Can I Make My Own Website Free?

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Build An eCommerce Website To Riches For Free!


how to build a website for free
Free eCommerce Website Template

Yes, today’s topic and Hot flavor on the internet menu is…. Can I make my own website for free?  There are three different ways to sell online and make money! Would you like to have a website where you can sell a service, products, or have advertising for your business, and do it all for FREE?  

Would you like FREE training, which includes support, an easy to follow program, and mentors to get you there Starting Today? 

Are you thinking there may be hidden costs? Fees or monthly service charges?   You can work at home online and it won’t cost a dime!  But you will want to continue reading this short article below on how you can make this happen!  

And yes! At no cost, fees, or hidden after costs, ever. FREE, everything here is FREE! My name is Rick.  Enjoy the information and my #1 Program Review.


Do You Know What an eCommerce Website Is?


Today you can learn to build a website, and start down the road to success.  Can you even imagine being in the big league selling products like on an eCommerce website like Amazon?  An eCommerce website is a website where you can sell products or services just like a brick and mortar store.

Except you work it from your computer, and through the internet.  This is the way of the world today, and if you do not want to get stuck in the past, then you will need to climb aboard, and learn how to create your new online store.  This training is Rags to Riches!


What kind of Business?


eCommerce model
eCommerce – make money online

Now I am not talking about having items all over the household with prices on them.  Or in your garage or basement covering you up.  This does not work very well.  You want to Drop Ship items. Drop shipping is when you list a product online to sell,  that you don’t even have on hand, have to ship, or package.  

When you list and sell the item, the “Merchant” then ships the item to your customer.  Your earnings will come from the “mark-up” of the merchants whole sale price. How easy is that!

Of course you can create an affiliate website here as well.  

This is the great part about this training.  You start off learning how to build, and create basic websites, which you can make money from.  

You can then choose later whether to sell a service, create a niche, become an affiliate website, or create an eCommerce website.  Several ways to make money with just two unique websites.

You are here now reading this article of many to start your free training program of which you will learn how to create an to eCommerce website.  Or any type of website you want.  This is an incredible opportunity to be in this position now, because your training is FREE!


Free Information Delivered to You


What you will be doing is reading a lesson each day, which will teach you how to build your own website from beginning to end.  And, without cost to you.  Home work included!   So now do you know why you want to build a basic website or eCommerce website? It does not matter, as long as you want to make money from home, online…you are on the right path.

When you sell products or services online you are helping people.  Making their lives more convenient.  This will make you rich!

You can also create a website just like this to pass on the information you get from another source, which will also create success.  I had a mentor that showed me how he has been making $100,000 dollars each year working from home.  He has an eCommerce website selling drop shipped products.  

I learned from him how to make money and you can do the same.  And, even though this is only day one for you, I already have members who have made money just two weeks into the program! Yes! I will show you how all of this works,  just stay with me. Or check out the drop shipping article.


What You Will Do Is:




Many People are Scared of Change – are YOU?


Where the problem lies.  Most people will not end up working at home and making money, they are not wanting to work for money, they want it handed to them!  And especially they do not want to pay for training they cannot afford! The program I offer requires you to TRAIN AND LEARN, but you get this for free.  

And, my articles on how to build your eCommerce website are all free for as long as you are here.  You must read the information and apply it, to succeed. When you make a decision to follow this training, I can assure you there will be wealth at the end of your rainbow.


Cash in Hand


how to make money in ecommerce
Cash in Hand

And yes! For some of you there will be cash even at the beginning. The reason behind the training and the way it has been developed will have you making cash before you know it.  

By following me and my instruction on just how to help others make money,  you will be successful, I promise.

The important part of this program and what you do, is to learn from this website by tagging along each week reading each article about websites and eCommerce. 




Why not take a few minutes to look over a great program review, Wealthy Affiliate.  And you can make up your own mind about whether or not it is right for you.  So the question…Can I make my own website free? Is a BIG resounding YES!  YOU can and WILL.  All you have to do is start.

You can sign up from this page for part one of your free training and building a website, by clicking on this Wealthy Affiliate link.  Start the video training at Wealthy Affiliate, Please!

Then message me here.    You can create a website today,  free?  Enjoy the journey!  Read more in Categories I’ve posted above.


Rick Bell founder, Down Hill Money

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