Cloud Millionaire Review: Debunking The Magical Profit Cloud

Cloud Millionaire Scam Review


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Cloud Millionaire is basically a rehash of the old hosting scam. Behind all of the silver tongue sales pitches by the product creator, you would do better by simply becoming an affiliate to sell GoDaddy or Host Monster hosting…and it would be honest, as well. Or you could learn to market and earn $3000 per month like others…Read the #1 Ranked Review.

Does that mean Cloud Millionaire is a scam? Please don’t believe the hype, you will NOT be earning $500 to $1,000 each day. You will be lucky to earn anything at all, actually.


Cloud Millionaire review


What is Cloud Millionaire?


The first thing that should alert you to the true nature of this ‘program’ is the fact that they are using false scarcity and a bit of high pressure sales tactics to get the unsuspecting to sign up. The Cloud Millionaire Program video mentions that only 20 people will be allowed access to the system today…and that this is the final week to join.

Then, you are told the last 80 people who have joined (the 20 folks from the previous four days) are all now well on the way to true online success. They are each making $1,000 every single day. Of course, you can be just like them—NOT!


CloudMillionaire review



Hurry…The Last Week:


The sales video also really pushes the fact that this is the last week you can sign up for such a fabulous program. Obviously, you don’t want to be left behind on this one. And who can turn down up to $1,000 a day?

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What they fail to mention is that it has been the ‘last week’ to join since this program was put together! In other words, this is false scarcity and urgency. They are hoping people will not critically question and just sign up. Believe me, this will still be around tomorrow and the next week and the next. Unfortunately.


Magical Profit Cloud


The program is basically designed for you to create a wonderful ‘profit optimized website,’ that will allow you to tap into something called the ‘profit cloud.’ Simply download some free software and this will create your website for your! Another shiny button, instant solution to solve all your internet marketing problems.

Never mind the fact that you have to first sit through all the junk about how much money this guy makes and the reasons why now he is bringing his amazing money making system to you. Then, he finally spills the beans and reveals that it is this magical profit cloud which is responsible for 91 percent of the internet traffic and most of the online sales and purchases.

Anyone who has been online for more than two minutes should know this is nothing more than a big fat lie. There is no such thing as a ‘profit cloud;


CloudMillionaire review

How This Scam Works


Sure, he gives you the software for free. It might even actually work to create a website, but as you can see, my Cloud Millionaire Review isn’t smelling too sweet at this juncture.

The whole point of this lousy pitch and taking up so much of your valuable time sitting through the sales video is to get you to buy hosting. His hosting, of course.

Certainly, this should be an easy sale. After all, you are going to soon (like tomorrow, right?) be making $1,000 each day, so just pay your hosting fee without even thinking about it. And you NEED hosting. Can’t have a website without hosting. Problem is, this hosting is much too expensive. There are tons of other reliable and trusted providers that can give you excellent deals on hosting.


Nothing but Hosting a Cloud of Disappointment


This all comes down to getting you to sign up for hosting. But it is even more sinister than that. You see, chances are you were probably referred to the program by an affiliate. After you buy the hosting, that affiliate pockets a pretty nice commission of $150. You go on and set up your site and wait for the ‘profit cloud’ magic to do its thing.

Except there is no cloud of profit, or money cloud, or even a rain drop with your name on it! These cloud names are just that. Names. And anyway, anytime you hear the word cloud…run! Because what comes with clouds? Storms! Bad ones generally. 


Let’s Compare the Cloudy Progam with Wealthy Affiliate!


It may rain, but it want ever be clouds of missfortune…Promise you that. With Wealthy Affiliate you can take your lifestyle to the next level, earning as you go!


CloudMillionaire review


Cloud Millionaire Clouds


Cut through all the lies and avoid this Cloud Millionaire Scam. There is no ‘profit cloud,’ and you are not going to make hundreds of thousands of dollars online by simply sitting on your but after setting up a website. Success takes work and a legitimate opportunity. Cloud Millionaire gives you neither. Focus instead on programs that stretch you, help you build charactor, and make you proud to be a part of them.


Conclusion: Next Step to Success


Cloud Millionaire of course does not help you earn a revenue online. So now that we’ve got that out of the way, what’s your next step?

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