Click Clone Cash Review — Scam With A Capital “S”

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Click Clone Cash–Review 2014


There are scams and then there are SCAMS. The internet is full of them — especially when it comes to programs purportedly developed to help people earn an online living. This Click Clone Cash Review is one you will want to read.

As in most areas of life, many folks simply want to believe there is a shortcut to success — without all of the hard work. Unfortunately, that’s almost never the case. And there are always shysters there to take advantage. Today, we’ll be discussing one of those scams with a capital “S”.


My Click Clone Cash Scam Alert Is going Off!


Hi, I’m Rick Bell, and today we’ll be covering the Click Clone Cash scam review. We review a lot of Internet marketing programs and affiliate systems, and I’m always on the lookout for system that are dubious or beyond. And let me tell you, this scam is a really good one — or a bad one, I should say.

Developed by Josh Owens, the system and its claims are almost hilarious if it weren’t for the real people and bank accounts at stake. Here are  of the things you can look forward to in the more-than-an-hour promo video:


  • Lots and lots of Josh bragging about all of his money
  • Expensive English sports cars
  • Really big yachts! Why does every supposed Internet scammer have to have a yacht?
  • Josh’s mansion — (read above statement on yachts)
  • Fake earning statements
  • False testimonials. The disclaimer says the video uses actors


Is Click Clone Cash A Scam? What’s It’s All About?


click clone cash scamTalk about pulling a rabbit out of your hat. Here’s what Josh claims his system is supposed to do. In a nutshell, it scours the Internet and identifies successful online businesses. Then, magically it “clones” the program and just dumps the results right there on your computer.

Of course, he never explains how this works or how it magically happens. But hey, those are just mere details, right? All you have to do is push a few buttons, sit back and watch the bucks start hitting your account. $100,000 per month — remember, he “guarantees it.”



The Truth Behind The Click Clone Cash Scam Review



$100,000 a month. Guaranteed with Click Clone Cash!
$100,000 a month. Guaranteed with Click Clone Cash!

Want to know the truth behind Josh’s magical system? Well, you’ll have to suffer through an hour-long video full of bad acting, bad lies and unbelievable promises. And when you get to the end and he finally reveals the true nature of the program, what is it at its core?

It’s a well-known scheme known as a “Web Hosting Scam”. Basically, that’s all there is to the program. He wants you to sign up for his program so he can extract a very healthy affiliate fee from the hosting company. That’s all there is too it. Nothing more.

If you want a quick guide to getting started…Look at my Getting Started Page!


Check Out The Check Out Page on Click Clone Cash


If you’ve made it through to the end of the video, and Josh’s outright falsehoods, you may be ready to purchase. But, please review the check out page carefully. You are signing up for a one-year hosting contract at $152.49. And if you get cold feet there, he pulls the “But Wait, I’ve Got Another Offer” trick. A 6-month contract at nearly $90. Wow! What a bargain.



The Final Analysis — The Click Clone Cash Scam Alert



The Click Clone Cash sign out page. You are buying a hosting contract in this scam.
The Click Clone Cash sign out page. You are buying a hosting contract in this scam.

Well, if you’ve made it this far, you know my feelings about Josh’s program. We all know there is no magical program that copies business models, puts them on your computer and automatically sends checks to you. Click Clone Cash is an outright scam and one you should stay away from.


 Programs I Do Recommend, WA, IMPHO


As you know if you read this blog very much, I am a really big proponent of The Wealthy Affiliate . Why not read the review and see if it appeals to you? I’ve been using it quite a while now with huge success.

There are other programs here on the site where I have done positive reviews if you want to check them out. One is IMPHO. I like it also and think it is a pretty good way to learn to build a website.  Or even a successful internet marketing site. Take a look at the review.  IMPHO Review.

My name is Rick and I’m here to help you and others get started in the online success game.  Let me know if I can help you by commenting below.  I will always be here to talk to, question, and assist you in any way I can.  Please feel free to ask about my click clone cash review. I’ve helped hundreds of new marketeers on their way to success, and also how to avoid the programs that are scams.



Rick Bell

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  1. Diamond Dobbins

    I completely agree. There is no Magical Program. I really enjoyed reading your review, it had everything that I needed to make my decision about trying this program. Thank you.

    • Rick

      Yes you can do the work and work the program, but you cannot not do the work, and expect everything to work. Got it? You need to be willing to work is all. Once you are there, you will learn what it takes to be successful online.

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