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This Program has a 30 Day FREE Trial Period..Update… March 1st. 2016 I have since earned over $4,500 dollars with this program. Not to brag, but to motivate you so you can do the same. Commission Miner has a great founder. Bryan Winters. Promoting him and his program is easy Look no further than this Commission Miner Review.

Why is it that only a few Internet Marketers have massive success online and are able to make literally millions of dollars, while many others fail or struggle to make enough to pay their bills? I will tell you! READ the number one rated program called Wealthy Affiliate.

But first… If we listen to Bryan Winters, who belongs to this 1% that make millions—- the reason is, an open secret. According to Bryan, the other 99% failing because “they are doing what SEEMS to make sense, on the surface, while they are actually missing the underlying key of how millions really are made online“.

Bryan is willing to share the secret with people ready to make real money and join him in one of his latest programs called, Commission Miner. The program launched June 15, 2015. I joined knowing it would be 60 days before I would have to get a refund, thereby getting inside to find out how it worked. 


commission miner review


What is Commission Miner’s Million Dollar Secret?

Before going into the details of the program, let me relay how Bryan explains the ultimate secret to success:

The Focal Point of the Marketing Strategy the so called gurus put most of their energy into.  

He goes on to say that the common mistake most people make is “promoting a product”, simply following mainstream affiliate marketing techniques. He is not saying you should stop promoting products altogether, rather shifting your focus from… 

Promoting Affiliate Products to Promoting Affiliate Income Opportunities


Think about this for a moment. Bryan’s philosophy is simple, but extremely powerful. Instead of exhausting your energy and effort in promoting products, shift your energy and effort to “building your own sales force of affiliates“.

But Bryan does not stop here. The obvious problem is that most affiliates you recruit into your team do not have products that convert. The profound solution is to …

Promote A Two Tier Affiliate Program

What’s the difference, you may ask. Well, if you sell a product in a one tier affiliate program, you receive a commission for the sale and you are done. However, in a two-tier program, your new customer also becomes your affiliate. He goes about his business as usual, but now is also promoting your product. If he makes a sale, he receives his commission and YOU also get a commission check.

And this is the secret Bryan explains inside the program. It opened my eyes to how this system is going to crush most of the others, by multiplying your money coming in.You can check them out here at Commission Miner Co-Op which is FREE for 30 days to try out.


August 6th, 2015

commission miner review
Recent update shows Autorotor Payments from CMC! 16 so far!


 Commission Miner Co-Op

The Co-Op teaches you how to build a team of affiliates who join under you and help you promote products and programs inside Commission Miner and also even out-of-house products and services as well. Bryan provides all the tools you need to get started, which include squeeze pages, email templates for follow-up messages and even GVO which is a way to track affiliates coming into the program and lots more.

On top of that, as a member of Commission Miner, you will get instant access to the Exclusive Traffic Membership Portal. Here, you will discover how to drive quality traffic from both free and paid traffic sources.

Some traffic generation strategies include:

1. YouTube Marketing
2. Forum Posting
3. Solo Ads
4. Ad Swaps
5. Media Buying
6. Strategic Sniper Sites

7. Me! My incredible way I promote 6 Proven Programs. Plus FREE Mentoring to help you with Bryan’s CMC! Value? Priceless! 🙂

In addition you will learn how to train and motivate your affiliates. Bryan has put together a series of 3 rather lengthy videos in which he explains the all important funnels (aka websites). I will provide you with a link to the videos at the end of this article. But you may need to sign up to look at them when inside the program itself, as they are set for private viewing.


is commission miner a scam?


Commission Miner Funnels Aka Type 1 Funnels

Commission Miner Funnels are accessed through the CMC Funnel Page. You will see them on the left inside which basically is a hub of various funnels. The Funnels (aka websites) are there to earn you unlimited $10 commissions on two levels.

As you refer people through these funnels you help members get their own referrals, and you earn money from these as well, making another $10 dollar commission. You are helping your affiliates do the same thing of promoting the inhouse two tier affiliate program.

You will find most online programs have some type of affiliate program. CMC does as well. Bryan has added a two tier commission system which makes it worthy of wanting to get started right away promoting the first funnel.

Once you have others joining they will get the same type of training you do and thus understand how the system works and start promoting this in-house referral program, also. The in-house affiliate program is the main model for the Commission Miner Autopilot Program. So learn what you can here and get to promoting the CMC.(Commision Miner Co-Op) aka CMC.


CMC Free Offer Income Funnels Aka Type 2 Funnels 

Type 2 Funnels (aka websites) will allow you to promote ‘outside’ 2 tier affiliate opportunities. So the same objective as the first. Except the funnles are outside products. You can advertise these as well and even if you do not get a sale, you tag your traffic with your affiliate link to join the Commission Miner program as in Funnel 1. You still are able to have the two tier system work for you here as well.


