Bang Bang Profits Review-Copy & Paste Success?

Brendan Mace & Jono Armstrong continue to crank out products that are supposed to change lives. Be ready for the crazy details you’ll find inside my Bang Bang Profits Review.

The two say you can begin living the internet lifestyle with their new copy and paste program inside Bang Bang Profits. Does it really work?

bang bang profits Review with Brendan Mace

This Bang Bang Profits Review is detailed enough so you can draw your own conclusion on whether or not it will work for you.

We purchase these cheaper costing programs to bring to you insider information most review writers, do not ever speak about. You’ll want to keep looking for Downhill Money Reviews!

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Product Summary:

For $12.95 you can get Jono and Brendans’ Bang Bang Profits which include 13 Done For Your Money Making Campaigns.

Included to help you navigate the platform are 5 instructional based videos which welcome you, show a case study, how to use the product campaigns, and give you access the blueprints within. 

You can even purchase the licensing rights to use these under your own name.

Our review shows this product to be legit. However it is possibly best being used by an Affiliate Marketer who has some skill of promoting products online.


Brendan Mace & Jon Armstrong



What Is Bang Bang Profits About?

Bang Bang Profits is campaign based marketing template produced for those who do not want to do the actual work on building their own website pages. They created 13 of their top sales pages. And now are giving them away for next to no cost! 

The two creators have created 13 of their top-performing affiliate marketing campaigns ready to go in a “BANG.” All you have to do is ‘copy and paste’ and you’re on your way to money in your PayPal.  Or so they’re saying.

Brendan Mace explains that you can sure enough follow him on his YouTube channel to learn all the things he has placed in this package. He says he is willing to stop what he is doing and help you at any time. 

Yet you would need to spend countless hours creating pages say your own pages, testing them, and then retesting to find the best ones out of the bunch. 

Which can take weeks and even months. He does suggest using these their All-Ready-Created-Campaigns and he will show you how to send free traffic to them.

bang bang profits steps

If you’re familiar with Affiliate Marketing at all, then you know you will have to do quite a a bit of locating products to actually use ready made pages. They don’t come with product.

Bang Bang Profits shows to have 14 campaigns inside instead of 13. Each campaign has been tested to show that Brendan Mace has earned $1500 dollars with each. It’s good to have a case study. 

The issue I have with any case study is that it cannot reflect our traffic and our traffic sources.

And once you purchase the product you can then use these top campaigns as your own.

The commissions you earn will go directly to your PayPal account.

But beware. PayPal is cracking down on make money offers being delivered through payment to them from Warrior Plus! People are losing their accounts!

Also each campaign has it’s own bonus area showing a video review.

Once you buy the product there are just 3 easy steps to setting the system up.

Is Bang Bang Profits A Scam?

Is Bang Bang Profits a Scam? Brendan actually shows live case studies on these campaigns which helps us to believe we can do this too. Yet we found Bang Bang Profits to be legit.  However, even though this is not a scam, it would be totally untrue for me to say you will mimic their results.  

Brendan & Jono are super marketers. Highly skilled with huge followings. They each have huge lists of subscribers and YouTube members to promote to. You don’t.

If you do not have a sizable subscribers list you will likely spend most of your time trying to find free traffic to promote these product to. 

Not saying you cannot make money, but if you do, it won’t be much. If you’ve not yet built a list of subscribers you can market products to…It means you will not have the results as Brendan Mace does here, even if you know exactly what to do. 

He tries to help out by showing us his Affiliate Marketing Training. But it can take months to learn what he covers here. Unless you go here to learn it: You will all get all the specialized help you need inside at this Community! Click Here To See It.

And, Campaigns already built are great of course. Especially ones you’ve seen tested as these have been… But without traffic they are utterly useless. 

I think he knows this because of the price he has set for this product. If the system really worked to give everyone such great results as shown here, they price wouldn’t be a few bucks, but it would be several thousand bucks!

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Hi, I am Rick! I am the creator of Down Hill Money. Thanks for taking the time to read this review.

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How Much Does It Cost?

Bang Bang Profits Campaigns and Training are only $37.00. However if you try to leave without purchasing you will then be able to get it for $17.

There is also a product he sells along with the Bang Bang Profits which he offers a Lifetime Campaigns for $197. Or you could get it as a trial for $4.95 and then a monthly charge of $37 per month. 

The Easiest System Ever is yet another product you can buy for $157.00.

And then if you want Limit Less Traffic you can purchase that for just $197.

And lastly there is the License Rights; which is $97. 

However all you need is the front product Bang Bang Profits. But you should at least know something about Affiliate Marketing, as this is what you will be doing.

Bang Bang Profits upsells oto

What I Liked About The Training

I did like the video on anatomy of Affiliate Marketing. That was pretty much spot on of how Affiliate Marketing works. And he is an expert on it. As he has been promoting products for years.

Also I enjoyed the case studies. Even though without traffic there would be limited sales. 

And I did like the tutorials he does on how to use the campaigns. Again Spot On.

It’s pretty simple also to get the campaigns activated for use. 

bang bang profits brendan mace

One of the issues with the campaigns is they are for different niches and different applications. 

