AppCoiner Review-We Find AppCoiner Not To Be A Scam

How Do People Find Our AppCoiner Websites?

The apps that go into thier app review database are chosen because they have a large number of searches for reviews across a range of platforms.
In fact they update the database regularly so that users are not posting reviews on the same apps as each other. That really makes it all possible.
Their system automatically SEO optimises our review posts on our websites so that when people are searching for reviews and information about the apps we review on our website, they will find our site. 
Also they actively promote all of the sites on their PopularReviewer network through media advertising and view exchanges with other related websites, backlink building and directory submissions, so our site benefits from that collective promotion. This is what people do not know or understand. So many reviewers just say it is too difficult to write these reviews and they mark the as a scam.
It’s best to make sure each app review you write is a minimum of 250 words, and post at least 2-3 app reviews per week. The more content you have on your website, the more the search engines will like it and the more views you will get from them. So it does depend a lot on SEO. Want to learn Advanced SEO and all the Tricks? Go Here To Read About How To Speed Up Your Website and Your SEO

What Is AppCoiner?

Appcoiner is simply a service you can write reviews for. They give you a website that remains theirs, so you must stay if you want to keep making money. The difficult part of it is, is they make it sound so easy, yet, the reviews written have to be seen by merchants so we can get paid. The difficult part is getting traffic to our websites.

Also are you willing to work hard and work for no money at first? Are you a good review writer? Do you have experience in testing APPS? If not go here so you can start educating yourself about online marketing and making money.

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Is Appcoiner A Legit Program

The way Appcoiner asked me to set up my website was super easy. It is their site in fact and hosted by them. So nothing to do. They do everything for you. Except write the reviews. So in fact we don’t really have our own website after all, or our own business.

It is all created the same for each and everyone of us. Therefore not really being our website, but theirs with lots of competition as this service has been out for 4 years. Just not getting online and looking for ways to make money. Read my review and find out how many ways will put you in the poor house if you try them. Read my #1 Review Here

Just follow the prompts and you will have things going in no time. But then the work really begins. Have you written reviews before? It is not easy!

Okay so I paid the $28.69 to click bank and now have a 60 day refund policy. So after going over things and realizing lots of easy steps…so whats the catch?  One great thing about signing up is that I trust click bank as proven money back security. They always do the right thing. And I get paid by them through various means of affiliate marketing. Will Refund Through Click Bank

So if you don’t like it you can get a refund. There are many things you will end up not liking about it. $28.69 with tax. No biggie. They have an up-sell if you want to get their help. You can buy some of their reviews to make your site look more busy and legit if you want. 

It is an option I would take. To get a faster start. It’s $20 bucks more but they say it is well worth it. And I think you have to do it at the time of signing. Not sure, but I have a support question in on that at this time. 

If you have any questions you want to ask me just leave them in comments below and I will get back with you.

But how many others are doing the same thing? If you don’t get the added reviews than you start at ground zero! The image below shows an unGodly amount of money coming in. Which they make it look lucrative, but you will find that the work is hard and the hours are long if you want to make even a fraction of the amount they show.

Incredibly they talk about traffic getting to your website here inside the set up.. But they never spend any time talking about how reviews are going to be seen by others before you get paid. Yes. They have to find your website! How will traffic find your site? Marketing. Do you know how? 

Because everything we do online to make money requires traffic sources. Without traffic we do not make very much income online. Do you want to learn how to get more traffic to your website? (Learn Here)

In 2016, 224 billion apps were downloaded generating billions in revenue. App developers want to reach you and they do it by all the feedback coming from people like you and me, and are willing to pay for reviews. But how Appcoiner works is they only pay us if they use the review!

You could possibly write dozens of these reviews and they all be in the wrong niche. Reason being is they would have to find your website and then the review would have to be good. 

appcoiner review image calculate how much you can earn
 ***** ***** You only get paid if your review is purchased!