CMC Paid Offer Income Funnels Aka Type 3 Funnels

The third opportunity or Funnel 3, is participating in other outside programs of hand selected offers which Bryan belongs to himself. Now you will have to invest in these as to promote them you will need to buy into them and become memebers of these. You will earn even more money by taking part of your profits ever so often and joining one to promote.

The potential is unlimited here. Once you are bringing in residual income you can easily invest money into making more money, increasing your over all gross earnings as you go along. These are simply available if you are after more money.

All you do is promote your choice of funnels, its simple. But the key to this all is being able to connect with others. When you connect with others as you promote the funnels you will see that you are building a list of subscribers as they come in. This list has incredible value to you because you can continually market to the few that are not really getting invovled, and help them see the real value, thus getting even more referrals than before.

Staying in touch with members and helping them along the way allows you to take full advantage of the Commission Miner Co-Op and two tier Affiliate System. 



commission miner


The $97 dollar CMC Auto-Rotator 

There are three actual programs here to promote and we are not even counting the FREE MONEY System! But you do have to promote CMC! You get these auto payments when you work the program! If this is still available, I would sign up for it. I get $48.50 about twice each month, sometimes 3 of these per month. So 3 is $145.50 for doing nothing!

Even though you will need to pay this up front, Bryan asks for a one time payment of $97 dollars, to get on the automatic Autopilot commissions system. He chose this way to pay us extra as a bonus… Randomly passing his own referral commissions to us on auto-pilot. At 50% profits.

Each time we get one of these automatic referrals we earn $48.50 more dollars. And quickly we have paid for this one time fee and start making money each time the auto system comes around and pays out at random.

The autopilot program will not work if you do not sign up for it though. And when signing up you only have the one chance to do get it. Very important that you set this up because it continually pays out as long as members are signing up under Bryan. If you do not sign up for it, you loose out on any FREE money. I have already received 5 of these type payments in less than a week. I joined them just to get these auto payments of $48.50. Find out how to get this kind of cash for free! Commission Miner Co-Op Auto Rotator!


More on Commission Miner Co-Op Costs

Commission Miner has a regular price of a $29 dollar monthly recurring fee to be a member. It is definitely worth it to get all the training and be able to use an affiliate type system. You will not have to pay any money at all for 30 days though, when signing up, other than the $97. He gives everyone a 30 day period to actually start seeing the money roll in! But what happens due to the 30 day free period is your commissions you get from your referrals are now delayed 30 days as well.

You can see the money hit the account, but you see a date it will be available. And, it will only be available if your members stay signed up past the 30 days. Seems there is always a catch right? But this does make sense to me. It’s not a bad deal, more members will sign up at first, and you have the ability to see everything first hand without being charged. Also you are able to interact with these members under you to super charge their efforts and the importance of getting their referrals started.


Important Update!

The video below tells you the commissions and payouts have changed. But have no fear, we now get recurring 50% commissions! And after your members first 30 day trial is over, we get instant payouts through PayPal! This is still a very lucrative program to join and at least get the free training of how to promote it. Many programs give you no training or help at all! And this one is hones and does pay us well! This is a update on July 3rd. Several weeks after launch. What happened was Bryan ran into some problems with their payout system, and it got cancelled. When they moved to PayPal, they found out PayPal does not pay out on two tier systems as CMC had in place. Thus the required change. Hope this helps. Rick


Is Commission Miner A Scam? 

Of course not. Commission Miner is no a scam as I am still here! I joined the program of course to do a review for you folks. And I don’t stay once I find they are scams! I even report them! But I’ve found that I am making huge payouts with this program so I’m staying! Take a word of advice here.You can learn marketing as you go because Bryan leaves you this information. If you know nothing about marketing then you will need to learn a little first. Go here to Wealthy Affiliate and join for free.

The Commission Miner has a new update in fact. As of the end of June. Recently Byran had to change the payout to PayPal. So not a scam, but no longer is it a two tier system. To make up for this we now are getting instant payouts. And the commissions are 50% instead of only $10 dollars each.


Conclusion to Commission Miner Review 

Being a new program on the block it will take a while to generate cash payouts. Yet, as a marketer myself over the last several years, I know these affiliate type systems do very well. You are able to join for 30 days to try it out and see if it is a good fit for you. That means they are not scared to show you how it works. A scam program would take your money first, then screw you out of it.

You should take advantage of this 30 day free trial. This progam being new and all gives you a free look inside. You can always ask for a refund before 30 days if you do not see these $$48.50 commission checks coming in. Now you must work the program and get real leads to take advantage of the free money bonus. You will not get paid this by sitting on your duff! 🙂

All in all I give this program of Bryan’s a five star rating as it is well thought out, has all the loose ends being tied up as it goes along, and even has had problems and is making the adjustments on the fly.. And you can see Bryan himself inside the forum answering questions to all the members there who are already there. You should get in while being able to take advantage of the free 30 day trial. Their website link is here: Free Sign up to Commission Miner Co-Op. 


