Autoblog Samurai — Is It A Scam?

Today we welcome you take a look at another automation software product call “Autoblog Samurai.” If you have spent any time at all around Internet Marketing, then you know for sure that the dream of “automating” tasks that normally take a lot of manual effort is the holy grail of marketers and product developers. Take for instance, this blog entry called the Six Figure Mentors. A free webinar. This program is fully automated and is a top tier program which creates $1000.00 commissions. It took time for me to plan the review, purchase the program, research it, more time to write it and even more to edit it and get it posted. I am a member today though because I started the review! 🙂


Why do I do reviews? Purchase programs and try them out? Because I know that Google and the other gods of search are looking for high-quality, unique content that is of true value for someone out there. And that’s why I do it — to be of true value for you, my dear reader. We bring you value to change your life for the better. That is all we focus on. So you can even read the Six Figure Mentors review here. I bought into it only to review it and now I make huge commissions from their system.

Anyway, back to Autoblog Samurai. As you can guess, the words auto and blog indicate that this product is going to automatically do something for you —  write lots of quality blogs — whereby you’ll barely have to lift a finger. Then, in short order, you’ll have all of this great content indexed highly in the search engines, the traffic will start flowing and you’ll start raking in the big bucks. Or at least that’s the theory and sales pitch .

But does it work. Here is a program that does work….Wealthy Affiliate.

Let’s dissect Autoblog Samurai.


What Is Autoblog Samurai?


Well, as we’ve already discussed a bit, Autoblog Samurai claims to put the process of blogging on autopilot. Personally, I think any one considering buying something that automates the content creation and distribution process should take serious pause. Ten years ago, sure it might have been a good idea. But one of Google’s major objectives — in fact the major objective, behind making money — is to weed out low-quality, auto-generated, spammy content. Both Penguin and Panda Google updates addressed different aspects of this. So, with products like Autoblog Samurai, red flags should be going up big time.


How Does Autoblog Samurai Generate Content?


Well, I told you in the last paragraph that the software’s “autoblogging” feature should sound the alarm bells. But let’s examine exactly how the software generates all of the content. First, you enter some keyword parameters, and then the software goes out on the Internet and “scrapes” content from other websites. Then, it uses a built-in syntax spinner to make the content “unique”, which in this case is horrible. I’ve never seen spun content that didn’t make me want to immediately exit the page. Finally, it publishes the content automatically on your WordPress blog.

Content Is King.
Is autoblog samurai legit?

Additionally, most of the content the software scrapes is from very low-quality, non-English language sites. It then runs the verbiage through Google translate to generate the final copy that will be published. This sounds like a recipe for disaster, and you’ll know what

The simple fact that Autoblog Samurai generates such low-quality content is reason enough for me to stay away from it. The search engines have done much to completely ignore these types of articles in the search rankings. And also remember you are ultimately not writing for a machine anyway. If real people actually do come across your auto-scraped, auto-generated garbage, they’ll most likely bounce right off the page immediately as they see the words are mere gibberish.

Here’s a prime example:

To drive the point home about the quality of content you’ll be getting, I did a little experiment. Let’s say you run an affiliate site about cameras and want to use Autoblog Samurai to promote content with your links. I went to a Japanese-language site on cameras, copied some text and ran it through Google Translate — the same thing Autoblog Samurai does. I think the results will pretty well seal the verdict for this software.

From — a company that sells high-end movie-making digital cinema cameras.

The text in Japanese:

“テレビCM、ミュージックビデオ、劇場映画など、最新かつ最高品質の作品が素晴らしいルックを達成しているのは、それらの映像がデジタルフィルムカメラで撮影され、DaVinci Resolveでカラーコレクションが施されているためです。ハイエンドの放送用カメラを含むビデオカメラが、ホームビデオをシャープにしただけのような映像に見えるのは、それらのカメラが一般的なビデオセンサーに限定されていることが原因です。Blackmagic Cinema Cameraは、映画品質の収録を実現するためにデザインされた、真のワイドダイナミックレンジを提供するデジタルフィルムカメラです。最新のテレビCM、劇場映画、ミュージックビデオだけでなく、ドキュメンタリー、ウェディング、企業ビデオを、デジタルフィルムのスタイル・品質で制作できると想像してみてください”

The English translation that Autoblog Samurai will produce for your site:

"Such as TV CM, music videos , feature films , of the works of the latest and highest quality have achieved a
great look , these images are taken with a digital film camera , because the color collection is decorated with
DaVinci Resolve . Video camera , including the high-end broadcast camera , look in the video , such as 
only was the home video to Sharp , is due to the fact that those of the camera is limited to general 
video sensor. 

Blackmagic Cinema Camera was designed in order to achieve the recording of film quality, 
digital film cameras that provide a true wide dynamic range . Latest TV CM, theater cinema , not only 
music video , documentary , wedding , corporate video , please try to imagine to be able to work in the style
and quality of digital film !"


Now, how long would you stay on a page that reads like that? Long enough to get to the links? That’s what I thought!


Price and All The Other Variables


For me, the translation demonstration seals the deal. This might have worked in getting articles ranked five years ago. But with the advancement of search algorithms (especially Google), there is no way this stuff would ever get ranked. And again, even if it did, what would it matter? No one would stay with it long enough to get to your links.

The price of Autoblog Samurai is the other issue. It cost $77 up front, and that might not be a bad investment if you were truly getting something of value for it. But you are not. And on top of that, when you pay that entry price, you are automatically enrolled in another $37 each and every month. So, be very wary of that. They don’t even really explain what the monthly fee is for.


My Final Verdict on Autoblog Samurai


The only positives I can see about Autoblog Samurai is that it does come with some training modules and it does create these blogs very quickly and in a hands-off manner. But as far as I can see, the sites, the blogs and the content are virtually worthless as a marketing strategy and marketing tools. The whole program is simply wasted money, time and energy.

So, with that, I’ll conclude and give Autoblog Samurai a big thumbs down!

Autoblog Samurai. An Automatic No!
Autoblog Samurai? An Automatic No!



Programs That Do Work


If you’ve been around this site much, you probably know that I’m a big proponent of a system and community called The Wealthy Affiliate. I’ve been online marketing for a few years now, but I started fresh just as you may be now. I myself use social marketing on sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

#1 Rated Program
#1 Rated Program

The  community at The Wealthy Affiliate boasts a balanced platform and I’ve never seen a more open supportgroup truly dedicated to mutual learning and success in the online affiliate marketing community.

Trust me, if you are just starting out like I once did, there is a lot to learn. And The Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to start. As I myself help many members get their start here.

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  1. John

    Great review, Rick. The translation reads like a 10-year old wrote it. This really is a scrappy product.

    • Rick

      Great to hear from you again John. I hope you are having happy holidays. Yes Samurai is special huh? LOL Meaning not. But my job is to post about it and tell people so they will not be taken in by programs that offer so little. In fact, Wealthy Affiliate is all I have seen as far as being the best program out there to make money from. But it isn’t about making money is it? When I quit thinking about making money is when I started seeing money from my efforts! And as I was writing and working for money I struggled. So we know we need us a passion at first, something to keep us going through thick and thin. Take my advise if you are reading this. Find something you are passion about that helps other people and the money will follow.

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