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No matter how many people think it is easy, they find out quickly it is not.  I failed to make money online for many years before I figured it out.  No training. No teaching. No help.  I found out you need lots of help when starting out.  And the right program is the Key to having success.  This article, Earn Money Online Free, will point you in the right direction and save you money and time.  I wish I had found the program myself ten years ago.


1. Do you want to learn know how to start Free Affiliate Marketing?

 2. Are you wanting… to create an effective Website and make money?

3. Are you wanting to learn and Earn Online Now With Free training?



Online success starts here.
Online success starts here.

30 seconds to build a website and have it up and running? It can generate you more revenue than you can possibly imagine.  Your new website is free, and it can be on whatever subject you want. Read More.


✓ A service website
✓ An eCommerce Store
✓ An Affiliate Website
✓ Your own Business website
✓ Advertising your business website
✓ Blogging website

Important Facts About a New Websites


I have over one hundred friends who developed websites which use affiliate marketing. They picked a subject like pets, nutrition, health, fitness, phones, cars, computers, and an endless list of subjects they had an interest in.  Right now you don’t have to even worry about coming up with an idea.  The key is to start the site, and the idea will come. Build an online Business or….

You can build a review site like this one! Today there are so many people online offering reviews on the same products and it still works for everyone.  Of course you will want to specialize eventually and make your website unique of course. With a niche you have an interested in. That is the whole key behind success today. Branding.  Showing the world you have become an authority on the subject.  Build an online store..

Create a website that is an online store.  Just as simple. Just remember, always offer people information and help online.  In other words, give free information, and traffic will beat a path to your computer!  But, don’t take my word for it….read on and see for yourself.


Building a Website


Building a website might sound like a scary task but, it just takes half an hour to build a good website to get you started.  And if you think website design and development costs a lot, you would be incorrect!Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 12.41.09 PM  Take a look at this quick link on how to build a  website in 30 seconds! Incredible! Did you think 30 minutes was fast? 


Gone are those days when it took weeks to build and upload a single website. With the latest technology and tools present today, a website can be built in 30 minutes, or even 30 seconds. Today I have 3 websites up and running bringing in revenue.


When you build a website you create success!


This is where I got my start, and now I actually train people on building their own eCommerce websites.  If you see my photo around this site, you will see that I am there helping others with questions.  You may want to do this later on.  Become a mentor! So when you have built your website and have uploaded it, you will need to do some more learning of course.  But one step at a time.  Click on the book for free training lessons.



Growing Success You Can Live On


Today you can grow your success from home.  Start out following a few simple steps…and progress each day!  Thousands are taking off on this journey each month and you can too!  But don’t wait! This will eventually be completely filled with millions!

Do you have a niche or special interest in life?  Check out this quick training here on Niches and what to expect from a good one!  I know several members I’ve trained with that are making millions!


Ready, Fire, Aim!


Check the table below. With this program you can start free, stay free, have 2 free websites, and continue for free while making money! If you choose you can upgrade later, or you can start for free and when you make money…go premium.  That is what I did.  You just need to sign up two of your family or friends to pay for premium and then you get the whole package! That is another thing I did.



What Type of Business


Like I said it is all up to you.  You can do almost anything you want using the aid of computer technology.  The sky is the limit and you yourself can decide how high your limit will be.  If you want a limit! As it is said in the Wealthy Affiliate Program there are almost 200 ways to create success using the website training there.  I would have to agree. See the Review below.


Mimic Someone Else’s website!


Most people browse the internet for great looking websites.  You can also copy someone else’s idea and just word it differently to start.  (It is not plagairism) if it is a subject that is of interest to you, and has been written about a hundred times before. Do a quick search on Google and read about it.  The key is to take the first step…getting started. All information today has been copied or rewritten in some way fashion or form.

At least until you find your own money making idea you can gather a million ideas from others. There are millions of people out there selling similar products or services.  You can build a website first and plan everything later. It still works!  It really does work that way because you learn as you go.  But you have to take that almighty first, and very difficult step!


Take Action Now to Have Success!


Click the box below and start a successful business today! You will be very glad you did.  Also feel free to contact me by calling.  My number is listed on the contact page.  I am here to answer any questions.


Go to my Wealthy Affiliate Review to read more or just drop down to instant success!


My name is Rick Bell and I have helped hundreds of members learn to build wealth through this program. Please contact me below in the comment box and let me know what you are needing and I will respond right away. This program is no Hype or Bull….Check it out and see for yourself.

Cheering You On,

Rick Bell

4 Responses

  1. Randy

    Rick, I really appreciate that you started this informative article by letting us know that this is not going to happen over night. Most of the different plans that I am currently looking at tout that there’s nothing much that I have to do except give them my cash and sit back and wait for the money to just flow in.

    One of the many things in your post that really stood out was the free e-book with training lessons combined with your links to a free website… pretty much the complete package, ready to go. Now it just depends on one’s motivation and discipline. It may be time for a little self-examination!

    Thank you for a ton of great direction,


    • Rick

      You are most welcome. Thanks for the comment. So many online fail to even pause long enough to read an article these days. We are subjecting ourselves to missing the world around us. Wealthy Affiliate teaches so much going foreward in the training they offer yet there is still a hundred different things we will need to do when we become this advanced student. Many newbies feel as if they want need to make money the same day they start. But online marketing is nothing like that. It is a progression of wisdom and lessons learned.

  2. chuck berry

    What do I need to do to run a store like you? Or an affiliate website? I need to make money for my mom who is in the hospital.

    • Rick

      Well chuck I run what they call an eStore which uses a special platform called WArhead. It is expensive, but it has everything you will need to get started. You can have 5000 items to sell on your store and never have to work again, other then keeping track of sales! Give me a call at the contact number I left inside website and we can go over everything. Way to much to tell you here.

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