Here is the link to view the Commission Miner Video

Contact me in comments to get your hands on more ways to earn money. Remember, you can join, check out the program, sign up, and even be a member for 30 days before making a decision to stay and play!

“The CMC Autopilot Income System!”

Listen to the Review which will be posted by Video!

Closing Comments

If you are still reading, I can tell you more about this online program, Commission Miner. This is just one of many programs available to the public to join and earn money with. Although programs like these have been the down fall to many an online marketer or newbie as many of these programs require expert skills in marketing. But here Bryan has training that is easy to follow.

To make money online means learning real skills. It means building your own business and not following everyone else’s suggestions. I learned to promote programs such as this one, by simply doing one thing. Becoming a student at the program called Wealthy Affiliate. Now even though I promote more than one program, I got my extensive training at WA.

One recommendation I’ve helped hundreds of people with, happens to be that program. So take this opportunity to learn how to build your own business. Read my #1 Wealthy Affiliate Review and learn your skill to either promote these programs like I do, or create your own business. 

Leave a comment below in regard to Commission Miner and let me know if you have any questions. We are here to help those of you joining the online revolution and the comments you leave help us to help others. 

To Your Online Success!

71 Responses

  1. Jimmy

    Do you get also commissions for the rotator if your affiliates buy it and can you promote it too without buying it? Is it a recurring payment?

    • Rick

      You can promote CMC without buying the rotator special set up. And yes you get recurring payments from anyone who joins under your link.

  2. Jimmy

    Hi Rick,
    I’d really like to enroll but i have such a very limited budget for the rotator, i don’t think i can afford. Do you think it’s better for me to wait to have the budget to take it too or quickly enroll without it, nevertheless? I’m so low about money that is a real problem for me that stucks me all the time about making money online. Could you show us how much money you can make in a month without the rotator to know if it makes a huge difference helping me make up my mind and what result you can exactly achieve without it? What is your conversion rate from affiliates who buy it from those who don’t and what percentage do you have from people who sign up only for first free month and those who upgrade for a second month, third month etc…? I just can’t believe this can make you money without doing nothing as i regret you can’t neither decide later to jump in once you already made some standard commissions. Will i have to choose between my meal and this investment, or maybe selling my TV to get my meal? Marketing is stressing because you know the more you wait, the more you let money on the table. But most of programs are scams like empowernetwork or MTTB and they make people very suspicious, frustrated and anxious to make money online once they stole all your hopes and money. Hopefully, i’m not in that case but i lost also a few money with that kind of program i guess like everybody who try to make money online. I just would like and need so much to make a few more money as i will feel more comfortable in my life and being able to grow and promote other products, setting ppc campaigns from what i already learned online, etc…

    • Rick

      Jimmy. You need to learn that most people here online cannot make money because they are not willing to learn about marketing and exactly how to do it effectively. I took a course, than another, then another.and so on. I spent thousands to get where I am today. So what I’ve used to make money, like cmc, wa, solo ads, and other affiliate programs, was what I learned. And you can do this yourself if you will just stop long enough to understand that you may have had poor results because of your ability of your knowledge and skills. I’m here to help you, but I cannot tell you which program to work. First you need to know what you are doing and how to market successfully. I would sugget going to WA and learning all you can there before even trying to promote anything. The reason why as you say that nothing works, is that you have not learned to work it correctly in the first place. Not to be mean, but it is true. If you are not successful promoting something, than normally it is because you are not doing it correctly. Okay? Contact me at and I will help you with moving forward so you can make some money.

      Rick Bell

  3. Rick


    If you or anyone else joins this program I can help you guys make money at it. You see, once you know marketing skills you can make money doing just about anything online. Up to you how hard you work.
    Commission Miner. You can join at the link here and it’s free for the first month so you can get inside and check it out. If you don’t like it, just cancel.
    I look forward to seeing you there.

  4. Sharan

    Hi Rick,

    I read all the review by members here and also watched Bryan’s video. I have been trying several programs but not made a single dime and almost thinking of quitting.

    Every day my email inbox is bombarded with ‘Shiny Objects’ that promise to make millionaire in no time but not to be seen once paid.

    Please let me know your honest review about CMC and can i expect to make a decent $80-$100 a day? If i can start making $3000 a month within 35-40 days i would definitely be interested. I have not signed up yet. If you can help me i will join

    BTW i am moderately knowledgeable of how internet marketing works

    Waiting for your reply

    • Rick

      Making money online requires us to be knowledgeable in marketing and online sales. If you are not very good at this you will fail to make money anywhere.

      I suggest you learn marketing where I did, Wealthy Affiliate. Then you can earn $3000 to $10,000 per month with out a problem. Firs thing though is you cannot promote someone else and expect to make what they make.
      You must have your own programs and products to do this.
      Join me at Wealthy Affiliate and I will help you make money here online. Wealthy Affiliate


      I make only 1000 per month from CMC. But I make another $1000 from WA, then another $500 from MEM, then another $1500 from NSM, I also earn money helping others learn what I know..$2000 per month. If you are wanting to follow in my footsteps you will need to create several marketing streams of income. You will never be able to make a ton of money just doing one thing unless you learn to do that first.

