EB Formula Review – How to Generate $1000’s On Ebay

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Introducing the Eb Formula. What is it? We find the important details in this review. Can you earn $40k per month with the EB Formula if you know the insiders SECRET? 

We reveal what type of success you will have if you were to buy this EB Formula Review. 

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Our reviews are honest and transparent. As we are here to help new internet marketers find their path to wealth online.

The truth behind EB Formula starts by showing it is merely a training course outline of things you need to begin selling on eBay.

Product Summary:

Is EB Formula the success secret you need to make it big on eBay? We take a look at the real training behind Danny


Dan Wright




What Is EB-Formula About?

The product is a video based training on the basics and fundamentals of becoming a eBay seller. Even though it is newbie friendly you won’t be earning their estimated $40,000. 00 per month.

The upsells behind Dan Write’s System are two additional video based training products which teach you Facebook and YouTube marketing which is suppose to help your new eBay store get more traffic.

eb formula video training

This is the experienced eBay Seller who takes you over the course material inside. Alex is his name.

Is EB-Formula A Scam?

We find that EB Formula is nothing other than a basic course teaching you how to set up your store and become a eBay seller. Or vendor. 

However the product itself is really hypy and makes outlandish claims that this information within will turn you into a $40k earning eBay vendor by the end, it is nothing of the sort. 

It is again, merely some basic training on being a vendor on eBay. And their secret formula is nothing other than learning that you need to use drop shippers. 

Supplying your inventory with Ali-express and Alibaba distributors from China.

How Much Does It Cost?

The product is only $37.00. If you try to leave the page before seeing all the video then they reduce it by $10 bucks so you can get in for just $27.00. 

Also the two up-sells are much more. The Social Facebook training is $197.00. If you leave the page it becomes just $177.00

The training covers how to get more traffic by creating a Facebook fan page. 

The next up-sell is to add training from YouTube. The cost for that is $147.00. The person who teaches it is named Alex…but could not understand the last name. 

What I Liked About The Training

The very fact that EB Formula is really not a formula at all but merely training on how to set up an eBay account and learn to drop ship products from China.

This same information can be found everywhere online and perhaps most of it is free. However I do recommend that you get this training.

If they give you Facebook and YouTube training all for the same price of just $37 than it is well worth the education. 

ebformula video discount

If you try to leave the video after watching a bit of it, than you can then get the course with a $10 dollar discount. Which is how we got it. 

So $27 is not much to pay for everything you get. And other than finding it hard to understand Alex, and the other vendor from eBay, we found it great information for anyone wanting to learn selling on eBay.

What I Did Not Like About The Training

The training course is flat boring at reals of being done years ago. Is the information still adventitious? We find that we are guessing a bit but yes, it will be worth the money you spend.

But only if you are seriously wanting to build an eBay store and also like the idea of using Facebook fan pages to get your information out about yourself and your store. 

Also the YouTube training can also be effective to learn how YouTube could possibly help you get more traffic if you use it to show and give reviews of your products you sell.

Why The Training Is NOT Good Enough

We believe if they did remove all the hype on their product page and sales video for EB Formula they might have less people opting in for this training. Yet we believe they should promote it as a training course and not some kind of get rich quick formula. Which it is far from.

So we understand why they make it sound so valuable. Yet it is hype. All of it. As a new eBay store owner you will likely spend way more then you are able to make starting out.

But the education you get from the course could possibly help you in the long run. 

Just don’t expect to make the kind of money they mention in their introductory video. It won’t happen.

ebFormula inside view of training.

Inside the product for eBay video training is about 30 videos. Most are very short so just cover the basics and outline what you will be doing. 

Will EB-Formula Help You Make Money?

It is possible the training inside will be of help to you if you are going to set up a store. But it is merely training of which you would need to begin as an eBay vendor. 

Everyone would need this just to get their store up and running. But knowing about the secret they talk about? 

No. The secret is using Ali-Express and Alibaba as your main drop shippers. 

Which is no secret nor is it a formula.

The real formula for success with eBay is use these drop shippers but do it by buying in bulk and having the product on hand and in inventory here in the states.

You will not have happy customers if they have to wait for shipments from China.

ebformula upsell 197

Don’t let the video fool you. No one on eBay as a seller is earning this much money! No one! As a recent eBay store owner I barely made a profit as there is so much competition of those sellers who can afford to buy thousands of products from China and then have them on hand to ship immediately. 

That is the formula one would need to follow.

Would I Recommend You Buy EB Formula?

The Eby Formula product about selling on eBay. Nothing more. Not the best layed out course, and it may be a bit dated. But for $27 bucks it does have good information. If you can understand the announcer.

But I would not recommend the Facebook training or the YouTube training in order to sell on eBay. You don’t need these to get started. 

See if you don’t get these two up-sells for free once you pay them the $37 or $27 for their front end product called EB Formula. 

The EB-Formula is 30 short videos on how to become a eBay vendor. Lots of good information. But nothing more than you would find inside udemy course or eBay itself.

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