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Welcome to the Easy Cash Club Review. At our Downhill Money website we bring these to the public to help you decide on the next great product or program.

Easy Cash Club is a software to help you create new YouTube videos which you can post onto your new channel. and eventually get ad-sense to pay you for them using your videos to advertise on. 

So you upload your ever green videos on Windows or Mac and begin earning a profit. But not so fast…Watch the video below…Easy Cash Club Info starts at 5 minutes into video…

Rick here to explain how the video software works. Or won’t. We purchase these programs to find out the truth. So our reviews are an honest opinion of whether the product works. 

This is suppose to be user friendly for beginners, yet you need a YouTube Channel. And go over the 8 training videos inside Easy Cash Club Software course. 

Product Summary:

You are suppose to be able to make $379 per day on autopilot. Using YouTube Video Platform. They say video creators are earning huge amounts of money. 

The software shows you how to create your ever green video, upload them, and wait to get Adsense to start paying for their ads. 


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What Is Easy Cash Club  About?

The software allows you to paste video url’s within the platform which allows you to use searched videos which you can basically use as your own.

​Using the top viewed videos you create while utilizing top keyword phrases you can then publicize these so you start getting traffic and video views.

The links it teaches you to put into content below the videos are clickable links that then go to amazon.

You get commissions as well as get paid by ad-sense at the same time.

Then as your visits grow exponentially you earn more money over time. 

easy cash club pop up banner

How Does Easy Cash Club Work?

The software turns the videos into a robotic voice sound which sounds like a computer talking. Or robot. The video explains which type videos to use. 

You select the video and download it into the software. The software then reads the video script and changes it to the robot voice. 

You select the text to use, the images to put in to form the slide show, and then upload it back to Youtube.

easy cash club only $17 with discount

Is Easy Cash Club A Scam?

It actually works. In that the videos can be replicated with the robotic voice, new images and you can even add content below the video now posted on your new channel. 

However you will need a YouTube channel. And, you will have to work quite a long time to build your rank. So the problem is, you cannot earn the kind of money they talk about until first you do all the work necessary. Meaning you work full time for at least a month, if you have 8 hours a day to put into this. 

So it is a way to cheat. And anything created to help you cheat the system is called black hat, brown hat or some other color hat other than white. 

And if it isn’t white hat, we call that a scam. Or basically an over hyped product that lies about how much can really be made. 

Yes. It works. Yes you are cheating. Yes, how could you ever feel good about using such a method? 

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Hi, I am Rick! I am the creator of Down Hill Money. Thanks for taking the time to read this review.

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How Much Does It Cost?

The front end product Easy Cash Club is offered at first for $37 bucks. Then if you leave the page or try to, it will reduce that down two more times until it gets down to $17 US as it did for our team. 

There are more up-sells which one is a way to allow you to make more than five videos per day. Since they show you really need to upload 8 of these per day for 30 days to be able top start making any money from ad-sense. 

As you will be paid only pennies for each video you produce, you will have to start relying on affiliate links you post in the content below your video. 

The last up-sell gives you this and another program and another product all for a reduced price of a few bucks compared to the up-sells of all three added products. But you won’t need any of these extra products to make videos.

What I Liked About The Training

The training for Easy Cash Club was very good really. You can easily follow the presenter in the videos And as you can see there are 8 video lessons which take you over the segmented course.

easy cash club bonuses

Lesson #1 Overview how the easy cash club Strategy works

Lesson #2 How to find topics

Lesson #3 How to create engaging thumbnails for your videos

Lesson #4 Formats that work

Lesson #5 Easy Cash Club Fast Money Making Methods

Lesson #6 How to find content for free

Lesson 7 How to use the ECC Software.

Lesson #8 How to upload ECC videos to YouTube and insert your Affiliate links.

Nick is the presenter who shows you the training and steps within the 8 videos in Easy Cash Club.

What’s Inside The Easy Cash Club

Overview, how Easy Cash Club strategy works.

• Hijack SEO power from YouTube videos on Google.

• Organic Traffic within YouTube

Make money through YouTube ads

• Adsense

• Need 1000 subs and 4000 watch hours in the past 12 months to get monetized

• Upload 8 vids a day. Get there in 1 month.

• Growth is exponential

• Be consistent, schedule of uploading

• Meta terms, keyword research.

• Branding and thumbnails

Make money through YouTube ads

• Amazon Links

• Clickbank

easy cash club video training 8 video lessons

Nick basically explains in video lesson 7 that you don’t have to shoot any videos yourself. So basically you’re copying others who have done their own videos. 

I do like the product to be used in a way where it does scrape the content onto to file so you could actually read the content. But only as I’m a review writer and I like seeing the written word.

Will Easy Cash Club Help You Make Money?

I’m sorry to break this to you. But doing this is really unethical way to be trying to make money. 

I don’t know of anyone who has been successful with this. If they were successful you would see more than just one or two of these videos on YouTube. You would see literally thousands. 

But the problem with using this software is no one wants to sit for even 30 seconds an listen to a robot voice.

Also your channel will have to have lots of subscribers. And until you get 1000 of them you will not make a penny from ad-sense. 

Which is where they put a video ad on the top of your video content. You’ve seen these before where after five seconds you can click and it will start the video under neath. 

So no it will not make you money. As no one will subscribe to this type of shenanigans!

Forget it. The conclusion to software that steals other videos, and allows you to re-edit them with new voice and images…Black hat tricks. 

And these will get you in trouble and have your channel band for good!

easy cash club is a scam testimony

So basically we do not recommend anyone do this. We don’t recommend you link to click bank. Nor do we recommend you use such a video to link to content on Amazon. Reason is these are decent companies and they would frown on you doing something such as this.

Would I Recommend You Buy Easy Cash Club Product?

Absolutely not. It is a waste of money. Even at $17 dollars. The reasons are explained above. Take our word for this. Others are not even doing this as it is not recommended. 

And can quite possibly get you in trouble with other video makers, YouTube and Adsense as well as any affiliate you link within your content under the video!

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Hi, I am Rick! I am the creator of Down Hill Money. Thanks for taking the time to read this review.

Check out my #1 Recommended product which will teach you how to build an honest online business, CLICK HERE

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