Covert Commissions – The Ultimate Top Secret Scam?


It’s a damn shame how people get ripped-off with so-called ‘made for you’ products promising to make a lot of money online without having to work for it.

Sales pitches like……………

“FINALLY! An Uncomplicated Affiliate Marketing System That Coughs Up Cash Like An Asthmatic Bank Teller In A Forest Fire!”


“Instantly Deploy This Extremely Powerful Weapons System To Break Open The Bank Vault & Sneak Away With A Massive Heist Of Unlimited Evergreen Affiliate Commissions On Complete Auto Pilot!”

give me the jeevies and trigger alarm bells to go off like nuts.

These are actually the sales pitches used for the program I am writing about today, and the creators want to send you on a “Mission Impossible”. You can do this the hard way or the fast and easy way…read about my number one rated program that dispatches the real DEAL for earning money online….Wealthy Affiliate!




What is Covert Commissions?

Covert Commissions is the latest brainchild of Soren Jordansen, Cindy Battye, John Merrick from IM Wealth Builders Ltd., notorious for product launches like “Covert Store Builder”, “Covert Social Press”, “Covert Viral Wizard”, “Covert Video Press”, “Covert Shirt Store”, and others)

It is a “Done For You Sales Funnel” service that, supposedly, ‘makes affiliate marketing easy” and will make you $1000 per week.

They provide you with everything from Lead Capture Pages to Autoresponder Mailing Sequences, email capture, follow-up sales pitches, and sales pages to product purchase.

They claim you don’t need to know anything about:

  • How to build a mailing list
  • How to build a website
  • How to find good products to sell

Sounds great, doesn’t it? All you have to do is send people to a squeeze page giving away a free report to pre-sell the main offer. The rest of the optimized funnel is automatically done for you.

The following takes place after you send people to a squeeze page:

  1. People subscribe to get the report via double opt-in.
  2. People land on ‘Thank You’ page and will be asked to check email to confirm subscription.
  3. People confirm subscription and land on confirmation page.
  4. Subscriber receives first welcome email with link to download page.
  5. Subscriber gets at least 4 follow up messages.

You won’t be involved in any of these five steps; they take place behind the scene.


How Much Does Covert Commissions Membership Cost?

To become a member will cost you $37. But you must hurry; the price will go up because:

“This is not a gimmick – In order to make this more restrictive and protect the profit pulling potential for the fast action takers… the price will go up!”

Well, the sales page is the same since they launched the product 3 months ago and I still got in for $37. So, it is a gimmick after all. Just saying.

Included in the membership fee of $37 are ‘5 credits’ which you need to promote your sales funnels. One sales funnel cost one credit, so you can start promoting 5 different products.

At present time there are 19 product funnels available, but they suppose to add more over time. You always can purchase extra credits, which will cost you $10 each, or you take the OTO of $97 one-time, which will give you 2 credits every month for life. I wonder if this ‘for life’ means your lifetime, or ‘til this program dies.

There are also other featured included, i.e. promo tools banners, PPC ads and 5 traffic courses.


is covert commissions a scam


What Products Can You Promote?

You can promote only products from ClickBank and JVZoo, which are featured and available at Covert Commissions.

I am not listing all 19 here but give you a few samples so you get a taste and know what to expect:

Give away: Mystery Shopping Secrets Report – Product: Get Paid To Shop Guide (JVZoo)

Give away: Get Paid To Listen To Music Report – Product: Get Paid To Listen To Music (ClickBank)

Give away: Flirting for Love Report – Product: Never Lose Him Course (JVZoo)

Give away: The Killing with Amazon Report – Product: AMZ Authority Course (JVZoo)


what is covert commissons


What I Find Good About Covert Commissions

The website and Member Area are exceptionally well designed and easy to navigate. Creating “Missions” as they call it, is easy to understand and it is extremely simple to create attractive looking squeeze pages and adding your ClickBand or JVZoo affiliate links.

The traffic courses are well produced and beginners will learn not only the basics about generating traffic, but also how to create PPC campaigns.

The pre-defined emails and follow up emails are more than adequate and the whole process is designed that each potential customer receives the main product sales pitch 7 times (unless they purchase sooner or unsubscribe to email notifications.


what is covert commissions


What Are The Downsides of Covert Commissions?

We all know that no product, program or company is perfect and that there will be always some complaints, concerns or downsides. Covert Commissions is no exception. Here are the things that deeply concern me:

Promoting of Products Is Limited!

What the heck? You can only promote what they ‘allow you to’, although you pay for it. They act like ‘Affiliate Marketing Nazis’ by restricting you to their choice of products. Number ONE reason for me to give it a thumb down.

The Products Suck!

Honestly, Does anyone really believe to make $100, $200 or more with crap like “Get Paid To Shop”? All you have to do is google this topic and you will find two dozens of sites where you can sign up as ‘Secret Shopper’. No one with at least one functioning brain cell is going to spend any money on that. All other products are similar garbage. Their own IM Wealth Builder stuff like ‘Social Sharing Secrets’ will make a 10-year old throw up.

You Cannot Build Your Own List!

“The money is in the list” as we all know, and building a list requires an autoresponder system that will capture the email addresses from people that subscribe to your initial email offer. With Cover Commissions you relinquish the list-building to them and they will build huge lists from the activities of their members. You pay for it, you don’t build YOUR list and they reap the benefits.

You PAY to Promote a Product!

Now this is the most ass-backward thing (excuse my language) I’ve ever heard. As an affiliate marketer you get paid to promote products and don’t have to pay for the ‘privilege’ to advertise a merchant’s stuff. All these worthless and crappy products are available at ClickBank and JVZoo for anyone taking the time filling out a short form at JVZoo and ClickBank, and getting access to all of their products as an affiliate.

Promoting IM Wealth Builders Ltd Products!

In all honesty, nobody in their right mind would want to promote their products, like the Covert Hover Plugin or Covert T-Shirt Store for WordPress, which have a ‘gravity of under 0.2”, meaning they sell ONE single product every 7 weeks. I just wonder how they can promise you making $1000 per week with Covert Commissions.


Conclusion To Covert Commissions Review

This is my unbiased opinion. The owners of IM Wealth Builders Ltd., and creators of yet another sub par product, made their fortune by launching product after product, and not a single one is worth the money they charge. They don’t break any laws by selling tangible, albeit bad products.

What they are guilty of, however, are the misleading earning potentials in their sales strategies, and the fact that they take advantage of unsuspecting and gullible folks pursuing their quest to achieving financial independence.

Covert Commissions is not a scam but a program created with the purpose to add to the fortune of the creators. It has no value to the buyers and cannot create income on auto pilot


An Alternative To Covert Commissions!

The problem with Covert Commissions and similar “done for you’ products that generate income on auto pilot simply don’t work. A better, and the only way to make money online, particularly in affiliate marketing, is ‘TO DO THE WORK YOURSELF’.

Yes, my friends, there is work involved and also the willingness to learn. It isn’t all that difficult, and once you have your website up and running, you create your own sales funnel and promote the products you want.

If you are really interested in making money online, take a look at My #1 Recommendation and find out how Wealthy Affiliate can help you to get started. There is no risk involved to take a peek on the inside.


That’s all for today. Like always, thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to chime in and let us know what you think about my Covert Commission Review.

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