  5. robert


    Great review and this is a really interesting program. Are you still using it and finding it to be successful?

    One more question. The auto rotator is confusing to me. So once you pay the $97 for it, do you automatically start getting paid for it? Or is there more you have to do to get it? And how often do they pay you on that?


    • Rick

      Hi Robert,
      Yes, been doing quit well. Even though I’ve been busy of late and do not promote many programs any longer, I have stayed with CMC and it has proven to be one of the best money makers so far. It must be the theme or the gold digger images! Something about it makes it easy to promote. Maybe it is just Bryan and how completely friendly and pretty much down to earn he is. I’ve talked to him in person and emails many times now. I’ve earned over 35 of those auto commissions. Which pays $48.50.

      Now the way we get them is the people that sign up to Bryans course through him and his advertising, he pays us on rotations, these very commissions he gets himself. So half the money coming in. We are in a rotation, so as long as we work the program and we get sales, we are in line for this rotator coming around that pays each of us one of these commisson before going to the next in line. They slow down over time, or depending on how many people join. But, they keep coming in. Now I don’t get one very often now like I did at start up, to be honest, but I got one last week.

      Do you know how to market programs.>> or products, or yourself? The key to anything online is being able to promote! Or advertise. If you can reach people with this, CMC then you can make money like I do.

      You can contact me personally at if you need anything else.

  6. Matt

    Hi Rick,

    I read your review on the Commission Miner and I like what I see. Think I will test the program for the 30 days and see for myself what it is like.

    What is you signup link?



    • Rick

      You can do that. Not only can you get the first 30 days free. You can get a refund on day 60 if you have not had any success! Bryan has been really a great guy to talk with. He has helped many members out through emails, and the forum. He has given anyone their money back that has problems working the program.

      I would definitely join. I have sales coming in every day for $14.50 now, from members signing up in June and July. It is awesome. But then I know what I’m doing and usually get far more sales than most do.

      However, if you join, I will do what I can to get you on the track to getting sales as well. The sign up link is:


  7. Myo

    Hey Rick! Thank you so much for bringing a legit program like this and a honest review on it.
    Great News for you and me!! I just signed up under your link and also upgrade to $97 Traffic Rotator.
    Please allow me to ask you any other questions when I need help and share me other programs that are legit. I’m happy to sign up under your link.

    P.S . Bad news is I decided not to join MEM(another program) as it accepts only Credit Cards.

    Thanks again!

    • Rick

      Awesome of course! Anytime you have any questions you can reach me at I have lots of members in our circle now but not many that ask questions or have any. I guess they are doing okay with the program. I have commissions coming in almost every day now that I made it past the 30 day trial, and then the 30 day refund area.

      Anyway, let me know how you do from time to time.


  8. Tony Omary

    Hi Rick,

    I just received your email and therefore wanted to see your review. Commission minner seems like a good program that I should consider in my list of programs. I tottally agree with you that one program will not make you rich.

    I look forward to receiving more tips from you and work with you as well. Wth the training that I received at WA, I believe it will be easier for me to earn money like you.

    The Sky is the limit

    • Rick

      We only have to believe in ourselves and what we want. Everything happens automatically after that! 🙂 CMC is a great program for newbies and I even show them what I’m doing and how much I make each month. Basically I promote on auto pilot so I don’t do much, and the members join. I then help them to make their own efforts automatic and freeing up their time, they can now work some of my other programs.

      The key to online money is not working just one angle. It is having muiltiple streams of income! I teach this and use to charge $800 dollars for the first five programs. I now do it for free as I am making more than enough for myself here at home.


      ps. Join CMC and if you are under me I will show you the system I use. Commission Miner Co-op

  9. Jessica

    Hi Rick,
    It is quite perfect that I should stumble onto this review as I received a spam email from someone from Commission Miner trying to get me to join. I didn’t join and I am still on the fence if I should. I have joined several companies in the past that have told me to pay into the system, promote it, and we all make money. So I go out and promote and never get a single referral. So then I end up spending more money on fees than I am making in returns even through I try hard to get the word the best way I know how, other programs and mailers.
    I am actually part of WA and I am feverishly building my website there. I love that program because I feel like I am in control more with my own website than I am relying on someone else promising me I will make money by joining them. While I am intrigued by your love of this program, and I have been following your blogs and respect your work, I still don’t think being a part of Commission Miner would be good for me considering the difficulties I have had in getting referrals. Knowing your time is very valuable, I was wondering if you do take out the time to show people the tools they need to get referrals to programs such as this one?
    Thanks for the great posts!

