Contenu Review Plug-In To Plagiarize Or Instant Profits?

My Contenu Reviews explains why such Plug-ins exist and are created. Is Contenu a plagiarism tool of 2019, or a way to make instant profits with your website, blog or social engagement?

The video explains how I feel about such products that come along and side track our new marketers of who many are struggling to earn income.

Rick Bell here once again hoping to help you guys discover why it is unsafe to buy or use the Contenu plug in app. 

Our team normally buys into such products be we have first hand information that these type plug-ins will always cause more harm then good. 

We honestly feel this could be a  software plug-in you should stay far far away from. It is why we did not buy it ourselves. We’re already familiar with the problems this app can cause.

Product Summary:

I will keep this one short. Do not buy this product. It will give you more grief than anything else. Mark Bishop and Venkata Ramana are both tied to this Contenu Content Scraping Program. 


Mark Bishop/VenKata Ramana



What Is Contenu About?

The Contenu Product allows you to able to easily generate content in seconds. And if your a content writer you can then increase your demonizing efforts by way of having increased visitors now coming in to your blog post or website with your money making avenue.

The problem lies in finding you YouTube video within your own niche and keyword search to have anything relevant you can now use on your website.

contenu smart system app

How Contenu Works

CONTENU extracts the language from a YouTube video and turns it into copied text. 

CLICK #1 Open CONTENU and type in your keyword or phrase, or drop in the URL of any YouTube video (suitable for use in any niche).

Click #2 You find a video that is relevant to your own content and you extract the content from the video. 

The extractions takes seconds so within less then a minute or two you will have a draft of the stolen content.

Helen founder

Even though the list below says it is newbie friendly, and no selling or promoting anything. They also say it has over a year of verified results, only I think just one person was using it a year ago. 

It requires no traffic and there is no additional costs other than the upgrades they say will only help your cause. 

The system is evergreen so they say it can work within any niche. Relevancy is the only issue here.

  • 100% Newbie Friendly
  • No Selling or Promotion: 1 Year+ of Verified Results
  • No Traffic Generation Required
  • No Additional Costs
  • Instant Monetized Content Without Writing a Word!
  • Evergreen System… Works In Any Niche
  • 5 – 30 Mins Per Project

Is Contenu A Scam?

So is Contenu a scam? No it is not a scam. But it is hardly a product you will want to be using yourself. 

Okay what happens when everyone gets to doing this. How many copies of the same Youtube content will now become published under how many others. 

You now have an exact copy of someone else’s content on your web-page and then you will see that others have done this so you now have a plagiarized COPY OF A COPY OF A COPY on your web-page!

If you cannot write your own content and be helpful in that and marketing you are not meant to be on the internet.

Being a marketer is about helping others and providing good products that help others. If you are someone creating shiny object type products that are only intended to make you money, then you have failed as an online marketer.

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How Much Does Contenu Cost?

Cortenu cost just $17 dollars. However there are upsells that the founder is trying to unload as well, so as to make even more money.

Then you have review writers promoting this very product who are unloading even more free products called bonuses so you will buy the product under their link. 

Which they make money on as an affiliate. Quit searching for a better way. And quit buying over rated products such as Contenu that can get you into trouble!

Avoid Plagiarism! Read about it here.

What I Liked About The Training

Cortenu is a product with easy to follow training and set up. However, I don’t recommend it. 

It’s a simple to use product that scrapes content off of YouTube videos that have not yet been scripted. 

There is not much training you have to listen to. Just follow the steps and use the content stealing product. If you want to be caught up in black hat tricks and stealing someone else’s valuable content they’ve spent hours creating.

Do you see a problem here with using such a product here on the internet?

contenu extract software

The founders of Contenu say your content will be unique. But not if everyone starts doing this! You will end up having the exact same content as others…Thereby losing any rank with your website you once had.

Warning! Don’t buy this product!

What I Did Not Like About the plug-in Cortenu

If you find a product like Cortenu that gives you instant traffic, beware!

Plagiarism is in full blown fast foward these days with all the internet information exposed to such. Why else would we find these products that copy and paste it instantly…And legally?

I cannot say it is legal. But I can guarantee you it is not something I would ever do or recommend.

If you find a sales page that says you can extract written words from YouTube videos and you can then make that your own original content…You must run! That is illegal to do and it’s called plagiarism.

Why Contenu Is NOT Good Enough

The product can get you in all kinds of trouble. If you are spinning, scraping and trying to copy other content, you have no right to considered an online marketer. 

If you are only here to try and make money, you’ve found the wrong  vocation.

Cortenu review plug in spinner

What works to make money online? Content. But it is content that you have to create naturally. There really isn’t a way to create it other than directly from your mind. 

If you create your own content and it is good, you will benefit from it and enjoy delivering it to your fans. 

Your content builds upon itself in rankings and you will be able to grow your business exponentially. 

The results you get come naturally if you work this organically.

