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Make $5000.00 Dollars Using Affiliate Marketing?


Good morning, evening, afternoon — whichever part of the world in which  you find yourself. My name is Rick Bell and you are dialed in to my 5 step program on how to Make $5000 Per Month —  Easy Way: Make Money Online is a program that takes you from no money…. to all the advice on making money in the world of Internet and affiliate marketing.

This is your first in a series devoted to the topic of making money with affiliate marketing. Each day, you will go over a topic in the series, and each is designed to build on the knowledge base and progress toward the goal of you earning a full-time living with affiliate marketing. Providing you leave a comment below asking for me to send you the next 4 incredible Lessons! So let’s get started.


Easiest Ways To Make MONEY ONLINE FREE


I want to go over a few things about the course first. As you know, this course will be 5 days. Once you comment below, (after going through this lesson) I will send you the next lesson each day after. This is the easiest ways to make money online free. Here are the basic things we will cover.

In each lesson, I’ll go back over the lesson from the day before, and then we’ll move on to the new topic for the day. And everyday, you will have an assignment to complete. While it may seem like homework, trust me, the exercises will help increase your basic knowledge toward your ultimate goal of making money.


  • Day 1 — How do I make good money online — $5000 per month?
  • Day 2 — Affiliate marketing — what’s it really all about?
  • Day 3 — Choosing a niche — your first step toward your goal
  • Day 4 — Building Your Website
  • Day 5 — Mentor And Training

 So, let’s get started with Day 1


Free Ways To Make Money Online


No doubt, you have heard of many ways to make money online. They are very diverse, and some are legitimate while others are not. But look at the the title of this section again. Affiliate marketing is the number one way to make money online. You can start out free and even have your expenses met once given the information in the lessons. It is proven, practiced by millions and even has the backing of some of the world’s largest corporations in the world!


How, Why and What is Affiliate Marketing?


At it’s core, affiliate marketing is really very simple. It is an electronic method of paying one person (via their site or a link they have placed on another site) for promoting the goods or services of anothers website. If you are the affiliate, then you sign up for an affiliate program at a given site, like Amazon for instance. You show their products without having them on hand, and sell them, they send you commission for your work.

You are then given a link that is unique to you. You place the link on your site, on message boards or other places around the Internet, AND when people clink through your link and purchase, you are given commissions on the sale. Here’s a graphic representation of how affiliate marketing works.


How much do you want to make? $50,000.00



That’s a good question, and like everything else in life, it takes a bit of work and choosing the right affiliate programs with which to associate. In a moment, I am going to tell you about an affiliate program that has worked very well for me.

A program that not only allows you to earn nice affiliate revenue but one that is a very open and has a helpful sharing community as well, full of folks who are succeeding in affiliate marketing.

But back to the question of how much you can earn with affiliate marketing in general. Again, it varies based on what you are promoting and how you are promoting it. Remember, however, our goal with this series is to get you in the mindset and on the path to earning $5000 per month through affiliate marketing. Anyone can make $500 dollars extra a month if that is what they wish.


How To Get Started With Affiliate Marketing


The Wealthy Affiliate -- the best online community for affiliate marketing.
The Wealthy Affiliate — the best online community for affiliate marketing.


We’ve already discussed that affiliate marketing is the number one and most consistent way to earn money online. But there is lots to learn, and there are many ways in which things can go wrong. We’ll cover a lot of those areas in this five day course, but of course, we do not want over-whelm you.  So one day at a time.

Remember the affiliate community I mentioned above? Well, here it is and this is your homework assignment to complete on day 1. Sign up for The Wealthy Affiliate Program- the Internet’s most valuable knowledge-sharing community for Internet and affiliate marketing. But first check out the review this program gets! Go to Wealthy Affiliate Reviews….It’s free to get signed up, and so when you do, introduce yourself while feeling out your profile and you’ll immediately begin to see the great lessons you are opening yourself up to.


Click here to sign up; The Wealthy Affiliate. Be sure to complete your profile as thoroughly as possible. Upload a photo, when asked and fill out the “About Me” section. And when you are done, you can start perusing the message boards, checking out all of the topics regarding affiliate and Internet marketing. Believe me, your interest will be piqued and you’ll be ready for Day 2 of our learning module. Plus…check out my profile page there at WA.

Until tomorrow, good luck and get ready for the ride!

To Your Success!

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