    • Rick

      Many people fail to make money online because they failed to learn what it takes to market. You have to have a skill first. Those of you wanting to make money even at a real job would first have to know how to do the work! If you did not you would not make money. Same here online.

      One thing is I do not have time to help everyone. Only members of mine. I am not seeing where you signed up for any of the programs under me. So if you show me where, and if you indeed are under one of my programs I will not hesitate to help you.

      Like I said, CMC, MEM and other programs I promote do make money for me and I help those that join, make money as well. You are in the right place. WA. You will learn what you need to know. Do not join any other programs until you learn a skill and learn to give value to others. CMC works for everyone as they show you how to market this program. Probably the programs you joined before were the wrong ones and did not offer you help like CMC and my free mentorship!


  10. Jayanti

    Hi !
    I just signed up following your link and upgraded my account by paying $97 . Please suggest me how to proceed.

    • Rick

      Hi Jayanti,

      Congrats! You are now ready to start making money online!

      Here is what you need to do first. Go through the videos and listen carefully. Even download them to pdf and read them if you are not positive you understand them and what Bryan is saying. Then you will be shown the instructions to set up your first funnel affiliate link. This link you will begin to promote the Commission Miner affiliate program itself. Earning $15 commissions and these are recurring as long as your sign up stays each month.

      Learn this system well and go in to back office under their training and read again, all the information and strategies to promote the program with. A great program and easy to promote as they have their own training for us!

      Once you get your link and are set to promote. Choose a way you want to advertise this link. Then just keep going. Don’t get in a hurry, as you are not behind. This is not a competition, it is you learning internet marketing and you go at your own pace, time permitting.

      Congrats! I send out a group email with information on how I work the program each week, and how much I’m making. You can do as I do, so just follow me.


  11. Maria Zamora

    Hi Rick, i just signed up for this program. I cannot access the forum.

    • Rick

      If you just signed you may have to have an affiliate link first. Follow the instructions and set up your link before anything. If you are having problems after that I will show you a short video in case you are not seeing something.


      This program has tons of information to have to read and listen to, so you will understand it. I had to go through it 3 times as Byran confuses many with funnels being websites, and calling websites funnels. etc. So spend a few days until you learn it by heart! Then contact me personally here at Make sure you area member of mine though as I do not have time to help everyone in this one program. I run six programs which create my online wealthy from home. This is the main one where I earn thosuands from each month. Wealthy Affiliate; read the review

  12. lamar

    Hi Rick
    In Bryan Winters video he shows an award that he received from Click Bank for being one of the top people in their program. In the CMC program does he show how to do Click Bank? He talks about his secrets about making money on line, and if I understand what CMC does is show these secrets. Is this right? Thinking about signing up under you cause I’m a newbie and it looks like you can give me a lot of help. LaMar

    • Rick

      You are right. CMC has all kinds of free training in the back office to help the memebers learn to promote this program, and any other really. And yes, those that join under me have my help. Many lack the skills to promote programs online so I help them learn what I’ve learned.

      Join the program, and go through the instructions. Listen to videos and even read everything there several times. It is a little complex as you dig deeper of course, as starting out we really only need to promote the inhouse CMC affiliate funnel. Later as we get to earning money we can do paid advertising and even join more funnels to expand our business.

      If you have any questions you can contact me here or my personal email address.

      I learned all my marketing skills before ever making money with programs. I also spent years here trying to earn money and failed. Until I learn that we need marketing skills. So I stumbled onto the very training I needed for this at Wealthy Affiliate. You can read the review here: #1 Recommended Wealthy Affiliate University

  13. Sam

    Rick, did the 20 hits (sales) come from the ATR or people signing up under you purchasing the ATR? I purchased the ATR back on June 22 and according to my stats I’ve had 38 clicks and 0 sales to date. How are you getting so much more clicks and sales? I understand you probably purchased it a few days before I did but I don’t understand the discrepancy if it’s on a rotation. I asked this question on the CMC Forum and Bryan responded by saying that Members (specifically you) are getting sales on the ATR because they are promoting it. Here is his response:

    Hi Jorje!

    The ATR upgrade provides extra clicks and traffic, and you also get an extra “Secret Bonus Funnel”
    in the package… Rick and other members who are making lots of referrals are sending other traffic
    through their Commission Miner Funnels (i.e., they’re actively promoting their funnels) through other
    sources such as through solo ads, banner ads, review videos, etc (all the methods we recommend). When
    you see those ATR sales, that just means that people *bought* the ATR (our upgrade package). That doesn’t
    mean that the ATR itself *produced* those sales. The ATR is one of our products along with the main
    membership (our main product). To start making sales you want to start promoting your various funnels
    (like Rick and others are doing very successfully).

