I’ve become a believer in Bryan Winters, who belongs to the 1% that make millions, the reason is an open secret. According to Bryan, the other 99% failing because “they are doing what SEEMS to make sense, on the surface, while they are actually missing the underlying key how millions really are made online“.

Bryan is willing to share the ‘secret‘ with people ready to make real money and join him in his new venture Commission Miner. The program launched June 15, 2015 and I signed up in order to find out his strategies to make real money online. And this is the subject of my Commission Miner Review today.


Commission Miner Review – The Million Dollar Secret!



commission miner review



We are seeing commissions coming in every day now! These are from both the auto rotater and Membership.


What is Commission Minor’s Million Dollar Secret?

Before going into the details of the program, let me relay how Bryan explains the ultimate secret to success:

The Focal Point of the Marketing Strategy the so called gurus put most of their energy into.

He goes on to say that the common mistake most people make is “promoting a product”, simply following mainstream affiliate marketing techniques. He is not saying you should stop promoting products altogether, rather shifting your focus from 

Promoting Affiliate Products to Promoting Affiliate Income Opportunities

Think about this for a moment. Bryan’s philosophy is simple, but extremely powerful. Instead of exhausting your energy and effort in promoting products, shift your energy and effort to “building your own sales force of affiliates“.

But Bryan does not stop here. The obvious problem is that most affiliates you recruit into your team do not have products that convert. The profound solution is to ………….

Promote A Two Tier Affiliate Program!

What’s the difference, you may ask. Well, if you sell a product in a one tier affiliate program, you receive a commission for the sale and you are done. However, in a two-tier program, your new customer also becomes your affiliate. He goes about his business as usual, but now is also promoting your product. If he makes a sale, he receives his commission and YOU also get a commission check.

And this is the secret Bryan explains inside the program. It opened my eyes to how this system is going tocrush most of the others, by multiplying your free money coming in.You can check them out here: Commission Miner Co-Op which is FREE for 30 days



Commission Miner Co-Op

The Co-Op teaches you how to build a team of affiliates who join under you and help you promote products and programs inside Commision Miner and also even out-of-house products and services as well. Bryan provides all the tools you need to get started, which include squeeze pages, email templates for follow-up messages and even GVO which is a way to track affiliates coming into the program and lots more.

On top of that, as a member of Commission Miner, you will get instant access to the Exclusive Traffic Membership Portal. Here, you will discover how to drive quality traffic from both free and paid traffic sources.

Some traffic generation strategies include:

1. YouTube Marketing
2. Forum Posting
3. Solo Ads
4. Ad Swaps
5. Media Buying
6. Strategic Sniper Sites

In addition you will learn how to train and motivate your affiliates. Bryan has put together a series of 3 rather lengthy videos in which he explains the all important funnels (aka websites). I will provide you with a link to the videos at the end of this article. But you may need to sign up to look at them when inside the program itself, as they are set for private viewing.


is commission miner a scam?


Commission Miner Funnels Aka Type 1 Funnels

Commission Miner Funnels are accessed through the CMC Funnel Page. You will see them on the left inside which basically is a hub of various funnels. The Funnels (aka websites) are there to earn you unlimited $10 commissions on two levels.

As you refer people through these funnels you help members get their own referrals, and you earn money from these as well, making another $10 dollar commission. You are helping your affiliates do the same thing of promoting the inhouse two tier affiliate program.

You will find most online programs have some type of affiliate program. CMC does as well. Bryan has added a two tier commission system which makes it worthy of wanting to get started right away promoting the first funnel.

Once you have others joining they will get the same type of training you do and thus understand how the system works and start promoting this in-house referral program, also. The in-house affiliate program is the main model for the Commission Miner Autopilot Program. So learn what you can here and get to promoting the CMC.(Commision Miner Co-Op) aka CMC.


CMC Free Offer Income Funnels Aka Type 2 Funnels 

Type 2 Funnels (aka websites) will allow you to do the same as Funnel 1. Promote more products! So the same objective as the first. Except the funnles are for outside products. You can advertise these as well and even if you do not get a sale, you tag your traffic with your affiliate link to join the Commission Miner program as in Funnel 1.The Funnel 2 products are all free to promote.


CMC Paid Offer Income Funnels Aka Type 3 Funnels

The third opportunity or Funnel 3, is participating in other outside programs of hand selected offers which Bryan belongs to himself. Now you will have to invest in these as to promote them you will need to buy into them and become memebers of these. You will earn even more money by taking part of your profits ever so often and joining one to promote.