A few of the Bang Bang Campaigns you will use. Many others you won’t. InstaMini-torBloggie, Video Traffic Geni 2.0, Smart Funnels, Unbreakable, X-Funnels, SociJam, Instant Buyer Traffic, Traffic Revival, Commission Wave, Blistering, Vidsumo, MailscriptX.

Like Commission Wave the only thing you have to do is open it, sign in and put your new affiliate link inside, then hit publish.

It allows a count down banner to be embedded on your campaign pages so you create a sense of urgency. This urgency prods people to act sooner than they would normally. A great strategy.

Bonus You Receive When You Buy Bang Bang Profits

bang bang profits bonus 1

Bonus #1: Brendan shows the case studies of himself going through the routine of marketing and creating the proof the Bang Bang Profits Work as he suggests they do. However, do you have the 100k lists to promote these?

Without a huge list you would not make this many sales. It ain’t happening.

Without a list of subscribers within this mmo niche you would not make any money at all even if he gave you this product for free along with free advice. 

bang bang profits bonus 2

Bonus #2: Bonus #2 does give you more details on setting up each campaign. However most of us will only use one or two of the 14 campaigns listed. They don’t all coincide with our own niches. But you could pick the ones you need the most and it might be worth it.

Bang Bang Profits Bonus #3 Does include the needed strategy to increase sales. If you come across by limiting your production you can gain a scarcity tactic or strategy that makes your products seem more urgent.

And be able to increase sales conversions. Up to 30% more. So yes this is a nice thing to be able to have.

Bang Bang Profits Bonus #4

Bang Bang Bonus #4 Perhaps the best of all. Knowledge coming from top marketers is always welcome.

We learn a great deal from being able to copy and mimic their progress. Anytime you can take advantage of such knowledge one should do so. I would definitely talk with him about how I can update more traffic each day. 

Perhaps he would help you set up the type of funnels he uses and proven products to embed. That is what I would like to see him do.

What I Did Not Like About The Training

Bang Bang Profits is everything you really need to have, other than the worthy and often forgotten, TRAFFIC you will need to make these marketing campaigns really work.

Without traffic to see the pages you won’t make a dime. And that is the biggest reason behind not recommended most of the products here from Warrior Plus. 

Without traffic you do one of two things. You spend way too much on traffic trying to convert all the while building your list. 

Yet you never learn how to nurture and keep your traffic happy by delivering value. Without knowing that you will be destined to have a large list, but one where most will never open your emails. 

If all you do is try to sell to people these days you are in for a sore conversion rating. Meaning you won’t make much without learning how to become a top Affiliate Marketer.

Why The Training Is NOT Good Enough

I can say from experience I’ve been down the road to having everything done for me before. The difficulty is that not everyone has enough traffic. They either spend too much time getting free traffic that it costs them hours upon hours.

Or, they spend all the money they have thinking they are going to become instantly wealthy. And all they really show is an empty bank account and now are even more frustrated and anxious to find something to work even sooner and better. 

It never happens.

Free traffic does not convert near as well as paid traffic. You get mostly tire kickers and those purchasing and then taking advantage of seeing what’s inside and then asking for a refund. 

The rate of refund for products such as this is huge…Like 30%! That means for every 5 sales you will have 2 that ask for a refund. Eating into your small profit margins. 

Will Bang Bang Profits Help You Make Money?

The best way to build your own business online is to first learn all about Affiliate Marketing and the psychology behind why and how it works. 

Marketers are really here to deliver help, value, information, etc… to visitors. The thing is if you cannot give value, or you are constantly just trying to make income from others, you will have defeated yourself without competition!

Email Marketing, Getting Leads, Call To Actions, Open Rates, Conversions, MMO, Strategies, etc… all are apart of Marketing. But if you don’t know the reason behind using all these words, than you will never succeed as a Marketer. 

And possibly forever be trying to earn income. At least until you Learn to do your own thing and do it by being of help to others. Being of service to one another is Marketing.

You will always be looking for a way to make more money once you buy such products as Bang Bang Profits. 

The reason you are here should be to learn Marketing. Not some shifty short cut to riches!

bang bang profit prices

Brendan Mace and Jono Armstrong are two very good marketers. But what they promote is not recommended. It seems like everything is really over the top and would work just as described. 

But the problem lies within the tricks of being able to make it sound great, sound limited, sound worthy, sound perfect, and they make it sound as if it will change your life. 

But these products never do that. To change your life you must build upon your existing skills and become 1000 percent better. 

And  you have to be able to give super value. It is the reason these two guys have to create a new program every few months. To keep making money. If they worked. They would have an outlandish price and sell these products just one time, and become super wealthy millionaires who never have to work again.

Would I Recommend Bang Bang Profits?

The answer to this is a simple and resounding NO. Where is the value you would give your customers if they joined such a program and didn’t make money.

As you try to build your list these same visitors that you collect and try to promote this crap to…will leave you in the dark. And move on to learning how to become a professional Marketing Genius themselves. 

If you want to know what really does work well as a marketer. Learn what it takes to become one! Check out the basic training below if you are not a whiz at marketing.

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Hi, I am Rick! I am the creator of Down Hill Money. Thanks for taking the time to read this review.

Check out my #1 Recommended product which will teach you how to build an honest online business, CLICK HERE

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