How To Make Money Using AppCoiner

First of all the problem is having to test apps on your iphone or android. That may not be easy unless your young and have good eyes! Phones are small. So I have a six plus iphone which I can at least see the screen. But for all those that have a smaller phone? Oh my, good luck to you.

Second thing to say about it so far is that the problem I’m seeing is you don’t get paid unless someone sees the review. That means you are competing against every other member that has signed up, and we all have the same kind of website. They all look the same. But the issue is we don’t have traffic. But if you go back and read the top paragraph I’ve kind of explained it a bit better there and we can get traffic if we write enough reviews. Which is about 2 to 3 a week support said. I would think that 5 to 10 might give us a better chance however.

Third thing is you are competing against other members for rank. Using sub-domains which are very poorly ranked to begin with. But again the support just informed me they use SEO. If you don’t know about optimizing and SEO.

In signing up they give you a chance to get ready written reviews to help you launch your site. See conclusion to AppCoiner below. Oh I already mentioned that. Meaning it is an up sell. Yes of $47 dollars to their platinum package. Where they write 50 optimized reviews.They ask for more money once you have signed up for the service in order to help you, not slow you down. It is all done through click bank so you will be refunded without question within 60 days so that gives you a chance to try it out.

I’m not sure about the upsells if that is refundable or not. You might ask them about it.

appcoiner step 3
Here is the blank website you start with and where you write your reviews

Is AppCoiner Legit?

You my find other reviews out there saying this is a scam. But if it were a scam, the complaints would have had it shut down already. Click Bank does not fool around if they suspect a scam. It is merely way harder than they preach about making money, I think. So when you go through steps one through three you will find that this is not so tough. But when you realize that you have to study, write reviews, post them on your site, and then market yourself to where you will put this website in front of someone…Well this is where all the work comes in.








You Need Traffic To Your AppCoiner Website 

Normally you would need to get Traffic to your website, which is one of the most difficult things there is to get and where more of the work comes in at. But support said they take care of that so everyone gets a fair shake.  Now here on this website we use SEO. Organic Traffic from Search Engines like Bing, Yahoo and Google. We have traffic based on how well our websites rank. And that means if we write reviews, we get lots of traffic. If we don’t, we will not see very much traffic. That’s the bottom line. Where will you get your traffic. 

You can get the upsell when you sign up and have them create you 500 reviews already written…But is that going to get you more traffic? No. But if what they say is true, you won’t need more traffic. You will merely need more reviews! That will in itself bring you more traffic.

Is AppCoiner For You?

One thing to say about it is that it may be legit, but a bit misleading as to how easy it is to make money. Everything you do on the site belongs to AppCoiner. So that is probably where they get their listings of reviews that they sell to you in the beginning. From those who have written some, then quit. They belong to AppCoiner. And to send traffic to your site so that your reviews are seen, you will have to buy traffic or learn marketing. 

Conclusion To AppCoiner

Talking to Support at Appcoiner I found out it would help at first to buy into the upsell in order to get going quicker. This having reviews already on your site helps the search engines find you faster and more often when starting out. Yes it costs more but it is a one time fee I think. And it is about $47.00 dollars. However, if you are serious about doing this and making money you will need all the help you can get.

 After being upgraded to the platinum package members sites see traffic and earnings from their app reviews increase dramatically within one to two weeks. They optimize 50 reviews for you so who knows. They probably won’t pay you as these may have already been used before and maybe many times. But the increase should help them find your reviews that you write, quicker.

Now if you are not using AppCoiner and you are doing other things here online, you know you need traffic right? And lots of it!  My suggestion is to learn how I get traffic. Because no matter what you do, whether you blog, market yourself in some way, or market products, reviews, etc…You will end up needing traffic. And AppCoiner does not teach that as they optimize for traffic through the reviews. They make it sound like it will happen instantly and naturally. But it won’t unless you know about optimization and SEO. So if you are marketing your own products or ecom, or blogging, etc… Below is a great place to quickly enhance traffic to your Place or Site.

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