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Did you get the call? Wondering what Cash Cow Central is about? Here’s the scoop you’re looking for inside our Cash Cow Central Review!

“3% of the population controls 97% of the wealth in the free world today!” The program explains you can be one of these 3% Group. Earning thousands by just working a few hours per day. 

Once you fill out the simple form you will then get the product information which is a lengthy video and access to the Cash Cow Central Process.

We normally buy into our products to show visitors how they work. We didn’t do this with Cash Cow Central as it is an incredibly expensive risk and leveraging cash transfer system. 

We do not recommend sending anyone they requested amount. And of course, we are against sending anyone cash money regardless who it might be. 

Product Summary:

Cash Cow Central is a leveling up money exchange system which once you pay your amount to your sponsor, based on what you pay, you will then be eligible for a return leveraged amount.

You make money by offering this system via phone messages, emails and texts. Basically you promote the same program that has various levels of gaining wealth attached.


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Cash Cow Central. com

What Is About?

As a review writer I’ve happened across similar products that have to do with paying a donation amount to your sponsor, or the person contacting you. What is Cash Cow about? It is really the cash tracking system of 2001. Just renamed. And revamped.

The Cash Cow Central is about paying in your sponsor with a cash amount so that you can then be allowed to call and recruite new members who will also pay you. But first things first. 

Your first new member has to pay the one up. Meaning they have to pay your sponsor. Once that is done the next income coming in would then be yours. Free and clear.

Unless they bought in at a lower level, than you bought in at. But it all ads up so the system works best for those who pay in the most. 

Those who pay in less, make less. Those members who go all in, do make most all of the money. 

And of course before you can start earning money your first member you talk into donating, their money ends up with your sponsor as well. 

And then based on that you get a return payment but not until you satisfy what is called the  1-Up. 

The 1-UP means your first member you recruit must pay their membership or donation to your sponsor. 

Before you can start receiving. 

So for example let’s say you pay $100 to your sponsor. Then you join. You then start promoting or selling the same program. 

You talk someone into buying in at $100 also. That money goes to your sponsor as the 1-UP. Now after that your next member you get that is willing to pay in, depending on the amount, will be decided between you and your sponsor. 

Now if you bought it on the highest level of income you could be passed over on the 1-UPs, but only if you first presented your sponsor with the highest level of payment.

Cow Central one up payments

Now they have even more levels than they did when they first started in 2001. If you watch the video you will see they also have a CTS Elite Level.

Gold is $4000 dollarsPlatinum is $6500 dollars

Is Cash Cow Central A Scam?

The system would actually work if people had the extra money to buy in. The problem lies in so many people you’ll contact as not being able to afford to do this. And that is the majority of people in the world.

Now the program talks highly and at length on becoming one of the 3%. So is Cash Cow Central a scam?

No. It is a legit way of earning income. Providing one does not mind sitting there all day making calls to a list of thousands of names so a recording can play.

If that is your idea of enjoying a challenge, than maybe you might want to join!

People view it as a scam only because there is no product listed behind CCC. Or Cash Tracking System. 

Have you ever heard the phrase, it takes money to make money? Those that do buy in at the Elite Level could have the best chance of making money at this. 

But those that buy in at the first level or the $500 dollar level will have a hard time ever making money. What can happen is they would get passed over by anyone paying in at a higher level.

Because you can only earn what you put in. 

Or you would have to level up spending all the money you’ve earned so far just to get to a higher level of play.

That leads to you not making money at first, but just continue paying money in to get to a higher level. 

So definitely would benefit the person buying in at the Elite Level, other than the fact they have to receive that same amount from their new member or else they won’t ever be able to gain their money back.

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How Much Does Cash Cow Central Cost?

The levels are: 




The Elite Level is Gold at $4000 and Platinum at $6500.00 which are relatively new levels just added recently. 

The sponsor who contacted me via a phone message is a Elite Platinum member. I will not be calling her back. 