    But the ATR does produce results… Leads and potential sales. Just the other day, one of our members,
    Don, made a sale on total autopilot as a result of being in our traffic rotation (ATR). But most sales are
    going to come by actively promoting your funnels and putting in an effort in that regard, which can then
    grow into an autopilot income through sub affiliates and through monthly rebills. There is literally no such
    thing as a program that just pays you money from start to finish on complete autopilot. You do have to work,
    no matter what. But it can pay off BIG in the long run with residual income, sub affiliates making sales FOR
    you (via our Free Offer Income Funnels and Paid Offer Income Funnels), etc.

    • Rick

      Wow, I wasn’t even sure how that auto rotater did work. Thank you for sharing this explanation. I will be able to send this to my affiliates!

      Okay. Yes the sales came to me through this auto rotater, which I thought it revovled around everyone inside the program, regardless of how active they were. But I see now that it makes more sense what Byran said. Why would he pay someone hundreds of dollars for doing nothing! I did not know it was dependent on actually getting clicks for sign ups. It appears you need more traffic to get these sales to come in like I do. And I’m not even sure that these Auto Rotater sales are even final, or if the person is able to cancel and get their $97 back before 30 days. Remember, this is a new program and I don’t normally promote until I get paid myself, but something about Bryan came across as legit and honest. Also I am still learning about this program as I have 6 others I earn money from and work here online.

      Now I’ve been online for only a few years and have a great sense of what programs are working and the ones I see that don’t. So I promote the ones that do work, as I research them completely before I promote, and I help anyone under me learn to promote them just like I do. The science of doing what I do is merely to learn how to market online. It is only a skill. And I learned this skill in about 60 days from a program called Wealthy Affilate. There I learned every marketing tactic I use today, and before I learned these few skills I actually failed at making money online no matter how many progams I joined!

      Thank you for this message. I will share it with ohters so they too understand what is going on with it. Also, if you are failing to get traffic, contact me at and I will show you what I do. The things I set into place for promoting are set, and I no longer have to work to promote the program. That is the key to earning online through dozens of separate incomes streams. Do the work once, and your done.

      Hope this has helped.


      • Rick

        I get the sales of the auto rotater from members sign ups, yet they are created, I guess from me getting more leads than most. The more work I put in, or more leads I get, the more opportunity I have to getting these autorotater sales coming in. I can show anyone what I do to get these leads. Just let me know you are wanting to learn.


  14. Morgan

    Hi Rick ,

    I just signed up and having trouble getting a zaxaa account when i try to create new account it says i have one but don’t ,then I try forgot password and it says wrong security code and im typing the right one ! Please help !!

    • Rick

      Okay you will need to do what I did, contact support there. It is very important to do this. Don’t be frustrated! It will get worked out. They have some trouble of late because the influx of new sign ups going in. Here is their support url. Contact them and tell them the trouble. Zaxxa Support: submit your request here. Give them a day or two to get back with you. Let me know if you have any questions.
      In the mean time go through the CMC and learn what you can there. Also listen to this video as things have changed. Not bad things, just the way we earn there now. It is just as good. So lets go make some money. Remember, knowledge will create success! new update:

      Hope this helps.


  15. rahaj

    has the autorotator still at its paste? or has it got slower because more members are coming by?

    • Rick

      The auto rotater will slow as more members sign up each week. Pretty soon it will only come around once per week, then maybe once per month. But it will continue to come around forever, as long as new members sign up.
      I’ve had it hit 20 times already in less than two weeks!

      Hope this helps.


  16. Michael

    Hey rick. do you mind showing us your current stats from the autorotator? Thank you!

    • Rick

      Here is the link, I added the commission stat sheet from Zaxxa about half way down inside the review…
      If all the members stay and continue these commissions will pay out over the end of July and August. About $1,400.00 dollars. Come on guys this will be each of us making this. Just keep promoting CMC. If you need help contact me at my personal email address

      Let me know if you find the stats inside using this link! Or just sign up and be a member on our team! I help those under me as I have 3 years of experience here online using various strategies to help others. Join Commission Miner



  17. danny

    I just signed up for the 30 day trial. But I don’t know how to log in. Zaxaa only sent me the receipt through my email but I don’t know how to sign up through commission minor. Will you please guide me?

    • Rick

      Okay do me this one favor and go back to start of program and read and listen to all videos. It asks that you click on a link to go to Zaxxa, then it will create an account with them. You will then take your link from there to post it back inside the menu of which you are at. Do this and if you are still having problems contact me at I will walk you through it on a video.


  18. Pedro

    Hi Rick,
    I do not have a website (i think i signed for one on iPage, bur have no idea what’s happening with it).
    Do I need one to be part of the progrmme.
    Also, I have never done something like this and live in New Zealand.
    I apologize for putting the negatives first.
    I am cintacting you because I enjoyed your review.

    • Rick

      Hey Pedro,

      What program are you looking to join and make money at? Commission Miner, right? No you don’t need a website. I can show you a few ways I use.

      contact me at and I will help you. Just remind me if you joined or are fixing to join CMC? Okay?