The potential is unlimited here. Once you are bringing in residual income you can easily invest money into making more money, increasing your over all gross earnings as you go along. These are simply available if you are after more money.

All you do is promote your choice of funnels, its simple. But the key to this all is being able to connect with others. When you connect with others as you promote the funnels you will see that you are building a list of subscribers as they come in. This list has incredible value to you because you can continually market to the few that are not really getting invovled, and help them see the real value, thus getting even more referrals than before.

Staying in touch with members and helping them along the way allows you to take full advantage of the Commission Miner Co-Op and two tier Affiliate System. 



commission miner

The $97 dollar CMC Auto-Rotator 

There are 3 programs here with the bonus funnel 1, which is the free inhouse affiliate program.

Even though you will need to pay the upsell Bryan asks for here of $97 dollars, it is a small price to pay considering you will be getting automatic Commision Miner Autopilot commissions from this system. He chose this way to pay us extra as a bonus… Rotating and passing his own referral commissions to us on auto-pilot. I’ve earned over 30 of these in 30 days at $48.50 each.

Each time we get one of these automatic referrals we earn $48.50, or half the commission in dollars. And quickly we pay for this one time fee and start making money each time the auto system comes around and pays out, one member at a time, in a big circle.

The autopilot program will not work if you do not sign up for it though, and promote CMC. You can even sign up now and get this later when you have made the money for it. Very important that you set this up because it continually pays out as long as members are signing up under Bryan. If you do not sign up for it, you loose out on any FREE money. I have already received 5 of these type payments in less than a week. I joined them just to get these auto payments of $45.50. Find out how to get this kind of cash for free! Commission Miner Co-Op Auto Rotator!


More on Commission Miner Co-Op Costs

Commission Miner has a regular price of a $29 dollar monthly recurring fee to be a member. It is definitely worth it to get all the training and be able to use an affiliate type system. You will not have to pay any money at all for 30 days though, when signing up, other than the $97. He gives everyone a 30 day period to actually start seeing the money roll in! But what happens due to the 30 day free period, is your commissions you get from your referrals are now delayed 30 days as well.

You can see the money hit your new Zaxxa account and you see a date the funds will be available. But, it will only be available if your members stay signed up past the 30 days. Seems there is always a catch right? But this does make sense to me. It’s not a bad deal, more members will sign up at first, and they have the ability to see everything first hand without being charged. Also you are able to interact with these members under you to super charge their efforts and the importance of getting their referrals started.


There are many ways to earn money depending on which ones you feel comfortable with.

commission miner review
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Is Commission Miner A Scam? 

Of course not. Many people who join programs just don’t have the skill to work them. It is an ongoing problem. The solution? Join under someone who can help you. That said, there is plenty of free training inside, yet many need a hands on experience like real mentorship. I do help my members promote all my 8 programs.

Bryan shows us how to do exactly what he has been doing for years! Sure, he will make millions himself here, as long as we are making money, but by partnering with him and doing what he does we will grow our subscriber list and be able to get more and more referrals just like he explains. As a group we acheive massive results where as we alone normally can do very little. 

The Commision Miner is a program I now promote and which I have proven to work for all who join.


Conclusion – CMC 

This program has been working well since June and will continue to earn many members cash money each day.

You should take advantage of this progam being still new and sign up as well for the one upsell to start the auto rotator free money. You can always ask for a refund before 30 days if you do not see these $15 dollar commission sales coming in, along with the $48.50 rotater commissions.

All in all I give this program of Bryan’s a five start rating as it is well thought out, has all the loose ends tied tightly, and you can see him inside the forum answering questions to all the members there who have already signed up. You should get in while being able to take advantage of the free 30 day trial. Their website link is here: Free Sign up to Commission Miner Co-Op. 


Here is the link to view the Commission Miner Video

Contact me in comments to get your hands on more ways to earn money. Remember, you can join, check out the program, sign up, and even be a member for 30 days before making a decision to stay and play!

“The CMC Autopilot Income System!”


Closing Comments

Update! The CMC is no longer paying out two-tier commmissions. Instead we now get a 50% commission for each new member and also 50% of the rotater commissions. I’ve earned over $2000 dollars in last 45 days.

If you are still reading I can tell you are interested in getting all the correct details about this online program Commission Miner.  

If you join I will be your sponsor and you will learn many of my ways to work this opportunity presented here. I have helped hundreds of online students to build their online business from home.

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Please leave a comment below in regard to Commission Miner and let me know what you think about this review. We are here to help those of you coming into your own here online and the comments you leave help us to help others. Thank you!


To Your Online Success!

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