Big Profit System-Is It A Scam?







Members no longer promoting this program!

I can tell you for a fact that I’ve known members who joined and paid in thousands, and where are they at today? I can give you links to those members and you
can see for yourself that they are no longer active after a year. Meaning they are not making money by sending out postcards.

Of course you can market yourself many other ways here on the internet. But do you know how?
Leave a reply at the bottom of comments and I will give you a list of members no longer there.

But what about post cards?

Did you know that very few people will even take a look at a post cards these days? The reason being is it is considered junk mail. And so when it hits the mailbox it normally
and most always ends up in the trash. Will someone ever read one?

Certainly. And pretty certain those that do are wishing for a rainbow as well. But normally they have no money to spend or invest in making money. That is why they have none.

Big Profit System just that. A big profit for the creator and founders. And the few in the upper tier. Members are spending thousands to advertise this in order to get a sale or two here and there. But falselydoing so with captions like this:

My Big Profit System Review | Here’s How To Average $6,000 Per Week With Big Profit System (BPS)

Published on Aug 16, 2017

Who get’s willing members to join and then try to build other members to join under levels that cost them big money. And that is where the commissions come from. You ever think about asking someone to come to work where you work when you are at the bottom and you try to explain to them that the bottom level is just temporary and you are moving up. But you’ve been at the company for 8 years?

 How many friends or family members do you think are going to want to join? Well, Big Profit System is the same kind of thing really. You get members to join…Unsuspecting people who believe in fairy tails. And they join under you. It is all pretty much ran like a  pyramid scheme. And the ones on top of the list are the only ones that will make any money. Which means the next hundred members make very little. 





Is Big Profit Systems A Scam?

Well if you don’t think selling what you are buying yourself is some crazy scam stuff, then join. But you are basically buying into their way of marketing by postcards that you will have to buy by the tens of thousands! If people are looking for a way to make money and do well online they have to do what the money makers are doing. And that is creating ones own business. Not following the masses off the nearest rock shelf. 

Can you make tens of thousands like it says. Maybe. If you invest tens of thousands and the Gods favor what you are doing. But are you helping others? No. You are subjecting those that sign up to a miserable lie. They invest, you make a portion, and then they never make tens of thousands because you just got someone to sign up that has very little money. So you make very little in the process as well. 

Consultation Call:

The consultation call is to find out whether or not you have $1280.00. Because if you don’t, well, you will not be able to afford the level which gets you the post cards in bulk. So don’t bother trying to become a member. You won’t be welcome and there is no free ride.

How Much Does the Big Profit System Cost?

In good old pyramid fashion, the Big Profit System provides 5 different levels. Each level has different marketing strategies for you so you get what you pay in for.

Level 1: $ 1,000 + $280 admin fee
Level 2: $ 3,000 + $280 admin fee
Level 3: $ 6,000 + $280 admin fee
Level 4: $12,000 + $280 admin fee
Level 5: $20,000 + $280 admin fee







Which level do you want to start at? If I were you I would start at the least expensive level and give it a try. That way you don’t have that much to lose. But before I did that even, I would make the money myself and not use my own. Meaning I would take whatever profit I had each day and save it until I could invest it in Big Profit Systems. Don’t ever reach into your savings for such funds as you may lose big when you do. 
I’ve heard of so many here on the internet wiping out their savings and suddenly being dirt poor for it.

Big Profit System Members

I just watch a video where a member joined a year ago and after spending to get on level 2, $3k, plus $3k more for advertising–was showing a check for $1500.00. Wow! Great job. I can do that myself. So he spent $6k and made a portion back. The problem I saw with this is he is no longer making videos for Big Profit System. So that tells me he made the one fluke sale and then quit, perhaps? Because once you join and pay in, you cannot get your money refunded to you. You will sign that away as if you paid for special marketing training. Which you really don’t.

Conclusion to Big Profit

There are many ways to make a livable income on the internet… and Big Profit Systems is “not” the program that is going to put you over the top. So, if you are seriously thinking about doing it legitimately, take a look at My #1 Recommendation and find out FIRST HAND what Wealthy Affiliate is all about. Just click the text link in blue.

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