Commission Kaboom Review – A Scam Or Legit?


Commission Kaboom – Big-Bang Theory To Start Your Business?


My Honest and Unbiased Commission Kaboom Review


My HATS OFF to the owners of Commission Kaboom, Tom Yevsikov, Gaurab Borah and Venkata Ramana!

They call themselves “The 3 dudes who made it online” and they present their product in a way that’s quite different from what you normally get with Internet Marketing Products:


They tell you exactly what their product is and how it works – right on their sales page!


That surprised and pleased me at the same time, because most IM products are promoted with a lot of hype and exaggerated earning potentials, but leave you in the dark about what you are supposed to spend your money on.


commission Kaboom Review


Commission Kaboom – The Sales Page Disappointment


Did I speak too highly of the 3 dudes too soon? Their sales page is a big disappointment. It’s a typically ugly and full of BS, which I see so many times when reviewing “make money online products”.


  • Way too many bold words are screaming at YOU
  • Overuse of “highlighting effects
  • Showing of “Unverifiable documents of Proof”
  • Overuse of stock photos
  • Early Reviews by A.J. Montoya & James Canzanella (aka. Jamescanz) – known for promoting shady and scammy products


However, let me just say that I believe Tom and his friends did not create the sales page themselves but choose to outsource this task.


is commission kaboom a scam


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How Much Does Commission Kaboom Cost?


Initial Purchase:


The product is sold through JVZoo on a “Dime Sale”. That means that the price will go up after a certain number of sales.

Starting at $9.00 (Earlybird – first 12 hrs after product launch) it will cap out at $13.95. My purchase cost me 10.95 which is not bad at all.


Up & Downsells:


This is an aspect of most IM products I do not like at all. They lure you in with a low initial price, but hit you with several “necessary to make the product work” upsells.

As soon as you enter the membership area, you will be hit with the first upsell for $27.00. You can decline and purchase for the first “downsell offer” for $17.00.

The screenshot below, taken from their affiliate page, shows you the structure of the sales funnel (and the commissions their affiliates will receive).


commission kaboom review - sales funnel image


As you see, if you decide to “go all in” at the lowest possible price, you will spend roughly $147.00 (give or take a buck or two).


Start your online business the right way – No Hype, No BS and NO Upsells


What Do You Get For Your Money


Commission Kaboom is a training course, which covers 3 areas of Internet Marketing. The videos are of good quality and audio is excellent, short enough not to be tiring.

The content is surprisingly informative and full of good advice. Lets take a look at the 3 parts of Commission Kaboom.


Part 1: List Building


There are ten videos of variable length (between 2 to 5 minutes) that focus on advanced List Building Techniques. They cover…….

  • Creating a product and upsells
  • Building relationship with affiliates
  • Build your list for free And get paid to do that
  • Trojan Horse List Building – a free traffic method to build a list quickly

and much more.

Part 1 is to build a targeted buyers list, using the exact techniques “the 3 dudes” developed for their success.


commission kaboom review - training materialPart 2: The “Commission Kaboom Technique”


This is actually the core of the product. It is comprised of 7 videos that cover a broad range of topics.


Video 1: Commission Kaboom Overview

Video 2: Why You Failed So Far

Video 3: Finding Money Making Products

Video 4: Super Affiliate Income Secrets

Video 5: Big Chief (become an Authority Figure Instantly)

Video 6: Value Stacking Profits (How to increase your profits 100%)

Video 7: The 3 Pillars To Fast & Easy Commissions


Although this part does not cover email marketing, the information is very detailed and can be helpful


Part 3: For The Total Newbie


This part is for absolute newcomers. It covers buying a domain, hosting for a website, setting up an auto-responder system (Aweber account), create squeeze and landing pages.

The videos are short, but precise, accurate and will get you started.


What I Liked

The training videos are packed with useful information and easy to follow.


What I Did Not Like


The course is not really a step-by-step format and somewhat out of order. Newbies will be totally lost starting with Part 1.


Can You Make Money With Commission Kaboom?


Tom, Gaurat & Vekata got ONE thing ALMOST right. Taken from their sales page, the screenshot is telling the whole story (after I changed it a little 🙂




They are right about the “hard worker” thing. There is no easy way to make money online, and there is no easy way to make money in internet marketing. It does take hard work and a lot of effort.

Although the “3 dudes” deliver a decent product and provide a bunch of great advice, a total newbie will, most likely, have a hard time to getting his business going. There are too many fundamental and basic aspects missing. No direction.

More experienced internet marketers however, will find a lot of helpful information to improve some of their business techniques and can benefit from some of the training.

If you ask me “Is Commission Kaboom a Scam”, I will tell you that it is in fact legit and one of the better products I have reviewed.


Is There A Better Way To Make Money Online?


The best way to start your internet marketing business is to learn every aspect from the ground up, and I recommend to my readers my #1 program, Wealthy Affiliate.

This is an online learning center that offers the best overall training, a 24/7 support help & system and provides all the tools you will need. The table below shows you how Wealthy Affiliate compares to Commission Kaboom.



It‘s easy to understand why WA is my #1 recommendation. And the best thing is that you can take a “test-drive of the program for FREE“. Read my WA review for all the details.


commission kaboom review
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