Automated Cash Cloud Review

Cash Cloud, Is It A Scam Or Legit?


Read To See The Results.
Read To See The Results.

If you are a regular reader of this blog, then you’re already aware that I’m always on the lookout for Internet marketing programs that are scams, schemes and programs which are a general waste of time and money. Personally, I’ve spent several years working to build systems that enable me to make a good living online. And to be certain, I’ve gone through more bogus marketing systems than I care to imagine. My reasoning behind automated cash cloud review today.

And that’s a major reason I do this blog and create these entries on a regular basis — I want to help other would-be Internet marketers avoid some of the major pitfalls and false promises that are so common online today.  As a victim myself, I know how to help you.

Today, we’ll be looking at Automated Cash Cloud. Is it a scam? Or The Holy Grail of Internet marketing? Care to guess?


The Automated Cash Cloud Scam



To good To Be True?
To good To Be True?

Well, the first thing that jumps out at you with the Automated Cash Cloud system — or at least to me — is the word “automated” itself.  When I hear or read this word in the context of Internet marketing, four-alarm fire bells go off in my head. The word is typically code for outlandish claims and the promises that the system is so sophisticated and revolutionary, that you really don’t have to do any work at all.

Just sit back, grab a glass of iced tea and watch the money automatically roll into your bank account. Just a quick glance at the Cash Cloud Program and it’s quickly apparent this is the case here as well. Money will just come pouring down out of the skies and clouds.

Let’s take a more in-depth look at the Automated Cash Cloud program.


Automated Cash Cloud Scam In Detail



wgG7kUulAThe Automated Cash Cloud that promises — even guarantees — you’ll make $1000 per day. On autopilot, every day,  and their “team” will even set everything up for you in just five minutes. You’re probably aware of the term “cloud computing”. And if you are not, it simply refers to a type of Internet hosting where a site’s hosting doesn’t depend on a single server to download information when someone requests it from the  domain.

Instead, cloud-based systems balance serving needs among many servers to make more cost-effective use of bandwidth. It’s a great idea for hosting companies and large commercial concerns like Amazon and Google.

What do Clouds have to do with making you money automatically?

So what does it have to do with you making money in this program? Absolutely nothing.

If you watch, the Automated Cash Cloud promo video, you’ll see they repeatedly and emphatically state that you can make $1000 per day on this automated system. The video tells you that “cloud computing” is a multi-billion dollar industry, and that the Automated Cash Cloud system lets you tap into this industry that the big boys don’t really want you to know about. BUT — the video never gives you one clue as to how this is going to happen for you.


The Automated Cash Cloud Scam — There Is No Cash Cloud


As I mentioned above, cloud computing is a technology, not a cash-generation system. But the folks at Automated Cash Cloud would have you believe otherwise. Here are just a few details of the system that send up major red flags.


 ✓ 1000 per day — every day.  They repeat this mantra over and over again.


✓ 100 percent automated. You don’t have to do ANYTHING. How many legitimate businesses  do you know of that work like that?


✓ You don’t need any knowledge of “the cloud” or cloud computing. Just sit back and watch the money rain down on your account.


✓ Claims that 91 percent of all online traffic and sales go through “the cash cloud”. This is an outright lie — and in fact, there is no such thing as “the cash cloud.”

Even More Signs To Stay Away From The Automated Cash Cloud Scam



No Rain, Only Clouds.
No Rain, Only Clouds.

So what happens when you sign up for The Automated Cash Cloud? Here’s a brief overview. Once you’ve signed up, you are immediately taken to a screen that tells you their Cloud Pro Hosting is the key to making boatloads of money. Why? Because apparently their sites get 1000 times more traffic than sites with other hosting.

This is a complete fabrication! In fact hosting has very little to do with how much traffic you get. That is primarily determined by the search engines. Not by hosting companies.

So, finally we begin to understand what The Automated Cash Cloud really is. It is a hosting scam. And this is where the “free” system turns out to not be so free after all. They want you to purchase hosting in 12 to 36 month plans with their special 40 percent discount, all paid in advance. Bottom line, the cheapest you can get out for is $89.70 with the 12 month plan. You can get your own hosting for as little as $3 per month! Additionally, you are hit with an array of up sells immediately after sign up.


Bottom Line — Stay Away From The Automated Cash Cloud Scam


Sure, $1000 a day sounds great, and it certainly would be if it were true. But it is not true. Again, it is an outright lie. In fact, once you’ve forked over your money, you are not given one clue as to how the system is going to deliver you any profits. It is a bait and switch pure and simple.


Stay far, far away from The Automated Cash Cloud Scam.


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Where to get Your success!
Where to get Your success!

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6 Responses

  1. Mac scotty

    I kind of already figured that Cash Cloud was a scam just by reading their homepage so thank you for taking the plunge and signing up to show us that it’s just not worth it. I’m sure there are some people who can generate $1,000 per day, but not with this system, not at all. And like you mentioned in the post, how can you make any type of money without doing anything at all? Smells fishy from the start.

    • Rick

      Yep, that is why I am here partly. I let others know about the scam sites and then also show them programs I use that
      can and do make people successful online. Simple yet effective.

  2. Dawn Brotherton

    Your title almost gave me hope that this was legitimate. I had to laugh as I read. I can’t believe so many people get taken in by them. You can’t everything for no work.

    • Rick

      You are welcome… this is my job!:) To help others find success without falling victim to fraud and scam programs.
      Glad you enjoyed the website. See you next time. Hope to see you on Wealthy Affiliate soon!

  3. Jen Langley

    Hi Rick.
    Wow, these scam sites are just amazing at how they don’t quit-they never go out of business. I know your reviews will help a lot of people avoid these scam artists.

    You made an excellent point about money being made “automatically.” There is no such thing! If there were, everyone would be doing it and not struggling.

    Jen Langley

    • Rick

      Yep. There is nothing automatic about making money. Just paying bills!

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