Does SEO Still Work – Will You Be Successful Using SEO?

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​Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a critical path to being able to build organic traffic to a website, landing page or advertisement of some type that has been monetized. So, does SEO still work?

SEO is a skill requiring sophisticated knowledge. And a stiff reliance on Search Engine Algorithms. Even when done correctly there are always going to be risks of failure using this one method. Especially if used alone.


Ever handled an old land mine? It may work and it may not. But watch out if it does! SEO Still works well today, yet many are using it plus other popular methods of marketing.

Google for one, often comes in and can completely change the game. And suddenly everyone is struggling to climb back up that mountain! 

What is required to be found on any of their first 3 pages? Perfect control. But, no one has the control of their website or business like they think they have. Oh my!

SEO does work. And appears to work very well, within a niche area where there is room for growth. Not so much when you are behind the eight-ball, however. Meaning faced with the difficult task of marching to page one from page 25. Ouch!


Just Using SEO

However for myself, promoting WA has become an even more daunting and difficult task each year to undergo. I feel I’m fighting a losing battle each day, in growing a ranking website in the ‘Make Money Niche’. I now often wish I had been talked out of it. But, I have learned to use other methods along with SEO.

And, what seems to work for some who use SEO, does not in fact, work for thousands alike, based on choice of niche, competition, and psychological dealings with people and why they do what they do.

You see, just going through the motions and using a method such as SEO, is just one small part of getting found on the internet. If you were led to believe it is the best or only way to market your niche, shame, shame on you.

It is said that SEO is a great way to grow an existing business, yet it is not a great way to build or scale a business from scratch. Even big business has tried to scale up using it and have many times lost their arses!

Way too many factors to consider, and again, no control, in the end.

SEO is said not to be a direction which should be used to build a beginning business. At least not solely. My research and understanding of it over the last two years has led me to believe it is very limited now in results I see people achieving.

Mainly because you can do a few things not quite right, and it ruins all the results!


SEO Still Works Today

Regardless. Some have luck in finding that perfect niche where the crowd is just starting up and they are able to get in and mark their territory before anyone else gets it. Their positioning will last for years, perhaps decades, in this case. SEO still works today…And works very well in smaller niche groups.

It is the very reason WA teaches that your start up business should be a very small niche to begin with. Not some vast and boiling over, ‘Money Making Niche’ that has become too competitive. 

SEO is just one of many proven tools used today to market with successfully. In using only this one method you may be unintentionally pruning in the wrong season.

Direct Marketing, Social Network engagement, Paid Advertising, Buying Traffic, and dozens of other highly potential marketing strategies are also just as prominent and maybe even more so. Depending on your niche. 


SEO Works

It has been researched and used over the last twenty plus years. However, in many cases SEO has been seen to have worked even better, earlier on. Like back in 2000 to 2010, And may never have the same following or have the same results as it once did in the coming years. Seo works.

At least not with Google quelling the heard whenever they feel the urge.

It is our duty to research new and popular methods today, and not just rely on SEO for everything. Depending on what niche you have, may depend on the type of marketing needed. 

Remember this. Back in the early early 1800’s the washboard gained popularity and was an ingenuous devise that worked very efficiently. Care to use that today?


Huge Company Reliance on SEO

Many huge companies today have reportedly failed at million-plus dollar SEO campaigns, and have gone back to paid advertisements. Why? Targeting already saturated markets. It just will not work, that way!

While other companies, especially those using affiliate marketing methods rely heavily on it. But these are mostly web based generated companies who’ve built their business using SEO many years ago.


Just because you are taught one certain method of marketing. Do not rule out other ways or maybe better ways for reaching traffic for your niche. SEO is just a viable part of your marketing…Not by any means all you should do.

In fact, don’t blindly follow one method. In many cases, several methods are needed at the same time. What works for one niche will not work for others.

If you rely heavily on SEO to gain traffic, expect that traffic to grow, slow and surely. But also expect it to take the very precious commodity called, time. 

I’ve used SEO solely, over the last two years. And even though I have traffic. I’m no where near where I thought I would be when I first envisioned growing a business using SEO. 


20 Plus Years of Successful SEO Marketing

In fact, using SEO, I only receive 5,000 clicks to my website each month from SEO, after two years of marketing full time. And this is reaching a non-targeted group which I painstakingly redirect on each post to WA. My traffic would need to be over 20,000 per month to have a substantial income of $2,500 to $5000 for this one money stream. I now use other methods, as well. However many are successful with SEO.

I chose the exciting ‘Make Money Niche’ when starting out. I can honestly tell anyone today never to attempt such a competitive niche. Which is now too highly competitive and all will have only a limited success with it.

Be sure to check into other niches or possible other ways to market your niche more effectively besides using SEO, only.

Fortunately, this year I’ve branched off into Direct Marketing and Buying Traffic and have gained almost as much traffic within one fourth of the time. So be careful what you rely on in your business. Time will become a factor!


Does Search Engine Optimization Still Work Today?

I see many others moving away from SEO. Not quitting it altogether, but adding other strategies to make up for the lack of success they now have with it. Especially the ‘Make Money Online Niche.’ Take a look at this training from a top ranking program who can help you to have success with SEO. Read the WA review here.

Godspeed to all SEO Marketers! Oorah!

Rick Bell

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  1. Norman Risner

    I agree SEO still works but for white hat SEO people like me, it’s hard work although some still try to game the system. Using social media sites now is where I get most of my quality natural earned backlinks from all my blog articles using anchor text links.

  2. Katie

    Great article on SEO is there any particular method you recommend using along side of the SEO method, google as you say keep moving the goal posts and we all have to then rethink the ways we use to try and drive traffic to our websites

    • Rick

      Thanks. Yes there are many other ways to help our cause. But the fit has to be more of a passion as it requires either an investment or time. I chose direct marketing to reach a more interested, target audience. You can do this two ways. Built a list over time using free messages to your subscribers. Or pay for ad campaigns.

      I’ve had more luck promoting products to my new list than I’ve had recently with SEO. You can learn this method at joining Wealthy Affiliate.

      Thanks for the comment! Hope this helps.

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