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APP:  The Easy Shift App

easy shift app review


COST:  Free
SCORE: 90 out of 100


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I have reviewed the EasyShift App to see if I would find it to be legit or a scam. I’ve also researched over a dozen EasyShift Reviews in the process. Remember, one out of 100 programs today are scams.

My job is to point out which programs are scams and which ones are legit, but researching, testing, and even signing up for online programs such as EasyShift. I then share my findings with my visitors in an attempt to steer them in the best direction for making money online. Be careful when paying for anything, online, without thorough research to back it up. 


My Easy Shift App Review Shows You How To Earn CASH Today

 I must say I was impressed with the ease of how this Easy Shift App works. Most of the Easy Shift App Reviews were right on the money. 
This app is designed to help collect data on how products are displayed in retail stores. And, you get paid for taking photos of these products.

They pay you to “eat, shop or explore new products in your area”.  For example you might check up on prices in a store or make sure a specific
display is set up and done properly for a company. Using your camera phone you will be paid to take images of product displays to help gather data.

There are some mixed reviews about this app so let’s get down to seeing if it is a good plan or not to invest your time, in. If you cannot travel around the city, but you do have a computer at home, you can start making extra money like I did by checking out the #1 recommended review for Wealthy Affiliate. Free to join as well. 


What is the Easy Shift App?


How does the Easy Shift App work, and What is it? The company behind Easyshift is called Quir, and is paying shoppers for taking pics while they shop in drug stores and retail outlets. The company is based in San Francisco. Quri’s pays consumers a few dollars per shift, which can be done in a normal amount of shopping time. Some jobs can be done in minutes. The company collects the data, providing details on brand source intelligence of what is happening in the product market place.

You can download using your iPhone or iPad this free EasyShift App if you would like to participate, and make some extra money while on the go. If you are anything like me though, you are more willing to be at home in front of the computer and make money that way. Check out what I do, by reading the number one recommended program review, Wealthy Affiliate. Read the quick review and even join for free to see if it is a good fit for making money from home.


easyshiftapp.com1)  Download the EasyShift App to your Apple or Android mobile devices by going to the app site downloading area and saving it to your device.
    It will walk you through what you need to do to get started. Very simple instructions makes it very easy.

2)  Once you join you will give them your location then the app will send you notice as to what jobs are available in your area.  The jobs will
    pop up on a map or on a list.  You will get a description of the job and how much it will pay you so you can pick what you would like.

3)  Complete the job…once you have decided on a job you click it on the app you then have 24 hours to complete what you have picked whether
    you have gone to a restaurant or department store…once you complete the job you enter the details into the site and you will get paid for your shift.

4)  Once you are done Easy Shift will review the job and approve payment and you will be paid within 48 hours or sometimes even quicker.


There Are Many of Similar Apps Like Easy Shift



There are a number of apps like this and they have been around for years ( Like in the secret shopper days)  The Easy Shift App
is functional and straight forward so it scores well if it has jobs in your area for you to find.

I would say that if you live in an urban area you will likely be able to access far more jobs then in a rural area so really it is
about how much time you have and if it is of interest to do these types of jobs and of course worth your time.

The jobs from this app appear to be quite easy and the pay can be anywhere from $2.00 to $20.00 depending what is required and how much time they may take.  So this is where you have to decide what will be reasonable for you to do and it is worth it for you. 

A 2.00 job could be easy enough to accomplish especially if you would be going to that location for something else anyways.  In an urban center it would be like using a coupon towards your purchases…$2.00 to $5.00 in return for your opinion.


my easy shift app reviewCons:

This Easy App and many others are only available in the USA, meaning Lots of competition! You will find that most of the Easy Shift App Reviews posted online say the same thing my review says. No need to look any further, you will not find more information about the Easy Shift App.

As well you would likely want to be in more of an urban area to collect on as many jobs as possible and if you could find them in one area of your city of course it would be more beneficial as you could get more bang for your time!

Ultimately you may bring in an extra 50.00 a month depending how many jobs you get and how much time you put in, so make sure you can justify the time.

The Easy shift App is not something I would enjoy or want to bother with. The pay is relatively small for he work.  But then, I’ve been able to create a full time income myself, by working from home part time, writing reviews like the EasyshiftApp Review. Read the #1 recommended money making training program called Wealthy Affiliate. Or sign up there for free and I will show you how to earn money online in boat loads!


IS Easy Shift App a Scam?


Nope, it looks good. Everything I’ve researched on Easy shift shows me it is not a scam but a legit way to earn revenue. Not from home, though. And if you are willing to put in the time and effort it takes, you most certainly can bring in a little extra money…

Preferably I would rather put my time and efforts into a program that teaches you how to create wealth in the warmth of my home and that fits into my life with purpose. Read about it Here. Build two free websites to start your own business! Being your own boss is achievable and with some time and learning, you too can be a online success!

If you find the Easy Shift App review well done, and or if you have questions. Please comment below. We wish our findings to be absolutely correct in order to help others online.

is easyshift app a scam?

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  1. Julius

    Lately they reject a lot of shifts. They are getting too picky with the quality of shifts that people do. If your photo is deemd the slightest bit of blurry or if you miss one display, they will reject the whole job you just did. It does not matter if you spent 30 minutes doing the shift and 12 miles in gas – they do not care about you. They will not explain exactly why the shift was rejected either. They do not reply to messages or emails when you ask them for a reason. Be careful with this company. They are shady.

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