Do I Make My Website WordPress?

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do I make website wordpress
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How Do I Make My Website WordPress?

Hey guys, I am an advocate of wordpress. So your questions are… Do I make my website a WordPress Site? Yes! But I’m not selling you on WordPress because I am affiliated with them. I’m telling you about them because I use them. But yes, use WordPress for your website!

When I started out, I didn’t know a thing about any of these platforms in the beginning. But you are asking the questions now. Should you use WordPress for your website? Absolutely. Didn’t I just say that four different times? 🙂

There are a dozen or so similar platforms, but WordPress has got me by the “bowling balls.” I would thoroughly recommend them. Fortunately this WordPress platform was embedded into the very training I started with.

Here is where I signed up for free for everything! Wealthy Affiliate Program Review You can get started here as well, and never have to search the internet for information ever again! Voted number one, so go sign up! Or at least read this review above!

If you are like me when I started…lacking knowledge, planning, training… yep, that was me then! I needed all the training for everything so I opted into a program called Wealthy Affiliate, where I got a first-hand look at the WordPress platform they use. And if you are anything like me and just beginning, then you will want to hear what I have to say about WordPress and what I do for a living here on the internet using it everyday.


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You Can Make Your Own WordPress Website Free!

Turn Your Passion Into a Thriving Business! Click HERE! Yes! I want to start earning money online.

Let’s take a look at this a little closer. Today everyone is wanting free stuff on the net right? Nothing wrong with saving a few bucks. But, are you really saving? What is your time worth? Think about it. What if I were to offer you a course on making money online, that I use, and all you had to do was sign up for a training program that taught you everything you need to know going forward? You would say how much is it right? There is a free version, and along with me assisting you, that is all you need!

But for those wanting free sign ups and usage of a program platform which teaches you WordPress for free? Guess what? You can get it here at Wealthy Affiliate.

Do I Make Website WordPress?
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How much can you afford to spend on your training and business if you are just starting out? Are you going to get a much needed mentor and pay thousands up front, which will get you going in a hurry? Probably not, not if you are trying to get a website for free. You see, going the cheap and free route is the slowest way to make things happen on the internet. It is so slow in fact that people that do invest some cash into learning and being trained in online marketing are going to be a year ahead of you before you even make it through 90 days of finding all the information you are going to need to make money out there. Do you have 90 days to do nothing?

That said, I know I started the same way and didn’t want to spend money. Well, I now spend thousands in advertising my websites and myself, but I make that money back, and so can you. For goodness sakes don’t start out cheap and expect everything you get to be free! I can help you in this area so listen up. If you are a cheap O, then just go here to learn more about WordPress. You will have to teach yourself, unless you allow me to direct your path through a free setup program using WordPress. At least check this training out! Incredible really. Free WordPress platform for Life!


Join WA and Get a Affiliate Marketing Course

When you join the program Wealthy Affiliate to take advantage of learning all about WordPress, I will give you a free 52 lesson course! Or you can buy the course material from me by leaving a comment below this article. It sells for $97.00 dollars and shows you 52 lessons which takes a year to complete. Actually you can do it as fast as you want. But it was set up as a one year course on Affiliate Marketing. You can have it for free when you join Wealthy Affiliate Today! My bonus to you! So Hurry! Just let me know when you get there by asking for the free course bonus!

commission kaboom reviewWhy join?

Wealthy Affiliate is probably the best training program out there today. They are set up with WordPress.There are thousands of members there helping each other out, and learning from the simple training steps they have in their course lessons. All lessons come with tasks you have to complete. So once you are done, you go to the next. It is the very course I used. And yes I recommend it. You can even read the review here at my Wealthy Affiliate Review. So did you get this so far? .


Do I Make my Website a WordPress Site?

Yes of course. No more questions! Do it. Click on the links here on this page and get started. Free training to start with and all you ever want to know about WordPress handed to you on a Gold Platter!

I’m not trying to sell you a course or a program for you to get into the fast lane. Even though that is what you need to do! I’m actually here to tell you a little about WordPress and give you some tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way. Real live course material if you will. So follow these links to get your WordPress information.

do i make website wordpress
WA has everything you need. Free to start.

So lets’ get started!

Read this about Getting Started 

We sometimes fail to even follow directions in order to get started on the right foot. We often listen to the wrong people. What you need more than anything is someone telling you the steps and correct direction for YOU. When you jump around grabbing at this and that you are going to be in quicksand! Don’t let this happen to you. It is better to call me up and say hey Rick, here is where I’m at…what do I need to do? Then it is to keep guessing and trying to move forward listening to a dozen different people or programs online. I failed right there when I started.

Do me a favor and go over to my profile within this program WA and listen to what I have to say there. Just two minutes could change your life forever. Rick Bell @ Wealthy



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