  19. Rachel

    Hi Rick…read your review and wow! I can sense your sincerity…

    I’ve just signed up for and would gladly appreciate your guidance in this area pls. I’m really new to this system and I have been very very cautious with where I put my hard earned money…Really looking forward to quit my tough job ….

    pls help…

    • Rick

      Great to have your interest. Remember, quick success here online is not as they say. Many scammers over advertise and promise you the world, when in reality internet marketing of any type is a long race. We must have a passion for this and be able to devote time to promoting our products each day or we will fail. Many give up way too soon and have learned to criticize the internet and everyone in it because of their dissatisfaction they’ve encountered in their short experience.

      Contact me at my personal email address so I can give you advise on earning money with CMC. One great thing you have done so far is join a program where you can make automatic rotater payments of $48.50 randomly as they come in amongst the members! I’ve received over 15 of these in the first two weeks of joining the program and continue to get several each week still! It is FREE money and that is what many are looking for. But, you will want to spread your wings and learn to fly as well, by promoting the first funnel inside as Commission Miner Co-Op. The more we get the word out the more we earn, and the more we earn later from our efforts which again becomes FREE income coming in from our affiliates, affiliate members!

      Welcome and Congrats on Joining such a lucrative program!


  20. John

    Hi Rick, how is it going with CMC? I am thinking joining after the first of July. Keep me informed if this thing really works

    • Rick

      Thank you John.

      It appears they recently went ahead and allowed new members to join for 30 day free trial and start promoting for free! So you can sign up and pay later. The deal is, you will get paid but 30 days later as well. But here is the cool thing John. The members can sign up and see if it is right for them, and then if for some reason it’s not, they can cancel before 30 days and the program never cost them a dime!

      One thing that is also cool is at first you had to pay $97 dollars to take advantage of the auto rotator where you get free commissions paid to you when you join. You do not even have to pay for that right away! You can join fr free, and when you see you are making money, you can join the rotator at any time later! Fantastic news!

      Yes the program is paying as I will gladly send you my financial stats for the last ten days so you can see how much I’ve made from this one program. Remember John, I do not recommend programs I am not a part of and already making money. So I recommend joining and getting the word out as soon as possible. You will make hundreds of dollars here before you ever have to pay a single dime!

      You can go here to join and get started. Commission Miner Auto Pilot Income Opportunity!

      Thanks for the comment and look forward to seeing you in our group of affiliates! You can reach me at my personal email:


  21. Mahinthan

    Hi Rick,
    Did they change their affiliate program? I received an email saying that “you will get 50% commission from your referral”. Do you have any idea?

    • Rick

      I am unaware of this but if you would be so kind to leave a screen shot or tell me where you see this at. They did recently raise the auto rotater commission from $38.50 to $48.50 several days ago. Now that is cool! I have 15 of these commissions already in less than ten days! Anyone joining CMC needs to opt in for this if they can. If not, you can do it later now, but the sooner, the more free money you will make!

      Sign up here at Commission Miner and I will show you 3 years of my own strategies I use to promote affiliate programs and earn a full time income from home.

      Thanks for the heads up Mahinthan!


        • Rick

          Thank you so much. I was a little slow in this as I didn’t even hear about it. It was mentioned in the forum and it was weeks before I got over there and read this. Thanks for posting this video. It will obviously help explain what is going on now.


  22. Napoleon

    Hi Rick,

    I just signed up under you and paid $97. Hope you will guide me along every step as I am very newbie in this industry.

    • Rick

      Yes, I sent you an email. I wanted to list it here with your permission to help anyone coming into the program. To show them that this is similar to a real business. Meaning it is not fast money that just comes in by the truck load. Promoting programs take time and effort. It should be something you enjoy doing as well. I am here to help and give suggestions and advice to all who join. I also show my finacial stats as a way to help you understand how much you will be making here.

      CMC is a way to make good money by doing very little work. However, if you have never promoted a program before you may want to learn this skill first. I learned myself at Wealthy Affiliate. So you can read the review here and see if you want to join for free and learn the very skills I use to make my living from home. As I said before, I am here to help each of you succeed!

      Congrats Napoleon. You have taken the first step to create an abundance of wealth!


    • Rick

      Okay I sent you an email. Anyone wanting to join My Email Mentor you can do it now because they have paid the ones who were getting to cash out on the 25th!

  23. Mish

    Hi Rick! I just signed up under you. Please help me! I even did the $97 upgrade. Here’s to praying I made the right decision! Thanks for all you do!

    • Rick

      You’ve made the right choice. I’m helping all my affiliate members generate leads and get referrals starting the first of the money. I will have a video and instructions to help. In the mean time learn everything you can from the back office there and contact me at for any questions there you run into. Okay? So contact me and tell me what day you joined so I can look you up. I’ve got about a hundred sign ups already so I really excited to help those that have paid and are under me. So lets do this!

      To Your Success Online with Commission Miner Co-Op!

