Click Cash Code Review: Overview Of Selling Clicks Online

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Click Cash Code Review


This is a program supposedly developed by a gentleman named Philip Mansour, with the premise that you can make millions of dollars quickly (within about 60 to 90 days for things to really get rolling) by selling clicks.

My Click Cash Code Review shows you how he does it. Previous to this newest entry, Philip was best known for his “Free Money Formula.” Just by the name of that one, you can probably guess the prevailing opinion! But keep reading this gets interesting! Or you can jump to my free gift to you. From Six Figure Mentors.




Is Click Cash Code a Scam for Selling Clicks?


What this system comes down to is that you are going to be selling email clicks made from your list campaigns. Bear in mind this is a lot different from typical internet marketing strategies like PPC (pay per click). Glad to know that Philip supplies you with a free download of a pdf e-book so that you can learn all about this new concept.

It seems a little strange to me that something like this would work, so you are probably wondering right now, ‘is Click Cash Code a Scam?’ For the answer, I started looking through the e-book, just to see what kind of information he gives out. At least the e-book is a very short read at just 14 pages. You do also have to sit through a sales video presentation where good old Phil gets excited about this method that he used personally to generate something like 3.8 million clicks.


How Does Click Cash Code Work?


For the answer to this, I started going through the e-book. Obviously, the purpose of this material is to get you to either make a purchase or sign up for some other presentation, where Mr. Mansour can have the chance to really give you the inside scoop on this method. So how does Click Cash Code work?

The first few pages were disappointing, but very predictable. Unfortunately, it seems that all of these internet selling people have copied the same basic storyline from each other. They talk about some rags to riches theme in order to win your sympathy or to make them seem somehow more real. In this case, Philip made a ton of money and then gave it all away and became broke and down on his luck.

Of course, he met some generous stranger. An older man who took pity on the young buck and revealed a magical secret. This is what became the Click Cash Code. The ‘system’ this gentleman used was able to generate clicks in droves, for which they were paid between 30 and 60 cents each. No need to worry about pesky things like commissions or sales. This is what led Philip to selling nearly 10 million clicks to the tune of almost $4 million!




The Click Cash Code System:


Turns out that this is really about running something called solo ads. These are ads that you run in the popular email lists of other marketing gurus, apparently. So, you need to do all the usual things like getting a domain and hosting, setting up a sales page (thankfully, Mr. Mansour has an example in his e-book) and an auto responder system, etc…And you are on your way with the Click Cash Code System.

From there, you will need to buy solo ads from the Warrior Forum or the site. There are a bunch of other places you can use to buy solo ads as well, which is really like renting a mailing list. Then, there are a number of places online where you can trade clicks and solo ads. The e-book also mentions something about taking this system to another level, although he is very unclear as to exactly what this means.


Looking Inside The Click Cash Code Members Area:


Taking a look around on the sales page for the Click Cash Code, you will see the promise of having 5 weeks of Elite Training, a members only forum, members only social features, access to private resources and dedicated customer support. Plus, he is going to throw in 3,000 leads that can go right to your auto responder system so that they can start generating income for you. I love this Click Cash Code members area.

I’m a little curious about this list of things inside the members area. The training seems straightforward enough and it might actually be valuable. But when someone starts talking about secret private resources and members only social tools, it makes the whole thing sound a little scammy. Why can’t Philip just tell the people what they get for their money…before they buy?





Fake Testimonials, High Price Tag:


Another thing that is really deceptive is the testimonials Mr. Mansour uses on his page. Not that I would ever really believe the word of someone I didn’t know, but one of the people in the testimonial videos on the site is someone that I recognized as a professional actor and testimonial video producer. So, he has at least one fake testimonial on the site. If there is one, there are probably others.

The price is also pretty steep at $297. This is also just for the basic program. He also has other upsells, culminating in a $997 plan that supposedly guarantees you 10,000 clicks. Seems very expensive for what you get. Both of these things make you really wonder if you can believe anything he says. Plus, you will still need to shell out money to buy more solo ads.


is click cash code a scam


Conclusion—Is Click Cash Code A Scam?


Using solo ads is indeed a real business. So maybe Click Cash Code is not a true scam. As the training provided in the members area seems decent. However, the silly sob story and meeting of the friendly stranger with a magic system made my BS meter go off.

The fake testimonial was also a real turn off and made me question the whole program. So are you finally tired of seeing inbetween programs where you are not 100 percent sure of the content inside?

In the final analysis, I wouldn’t quite call this a scam. However, it is way too expensive and I don’t think Click Cash Code lives up to its promise. There is other training available online for a heck of a lot cheaper, if not for free. No need to give your money to the border line scammer Philip Mansour.


What Next?


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To Your Success!




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    • Rick

      Im sooooory buddy. You can not come to my website or my comment section and promote your programs to others here. This is my side of the world. 🙂 I deleted your information. Go peddle it somewhere else if you will.



  2. Riaz

    Hey there Rick,
    Great review on Click Cash Code! I’ve never actually heard of this program but even by the title alone, it does sounds scammy doesn’t it? I have had experience in solo ads and its a risky and expensive business so unless you’re a veteran internet marketer, my view on Click Cash Code remains the same – scam. Keep up the good work my friend.

  3. Dr. Susie Dillon


    This is an excellent review of Click Cash Code System, one thing that sets my BS flag off is having to advertise using Warrior Forum.

    I do use Warrior Forum at times and have been a member for many years, however, I find it to be somewhat of a “black hole” of offer after offer after offer.

    I am in full agreement with your #1 Recommended Online Learning Center.

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