Binary Predictor Scam Review – I Predict No Profit For You

Is Binary Predictor a Scam? The year 2014 seems to be the perfect breeding ground for the hottest scam; Binary Option Trading software that can predict the unpredictable.


The fluctuation of the stock market during a very short period of time.


There is at least ONE of these miracle programs coming out every single week. Binary Option trading became popular because of its inherent “high risk gambling” style of playing the stock market.

True, there is a high profit potential that draws risk takers to this form of trading. Does everyone make huge profits? Absolutely not. You see, binary trading is like a coin flip. You bet on ONE outcome. Heads or tails, that’s it.

In Binary Option trading, you place a bet …..

that the value of a certain stock or commodity increased during a short time (“call” bet)


that the value decreased during a short time (“” bet)

If you bet $100.00 and lose, your 100 bucks are gone
If you bet $100.00 and win, you win only 80 bucks (20 bucks go to the brokers)

You can see, that it would take way more winning bets to just break even in this crazy game.

And this is where all these sheisters come in with their scammy product offerings. They claim to have found the “Holy Grail” and their system will make you a millionaire in 60 days or less.


What Exactly Is Binary Predictor?

Stephen Temple, the “owner” of Binary Predictor, claims that his program is accurate 95% of the time. Really? You have to laugh at that part. Seriously.

Let me assure you that Mr. Temple is full of it (get my drift?). He says that he found “a loophole”. Of course, he will not elaborate, but tries to make you believe that this loophole made him 3 million dollars in just 4 months.

He tries to prove this by showing fake earning statements in his video and equally fake ones from “users of his software”.


binary predictor fake earning testimonial


Do you really believe that an initial deposit of @250.00 can generate these kinds of profits in just a few days? I don’t think so. In fact it is proven wrong every day when people loose their hard earned pay checks!

It makes me wonder why programs like Binary Predictor are launched on a weekly basis and who really is behind all this mess.


The Truth About Binary Predictor

Like with all the other binary trading scams out there, there is no miracle software, given to you for free, that can predict the outcome of trades. The only purpose is to get your money.

You see, it’s not Mr. Temple or Mr. X behind this product. Look at the promotional page on the JVZoo website, and you can see how this scamming syndicate works.


binary predictor - JVZoo


Why do you think they come out with a new product every week? Because they don’t work, word gets around and the sales stop. Heeeere is a new one, try it.

And what is the meaning of the text I have underlined in red

This is the explanation of this scam. The non-existing miracle software is free, but you have to make a deposit of at least $250.00.

You are not able to get a refund and have to make a certain number of trades before you can withdraw money, even if you should get lucky and win a few bets.  Might as well enjoy the atmosphere of a casino.

In the meantime, Mr. Temple, an affiliate with the brokerage, received a rather large commission for your referral.

As you can see in the screenshot, it’s all about “affiliates making money” by selling this scam.


There is another thing I find missing: No Media Attention whatsoever!!!


Don’t you think if there is a program that can produce thousands of new millionaires literally over night, Oprah, Sean and Rachel wouldn’t be all over this? Even Arianna and Huffington Post would be jumping on this band wagon. Even myself might just jump in that direction!


Final Words About Binary Predictor

If you are a gambler and don’t mind losing $250.00 “in a heart beat“, go for it and try your luck. However, if you are serious about finding a way to make money online, the legitimate way, AVOID THIS SCAM.


About a decade ago a young man put on a tee-shirt that said, “Future Millionaire”. And took his picture. He had figured out that if he built a program that helps others make money online legitimately, that his fortune would be just around the corner.  Or even ten years later.  But he new it would happen.

He believed. That program where he has helped tens of thousands of people become wealthy and quit their day job is called Wealthy Affiliate.  You can click on it and go to the review and learn about it if you wish.  It is one of a kind program where you do make money, and needs no build up at all.  Free to join.

My name is Rick and I too am a long time member and have made my own success enough to help others in the biz. Hopefully I’ve just help you keep your own money in your own pocket! 🙂



Rick Bell


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  1. Kylee Mitchell

    These people are really just out for taking money from innocent people. They get paid a big sum of cash but the people they are selling this scam to, don’t get anything at all.
    Thank you for letting me know. I will be staying away.

    • Rick

      Everyone has their on opinion these days but you cannot help those that won’t help themselves. If the right program is given to you then everything should work out. But you still have to do the work yourself. That is the way things are.

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