However if someone did have this kind of money laying around, or the program talks about them going out of their way to find it somehow, borrow it or put it on a credit card, I really think if the people needing that kind of money could get it they would not be spending it or sending it to a total stranger suddenly that says they are in this program called Cash Cow Central!

What I Liked About The Training

The training within the 7 step process is actually easy to understand and presented in a way that you can at least take notes and write things down. 

Video format is my favorite way to see things being illustrated before me. So I liked the training and even recorded for those of you who have not heard of the program before. 

cash cow level amounts

The levels of where you are and who and how much you get certainly can get a little mind boggling. But it all makes perfect sense.

The backbone of this actually working in the persons favor is to buy in at the highest level you can afford. That way you get some money as you grow and you can earn more as you go along. 

Going in cheap or at the $500 dollar level will have you missing out if and when someone goes in or all in. You lose any money at the level above you which would be $1000. If that is paid you would only receive half and the other amount would go to your sponsor. Because you were not a $1000 level member.

What I Did Not Like About The Training

I think if they would have showed more graphic degrees of levels instead of people getting certain amounts each as they went though the receiving and levels, it might have been a bit easier to understand what all happens from the 1-ups and the deferred amounts that go back to your sponsor. 

Why There Is NO Product, But It Is Legal

The 1up system has been used in marketing for ages. You are not paying so much for a product but more like a membership. 

Only there is no membership fee to be a part of Cash Cow Central. You merely pay your sponsor to join. And you can do so at any level starting at the $500 dollar level on up to $6500.00 level. 

cash cow central elite level

Is It A Pyramid?

The structure works without a pyramid levels. These are vertical lines and does not have the levels you would see in the pyramid. 

The notion of a few people at the top making all the money, is not in affect here. The 1-up means you qualify to get all the cash once you pay the 1-up. 

How much money you make is not related when they join, but how much they pay when they join. You can receive as much cash as you want to receive.

How To Find New Leads 

People are constantly filling out forms and are then contact with this information. The contact lead is captured from being generated on other programs. 

Then these leads are sold to Cash Cow Central. 

So you can call them and use a recording. 

You can send them a voice message.

You can send them a text.

You will have as many leads as you want to contact. Which means you will not run out of work. You will be calling and calling and calling as many hours as you want to do so. 

The more you work, the better the chances of making money with this system.

Your sponsor will know exactly what to tell you. As they have been doing this for some time now.

Will Cash Cow Central Help You Make Money?

​The system works based on how much you pay in, how much you work the program and how many calls you make each hour. 

Those who work hard and spend plenty of time calling, those members will earn the most. 

Your cash flow is safe. As it comes from your new members sign up leads. The pledges are tracked and secure. 

With any enterprise there is always some risk. It only takes two people for you to break even. So what you would want to do is follow the training and put forth a consistent effort and it will work for you.

cash cow central secure payments

What Is CTS Elite?

Well the basic system started out with just 3 levels. $500,, $1000, $1500. But members wanted to make more income and build their success faster. 

So the Elite was created. You now do the same amount of work, yet there are now two much higher levels where you can earn money faster. 

Do I Recommend Cash Cow Central?

Cash Cow Central is a brand new name that was once Cash Tracking System. Basically in internet marketing when seemingly everyone has heard a certain name over and over again it becomes less sale-able. 

So what is then done is re-marketing of that label under second name. A new name. A name that can then be marketed once again without the visitors already knowing what it is. So some or lets say many people now assume it is a new product. 

And that generates a new found interest and new found sales for the same company.

Do I recommend using this to make money? NO. It is simply too easy and people run from anything that sounds too good to be true. Plan and simple!

If you want to earn money online with your own business, it is the recommended way of doing things today. Check out the #1 product below…

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Hi, I am Rick! I am the creator of Down Hill Money. Thanks for taking the time to read this review.


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