Crazy Cash Club Scam Review – Free Money Online?


Crazy Cash Club: Online Scam or Instant Wealth?

“This is YOUR once in a lifetime opportunity to literally change your whole life over night.”

(my Crazy Cash Club Scam Review will debunk this statement!)


is crazy cash club a scam 


You really shouldn’t have to read this review, in order to know that the Crazy Cash Club is nothing more than a “Pyramid Scheme”. Your suspicions should have been aroused when they claimed that millions of members can earn $16’000 (or more!) on their very FIRST day. Crrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzy!

Of course, the Crazy Club claims that they aren’t a pyramid scheme, because they are just a “network marketing” organization… Anyways, let’s pretend for a moment that you are gullible enough to think that Crazy Cash is your gateway to instant millions, and you need someone to give you a reality check.


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What is Crazy Cash Club?


Ok, review the facts: Crazy Cash was started by… wait, who is in charge of this thing? What exactly is Crazy Cash Club? Their mailing address is a postal box in Grass Valley, California, located between the Afternoon Deli and the Royal Dragon restaurant.

Now look, do you really think you are going to be making millions of dollars from an anonymous group which doesn’t even have an actual office? The owners of Crazy Cash identify themselves as Martin and Roger, and that actually raises a major red flag. Do you remember Martin and Roger from the Club Colossal scam?


crazy cash club scam review 2

Maybe you are desperate for wealth, and willing to trust random strangers who operate out of a PO Box, across the parking lot from Baskin Robbins. So, how do you make all the crazy money?

Well, as the helpful introduction video explains, if you make $17,200 your first month (for some reason, this specific figure is repeatedly mentioned, as an expected earning for both the first day and the first month), but you also recruit Jan, Ted, and Sue who earn a total of $66,900, then you actually earn $84,100 a month!

Thanks to the geniuses behind Crazy Cash, you are a guaranteed a 100% matching bonus for everyone you recruit! You’d have to be crazy to think this isn’t a pyramid scheme.


Just look at their legal disclaimer, “There is no guarantee that you will earn any money…” If you want a guarantee..then check out this #1 rated program with thousands of members…Wealthy Affiliate!


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Is Crazy Cash Club Legit?


Let’s be fair, and pretend that maybe this kind of money can be earned, and that it makes some kind of rational sense for you to earn just as much money as everyone you recruit (and everyone they recruit). Certainly, there are individuals who earn $17,200 a day… movie stars, professional athletes, industrial tycoons, why not you?

So, what exactly is Crazy Cash selling? Is Crazy Cash legit? Where is the money coming from? Exotic minerals, rare fine art, brilliant stock exchanges? Um, uh, hmm… What ARE they selling??? On their website, they don’t have a single product listed, aside from those they are selling to you:


  • $177 for the Monster Cash Mini Webinar (what is it?)
  • $147 for the Hands Free AR Splash (the what?)
  • $74 for Laser Targeted Advertisements (advertising something?)


All non-refundable, of course! Apparently, Crazy Cash expects you to sell something, and they are selling you the means to do so… but what are you going to sell?

As Crazy Cash explains, with their laser targeted advertising system, you are guaranteed to have “real visitors” come to your website! I imagined this might involve some sort of complex algorithm, ensuring that visitors would be interested in the content of your website, but the Crazy Cash standard seems a bit lower: the visitors will be from a country of your choosing.

Hah, now you can get rid of all those pesky foreigners who just clog up bandwidth. Seriously though, if targeted advertising is what you are after, why not just sign up for Google AdWords? Well, Crazy Cash has an answer: people can ignore normal ads, but with Monster Cash you can “force” people to visit your site! Sounds great, right?

If you’ve ever watched South Park, you might have seen the gnomes who plan to profit from underpants, although they aren’t sure how exactly. Likewise, Crazy Cash seems to have the following plan:

1) Recruit Everyone

2) Advertise Something?



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We will all be waiting with anticipation, as Crazy Cash finally reveals their product on January 26… ?


Conclusion to My Crazy Cash Club Scam Review


I told you at the onset of this review that Crazy Cash Club is a Pyramid Scheme and basically illegal. They DO NOT SELL A TANGIBLE PRODUCT and the only way to make money is by RECRUITING NEW MEMBERS.

Avoid this scam at all Cost.


Is there is an alternative?


Yes there is. You can find out by taking a look at the best legitimate program to start a business online with. One I have been a successful member of for some time. What do you want to call success as being? I say it is being able to earn enough money online to retire from your regular job and be able to make ends meet just starting out as being your own boss!

The table below shows you why Wealthy Affiliate is MY #1 recommendation. You can take a look inside (it’s 100% free) and “take a test drive“, so to speak. Everything is marked X on CraZy CAsh Club in hopes you won’t be crazy enough to sign up for that one! LOL




Once you get rolling it is evident you will be drastically changing your own life style for years to come. But don’t take my word for it. Check out the proof while you are there. See with your own eyes… My Wealthy Affiliate Review.


8 Responses

  1. Pierre

    Hey Rick,

    thank you for your Crazy Cash Club review. Yeah you can tell that Crazy Cash Club has to be a scam, but total beginners might be tempted to join this though.
    When I was a beginner, I was not aware that there are so much scams out there, so I thought, programs like Crazy Cash Club are real! Even if the promises Crazy Cash Club makes are totally crazy and absurd.

    Fortunately there are website like yours that reveal those scams and help people who want to make money online to find the right way.

    Your recommendation, Wealthy Affiliate, is definitely the best program you can find if you want to earn money online. I joined Wealthy Affiliate and they showed me how I can create a consistent income online.

    Thank you for your honest reviews, Rick! I really appreciate it!
    Keep up the good work here!


    • Rick

      So glad you found the review helpful. Yes WA is the best place to start off with if you don’t know about marketing online or have the skills needed.


  2. Katie

    Gosh this is the first I have heard of this one think after reading your review we should stick with the saying if it seems to good to be true then it usually is

    • Rick

      Yes Crazy Cash Club is not one to mess around with..unless you are Crazy! And you are right about too good to be true. It usually is. Thank you for the comment and have a great year with Wealthy Affiliate.

  3. Hari

    Great info Rick,this post will surely save hard earned money of many people who fall for high promising stuff like this..

    • Rick

      Yep I’m here to save everyone I can. Especially from these programs that do nothing but remove peoples hard earned money from their pocket book. I try to reach as many souls as I can in each day so that they will make money instead of lose money.

  4. Todd

    Hi Rick,
    Loved this review of Crazy Cash Club, very funny and original. Your not the least bit sarcastic are you? Kidding aside, you’ve got to just hate these types of online scams. It’s incredible that people are gullible enough to fall for these types of programs. But like you say, the name says it all.

    I’ve worked with Wealthy Affiliate as well and I would agree with your recommendation of WA over Crazy Cash Club. WA provides real training to help people put up real online businesses. Crazy Cash Club just reeks of a scam.

    Good work Rick, hopefully this article will help steer others in the right path and avoid this Crazy Cash Club pyramid scheme.


    • Rick

      Yeps! Thanks for getting in touch with me here about the review. I want to be correct in saying what I do over the internet, so having comments verifying my writings are wonderful. I also agree with Wealthy Affiliate as probably being the one program I could promote without hesitation. Even I learned from Wealthy Affiliate. So in trying to steer others away from Crazy Cash Club it is necessary to send them somewhere that works. So that is why I send poeple to my Wealthy Affiliate Review.

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