Auto Chat Profits Review: The First Scam Product 2019?

An incredible ‘get rich quick scheme‘ from Auto Chat Profits was the first email I received in 2019, with the prospect of making… 

…more than $400 per day, with shocking consistency, on AUTO PILOT!

You made it here, so I assume you are wondering if this is a legit opportunity or just one of the many shady and totally worthless products. I took a real close look at Auto Chats Profits, so hang tight and find out what this product is all about. 

Auto Chat Profits Review

Name: Auto Chat Profits

Owner:  anonymous 

Spokes Person: Samantha

Product Launch: Jan 2, 2019

Vendor: Clickbank

Price: $37 plus several upsells

Rating:2.5 out of 5

Recommended:with limitations

Screenshot Sales Video

What Is Auto Chat Profits?

Auto Chat Profits is a product, sold through Clickbank, that targets a specific demographic, i.e. ‘opportunity seekers‘, which, by nature, are especially prone to fall for scammy ‘make-money-online-products‘.  

The product on hand represents the typical package of its kind. It all starts with a lengthy, and often times misleading sales video that …

  • …is narrated by a spokes person, Samantha in our case
  • …allows the product owner to remain anonymous
  • …is full of hype
  • …shows unbelievable income projections
  • …offers FREE ACCESS or very LOW ENTRY FEE
  • …contains several UP & DOWN Sales (AKA Sales Funnel)
  • …offers unreasonable high commissions to Affiliates

In the case of Auto Chat Profits, Samantha is going to show you some Clickbank Income Snapshots of over $30,000 per months, money made by using THEIR SECRET SOFTWARE, which YOU can use FOR FREE to make this kind of money.

Never mind that you will first have to, somehow, qualify to use this software IF a free license should be available in your area.

This software will build a DONE FOR YOU WEBSITE that is loaded with THEIR REVOLUTIONARY ROBOT TECHNOLOGY in under 6 minutes and 14 clicks.

Samantha is promising to show you a LIVE demo how this all works, but not before she shows you 4 minutes worth of more income snapshots. 

The image below shows you a scene from the video – Samantha & Open Chat

auto chat profits review

The Auto Chat Profits Live Demo

Finally, we’ll get to see how that all works. 

Step 1: Create Clickbank Account or simply link to existing account)

Step 2: Register YOUR Website domain (!!!this is a sub domain)

Step 3: Register with EMAIL Service

There are 2 short videos to watch on steps 2 & 3, but here is a brief warning:

The software is now working in the back ground, creating your Affiliate account, some sort of webpage (or two) and sets up an auto responder system for your future email campaigns to, hopefully, drive traffic to your landing page.

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The ‘website” is NOT a domain you own, but a sub domain and the email service is only working as long as you use this particular setup.

The software is still working in the back ground, while Samantha is explaining the basics of Affiliate Marketing, and how their system helps you to get YOUR little ‘sliceling of the multi billion affiliate commission cake‘.

Samantha didn’t promise too much. Not even 7 minutes passed and YOUR website is ready to make you immensely rich…IF this thing actually works as promised.

How Does The Auto Chat Profits System Work?

Once a visitor arrives at your SQUEEZE Page, the Auto Chat features starts to engage them in an automated chat that leads the visitor to look at Clickbank products they may be interested in, and subsequently, make a purchase, from which you will get a hefty 75% commission.

That’s basically all there is to it. 

Of course, the automated chat cannot not prevent the visitor from simply checking out without making a purchase, but their argument is that about 7% of all visitors will indeed make a purchase.

How Much Does Auto Chat Profits Cost?

Remember how often Samantha mentioned that the use of their ‘oh so secret super software’ is FREE? Well, it’s not quite true. When you decide to give it a try, they firmly, albeit nicely, ask you to pay $37, supposedly for your domain purchase and the use of their email system.

37 bucks really won’t hurt you too much, so you decide to take out your credit card and pay up…and you realize that you are not done yet.

Are There Upsells With Auto Chat Profits?

Yes there are Upsells. As soon as you laid down the $37 bucks, you now have a chance to keep spending money:

Upsell 1: $197

Upsell 2: $187

Upsell 3: $97

These are 3 Clickbank products which will be integrated in your automated chat system, and when a visitor to your sales page makes a purchase, you will be paid a 75% commission.

Is This Proof That Auto Chat Profits Works?

Let’s take a look at the image below, taken also from the sales video. Samantha, supposedly, logged on about 7 days after the new Clickbank account was created using Auto Chat Profits, and shows us some earning reports. I will leave it up to you to come to your own conclusion.

Auto chat profits review

The Pros & Cons Of Auto Chat Profits

Pros of Auto Chat Profits

  • $37 Relatively Inexpensive
  • Chat Software works as advertised
  • There is indeed a good possibility to earn some affiliate commission
  • Clickbank offers 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Cons of Auto Chat Profits

The Done-For-You-Website: First off, it’s not really a website, but a SQUEEZE- or LANDING page that resides on some server to which you don’t have any access or control over at all. 

The DOMAIN is a sub domain: That means that the domain does NOT belong to you and remains the property of ‘Auto Chat Profits’. If they close shop, you are out of your business.

Traffic Generation: In order for this thing to work, you need a steady flow of heavy traffic to your site. You will NOT get any organic traffic from searches since your squeeze page has no chance to rank in the SERPS. Your only means to get visitors to your landing page is through EMAIL Marketing (requires a list of subscribers) or by Paying for ADVERTISING (Solo Ads or PPC Campaigns) which can cost you substantial amounts of money.

Is Auto Chat Profits A Scam?

Let me ease your mind. Auto Chat Profits is NOT a scam. You do get a tangible product worth $37 that does have the potential to earn you some money. 

I am not willing to agree with Samantha and tell you that you will make thousands of dollars every week, but if you are able to generate enough traffic to your web page, you will see some sales.

My Final Thoughts About Auto Chat Profits:

This product is so new that there is really no way to provide you with definite answers to questions you may have. However, I can give you my honest opinion what I think is happening here.

I can’t quite put my finger on it, but there is something I was mulling over for a few days now since starting on this review.

The purpose of this product is NOT to sell ONE particular item, created by ONE particular entity (or person), but this software program introduces prospective customers to different products, all of them being Clickbank products.

So, my gut tells me that Auto Chat Profits is in reality a Clickbank creation to increase sales of other products, and therefor generate more income for Clickbank itself. 

Personally, I could find nothing wrong with it IF my theory would be found to be correct.

Is There Another Alternative?

I am making good money with my websites for over 5 years now. The difference between what I do and Auto Chat Profits is that …

  • I OWN the domains to my site
  • I create the content for my sites
  • I generate organic traffic from search results to my sites  
  • I determine what NICHE I want to target
  • I decide what products to promote

…and most importantly, 

I acquired the knowledge necessary to do all of that.

You can do the same. If you are interested, let me show you how you can start your own online business. It is 100% FREE, so click here and check it out.

I hope you enjoyed reading my Auto Chat Profits Review as much as I enjoyed writing it. If you have any questions or comments, leave it in the box below on your way out.

Thanks for stopping by

Rick Bell

Check Out My #1 Recommendation

Hi, I am Rick! I am the creator of Down Hill Money. Thanks for taking the time to read this review.

Check out my #1 Recommended product which will teach you how to build an honest online business, CLICK HERE

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