DirectPayBiz Review — 2014



The DirectPayBiz Hoax


A Pyramid Scheme By Any Other Name…


Do you believe it possible?
Do you believe it possible?

A great number of Internet marketing systems promise astronomical returns on your investment. A few hours here, 10 minutes there, and BINGO! By using their system, you’ve set yourself up for a lifetime of automated checks delivering a daily flow of thousands of dollars to your bank account. And, of course, it is all very easy. A few mouse clicks and you are on your way to unlimited fortune.

As we all know, these types of come-ons are simply bogus schemes designed to prey on everyone’s desire for a easy money and an easier lifestyle. Quite simply — it ain’t gonna happen.

Million-dollar promises and marketing schemes aside, there is one type of scheme that is perhaps more insidious than all of the others. The Pyramid Scheme. As old as marketing itself, the classic pyramid scheme is a scam in the purest sense.

The DirectPayBiz fits this the pyramid scheme description to the letter. Let’s explore it in this DirectPayBiz work from home scam review.


MLM Versus Pyramid Scheme


Is DirectPayBiz a pyramid scheme? And speaking of pyramid schemes what exactly is the difference between a pyramid scheme and multi-level marketing? Well, to be precise, DirectPayBiz looks like a pyramid scheme, smells like one and acts like one. But legally, it is not — although it escapes this distinction just by the hair of its chinny chinny chin. So,  here’s a quick overview in the differences between a pyramid scheme and an MLM.


  • An MLM is a marketing scheme, whereas a pyramid scheme is an outright scam
  • In an MLM, new enrollees are asked to purchase products. PRODUCTS — this is the operative word and one that is the primary differentiator between a pyramid and an MLM. In a pyramid scheme, money is the only thing of value flowing through the system. So, of course, it is bound to collapse sooner or later. The lucky birds that get in at or near the top are the only ones who ever benefit from a pyramid scheme.


But isn’t DirectPayBiz A Pyramid Scheme?



Instant Payments? Ha! Ha!
Instant Payments? Ha! Ha!

For all intents and purposes, DirectPayBiz is a pyramid scam. The only thing that keeps it from being one in the technical sense are the “products” that are offered to new people joining the ranks. Outdated e-books, worthless shareware software — these are the products that enrollees are supposed to use to entice new suckers into their downline.


How DirectPayBiz Works


DirectPayBiz operates as  a “forced matrix” scheme — which means that new people entering the system are limited in the number of people they in turn can bring on board. The idea is that new people will be “forced” upward into more valuable positions more quickly. So, what’s the problem with that? Well, it’s doomed to fail, like all pyramid schemes eventually do. How you ask?

Well, The DirectPayBiz scam certainly sounds enticing enough. You invest a measly $9 and you get a unique affiliate link that you blast all over social media sites like youtube and facebook and email mercilessly to your friends and family.

Easy enough. At Tier One, you enroll 5 people and rake in 9X5 — $45. You are happy and move on to Tier 2, where you pay an additional $15 and await your 125 payments of $30 each. Tier 3 costs you an additional $30 and Tier 4 and additional $60 — where you are then get your $37,500 from 625 other folks in the system. Sound too good to be true? It is.


DirectPayBiz Payoffs In The Real World



If it were this easy, everyone would be rich!
If it were this easy, everyone would be rich!

The DirectPayBiz pyramid scheme sounds easy enough in the way the one-page website presents it. But when you begin to look at the numbers, a new picture emerges. The primary question is “how any participants are in your downline when you start the  fourth stage?” The real number is not 625 — which almost sounds doable. It is 15,625.

Remember every single person in your downline has to fill out his or her downline exactly as you did. And that means that your 125 members needs 25 members of their own times 5 members per each person in their downline. 125X25X5= 15,625 people. That number puts things in a different perspective.


Bottom Line….Is DirectPayBiz A Scam?


Yes, yes and yes. Aside from the flimsy sidestepping of the pure legal description of  a pyramid scheme, DirectPayBiz has all the hallmarks:

  • Complete Inability To Contact Company — They won’t answer your calls or emails, so there is no use trying
  • Will most likely disappear n 24 months and pop back up under a different name
  • Unknown and undisclosed number of people at the top of the pyramid


Thumbs Down!
Thumbs Down!

Summary: DirectPayBiz Work From Home Scam Review


You should avoid any sort of pyramid scheme, whether online or not. Ultimately, they always crumble and you’ll be left holding a mixed bag of bad investment, lost time and potentially ruined friendships. Don’t do it. DirectPayBiz fits the pyramid scheme description to a “T”.

Stay Away from it!

For some great information on a program that IS working for thousands, visit My Wealthy Affiliate Review. 2000 members cannot all be wrong!


Thank you for stopping by  Your comments are appreciated and if you have any questions please reply below in the comment box.  My name is Rick Bell and I have been helping newbies find their way to success within the world of internet marketing, using affiliate websites.  Follow and share these reviews to make your own way to success!







4 Responses

  1. Deborah Morris

    This is not a scam I am in and have made quite a bit of money. This review is a bunch of lies.

    • Rick

      We see scams as a program saying we are going to get rich and we fail to do so. When a program states that we are going to earn lots of money and then we don’t, we can easily determine the program is lacking something. Now if we earn tiny bits of money and that is all we want. Then that is a legit program. Most programs say that you are going to earn enough to live or get rich, and they hardly have the training or software to enable anyone to do that. So the program is represented as fraudulent.

      I’ve researched DirectPayBiz and even signed up to research and see how much I made. The income I produced was pennies. When the program says dollars! So to me it is misrepresented. Now if you only want a few extra dollars per month then you are not wanting an opportunity to earn a normal wage and be free in life to travel and enjoy a new found success. For people like you, that is fine. You can sit there in front of your computer and show that you’ve worked all month and made $28.00!

      For us that are looking for real opportunities online, this program you just said is legit and makes us money, is a waste of time for us! We are looking for real opportunities and income streams that count! My personal goal is to make one million dollars by 2017. And, as long as I stay with my training and websites I’m working each day, I will probably get there even sooner! But I would never make this kind of money(and the kind of money others want) at Direct Pay Biz!

      If the program is working for you, then fine. But for the majority of us online it is not near enough. And to label it as anything else would be to have thousands of people join this program and fail to reach their money goals. So in fact this very program is written to desuade others in wasting their time and moving on. To even programs such as Wealthy Affiliate. A program I started with and earned my first recurring monthly income of $22.50 in just three weeks. Now it was not much, but I no longer have to work for that income, and all the 177 commissions coming in now. I generate a full time income without having to work now,because of the recurring commissions! You can do this as well by learning what I learned.

      I would suggest you move up to the big leagues if you are wanting to gain success like we have done. Like I said, if you are going to be happy making pennies per hour, then there is not much I can help you with at this point. So enjoy your program and let me challenge all others into making real money and working their own personal business, instead of using a program where they are making someone else wealthy.

      Thank you for you comment and have a beautiful week! God Bless!

      Rick Bell

  2. Troy Mathew

    DirectPayBiz sounds pretty shady, I’m so glad I never signed up for that! Thank you fro revealing their business practices, I figured they were the type of company to pop up as another company after awhile. Also, thank you for breaking down the difference between a pyramid scheme and a multi-level marketing. I know many people just mainly know about pyramid schemes but don’t exactly know that there are marketing programs that actually work.

    • Rick

      Well my job requires me to help others in this field of online marketing, and I help others by showing the scam programs and helping them save their money for a better programs that actually work, like Wealthy Affiliate.
      Thanks for stopping by!
      I appreciate the comment.

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