Commission Gorilla Review – Affiliate Marketers Are Raving About it!

commission gorilla review 

Commission Gorilla is a Unique Software Tool that enables you to get better converting sales pages… 


Simon & Jeremy

CG Software Application 


REG ACCT: $39.00

PRO ACCT: $69.00

Upsell of Bonus Pages: $97

My Commission Gorilla Review – For Already Promoting Affiliate Marketers

If you have sold no products online and would like to learn how to earn money as an affiliate read the #1 recommended review on just how to get started making money from the internet. Wealthy Affiliate. If you do in fact need more training, then I would suggest getting it before trying any software like Commission Gorilla. Just a heads up.

If however you are ready to promote products and you need a quick way to do this…Look no further! You can watch their video below.

The Commission Gorilla Review shows their program is a software system platform to increase your speed and conversion rates when promoting products online as an affiliate marketer.

Basically, all the Commisson Gorilla reviews that you see, are all from The CG group.  So you’ll probably not see a bad one. And since it is new at the time of this article, there are no bad remarks on it. Their team is very helpful though as I contacted support for the many questions I needed answers to in order to give you the best review possible.

The CG, or Commission Gorilla system allows you to generate more income when you promote affiliate products, using their system integration of bonus pages you can add, which creates five times more conversions, five times more sales, and five times more cash, then you’ve ever been able to make before. 

The system makes it fast and easy to create a landing page, and be able to have it linked to not one but as many free offers as you wish to add.

Everything you get is ready and linked through and allows you to set things up one time and you are then able to save all to your library inside Commission Gorilla. In a few easy steps you can use combinations of your ads which you can then clone, save, create more, and market professionally like you’ve never been able to do before.

commission gorilla reviews

Why Marketers Need Commission Gorilla

If you are already someone who has promotions up and running and would like to increase sales of these, you can easily enjoy more conversions by using their easy system software and be able to add one click bonus offers to your promotions. Free bonuses will always give you better results when advertising. This is proven. If you are not someone that has a promotional yet, consider Commission Gorilla’s system to move you ahead of the affiliate marketing, pack. They show you where to get the best products to promote as well. And offer training, too.

Are you an affiliate marketer with programs and promotions going on already?  Being an affiliate marketer means you are promoting someone else’s products and you are earning commissions for these. The basics of Commission Gorilla is to simplify the process while increasing conversions on your promotional ads. Their system provides free bonus advertisements that will have your customers buying your affiliate products at a faster rate, which ends up making you more money. 

Watch the video to see how Commission Gorilla would be a great tool to own… Video to Commission Gorilla. 


What is Commission Gorilla? 

commisson Gorilla review 8 reasons to become an affiliateWhy the Commission Gorilla Works. 

Do you know the difference between a straight to offer promotion and an incentivized offer? If so then you now know why Commisson Gorilla Software is being viewed as the next greatest way to increase your sales and conversions. Offering a bonus, or 2,3,4,5 once you sent out an offer changes everything!

This is actually something you should have learned in affiliate marketing basics. More value means more conversions. More conversions means way more sales. So you ask what Commission Gorilla is? A very good tool which enables you to make more money. Period.

So the whole concept behind Commission Gorilla is to help you GIVE More Value to others!

*5 times more sales…

*5 times more conversions…

*5 times more money in the bank… And it does get better than anything on the market


What You Get With Commission Gorilla

The system itself speeds everything up into hyper drive

  1. 4 template block layouts for your landing page creations
  2. The best practices template that is a useable example of a landing page with free bonuses, already done for you
  3. copy or clone your perfect landing pages with one click and save as long as you like
  4. Free storage to hold all your valueable landing pages in one place, forever
  5. You can also become an affiliate and make huge commissions using their bonus pages.

Pro Features:

  1. Allows us to add a countdown timer to our pages. To create a sense of urgency
  2. An attention bar creator. Which can increase the call to action 
  3. A redirect offer capability. Never let anyone leave without first asking questions
  4. Stat page on how well your pages are converting. All your conversion stats are kept here as a record
  5. Promote them as an affiliate and earn huge commissons using their sales page bonuses



 Affiliate Training – CLICK HERE


Commission Miner Video Training – CLICK HERE

Secret Bonus – Click Here

As you may be aware. If you are intersted in making money online like every one is, the very success you have is based on the knowledge, the tools, and the informational skill level you are at when you start. Having nothing, knowing nothing, having no program help, no tools, no value to offer and no offer itself or skill to promote that offer…will end in a zero cash balance for yourself, and a zero generated result. I’m always highly intersted when I see a software or training that moves us faster through the trenches and onto victory like the upsell Commission Gorilla offers below. 

The Done for you Free Bonus Add Software: One Payment of  $97 for 37 free landing pages done for you. Each Of These Packages Cost Around $300 To Create (And We’re Paying Bulk Volume Pricing) – Do The Math:  25 Bonuses x $300, Plus+ 12 Months x 2 Bonuses = 24 Extra Bonuses = 49 Bonus Packages @ $300 Each = $14,700 COST!