There is no way to cheat this option of writing and ranking with good content. You either do the work or you will be a casualty of Google and Bing. 

Don’t look for shortcuts! Save time. Just go to work!

Will Contenu Help You Make Money?

It is highly possible that some will increase their sales using this product. But for how long and how long their website holds its rank is another issue that we won’t know about until it is too late.

Cortenu is a hacking product that will cause your own site to one day be lowered in it’s ranks. And you may never recover from that action through Google. 

If you want to make a real legit living and help others with finding legit products, you will first have to quit searching for fast fixes and money making short cuts. 

There’re not any!

Contenu review banner

Content is still King. So they say. Yes good content means your niche is going to rank higher as you create more of it. But ranking higher by copying someone else is not the way to be ranked with Google, Bing Or yahoo search engines.

There is no such thing as driving instant organic traffic these days. We do that by writing great content and then protecting it with scripting.

Contenu Bonuses – Not Recommend

The bonuses if you buy Contenu are listed below. These are really called upsells or OTO’s which are delivered to mostly make money for the founder who is selling the product called Contenu.

Upsell #1 Contenu Pro–$37.Upsell #2 Contenu Master–$37Upsell #3 Contenu Guru–$198Upsell #4 Reseller–$67 – $117 or $47-$97

Contenu Software: $17

  • Extracts Unique Content from YouTube videos (Turns spoken word into text based posts)
  • Auto formats post
  • Includes Tags and Images
  • Text spin engine (built in)
  • Re-posts published posts to PayPost (paid content platform) automatically.
  • Monthly quota: Extract upto 10 posts (from videos) per month (No monthly cost / Quota replenished monthly)


  • 370 Daily Blog Trick – Step by Step Training (Backed by 14+ months of verifiable results)
  • PayPosts – Step by step training from PayPost expert Helen Doherty revealing how to make money from day 1 by simply posting content… No selling required (Backed by 1 year + of verifiable results)

Upsell #1 Contenu Pro: $37

  • No Monthly quota, unlimited use of plugin including post formatting and auto re-posting


  • PayPosts – 12 Step-by-step videos (Additional)
  • PayPosts – Case studies
  • PayPosts – Finding Opportunities to Earn Extra from posts
  • Formula #3 – Monetization method #3. CONTENU PRO comes complete with full Supercharged Adsense training consisting of step by step videos detailing every step required. The whole process is 99% passive… Insert Ad code and post content… that’s it.
  • 370 Daily Blog Trick – Video examples & case studiesUpsell #2 Contenu Master: $37
  • Unlimited use (same as OTO1)
  • Schedule Your Content / Post Creation – automate content creation / income generation becomes hands free (Fully Automated),
  • Scheduled posting.
  • Instant traffic through Buffer integration for social media syndication… (Post shared on scheduled publish)
  • Ability to create longer posts by combining multiple videos using Tray Feature
  • Unlimited sites installs: Use MASTER (OTO2) on unlimited sites

Training Additions:

  • 15 MORE Secret Social Media Sites That Pay You to Post
  • Like Facebook (only they pay you to post) ‘Secret Platform’ Intro. This decentralised and community run platform is all set to explode… Helen should know as she’s on the management team!
  • Dtube – Imagine if YouTube paid you to post videos… YouTube don’t do that but Dtube does.

Upsell #3 Contenu GURU: $198

  • Flip Sites for Big Money with plugin attached. Video training shows how to flip sites for 4 or 5 figures. Includes: Listing templates.
  • Plus: Developer / Agency: which allows sites to be sold with plugin installed.
  • Plus: Enables / allows user to build / run / develop adsense sites for customers with plugin installed. 

Training Additions: Contenu Coach

  • Contenu Group coaching.
  • FB group.
  • Additional training videos
  • Interviews
  • Hand holding. 
  • Action plan.
  • Help / advice from Helen regarding all things PayPost and related.
  • Best practices / advice where required/needed.
  • Fortnightly Q&A style webinars & replay after live
  • Plus: help with additional marketing, Blog, 370 Daily Blog Trick and Plugin related help by Mark & Zeeshan

Upsell #4: Contenu-Reseller – $97 – $117

  • Contenu-Reseller 250 – Price Start’s @: $67 – $117
  • Contenu-Reseller 100 – Price Start’s @: $47 – $97

Would I Recommend You Buy Contenu?

Cortenu is not the next best thing in Content Writing. It perhaps is the worst possibly path you could find yourself on. 

It will lead to frustration, problems with ranking, and viewer discord. Is this what you want from your tribe?

You will also find out that all the reviews written and now on video about Cornenu are not using this software but are just trying to make a buck off of you. 

Don’t fall for Contenu. This review is honest, to the point and will tell you to your face to avoid such products in the future! 

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Hi, I am Rick! I am the creator of Down Hill Money. Thanks for taking the time to read this review.

Check out my #1 Recommended product which will teach you how to build an honest online business, CLICK HERE

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