can do it“.

Of course, Tom didn’t have to know what’s going on in the “massive loophole of Mo’s”. All that matters was that he can follow Mo’s steps and duplicate the results.

“His 5 minutes a day made him over $285,000 in 10 months” says Mo.


All is well now in Mo’s world, the loophole keeps doing it’s thing and Mo has amassed some real dough, so he says. Now it’s hight time to show us how rich he really is.


Bragging About The Riches


affiliate millionaire club review


I am not bragging“, Mo says. “I just need to show you what I could afford with all the money I made with my software. And you can soon afford the same things“.

OK Mo, enough already. Lets get on with the show. I would like to know what I get for my $67.00.


How Is Affiliate Millionaire Club Software Supposed To Work?


I thought that we are past the “nasty” already and Mr. Mo is going to let us know how exactly his software is supposed to work. My bad, I should have known better. There are two things Mo needs to talk first,

1) Actually devote the 5 minutes per day: He informs you that HE and HIS team can only handle a maximum of ten students a day, and if you are not serious about having $1,200 deposited in your bank account every day, you better stop watching the video and leave. You are not the type of person he is looking for and there are other people who would kill for a “once in a life time opportunity like this

Kind’a harsh, don’t you think so? Threatening me because I want to hand over sixty seven bucks, who does he think HE is? OK, I devote 5 minutes and keep on watching

2) You MUST be someone that is NEW to Affiliate Marketing: That’s right! The less you know about How To Make Money Online, the BETTER chance you have at Success using my software. When we take on students who THINK they know a lot, they OFTEN don’t. And they tend to SKIP steps they feel are too SIMPLE or NOT important. And for that reason we will only accept NEW students who will follow our steps. If you are OK with these two requirement, then CONGRATULATIONS.

What the heck is that? This raised the third red flag, a real big one, in a split second. I am an affiliate, a good one, and this clown tells me “I cannot follow some simple steps“. Can’t be many of these steps, I surmise, since the whole thing only takes 5 frigging minutes a day. Now I am hell bent to find out what’s really going on here.

Mo, in the meantime, is telling you that, at first, he didn’t want to sell his software. But he is so fed-up with the Gurus putting out Scam after Scam, robbing people of their hard earned money, that he changed his mind. His goal is now FOCUSED on YOUR success.

I feel like crying now; or is it throwing up? Either way, I am getting fed up with all the BS and want to know what his software does. He quickly talks about a 60-Day-Money-Back- Guarantee and then the screen comes alive with this image:


affiliate millionaire club review


Now this is interesting, and I can see the need for software able to actually do that. Of course, Mo is talking about mini sites used to sell ONE product only and, at the same time, would spare you the task of building the site(s) yourself. If you need more info about  “mini sites, click here.

But let’s find out what else Mr. Mo is offering besides the software that is easy to use and creates websites “with blazing speed”. He includes, which I hope are not “hidden upsells” you will have to shell out more $$$ later on:


  • affiliate millonaire club scamUnlimited Hosting
  • Unlimited Domains
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Coaching


That sounds good also and Mo assures you that there will be “absolutely no extra cost” coming at you.

The software will, according to Mo, build a 100% custom affiliate website for you; complete with Banners, Pictures and professionally written sales copy that’s proven to make sales.

There are additional features included in the software, which Mo cannot disclose in the video. He just names something like “Social Media Integration” and a “One-Click-Connection to FB, Twitter & G+”

All is good now, I guess. At least I am able to tell you what this software is all about. Does it really work? I will let you know in just a few minutes.


Does Affiliate Millionaire Club Software Really Work?


The software really works and creates a website with some content and links in blazing speed. Sure, you need to do a little set-up work, which was expected. It’s easy enough, I have to admit, and took me about a short 10 minutes.

You have the choice from a large selection of templates, created for a variety of niches and products. The sites look professionally designed and I have no complaints there. This is however, the only PRO of this product. Let me explain:


The CONS of Affiliate Millionaire Club


1) Content Is King

So says Google. Obviously, it seems that Mr. Mo never heard that or simply ignores it. He says that your sites will be contain 100% unique, meaning “original” content. If that is true, I wonder where it comes from. Does he have an army of “elves” working somewhere behind the scene hacking away writing copy?

Most likely this is where the 100% unique content comes from:

1) Private Label Rights (PLR) is a concept used in internet marketing and derived from private labeling. It’s a license where the author sells most or all of the intellectual property rights to their work (source: Wikipedia). PLR articles is sold to thousands of people and put on their websites, It is NOT unique, and using article spinners results, more often than not, in unreadable content.

2) Copied from other websites: The “stolen” articles are the re-written by article spinners. Again, the content is NOT unique and the practice, also quite common in the industry, is highly unethical.


2) Placement of Affiliate Links:

You cannot control the placement of affiliate links, and I do not believe that any software is able to accurately determine the correct locations. The anchor text of links is also an important SEO factor, and no machine is able to replace human judgment in that case.


affiliate millionaire club review
Not all links are made of gold


3) Limited Editing:

Although you will be able to edit the provided content and change images, I would like to see full editing possibilities. The absence of such is a big handicap. You are not able to add more pages or posts to enhance your site


4) Sub-Domains

Mr. Mo offers you unlimited domains. Unfortunately, these are sub-domains, which are much more difficult to rank with, than with main domains. You will have have to add a lot of quality content to have a chance of beating the crowd on the first two SERPs.


Conclusion to Affiliate Millionaire Club Review


The Affiliate Millionaire Club software does work and creates websites in almost no time. An experienced internet marketer that already has a list and is versed in things like PPC and solo adds, may be able to make some money using these sites. The inherent limitations of these sites though, erase the the benefits of saving time and efforts by using this software.

Mr. Mo only wants total newbies as students. Whatever his reasons may be for that, he does not provide adequate training and support for newcomers to Affiliate Marketing. It is a well known fact, that pre-built can work if done correctly, and the operator has enough knowledge about keyword research and White Hat SEO techniques.

I conclude that the Affiliate Millionaire Club software is a legitimate and, to a certain degree, a useful tool for experienced affiliate marketers. A total newbee however, will not get the needed training to be able to make money with this product.


My Verdict: Affiliate Millionaire Club is legit. I cannot recommend it to newcomers, but it may benefit the more experienced.


My Rating: 40/100 points – 2 stars


What Next:

Making money online is possible. But there is no easy way, and there is no “5-minute-a-day”, fully automated system that will make you money. If you consider an online business, you need the willingness to learn and work hard to succeed. I learned internet marketing at Wealthy Affiliate, the best online business learning center you can find. The table below shows you how WA compares to Affiliate Millionaire Club.



It’s easy to see why Wealthy Affiliate is my #1 recommendation. Read my review with all the details and give it a try. It’s free to get started and check out the inside of a truly remarkable program. See you on the other side.


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