Blog Beast Review – Overpriced Scam or Internet Redemption?


 Is Blog Beast Scam? – My Blog Beast Review


Blog Beast looks awesome. They’ve got some nifty graphics, showing how you can “unleash your beast” and become a virtual version of the incredible Hulk. When you arrive at their website, Troy Shanks greets you like a bonafide celebrity, assuming that you’ve heard all about him. In case you haven’t, will help:

This is -the- Troy Shanks, the original “internet alchemist” and glorious “Alpha” who harnessed his “inner oracle” in order to access the timeless “Beauty of Art of Primal Perfection.” Fully enlightened, he endorses Blog Beast so that we can all become the “Greatest Versions of OurSelf.” You can either “Search for Eternal Freedom & Purity” with eTroy Online… or you can go somewhere else. Your choice!


Troy Shanks is an inspirational guru and “make money expert”, dedicated to the “Truest Transformation of the Highest Self.” After becoming a “Beast Blogger” utilizing traditional methods, Troy was naturally seeking the best blogging site in all the universes, in order to bring his karmic message to the widest audience.


Does that sound like you? If so, Blog Beast may be what you’ve been looking for. David Wood proudly displaying his platinum ring,” allowing you to reach the ultimate “blogging perfection!” This just gets better and better, but how.


Honest Review Empower Network and Blog Beast


Currently, WordPress is the most popular blogging site on the internet, with over seventy million blogs. However, as Blog Beast points out, using WordPress is a “difficult pain.” Now wait a minute, that’s not entirely true, and I should know because I’m using WordPress right now… but for the sake of argument let’s hear this out. You see, the problem with WordPress is *drumroll* – you have to use a computer to update your blog!


What if you are like Troy Shanks, and you are sitting on a beach in Thailand, purging yourself of technology which pollutes your soul, and all you’ve got is your trusty cellphone when suddenly “inspiration strikes!” What are you going to do? WordPress won’t let you update from your cellphone. Well, actually you can, but Blog Beast says you can’t, and that’s the crucial part of their sales pitch.


blog beast review - is blog beast a scam
Empower Network – Viral Blogging


What is Empower Network?


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Fortunately, the Empower Network came to Troy’s assistance, investing three million dollars in order to bypass the “extreme difficulties” of WordPress. I’m sure you’ve heard of Empower, but in case you haven’t, I’m talking about David Wood and David Sharpe.

 Before Blog Beast, the Davids established themselves as respected marketing gurus, with such programs as the Master Dynamic Content Creation educational course, which you can benefit from for a single easy installment of $1000 (only slightly more than a college course in marketing).

A few years ago, a select few (ten people) paid just $3000 (plus airfare) to attend a private seminar with the Davids in Costa Rica, and the Davids have generously offered to reveal the secrets of that Costa Rica summit for a bargain, at just $500. With such an altruistic history, we can be certain that Blog Beast is another great opportunity.

I’m sure you are already itching to sign up, but let’s review the features of Blog Beast. Basically, for only $25 a month (compared with the outrageous WordPress fee of $0), you can have your very own blog. Wow! What are you waiting for? Sign up today!!! You can port your entire existing blog over from WordPress FOR FREE, although you can never escape because Blog Beast will own your blog.

 With “game changing force“, your blog will now be fueled by the same “secret sauce” of “infinite leverage” which energizes Troy and the Davids. Users will be able to comment upon your writing, and with the click of a button you can share your blog on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter! Except, oh wait, I guess Facebook has banned the Empower Network for spam…

 Never mind, here is another great feature, all videos on your blog will (must) be hosted by Empower Network. No more Youtube videos for your readers! Furthermore, your blog will be perfect as is, so there will be no need for plugins or custom layouts. Simplicity itself!


blog beast review-empower network ad


If that isn’t enough, then just pay an extra $100 a month and you will be invited to the Inner Circle, where ancient wisdom will surely bring your blog to the next level. Of course, Titanium Level is the highest tier.

 Unfortunately, Empower Network does not reveal to outsiders just what Inner Circle Masterminds learn, but they do warn that you should avoid driving while harnessing this powerful truth, as it is “very normal” for someone to experience an “overwhelming urge to whoop and holler,” which is not conducive for safe driving. Fortunately, with the money you’ll soon be earning, I’m sure you can hire a chauffeur. All you have to do is log in (and pay).


Million Dollar Club: Million Dollar Scam!


Let’s get down to business: just how are you going to make big money on Blog Beast, exceeding the wildest expectations of those paltry Google Adverts. Basically, every ad displayed on your blog will be for products sold by the Empower Network.

If you are writing about cats, New York, children, vacations in Italy, or anything else… this could be a minor problem, since your readers will not find ads related to your subject matter. However, as a disciple of Troy and the Davids, you will recognize that there is really no subject more important than “full self-empowerment“.


blog beast review-is blog beast a scam


Just watch the Empower Network’s introductory video, which begins with David Wood proudly displaying his platinum ring, encrusted with two hundred diamonds. Now, fully inspired, you can blog about the ring, and then your blog might display an ad for the Empower Network’s Million Dollar Club. When someone clicks on that ad, and joins the Million Dollar Club, you will (won’t) get paid!

 First you need to pay a monthly fee of $19.95. Oh, and you have to join the Million Dollar Club yourself, I almost forgot that part… Furthermore, you will also not receive payment for your second, fourth, sixth, or every other fifth sale. Sounds fair, right? Did I mention this is a pyramid scheme?


blog beast pyramid scheme
Empower Network Pyramid Scheme

To their credit, Blog Beast does state “Empower Network is not for everyone.



Conclusion to my Blog Beast Review




Unfortunately, thousands of people that joined Empower Network and Blog Beast lost their money. I am not talking about a couple of hundred dollars. Some folks lost upwards to 10,000 bucks. Please, avoid EN at all cost!

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