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Price: Free

Score: 85 Out of 100

Verdict: Legit (but there are better)



crowdology review


What is Crowdology?

Crowdology is an online site that allows people to earn money by simply taking surveys.   There is one for the USA and one for the UK.  They do not work from every location but can be used by hundreds of millions of people.   People are paid when they complete a survey.  The pay range is from $0.50 CENTS TO $10.00. People can be paid as long as they earn more than $8.

Crowdology does not use a point system.  Payment goes into a Crowdology account immediately after the survey is completed.  As an alternative to payment, one can select Amazon vouchers. 

Crowdology also runs a monthly prize drawing.  Every referral of a friend or relative gives you another chance to win.

Most of the surveys take less than an hour to complete and many take less than 15 minutes.


crowdology review  


Is Crowdology Legit?

What people expect from Crowdology can impact what they think of it.  The site gets a high rating.  People can actually earn money doing the surveys.

The site’s payment claims have been shown to be true. This company is legit. It is not a great way to earn a whole living for most people, but does really pay off.

If you are needing thousands each month, then you will want to take a look at a program that gives you the training to do this.  Read My Wealthy Affiliate Review. 


crowdology review  

Is Crowdology a scam?

If people are looking for a full time job or stable way of earning a full living and they thought Crowdology would be it, then they would end up feeling like it was just a scam.  If one only expects the site to do what it claims, then it could become a source of income.  It may be possible to even earn regular money using Crowdology.  Most people who earn a lot of money taking surveys have to use more than site.

Crowdology actually has an excellent reputation for doing what it claims, and doing only what it claims.  It has quite a high rating amongst legit sites.  The short answer then, is a clear and simple. Crowdology is not a scam.

Crowdology Review

 Andrew White

Andrew White is the insight manager at Crowdology.  He is a British man who’s image is shown immediately above.   His work for Crowdology is the new online version of market-research management, an important niche area of business.  Andrew works for Redshift Market Research.  Andrew works as the ‘online rep’ of the company and offers some question and answer events.



Crowdology Review


Guy Washer

Guy Washer is the managing director of Redshift Research which is a full service market research agency.  He is a Brit and Redshift is regular English corporation based in the county of Kent in Southeastern England.  He has led the company from its inception in 2007. 




wealthy affiliate review


Wealthy Affiliate

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  1. Mag

    Even though I don’t believe in crowdology. I do see that you have some good information here on Wealthy Affiliate. So
    I’m going to try it out for a test run and see if you are right about making money there.

    • Rick

      There is only a few trusted sources that I will ever point anyone to. One is Wealthy Affiliate and one more is Chris Farrell.
      Thanks for stopping by and if you need anything or any help at Wealthy Affiliate just let me know.


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