Does Project Fast Income Really Work – A Review

Project Fast Income Is Pulling A Fast One On You


Have you ever played “flip-a-coin” with a street hustler, and no matter what you called, you lost? Only to find out later that you fell for an old trick. The hustler used TWO coins, one with a head on each side, the other with 2 tails.

Well, the Project Fast Income is similar to the street hustler’s gig. You will lose your money.

Is it a Scam? Probably not, but it is a product that will not make you any money. I did not buy Project Fast Income for my review for two reasons.

1) I am an experienced internet marketer and know what works and what doesn’t.

2) Project Fast Income is a JVZoo/Clicksure product and I didn’t want to go through all the hassle for a refund.


So, What Is Project Fast Income?



James Bradly - Owner
James Bradly – Owner

In a nutshell: It is a WordPress plugin suite that plagiarizes content from other websites and spins the articles to monetize by using advertisement and building an email list.




The Project Fast Income Sales Video


I really liked it. I am not kidding you.

  • James Bradley uploaded the video to You Tube. Unlike all the other sales videos, this one does have functioning control buttons. You can pause and move forward or back.
  • It is short, just a little over 6 minutes (sigh of relief).
  • It does not contain most of the hype building BS; i.e. the showing of expensive cars, mansions, yachts and private airplanes.
  • I liked the fact that James tells us exactly what the product is all about, before we have to shell out money. Usually you have to pay first and find out later you bought a piece of crap.


project fast income screenshot


This is true. Affiliate marketing is indeed a relative easy way to make money online.

Unfortunately, this was the end to the good stuff about this whole thing. From here on out, Project Fast Income fell apart.


How Does Project Fast Income Work?


Beats the hell out of me; but I can tell you how it is supposed to work. You pay $29.95 for a set of plug-ins, download them into your WordPress site and activate them.

I just wonder what happens if you don’t have a WordPress site. I guess you will have to dole out some more dough and purchase one from Mr. Bradley.

Now you are ready to rock’n roll, and following the 5 steps from the video, you do a little plug-in set-up to the first of seven; that’s the most important one, I surmise.

This plug-in is called …….


The Content Builder: Sounds impressive. What do you think this is? “Einstein’s pickled brain”, able to spit out thousand pages of quality content for websites?

Naah, you guessed wrongly. This plug-in romps around the web and steals the content from other websites and copies them to your WordPress content file folder.

On we go to the next plug-in…….

This one goes by the name of “Super Spinner”: Equally impressive. You have absolutely nothing to do with this miracle. The Super Spinner, with the help of his little brother “Thesaurus”, gets busy rewriting the stolen articles.

The output is kind of unreadable, obviously a mixture of ancient Greek, modern Swahili, flavoured with a pint of Bavarian/Austrian dialect (remember Arnold, former Actor/Governor’s famous “I’ll Be Baaack”?

Please read the screenshot below. I beg you to leave a translation in the comment box, if you are able to explain what they are saying. I took this excerpt from one of James Bradley’s affiliates peddling Project Fast Income with a “Review”, obviously created by Mr. Article Spinner.



 What a masterpiece of article writing!

Plug-ins #3 and #4: I am not sure what these 2 fellows are supposed to accomplish, and the narrator of the video does not give a clue either. I guess that they are just “fancy name items” to peak your interest. Affiliate Money Maker & Ads Monetizer

Plug-in #5: The List Builder: This is nothing special. There are several WP List Building plug-ins available (for free) which put simple e-mail collecting forms either on the sidebar of a website or in a specified spot in the content area.

Plug-in #6: Viral Traffic: Interesting name for a “Backlink Generator”. This is an outdated way to generate a massive amount of artificial back links to your site. It is called “Black Hat SEO” and one of the worse SEO method.

Plug-in #7: Auto Commenting: You will not have to respond personally should there be a comment from a visitor to your site. I find this stupid, because it’s very important to respond and build a relationship with your potential customers.

According to James Bradley, using his system and the use of 7 WP – plug-ins, you will be able to make $2,500.00 per day and even more.


fake income promise


Really? I disagree and I will give you the reasons in the next chapter.

The Main Reasons Why Project Fast Income Will Not Work


1) The Super Spinner:

James Bradley does not hide the fact that what he calls “the system will create content for you”, is stealing content from other websites.

Never mind that this is at least unethical, but what happens next, is absolutely ludicrous.

The example I showed you makes it very clear that “spun articles” are totally useless. Does James truly believe that anyone reading this garbage will indeed click on a link and make a purchase? I wouldn’t, would you?

James also claims that Google likes WordPress and your site will rank high in Google. Let me assure you, Google does not rank WP sites any higher than those using a different platform.

However, Google likes “Quality Content” and the relevancy to the search queries of users. The search engine’s algorithm is sophisticated enough to recognize the garbage the Super Spinner produces.

The result: Your website will not rank high in Google.


google related screenshot


2) Artificial Backlinks – Black Hat SEO

Backlinks to your website are an important segment of SEO. However, Google and the other major search engines are rewarding ONLY backlinks from reputable websites.

For example, if you would be so lucky to get natural backlinks from a correspondent of Newsweek, Google would look at it as a sign that your site is trustworthy and delivers interesting information to their clients.

If your site shows a high number of backlinks from suspect and low quality websites, Google will slap you with a penalty; meaning that your site will be blacklisted. Period


More Project Fast Income Pitfalls


Compared with the sales videos of other scrappy products, James Bradley keeps the hype, deceptions and outright lies at a relative low level. However, there is ONE BLATANT LIE that needs to be brought to your attention.

He creates a new affiliate account with Clicksure, activates a couple of plug-ins and pushes a few buttons. Then he sets a timer and says “lets give it a few minutes and then check what happens” (the screen is still for 5 seconds).

Next, he logs on to the newly created account, and lo and behold, it shows that there where a couple of sales for a total of $138.00.

Showing the timer again, you will see that only 13 minutes have passed.



First of all, it’s absolutley impossible that Google indexed and ranked the site within 13 minutes. It is also absolutely impossible, that anyone could have found your site, made a purchase and that the transaction was processed by Clicksure.

You can see now why I gave this review the title “Project Fast Income Is Pulling A Fast One On You”



Final Words About Project Fast Income


I gave you an honest and unbiased run down of this program. It is not worth your money or your time. Believe me, the chances to make ANY money with Project Fast Income are slim to none.

There is no easy way to create a substantial and lasting online business. And there are no automated systems that will do the work for you.

Although this program is not a scam, technically speaking, I will add it to the Scam Category. Stealing and spinning content is unethical, and the rest of the program is crappy and worthless.

Please take my advise on this.  If you are really interested in making money like I do, then you can check out another program review called Wealthy Affiliate.  Affiliate Marketing does work and it makes many folks wealthy beyond their belief! Project Fast Income is just a program someone did not take enough time creating to actually help others. 

There are programs that do work.  But they all come with no guarantees as no one knows how hard or smart you will work. Read the Wealthy Affiliate Review. It can put you on track to running a legitimate business from home, just like it has for me and hundreds of others who have started this program.

But, do read the review, at least before leaving.  Don’t take my word for it.  Google search it and find out how many are jumping on this band wagon daily! You will flat be amazed!  Wealthy Affiliate.



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