At Home Income Package

At Home Income Package


When opportunity knocks loudly on your door, how are you going to answer? In the case of At Home Income Package I suggest you be very, very careful. I just had a chance to look at what they offer, and I was not impressed.

Yes, traditional jobs in the marketplace are getting hard to find, and Yes, I know you can earn money using your computer and the interne, as I have. I would love to help you find your way to making money with very little effort. That however will not happen with this program.

You can find hundreds of programs out there that practically promise you will be making six figures real soon if you will just give them a little information and follow their “Tried and True” methods. Many even offer “Training”. Few will generate actual results you will be happy with.


At Home Income Package Review


veincome_scamThe first thing I noticed when I got to their website was a big clever area where they requested that I put in my information including; My Name, My E-Mail Address, My Telephone Number, and the Country I live in. Before I gave them any information, I tried to find out about them.

Down at the bottom of the page, in fine print, are several links you can click on. One is for their “Privacy Policy”, one is for their “Terms Of Service”, one even spells out their “Refund Policy”. Amongst these links was also one that was labeled “Contact Us”.

I tried each and every link. Guess what? They all worked except the “Contact Us” link. This should be a clue. Why oh why would they want it to be hard for us to contact them? Couldn’t they just give me an e-mail address to try? I mean they are asking me for a lot of info.


To Make Money Online-You Need the Right Program


complaintsBefore I could make a cent online with their product, I would have to sign up and buy their product. So the next thing I searched for was the price of their product. You guessed it. Without giving them all of my information, I could not even find out the price of their product. There was an FAQ link, and one of the questions in the FAQ was about price, but they did not even answer the question there.

Can you imagine going to a grocery store and asking the clerk how much a gallon of milk is, and being told that they could not give you that price unless they had your full name, your phone number, a valid e-mail address, and the name of the country you lived in? I think you would simply shop elsewhere.


Earn Money Online? This Is Possible


So what is the actual product you will be selling? That too is a bit difficult to answer. From what I could find from the website the product is Affiliate Sales. What that means literally is you will put a link on a website. When someone visits your website and clicks on the link they will be sent to some other website where if they buy something, you get a commission.

Sounds easy and legitimate. Legitimate? Legally, I am sure it is. How else would any company make an internet sale? Someone has to escort the buyer to the website selling the actual product, and that someone does deserve a commission.

How easy though is another question. First of all, you are going to have to get lots and lots of people landing on your website, and if that were easy to do the people selling the product would not need you. They would do it themselves.  In addition, after the person lands on your website you must lure them into clicking on the link. How are you going to do that?


Success Online-Another Possibility


scamsKeep in mind that you do not even know what the actual product is yet. You might be selling specialized farm tractors that cost half a million dollars each, or you might be selling someone’s crappy artwork made from old skids, or you might be selling chocolate chip cookie recipes that are already available all over the internet for free.

You have to BUY into At Home Income Package before you have any idea what you will be an affiliate for and chances are the first thing they will actually want you to sell is At Home Income Package. In other words, you have to sucker your friends and relatives into buying in as well. My advice: Skip this opportunity.


Are You Wanting Top Earn a Living Online From Your Home?


Forget about the Ponzi schemes, the rags to riches stories, the incredible make $6,000.00 dollars your first week programs.  To begin you need to check out all programs that are free, where you can join, get a feel for what they offer, check out the support and any hidden costs.  Once you find one try it out.  You have nothing to lose.

Do you want to check out the Wealthy Affiliate Program Reviews? It is a great start to making money online form home.  You can check this program out, sign up for free and watch a video that tells you all about it.  Not just shiny cars and fancy mansions, but real down to earth founders who are there in chat talking with members almost everyday.


Online success starts here.
Online success starts here.

I’m Rick Bell and I am just one of the members there who has created a business from home online, and make a successful living at it.  Believe me, I do not make $6000.00 each week though, nor $6,000.00 dollars each month, yet!  But getting up there and doing it all part time. 🙂 You can too!

Let me help you as I have helped hundreds of other members.  I can promise you will be utterly surprised with Wealthy Affiliate.  It is like a college education that really works.  Ask anyone of the thousand members once you sign up.  Did I mention it was free? Leave a comment below with any questions you may have.  And I will offer you two bonus set ups that will sky rocket your efforts to getting your business going quickly.

Cheering you on,

Rick Bell


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