  24. Jerry

    Greetings Rick! Actually, The program that I am excited about is “commission miner” I really enjoyed your review on that & that’s the program I’ve been doing due diligence on so that’s the one that I would like to work with you on. thanks Rick, appreciate your help!

    • Rick

      Jerry, if you join Commission Miner make sure you pay the one time upsell within it to get the auto rotator earning you $32 dollar commissions. If you don’t have that though, just join for the 30 day free trial. I will show you how to promote it and you will start earning in 30 days, instant commission which will come in. They just changed their pay out to PayPal instant! Which means after the trial, you will receive hundreds of $10 dollar commissions from your referrals! And also their referrals will pay you $10 dollars as well. The key to this program is it pays recurring commissions each month! That is how you generate income here online. Get commissions that keep coming in every month even after the work is done.
      Join here for free 30 day trial and be an affiliate of mine. I will show you all. Commission Miner Co-Op Autopilot!


      ps: make sure you contact me and tell me you joined, so I wont get you lost in my other referrals! I am only helping a select few as I don’t have time to help everyone!

  25. Jerry

    Thanks for your time Rick! Its so soothing to hear something good about one of these businesses & get actual comments from someone that has actually used it,..& is using it. I’m looking forward to getting help from you & learning from you as well! I am ready to put in work Rick! Are all these links on this page links to sign up under you? Thanks Again!

    • Rick

      Thanks Jerry.

      The real way to earn online is to get started learning a skill, finding what you are passionate about, and locating a good niche to work within. That said, you can register for free at WA, but first read my review on the program to get an idea of what it is. And to see if it may be a good fit for you. Wealthy Affiliate my #1 review recommedation!

  26. Leo Emery

    Hey Rick,

    Two tiered programs are fantastic, if you can find a good one. Plenty of not so good ones out there. But it definitely sounds like Brain has all the bases covered in his program and then some.

    I also like the fact that he lets you try it for 30 days. Great marketing strategy since his program is so new. Plus that’s plenty of time to know if things are working out and the potential of the program.

    I guess like any program you’re going to get out of it what you put into it. And that’s to do what’s needed to drive traffic to these funnels.

    Quick question are these squeeze pages provided by CMC auto-generated page templates?

    Great post, keep them coming.


    • Rick

      Hey Leo,

      Great comment. Yes two tiered programs have always made me more money and when I found Commission Miner I had to sign up and see what Bryan Winters was talking about in his two tier system here. Glad I did, I now have 17 members in less than a week and that means $170 I’ve earned, plus the two tier system will allow us to make another ten dollars from their memeber sign ups they get. Wow! Unbelievable to have others making us money here today! I love it, and it is why I’m asking many to join Commission Miner by taking advantage of the 30 day trial. Easy to get in and start getting referral money right away.

      You know I sign up for dozens of programs to help people find the right ones that are a good fit for what they want to do, and also they have to prove to me first they make money before even promoting them. I’m not the guy that promotes all these programs even when I do not sign up for them. When I see a scam program I have usually joined it to write about it and research it, but I don’t offer it as a recommended program, and normally I tell everyone to stay away.


      Members that join under me at Commission Miner get my help for free going forward and I teach them the best ways to promote the program to make as much money as they can. Hopefully and be able to quit their day jobs! 🙂 Oh, here is the YouTube Video on Commission Miner I did.

  27. John

    Hello Rick, this seems to be a pretty good program and I am contemplating joining in. There are a couple of things I don’t quite understand. Will send you an email with some questions.

    • Rick

      Yes it is a new program and I’ve already seen almost $400 dollars added to my account in less than a week! Awesome money coming in, but it is because it is new and everything is happening fast. If you will join under me I will help you with making referrals and earning as much as I myself.You have to sign under me though and be part of my affiliate team. Remember John, I have 3 years experience promoting programs online!
      Commission Miner AutoPilot Program!

  28. Shawn

    Hi, Rick!

    This sounds interesting and I will be checking it out further.
    It is on my pending list for the week.
    Keep up the great reviews, I can always trust your opinions!


    • Rick

      Yep, I did a video on the program as well, and can see dozens of people now promoting this. It is new, it is interesting,and it is super easy to learn to do this and earn money. I’m already at $400 dollars this week!

      And I haven’t been working that hard to promote it. Sent out a hundred emails about it, and told my friends! Oh if you haven’t checked out the video give it a listen here:


  29. Sam

    I didn’t purchase the $97 option when I signed up. Is there a way to purchase it now?

    • Rick

      No it is a one time added bonus actually. You don’t need it, but if you wanted to reset, you would have to cancel and then sign up under me with a different email address. I’ve had two members do that already to get into our affiliate group, and to get the autorotator working for them. I help them promote the program too by showing them what I’m doing.

      You can do quite well with just being inside and getting referrals, but I will only be able to help and spend time with the members under me. Even these I sometimes end up working weekends to help get going.

      Hope this helps.


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