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5 Top Ways To Avoid Online Scams!


ways to avoid scams
Beware of

Let’s talk about scams! Most people get scammed sooner or later during their search for online success.  Have you been able to Avoid Online Scams of late? There is a very high percentage of us who have searched the internet in order to possibly work from home, or learn how to start an online business.

And of this high percent, about 90 percent of us have failed to avoid scams online in one form or another.  Being ripped off online is one thing I hate more than anything.  As I have fallen to 3 of the worse scam programs out there.


Scam Failure


In fact, the possibilities for failing to see a scam where someone is promoting a program or service offered online are difficult. Especially if you do not know exactly what you are looking for.  And this is why you are here.  I want to help you avoid scams at all cost.  So continue to my number one way I have used myself to never again, fall victim to a fraudulent program or service being promoted on the web.


1) Read Online Reviews


Make sure before ever committing to a program online, or any type of service being offered,       you first search the internet to find out if any reviews have been written about this particular company.  Not just one time…but as much as you have time to do in a sit down.  Search using not only google, but other search engines as well.

Are Online Reviews Reliable? Read the reviews carefully. You may come across “fake reviews“, that are in fact just a sales pitch for the product or program.

However, even if you still do not come across their name or any information, it could be a start up company and you may be their first victim.  So continue down the list I have provided to help become 100 percent sure.


2) Contact Information


Make sure before you sign up that the company offers you ways to contact them.  Either by phone or email, or both.  Call, email, and see for yourself if you get a response back.  Now checking this way is only a small part of what you need to do.  Because some companies will set this up just to try and prove they are legit.

So you will want to give them 24 hours.  Waiting to see if they will contact you back.  By either phone or emails.  Just because they show you a number or say just call us anytime, does not mean these phone numbers or emails are working.


3) To Good To Be True


Beware of online scams
First offer  $59.00, 2nd offer $39.00, final discounted offer $19.00

One of the most highly used tactics is to lower prices down to next to nothing.  The price of course starts off as very high at first.  Maybe thousands!

But by the time they get to the bottom of their speech or advertisement, you end up getting a special deal where the program will only cost you $9.95 for example.

Could be any number, but the key here to remember is…if a program starts off with what sounds like an out of this world cost,  then moves down to, sounding to good to be true.

Watch out! You are probably being scammed.  Many scammers use this technique.  And of course, always remember the old saying…if it sounds to good to be true,  it probably is?  No, not probably,  it is!  Believe that it is for now… and work on the steps you see here, to prove them wrong and yourself right.  This is the best way to avoid this scam.


4) UpSelling


If a program says to you they are willing to get you in for a very small cost.  Watch out!  Upselling is a well used process to get you in the door to a program and then constantly add cost along the way.  Let’s say the program cost only $29.95.  So you think, great deal! But you then find out they start coming at you like gangbusters from every direction selling you on how you can improve your performance, or learning skills, by purchasing their add on package.

Normally three times, or even more, what you initially paid.  With even higher cost services you will need later on, causing a non-stop flow of your money out of your pocket!  When you see that your basic cost is not all you are going to have to pay…then cancel any commitment you may be considering.  Or if you see this from the start…leave the site!


5) Video Scams


Video.  If they are promoting a program using video only….walk away! This is one of the recent techniques being used today. However, I am not talking about a promo such as I have here.  This is only a promo to get you to my site downhill money. What you get is a video showing expensive houses, cars, boats, someone actor being shown to have the world by the tail!

But if they do not have a long list of information which backs this all up, then it is probably a scam for sure.  Even today people copy bank accounts to show you how much potential there is for you to make money here.

Again, if it sounds to good to be true….!  Normally programs which are scams online will cause you to have an inner sense of unsureness.  Or you will be thinking, this sounds, smells, and tastes like it may be a scam.  This is a good reason for you to stop right there and say, NO.


Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam?


This program starts you off with no money involved, a free trial to check it out, and no way to be scammed even if you thought it might be one. Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 12.41.09 PM Meaning, when a program lets you in to see everyone there, and what everyone is doing.  Allows you to talk with hundreds of its members. Shows you lessons that are free to learn for as long as you want.

Gives you an opportunity later on to sign up for a premium membership which everyone has, but does not force you into a contract.  Gives you the support you need 24/7.  Allows you to talk with the guys who founded the program who are still there helping others even after ten years.


Wealthy Affiliate is Legit


Well, this shows me the program is legit.  And when you sign up you automatically avoid scams online! Because you are no longer looking for a program, you’ve found it.  Also, to get a clear picture, you can go to the review site and also the feedback others have shared.

If you are interested in joining an online teaching program of how to start your own business from home…here is your opportunity.  Are you ready to stop your search and avoid scams online? Check it out…it’s free.  Sign up and start learning through their instructional lessons.





Need a program site or service reviewed?  Want your review or scam report seen by thousands? Connect with me here below in comment section or use my contact page.  Leave your name and number or detailed description.



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    I think the biggest headaches I’ve come across the the online “do this survey and get paid!” sites or the assemble products at home. I’ve tried both with disastrous results. Like you, I’m glad I found WA 🙂

    • Rick

      Yes, I am wanting to show others how many very problematic programs there are out there and protect them by giving reviews to these programs. That is my calling!

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