Daily Positve Thoughts

No Way! I Just Don’t Believe


What we tell ourselves daily is what we do believe. Mostly we tell ourselves we cannot do this and we cannot do that.  Or we are not good at this and not good at that. Therefore never accelerating in life, or jobs, or relationships! This form of natural stabilization comes from others as well as our own thoughts. Our subconscious does not like change of course so most of it comes from there. But we do need Daily Positive thoughts.

But to do this we need to create change on a subconscious level, thereby getting past what I call the Gate Keeper.


Otherwise we are bouncing thoughts or affirmations off of our melon!


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For instance let’s say I’m on a diet and have been for the last 5 days.  By sheer will power I have made it this far. But, suddenly I have a lapse in thought, (loss of will power) and since I’ve been starving myself of late, my subconscious kicks in and begins to remind me how good that cheese cake looks in the store bakery. So I go over, buy one slice, and sit down and eat it. Then I go back for a slice to go. Or the whole cake! I’ve lost my mind control.

Being positive minded is the difference. The positive attitude can hold you up under these week moments. But the only way we control being positive all the time, and not lapsing into other desires, is enforcing the mind through hypnosis. Everything we want to accomplish, whether a diet, a new online business, or physical fitness, can be done with hypnosis. Creating a new subconscious structure within our thoughts. Please stop to read my about me page, and my pathetic start as a human being!


Our Life Is Determined By Our Subconscious


hypnoticWhether we have positive thoughts or negative thoughts, these generally determine our life, our outcome, and our destination in the future. For example.

If you are looking to start a new business, or need to start doing something different then your normal routine, then you are going to do well, up until your conscience mind looses focus, and your other mind (subconscious ) steps in and redirects you to what you do normally.


We need to retrain ourselves in order to improve US


Without retraining our thoughts, a negative mindset can grow like a fungus and it gets worse and worse if not put into check. Or should I stay stronger and stronger. Many use self hypnosis naturally upon waking up and going to sleep, and during certain times daily. Learning this enables us to change who we are and the outcome of what we desire.

I remember years ago I was always the negative one to think that things could go wrong in life. And while doing this my friends and family were always looking to hide from me! And correct me into thinking positive for a change. I could not do it though and felt destined to be negative.

I thought I was being realistic, until watching a positive seminar one year on success and wealth. And then a week later I caught an email on self hypnosis. From that moment on I realized I was being so negative that no matter what I tried in life I failed.  Even using daily positive quotes helped some, but not near enough. These were not the complete answer, only a fraction.


I Use Self Hypnosis To Better Myself-And It Works!



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Being in business online is an every day chore if not using hypnosis and the right mind set.  I remember years ago I failed miserably at many online programs because the programs were scams! Or so I thought so. Well, some of them were, and some of them weren’t. I even used daily positive affirmations to try and succeed.  And even though they helped, most still bounced off the subconscious gate keeper to the brain and fell on the ground!

So what I did was blame the programs instead of myself. But I remember back then that my mind just didn’t believe in them, or myself for that matter,  and was really failing at life.

To buy into a online program and quit a few weeks later, many times has nothing to do with the program, or even what the program or lesson is about. It all has to do with how you think about it.

 Being positive, makes a huge difference. Being focused makes a another huge difference. And of course being motivated, inspired, and determined makes big big differences in anything we tackle.  But one thing that stands out is this negativity many have and do not even know it exists within.


Negativity Stops the Brain from Trying.


hypnosis-weight-loss-lake-maryAre you negative? Do you have the attitude something is not for you? Have you made up your mind and decided to not try something on account you believe you will fail? This is being negative, and we don’t realize what an effect it truly has upon us until someone points it out.

I learned from self hypnosis many years ago by paying $19.94 for a small video that I watched so I could learn to focus, change my thoughts, become aware of my subconscious, and change my life! Now you can get started and test drive the self hypnosis programs for free! I learned that many things like daily positive affirmations were being blocked.  Amongst other ways I tried and failed at to keep a positive attitude.

The free seminar I went to and then the hypnosis video I purchased online changed me into the positive person I am today, and I now I reach out to help people from all over the world with any problems they may be encountering. Whether it be a job, pleasure, to stop smoking, or to build a successful business like I have done, online.


One Way In–To Positive Change


Can you tell me where your mind is today? What your thoughts are and if they are making you miserable in life? If you are someone looking to do better, have more, and become successful in life, then you need to do the one thing that helped me.  And that is click the box below. The program below is all I use now, and all I will ever need in life.  

Once you sign up and see the results you will be shocked! Try it and see the results for yourself,  you will tell everyone around you that It Does Work. It really does.  And now is your moment in life to make that one time needed change you’ve been hoping and praying for.  So make it today. Don’t let your negative mind be skeptical. Reach out! And Take it!

You can thank me later.  As I have helped many people with where to get the best hypnosis information.  And you will thank me I guarantee it! 

My name is Rick Bell and if you’ve wondered around the site you will see that I help build success for others.  In fact I insist they check into Self Hypnosis by watching the videos from this program, before ever helping them with a website or their career path. That is the way it is. The program below can help you in any shape, way or form you need! It is Guaranteed!

This changed my life completely!

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  1. Janice Bowles

    Hi Rick, I enjoyed reading your post on positive thinking – which is right up my street!

    Hypnosis is a superb way to retrain your mind into thinking differently. The good news is that because negative thinking is really something we have [unwittingly] trained ourselves to do, we can equally retrain ourselves to thinking more optimistically.

    With the help of hypnosis this process can be much faster than with conscious effort alone and the program you recommend here is excellent. Actually I have done much of my own hypnosis training with them so I KNOW it is effective and has been created by (who I consider to be) the leading edge trainers in hypnosis.

    • Rick

      Yes, I found all of this out here lately! 🙂 I’m now programing my mind to rethink. Which may be even more difficult then to train it to just think new things.
      Thanks to you!
      rick bell

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