 Commission Gorilla bonus
Commisson Gorilla bonuses Check them out here..ComGorilla



One thing that many are doing is getting one of the upsells they have where you purchase 25 free bonus pages already done for you. This is what I would recommend if I were using the system. For a one time fee of $97 dollars anually, you get the 25 free bonus pages, and each month you are to receive two more extra free bonus pages to add to your arsenal.

And, if you don’t need more after the end of your year, you can just not pay the next payment. So for 25 free bonus pages already done for you, plus the 2 each month, gives you 37 in all!

This is a brand new software program which helps you to find other great products to promote as well, and gives you many free bonus to add to your landing pages you promote. 


Commission Gorilla Works

True to form, it is proven that more sales and more money flows once you understand how to add bonus material onto your landing pages. Commission Gorilla helps you do this with ease.

Even though I myself already have great templets and various types of landing pages already set up using If I did not have Leadpages I would definitely take the 60 day trial for Commission Gorilla to get started in the fast lane and start promoting using the their sales technique using bonus pages. and other software programs alike can give you hundreds of template type landing pages, yet you have to create everything and link everything and then have to split test anything you create. Same with Commission Gorrilla, as far as split testing. To make sure your ads are doing as well as they can. But the key they mention in CG is the free value that you give your traffic. Up to ten free bonuses? Wow! Who wouldn’t be ready to buy! Or as many as you wish to use with any of your landing page promotions. 


Commission Gorilla Software Costs

Price for the regular account is $39.00 and it gets you going. The price for the pro account where you get the timer, redirect, and call to action bar, as extras is $69.00. Now these are one-time payments to have this software, forever. Problem is, the free bonuses they mention costs you $97 in a upsell you will get when you arrive.

My recommendation is the Pro Version. I already use timers which increase my sales by 30 percent. So you won’t go wrong here. But if you cannot afford the pro version at least go for the Regular Account. You can take a look at them here… 

Already proven and tested? Yes. Many are using it now.


Is Commission Gorilla a Scam?

No…of course not!

The Commission Gorilla Software can be used alone or in conjunction with your wordpress site. You are given a plug-in that sets this up on your wordpress site. They offer free hosting if you need to host your landing pages there in your library. So you can use it with or without a website.

I’ve also contacted support and they have live bodies to help you through any of the process. If you purchase the software and it is not for you…get a refund within 24 hours. No questions asked. Hardly able to be a scam with these attributes.

The Commission Gorilla group will help you to get a wordpress site up and running if you don’t have a website, or you can have them do the hosting of the pages you create. They mention how easy it is to be able to build a library full of these landing pages to start making you commissions almost over-night. They have also integrated a system which tracks all of your pages you promote so you do not need to set up google analytics or a webmaster account.

                The Pro Commission Gorilla Video to Watch click link

commission gorilla tools 

The Commission Gorilla Guarantee.

They have what they call a no quibble 60 day guarantee. Meaning if you don’t like the software for any reason, within 60 days they will refund your money. Which is very cool. In fact if you order any upsells when you join, they will also refund your money on any of these as well.

So you can try it out and if it works for you great. If not, that is one way to learn what doesn’t work for you.

  For more information on how to build a website yourself in 4 minutes…click here You can Join for free…



I’m been online marketing for two years now and I can say one thing about online tools. Without them life would be hard! With them I make sales every day that I would not normally make.

If you are wanting to learn affiliate marketing and how to sell other peoples products online, you’ve finally made it to the right place.  Read the #1 review and about how I learned to make $3000 per month with my review skills and niche site products… The Wealthy Affiliate Review.

If you would like to leave a comment or ask questions about the review, please do so. I have contacted their support and created this review article from what I found inside the program commission Gorilla. Let me here from you if something here is not correct.

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  1. Rick

    Yes if you join for free you can check out all the value you get there. If you are interested in making $3000 per month you can do it once you get through all the lessons.
    Wealthy Affiliate. Create a free account and join us. I will personally see to it
    that you get through the course and learn the marketing I know.


  2. Wanye

    Generally,CGR is for experienced marketers. Do you have more programs for us that are now just starting out?


    • Rick

      Sure do Wayne.
      Have you heard of Wealthy Affiliate? You probably have. Out of one thousands reviews there are probably two that are some disgruntled don’t want to work types that wrote something bad,yet this is the very place you should start out. I learned my skills there of marketing online and am on my way to making a huge monthly commission salary at about $14000.00 per month. You can to if you take action and join the premium course as most do.Go here:
      Wealthy Affiliate University and sign up for free and then read the first ten lessons!

  3. Waldo

    It looks like a great program, yet I’m just starting out so I’m going to follow along with your advice.

    • Rick

      commission Gorilla is a good place to be for members who are already online selling very well and making money, to step up their end game by giving lots more free value. That increases sales.
      Yet if you are just starting out. Contact me, or read the review for Wealthy Affiliate. It is a prime example of what works for newbies and most everyone who are just starting out. We have helped
      hundreds of thousands make money and profit from being online.


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